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PA 600 Case Statements and Funding Sources Discussions Week 5 PA 600 Case Statements Week 5 Discussions 1 What are some benefits of putting together a case statement? As the template indicates there are two types of case statements; internal and external. The internal case statement would be used by those within an organization such as staff, officers and/or a governing board, whereas the external addresses the public and potential outside donors. We learned from the lesson this week that once you have grabbed the reader's attention, you must then explain why the reader (funder) should help fund your program. What are some important aspects that you believe you should mention in your P-Plan to get the "funder" to fund your program? One part of the case statement is a description of how the donor can be a part of your vision (i.e., the program or project). What are some key words we could use to make the donor feel like it is being asked to be a part of something special?... PA 600 Funding Sources Week 5 Discussions 2 What are some methods you will use to find funding sources for your P-Plan? Don't list specific funding sources at this time; we will get to that later! Just focus on how you will generate that list of sources. How can you determine if a funding source is a viable one for your P-Plan? Share some of your experiences when it comes to seeking funds. What resources did you use? Based on your searches, what are some potential funding sources for your P-Plan?...

PA 600 Case Statements and Funding Sources Discussions Week 5