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Bonus Programme 2008 Manager campaign Visual storyboard, timeplan and budget 11.11.2008

Agenda 1. Visual storyboard 2. Choice 3. Timeline 4. Budget 5. What we need...

Visual storyboard and more...

INTRO_1_1: “Introducing..........”


INTRO_1_2: “..........”


INTRO_1_3: “..........”


INTRO_1_4: “..........”


INTRO_1_5: “..........”


CEO_1_1: "Listen up! This will only take XXX minutes. And what I will ask you to do is actually quite simple. We will get back to this in a moment"


CEO_1_2: "Firstly! We have a very important task ahead of us. We need to be prepared to payout a bonus to each and every salaried employee in Vestas based on our performance in 2008." "As we speak nobody knows if the bonus will be paid out at all - the chances are good though, if we look at the results from the first three quarters of 2008"


CEO_1_3: "Now, paying out a global bonus is not easily done. The bonus model and the results that the model prescribes for the individual employee will be the theme of many conversations within Vestas in the weeks leading up to the bonus payment - and in the weeks following the actual pay-out"


CEO_1_4_1: "Right now we are in January, and the payout will not happen before april. That gives you time to read up on the bonus programme and how the bonus is calculated"


CEO_1_4_2: "You can find written information about everything related to the bonus payout at this adress on the intranet. Is that fine?"

MAN_1_1: "Yes, I will go there and read the material" MAN_1_2: "No, please spend a minute explaining how the bonus is calculated" IF MAN_1_2: CEO_1_5: Certainly. This meeting will now last XXX. I will give you a high level explanation, for the details you must go to the intranet site. Enter one minute explanation. 10

CEO_1_6: "Good. In order to do this we have developed a module in SAP that can help us ensure that each and every employee gets the right amount of bonus. Is the system ready?"


SAP_1_1: "Yes, we are ready for prevalidation"

CEO_1_7: "Check! Please explain how the pre-validation works" 12

SAP_1_2: "Of course! Well, we need all seventeenhundred Vestas managers to go to VSP MSS module"

SAP_1_3: "You will see a list of employees managed by you by the end of 2008. There are three things for you to check on the list"

SAP_1_4: "First, does the list contain all of your employees managed by you on the 31. of december last year?"


SAP_1_5: "Second, you must check that the employment periods are correct"

SAP_1_6: "Third, you must decide if the corporate title is correct, and remember: Corporate title is not the same as job title. You can see a list of corporate titles and their translation into job titles in PCI"

SAP_1_7: "If you find anything on the list that needs to be corrected you can phone or email your CCA


CCA_1_1: "That’s me"


CEO_1_8: "Please Peter, spend thirty seconds explaining your role"


CCA_1_2: “Well, .........”


CCA_1_3: “...30 seconds explanation continued...“


CCA_1_4: “...30 seconds explanation continued...“


CCA_1_5: “.......... So, basically our role is to support you through this process with any problem you may meet"


To be continued...

Choices, choices, choices... •

Basic Model includes “Vestas World” style universe with a few animations (i.e. lip sync, clock arm moving, etc.).

Advanced Model includes “Mr. Quality” style universe with rich animation, more attention to details, greater potential for reuse in Bonus Programme 2009 etc.


Above timeline is based on Vestas choosing the basic model: Both productions will be done before Christmas If Vestas chooses the advanced model then Pre-validation will be ready before Christmas and Validation after Christmas

Budget Basic model: DKK 275.000 Advanced model: DKK 500.000

Difference between the two: Storyboard and quality assurance: 30 hrs. Animation and build: 260 hrs.

Budget includes hours and cost already spent Price is based on existing Time & Materials agreement between Vestas and Empatii Budget excludes travel expenses and hours

To get there, we need: •

One day with Kasper + Thomas on hand - preferred Monday 17.11.2008, alternative: Thursday 13.11.2008 or Friday 14.11.2008

Confirmation that all knowledge is available with-in the next two weeks, and fast decision on how to handle Asian and Indian managers (communication activities, location of detailed info/PCI, calculation model, key messages etc.)

Confirmation that approvals can be delivered “firmly and quickly” during the development process

User ID JENSL to be profiled as manager and have access to VSP MSS (via Jakob Stigaard /

Go / additional budget by Tuesday 18.11.2008

Hippie Bonus Test  

Just a test, just a test, just a test.

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