Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics Vol. 3 Issue 1

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S U M M E R 2012

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Written River a journal of eco - poetics

A Hiraeth Press Publication


Featuring poetry by Wally Swist, Maureen Epstein, Nina Pick, Jenny Angyal, Lowell Uda, Michael Salcman,

Gwendolyn Morgan, Sonya Deulina, J.K. McDowell and Jamie K. Reaser. Essays by Daniel Becker, Jenny Walicek, Greg Hlavaty, Daniel Robinson, Greg Graham and Treasa NĂ­ Chonchobhair. With a preview of Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life, a forthcoming poetry collection by Jamie K. Reaser and a look at the photography of James Liter, T. Parker Sanborn, L.M. Browning and Eleanor Leonne Bennett. Also featuring a profile of New England poet and wildlife artist L.M. Browning.