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(Opći uvjeti poslovanja)

General terms of business General provisions General terms of business apply to all activities and business relationships between the company INTERPRETA usluge d.o.o. based in Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 271, (hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”) and the customer who orders the service (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) of translation, proofreading, and other services which belong to the field of activity for which the company INTERPRETA usluge d.o.o has been registered for. Customer is any legal or natural person who orders a service from the Supplier. By ordering a service from the Supplier, the Customer accepts these General terms of business, and in the event of subsequently signed Contract between the Customer and the Supplier, the provisions of that Contract shall have precedence over these General terms. The Supplier is obligated to provide translation services in accordance with the General terms of business. The Customer accepts all the provisions of the General terms of business with his order. The Supplier reserves the right to change the General terms at any time and –if the changes happens during the project- to notify the Customer in writing. Rights and obligations If it is possible, the Customer is obliged, at the request of the Supplier, to make available any auxiliary literature in the language on which the ordered text is to be translated into and to appoint an expert for advice or selection of specific preferred terms. If the Customer doesn’t provide auxiliary literature, the Supplier will use the literature that is available to him and has the right to consult a qualified third person. For the purposes of consecutive interpretation, the Customer must notify the Supplier about the topic that will be the subject of the conversation at least three days in advance and to provide all the relevant available literature (draft, plan...). For the purposes of simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to make available presentations and speeches that will be translated. The Supplier has the right to decline making an offer or issuing preliminary estimate if he had not reviewed the text that needs to be translated. Translations are delivered to the Customer by e-mail, CD or in the form of printed documents. The Customer has the right to make a written complaint on the delivered translation no later than seven days from the day of delivery and only if he had fulfilled his obligations toward the Supplier. Stylistic improvements are not considered as defects of translation.

The Supplier is obliged to correct all eventual mistakes in the shortest term possible. The Supplier is obliged to respect the deadlines of translation delivery and to perform the service in accordance with the rules of profession. If the Supplier is not able to meet the required deadlines, he is obliged to notify the Customer on the following. In case of order cancellation, the Customer is required to pay the full amount to the Supplier for the complete translation or, exceptionally, by a special written approval from the Supplier, for the part which was finished by the Supplier until the time of cancellation, by the account which is delivered by the Supplier. The Supplier has the right to cancel any Contract concluded between the Customer and the Supplier as well as the order of the Customer without any special explanation by sending a written notice to the Customer. The Supplier is authorized to transfer all of his rights and obligations from the General terms of business, in whole or in part to a third person. The Customer has no right to transfer his rights or obligations to a third person, except with a special written permission by the Supplier. Deadlines of delivery Translated materials are delivered to the Customer in the premises of the Supplier and by fax or email to the address of the Customer. If the Customer requires delivery by mail, registered mail, courier service or by coming to the seat of the Customer, the Customer is obliged to pay the costs of such delivery. The Supplier arranges the deadlines of delivery with the Customer and defines them in the offer and in the cost estimate. Deadlines for the translation begin from the day of acceptance and confirmation of the offer, unless it was arranged otherwise between the Customer and the Supplier. Material sent by e-mail is considered to be delivered by receiving the confirmation from the Message Transfer Agent. Prices, billing and payment The price paid by the Customer for the translation services is determined by the Supplier by the assessment of the material submitted for review and by issuing a cost estimate or offer for translation services composed by the Supplier, which is delivered to the Customer by e-mail, fax or other means of written communication. The lowest billing unit for written translation is 1 translation unit which consists of 1500 symbols including spaces. Each started translation unit is calculated as a full unit. The lowest billing unit for oral translation is 1 hour of translation. Each started hour of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation is calculated as a full hour.

For consecutive and simultaneous interpretation the time spent with the Customer is calculated from the time of the arrival of the Supplier at the agreed location until the end of the event, regardless of how much time the Supplier effectively interpreted. The Customer must also pay for the traveling expenses as well as the costs of accommodation and meals. The calculation, according to the usual tariff, is the translation of six translation units from foreign language to Croatian, that is, four units of text from Croatian to foreign language and from one foreign language to another foreign language in one working day, while taking into account only working days, not counting the day of the receipt of the text and the day of delivery of the translation. Working day means every day of the week from Monday till Friday. Urgent translations are calculated according to the “urgent tariff� which increases the cost of translation for 50% or according to the agreement. Every translation from and into a foreign language which must be completed on the same day or on the first day of the receipt of the original is considered an urgent translation, regardless of the volume. The day of the receipt of the text and the day of the delivery are not included in the deadline. All additional services, such as text processing, proofreading of a native speaker and similar are charged separately according to the Supplier’s assessment. Discounts on the prices of services can be arranged exclusively with the Supplier and they apply for an individual project, unless it is specified otherwise by a special contract on business cooperation between the Supplier and the Customer. The Supplier reserves the right to request the payment from the Customer before the delivery or during the receipt of the translation unless it was arranged otherwise. Maturity of the delivered issued invoices is no later than 15 days from the day of the invoice issuance. In case of delay in payment, the Supplier has the right to charge a default interest on the outstanding amount and has the right to take all legal measures to collect his claims (enforcement, court procedure, media announcement, engagement of third parties...). The Supplier has the right to request an advance payment in a certain percentage from the estimated value of the translation in order to confirm the seriousness of the order. The Supplier has the right to collect all the costs from the Customer which resulted from the execution of the services such as bank fees, postal expenses, costs of shipment, travel expenses, transportation costs etc. Written offers are made by the Supplier on the basis of submitted documentation. Guarantees and responsibilities The Supplier guarantees to the Customer that the services of translation will be performed conscientiously, professionally and within the agreed deadline according to all other rules of profession.

The Supplier guarantees the confidentiality of the information and the protection of business secret, intellectual and industrial property, patents, regardless of whether they are registered or not by their employees, associates and partners. At the request of the client we can sign a special declaration on Data protection and confidentiality. Considering that the transfer of data via Internet cannot be completely safe, the Supplier cannot guarantee absolute safety of information. The Customer will compensate all the damage caused by claims, losses or expenses arising as a result of any requests sent to the Supplier, due to the content of any document translated by the Supplier. The Supplier is not responsible for the content of the documents submitted by the Customer, nor is he responsible for the consequences of the translated content. Force Majeure Neither the Supplier nor the Customer are liable for the delay in fulfilling their obligations which was not caused by their fault or which happened due to Force Majeure. Important notes All notifications or any other means of correspondence dealing with orders during and after the commissioned work is composed in a written form and delivered by post, fax or e-mail. All translations intended for print (whether it is a translation of technical, medical, legal, economic, scientific and other specialized texts as well as the translations of catalogues, manuals, brochures, instructions for use and other materials which are printed in larger editions) INTERPRETA usluge d.o.o. recommends language proofreading and print editing. The Supplier cannot take the responsibility for the eventual damage which occurred as a result of texts which were not proofread nor can he take the responsibility for the complaints regarding the texts which were not proofread and which were printed in press or in the mass media. The Supplier is authorized to name the Customer in his “references� except when the Customer explicitly prohibits it. Protection of intellectual property INTERPRETA name and logo are a registered trademark and cannot be used without a written permission from the INTERPRETA usluge d.o.o. company. The same terms apply to any violation of protected copyrights or any other form of intellectual property such as texts, pictures or graphic content published on any of the pages in the ownership of INTERPRETA usluge d.o.o. company. All the listed materials are intended solely for personal purposes and all copying, modification, distribution or sale of the listed materials is forbidden without our written approval. General terms of business apply from July 2007.

General terms of business  
General terms of business  

General terms of business of Interpreta translation agency