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Tip: Keeping your New Year’s Year s Resolution If you are making a New Year’s resolution this year, here are some tips to help you reach your goal! 1. Pick

your resolution. Tips for this on other side of this card! 2. Create a plan. What are the steps you need to do to achieve your goal? Thinking of how and when you can accomplish your goal in a in a stepstep-byby-step way can you stay focused and motivated. 3. Seek support! Tell your friends/family about your New Year’s resolution so they can help you achieve your goal. 4. Focus on progress and stay positive. Think about all of your small successes in achieving your New Year’s resolution, rather than times you may not have stuck to your plan. 5. Be flexible. After you start your resolution, you may find that you want to adjust your goal to accomplish more or less. Or, if you find that you’ve stopped trying to achieve your goal, you can always start over. Take a step back to rethink how best to achieve your new goal and stay positive!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Tip: Choosing your New Year’s Year s Resolution If you want to have a New Year’s resolution this year, here are some tips to help you pick your goal! 1. Think of something that you want to do, not something that others tell you that you should do. 2. Think of a clear and measurable goal. For example, rather than thinking, I want to be happier, think of what exact things you could do to be happier. I want to go to the movies more often or I want to get a cat, etc. 3. Break down your main resolution into smaller goals. If someone had the goal of losing 10 pounds, they could have smaller goals to go along with it, like walking 10 minutes a day or drinking four cans less of soda a week.

Good luck with your New Year’s resolution! Flip card over for tips for keeping your resolution.

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HIPS Tip- New Year's Resoution  

Tips for making and achieving new year's resolutions!

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