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North Plains Systems

Company and Solution Overview

Presentation Overview

North Plains – An Overview

The Business Challenge

Digital Asset Management

Customer Successes

Solution Overview

About North Plains •

Company founded in 1994

Singular focus on Digital Asset Management

“Overall Leader in Digital Asset Management Market”

Growing suite of media management solutions

 Pioneer in Digital Asset Management

– Frost & Sullivan – 2007

 Over 12 years of continuous innovation on the TeleScope Application Platform™  450+ clients worldwide  Over 22M digital assets under management  Over 250,000 users world-wide

North Plains enables organizations to maximize their investment in rich media content by delivering an infrastructure that provides secure access and management of all digital content throughout the organization

Corporate History 2005  Industry Awards  “Positive” in Gartner’s


   

Major New Release Major New Clients HP Partnership Expanded Service Offering

DAM MarketScope  Major New Clients  New Partnerships with Microsoft, Digimarc, Relizon, thePlatform


 


  

Company refocus Creates direct sales model Focuses on largest deployments Enterprise technology development

Established Brand Consulting and Support Dept.


 2000


First release of TeleScope

 1998

 1994

Company founded

New management and investment

Established Direct Sales First TeleScope Enterprise Customer

Major New Clients WB, AOL, HarperCollins, Merck Expanded Verticals Pharmaceutical, Trade, Publishing

2004  Major OEM Win with OnStream Media, Publicis Groupe  New Partnership with TATA  New Customer Wins  Further Expansion into Education verticals

2006  Major New Clients  New Product Updates  TeleScope User Conference

Industry Recognition

Overall Leader in Digital Asset Management Frost & Sullivan, 2007

MarketScope for Digital Asset Management in Publishing “Positive” Rating Gartner, 2006

Digital Media Application Company of the Year Frost & Sullivan, 2005

MarketScope for Enterprise Digital Asset Management “Positive” Rating Gartner, 2005

Digital Asset Management CEO of the Year Frost & Sullivan, 2004

Digital Media Application Company of the Year Frost & Sullivan, 2003


Customers By Industry Solution Advertising Agencies

Education & Non Profit

Print & Publishing

Media & Entertainment

Customers By Business Solution Corporate Marketing

Presentation Management

Print & Catalog Publishing

Video Management

Partnering with Industry Leaders North Plains works closely with partners to bring unmatched domain and technology expertise to key market verticals such as Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Media and Entertainment

Presentation Overview

 North Plains – An Overview •

The Business Challenge

Digital Asset Management

Customer Successes

Solution Overview

The Business Challenge

• • • • •

Phenomenal growth of rich media assets Disparate storage of media assets Compliance with brand guidelines Responsiveness to market trends Control costs

Presentation Overview

 North Plains – An Overview  The Business Challenge •

Digital Asset Management

Customer Successes

Solution Overview

Overview of Digital Asset Management What is Digital Asset Management? •

Digital Asset Management (“DAM”) is a tool for organizing rich media assets (i.e. pictures, video, audio, documents) for storage, retrieval and distribution

DAM solutions enables the archiving, indexing, search retrieval, ingest, browsing, annotation, repurposing, collaboration, display and transport of media

What Can DAM Actually Do? •

Synchronizes brand messages and product delivery across global markets

Customizes brand messages and products for channels, localized markets and customer groups

Measures the results and correlation between branding expenses and revenue

Controls access to the high valued rich media files of the enterprise

Overview of Digital Asset Management

What Are the Benefits of Digital Asset Management? •

Centralized Access


Cost Savings

Entirely New Revenue Streams

Consistent Messaging and Branding

Global Web-based Access

Asset Licensing

Digital Rights Management

Efficient Review and Approval Cycles

How Does DAM Differ from ECM or EMM?

DAM is Forever  This is the main differentiator between DAM and other content platforms such as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management).

DAM specializes in supporting the management of “rich media” content, related metadata, and workflows

Used by “creative types” (artists, photographers, video editors, marketing and advertising professionals)

Digital Asset Management IDC forecasts the market to grow to US$1.1 bn by 2010

ďƒ˜ Broad-based penetration across several vertical markets is a key driver in fueling the rapid growth



25% : R

Source: IDC (2006)

Presentation Overview

 North Plains – An Overview  The Business Challenge  Digital Asset Management •

Customer Successes

Solution Overview

Customer Successes Cross-channel Publishing Challenge  Needed an enterprise-capable digital asset management solution to create a marketing supply chain Solution  Deployed and trained users in record-breaking 7 months  Provide worldwide access supporting 450 users  Host 500,000 asset files  Internal & external impact – Better control of company’s intellectual property with increased security and maintenance of standards – New cost saving and revenue generating opportunities – Reduced time to market – Quantitative data for strategic decision-making

Customer Successes Global Brand Management Challenge 

Average revenues per client declining in Advertising market. Marketing services being commoditized

Solution  Create value added services that allows clients to manage product introductions and promotions world wide 

Developed a browser-based, Publicis branded suite of solutions for brand management and marketing automation: – Manage multi-site creative teams –

Automated, audited review and approval workflow

Provided clients w/ asset security, version control, secure transport

Single repository for multi-channel distribution •

Print, Television, Web and Corporate Portals

Customer Successes Sales and Marketing Portal Challenge  Increase top and bottom line product licensing revenue by tapping into global demand for media properties Solution  Create web-based, self-service eCommerce portal allowing tens of thousands of licensees to purchase digital masters 

Implemented unified media repository where individual digital assets can be created, approved and monetized over the web –

Provides streamlined check-in process for new assets

Provides on-line approval and review by brand managers

Allows business managers to create and manage licensing pools

Automatically authenticates purchase requests

Fulfills and delivers asset purchase via the web

Customer Successes Integrated Learning and Teaching Solutions Challenge  Needed to improve content management through time reduction for repurposing and transformation of assets while integrating within existing IT systems Solution  Provide worldwide access supporting 1,000 users  Host 400,000 asset files  Internal & external impact

– Increased efficiency and productivity across the businesses – Better control of business assets – More cost-savings opportunities – Reduced time to market

Customer Successes Media & Entertainment Challenge  Multi-business unit procurement consolidated into single enterprise procurement to enable cross-channel publishing Solution  To date it is the largest Enterprise DAM deployment  Implementation in conjunction with Accenture  11 business unit deployed within 2 years  Worldwide access supporting 28,000+ users  Host 800,000+ digital assets with 20,000 weekly downloads  Multimillion dollar hard cost ROI – Agency fees – Shipping costs – Use of media – Labor

Presentation Overview

 North Plains – An Overview  The Business Challenge  Digital Asset Management  Customer Successes •

Solution Overview

TeleScope overview •

TeleScope Platform provides the foundation for the entire TeleScope suite of products:

TeleScope Enterprise • Flagship product • Industry’s most advanced, feature-rich, scalable DAM solution for organizations • Support the most demanding, complex, workflow-intensive environments • Distributed & Scalable Architecture −Support thousands of concurrent users worldwide −Manages millions of individual assets (graphics, documents, presentations, audio/video, etc) across dispersed geographies business centers amongst many geographical regions.

• Configurable Components & Comprehensive Toolset:

−Seamless integration with existing business systems −Bi-directional sharing of information with financial systems, content management systems and portals

TeleScope Professional •

Mid-range solution for deployments at a single office site or department

Pre-configured, full-featured digital asset management solution Robust foundation without the complexity of an enterprise solution Who Uses TeleScope Professional? – Fortune 2000

    

Sales department Marketing department Corporate communications Creative services Training department

– Creative Professionals  Agencies  Post-production  Printers/Publishers

TeleScope Studio • Digital Asset Management Out-of-the box! • Easy-to-use, affordable, rich media management applications. • Most often deployed in:

− Departments − Small creative organizations (eg. ad agencies, broadcast studios and publishers).

•Delivers targeted solutions for managing: •Power Point presentations, •Video files, •Creative workflows…

Professional Services  The professional services group provides end-to-end consulting and implementation services for North Plains' customers including: • Project Planning & Management • System Design & Analysis • Taxonomy Consulting • Advanced System and Component Integration • Network Security • Installation & Configuration • Migration, Integration & Customization • Training • Production Roll Out  Experienced team of project managers, business analysts, implementation consultants and trainers.  Highest level of expertise in the rich media and DAM environment, and a vast amount of knowledge about multiple industries. The team understands the business challenges and can assist in deploying the best solution to meet the needs of organizations.

Asset Lifecycle


Simple Drag & Drop – Native client ingest-in-place – Native & Web auto-migration

Auto-Ingestion – Multiple ingestion “hot folders” – Simple workflow & integration

Automated metadata capture – XMP, IPTC, Custom metadata

File Storage

• Distributed File Stores – LAN & WAN based architecture – Keep files where they’re used – TeleScope Hybrid File System™ • File Migration Policies – Automatic file movement – Metadata based storage management


• • • • •

Quick (Keyword) Search Form Search Tree Search Advanced (Field) Search Content Search

File Processing •

Built-in File Conversion Framework – Plug-in based for extensibility – Conversion “chains”

Digital Rights Management – Digimarc – XMP

Integration – Flip Factory (Video)

Named Conversions

Workflow Collaboration Services •

The management and acceleration of the business process surrounding the use or creation of assets

Features Include – Tasks & Cascading tasks – Resource Assignment – Task Tracking – Project Tracking – Resource Tracking – Review – Collaborate – Approve cycles – Reporting

Allows Project Managers to create a project – Assign timelines – Assign resources – Assign tasks (to resources and assets) – Assign budget

Provides reporting interface – Status (project, tasks) – Resource utilization and allocation – Budgeting


• 3-Tier Security Model – Visibility

• Asset visibility via “where clauses” • System object visibility

– Permissions

• Governs what users are able to do

– Functional Security

• Scripting using functional rules • Metadata based ACL’s

Tracking Assets

Enterprise DAM Must Enable Media Analytics •

Media analytics  Asset-activity  Who used what

 Correlation activities to sales  What worked

 Best practices  Benchmark what worked  Replicate best practices  Train to benchmarks of excellence

Who cares about media analytics?  CMO  What increases sales?

 CFO  Which digital assets can we put on the balance sheet?

 CIO  Which IT investments can produce a similar ROI?

 CEO  How can these assets increase valuation in a merger or divesture?

Add-on’s/Components •

TeleScope Application Platform has a modular design

North Plains and third parties able to offer add-on modules and components

These include: – I-Pieces – PowerPoint® Composer – Video Manager – Order Processing – File Transformation Framework • Conversion I-Pieces

– LDAP Adapter – Lookup Broker – XML Gateway


• Provide file-format support for: – QuarkXPress – InDesign – Microsoft Office – PDF – CADD – Others

PowerPoint Composer •

View and play PowerPoint presentations directly from TeleScope

Sort slides in browser window

Ability to assemble new PowerPoint presentations from several existing decks

Ability to view and access a shared template library

Ability to apply new templates to existing files

Create and administer content, user and group privileges via browser

Video Manager

• Superb user experience        

Collapsible sections Link to playback Time code display Search hit highlighting Text search in preview Mark in/out clip definition 1-step clip-asset creation Clip-asset link & collect

Video Manager Feature Highlights • Clip Creation • Clip Playback • Full Screen Playback • Video Streaming • 3rd Party Support • Out-of-the-box Support of Audio & Video Formats

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality

Keyframes Support and Pre-roll

 Integration with Virage VideoLogger (Autonomy) to extract keyframe information and scene detection  Keyframe (thumbnail) and timecode displayed  Support for Keyframe information to be entered to describe scenes  Manually add or remove keyframe or auto-generate keyframes  Set any keyframe to be the asset thumbnail (Poster Frame)  Keyframes can be linked to playback

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality •

Multiple Text Tracks

    

Text track manager Unlimited text tracks See & edit permissions per track Import & export tracks “Open Captioning” from any text track

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality •

Clips support

Create clips and promote clips  Pre-roll video to any given clip  Create new clips (Mark-In/Mark-out or enter timecodes)  Collect clips (Playlist)  Promote clip to a new asset

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality •

Embedded Video Player (full screen display)

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality •

Annotation  Customizable per user  Insert annotations into any text track (persist timecode)

Jog/Shuttle Controller Integration  While in full-screen mode, the user can use the keyboard or jog/shuttle devices to control playback.

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality

Full-featured web interface! • Clip creation supported, even mark in/out • Clip reordering interface before “Play All” and “Generate EDL” • On-screen time code display during playback • Uses AJAX to eliminate page refreshes

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality

Out-of-the-box Video Functionality • Edit Decision List (EDL) Creation  TeleScope create a standard EDL or AAF file.  Supported EDL formats:  Final Cut Pro XML  CMX3600  AAF

Additional Add-ons • • • • •

Order Processing File Transformation Framework – Conversion I-Pieces LDAP Adapter Lookup Broker XML Gateway

Architecture Overview •

Distributed architecture

3 client platforms

4 server platforms

Database agnostic


• Departmental deployment – “Single Box” setup • Simple deployment • Pre-built metadata model • “Instant On” installation


• Enterprise deployment – Centralized data center • Departmental metadata & interfaces • Multiple file stores are possible


• Global deployment – Centralized with “satellite” offices • Distributed regional databases • Automatic scheduled synchronization • Assets can remain distributed

Architectural Advantage

• Successful deployments by design – Modular, Scalable approach • Add broker nodes as needed • Only buy what you need

– Open standards/robust APIs • “Media Enable” your network • Ease of integration

– Configuration vs. Customization

• Scripting control via Functional Rules

Architecture Benefits

• Future Proofing – Modularized custom development – No “one-off” implementations • Upgrades are straight-forward

– Robust Integration Capabilities • Make use of off the shelf software

North Plains Corporate Presentation 2008  

North Plains Corporate Presentation 2008 - Company Introduction Power Point Presentation

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