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PA 600 What Do You Take Away? And Analyzing Your P-Plan Discussions Week 7 PA 600 What Do You Take Away? Week 7 Discussions 1 Looking back over all of the courses you took in this degree program, what is the one piece of information that you feel has been the most beneficial to you? How has it been useful? What information have you been able to use already? What theories do you think are unrealistic for the public sector? How have any of the courses changed your views on the public sector, for better or worse? Higher education serves many purposes, preparing oneself for a career isn’t the only practical benefit of a college education. There are many great things to know that will broaden your prospects in life and hopefully your degree program exposed… PA 600 Analyzing Your P-Plan Week 7 Discussions 2 Why do you think the budget is one of the most difficult sections for people to complete? There are many variables to consider especially since different budgets fluctuate from different departments. Budgeting can become stressful specially if the person has never created a budget or they do not have a Finance Department to manage and create a budget. Budgeting is a vital part of any businesses success. Actually documenting your budget is important to make a success of your business, or keeping your business afloat… Do you intend to use your P-Plan in the near future? How will you go about it? What are some websites that you found useful in your development of the P-Plan? What did they offer?...

PA 600 What Do You Take Away Analyzing Your P-Plan Discussions Week 7