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MGMT 303 Importance of the Fourth Function of Management Control Week 7 Discussions 1 The function of control is extremely important to any organization. What makes this function so important? What are the steps in the control process? Please cite your sources. How have you seen the steps used in your workplace? With control, can anyone give an example of an organization that lost control? New companies are buying older companies all the time and not all steps can prove disastrously. Control is a great way to keep the company on track, especially when there could be many problems in a project. Surveys are a great way to understand performances and the company better. Control is important for a manager when it comes to running a business. I think that If a manager cannot have control over their team or employees then the company is in danger. There are several ways to control a team positively. One is to use positive re-enforcement of discipline. When‌

MGMT 303 Importance Fourth Function Management Control Week 7 Discussions