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Lucy mansa is a cocoa farmer, she is living by growing and selling cocoa beans. She lives in a small village in

Ghana. They are living really badly: small houses, bad conditions.                



Most of the cocoa beans grown in Ghana are sent to the UK and the other countries in Europe where they are made into chocolate. Cocoa farmers win “If it is fair

trade they get roughly 1p-3p per bar and roughly 60p per day If not they get 0.5p per 90p bar of chocolate.” Per bar of chocolate sold.

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Cocoa beans are grown on trees is very warm tropics, usually near the equator. Almost all of the

world's cocoa beans are grown in Africa and Central and South America. 

Step4 Â

I told it in step 3 the cocoa farmers get more money by working with FAIRE

TRADE. With FAIRE TRADE they get 1p-3p per bar and if not they get 0.5p only!!!

fair trade project  

how does cocoa farmer's life is

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