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MGMT 303 Human Resource Management and Motivation and Performance Week 5 Discussions MGMT 303 Human Resource Management Week 5 Discussions 1 Human resources are very important to all organizations. What are some processes involved in human resource planning to determine the right number of employees with the right kind of capabilities? How does diversity play a part in these Human Resources planning process? Please cite your sources. Humans resources are very important, but can anyone give an example of HR not performing well? There should be a link between HR and the plan of organization, and in today's organizations that could be key. Diversity can play a big part, for it would mean different perspectives and new ways of looking at problems‌ MGMT 303 Motivation and Performance Week 5 Discussion 2 There are many theories on how to motive employees. Let's consider two of the theories: goalsetting and reinforcement. Define each of these theories and cite your sources. Do you agree with either of these theories? Why are they important or not important in today's organizations? What is Herzberg's theory? Please cite your sources. When it comes to motivation, can anyone give an example of a wrong type of motivation that lead to disastrous results. Incentivizing employees can be a great way to motivate them, however don't spoil them too much or not much will get done. In today's organizations managers need to be flexible and able to understand what truly motivates an employee‌

MGMT 303 Human Resource Management Motivation Performance Week 5