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GETTING THE FOLK OUT THERE Post-millennial band The Ransom Collective ditch the beat machines and synthesizers in favor of real instruments and full band vocals INTERVIEW BY TARA LIM PHOTOS BY ARTU NEPOMUCENO

erhaps being young and new translates to almost always being underestimated, but local folk band, The Ransom Collective, almost always wows the crowd when they’re onstage. In fact, the six-piece (count ‘em: Kian Ransom, Redd Claudio, Jerms Choa Peck, Leah Halili, Lily Gonzales, and Muriel Gonzales) charmed the pants and plaid off the crowd during the ’90s-themed Scout launch a few months ago. After winning first place at this year’s Wanderband competition, and opening for the likes of The Drums and Architechture in Helsinki at the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival last April, the band has been doing the rounds and doing it well: playing gigs in bars all over the metro, racking up buzz by performing at events, being charming on social media, all the while capturing the ears and hearts of the young and old. Scout somehow managed to catch the band on their downtime and they talked to us about their upcoming EP (exciting!) and what they really, really want. Scout: You’ve had to undergo a line-up change early this year. How’s that affecting the band? What kind of dynamic are you going for?

The Ransom Collective: The change was hard for us. We had really grown and bonded as a group, and we all remember that “talk,” when Hunny Lee (the band’s original drummer—ed.) gave the announcement that in three weeks, he would be leaving. Hunny brought a lot more than just a pair of drumsticks to the band. If anything, we were just sad to lose a friend. The music itself was not affected too much, as we were still very young as a band when he left. When we first practiced with Redd, we had a pretty good feeling about him. He seemed like both a cool guy and a solid drummer. It didn’t take him long to prove it either, and it’s been so much fun developing our sound and bonding as a new band. Scout: You have an EP coming out this month. Can you tell us more about that? Is it going to be a digital or physical release? The Ransom Collective: The EP will be released both digitally and physically. The physical CDs will be available at the launch party on Sept. 20 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub. The CDs have not been printed yet, but we cannot wait to finally hold it in

our hands. We are in the post-production process right now, and it is nothing short of stressful or challenging. We are looking forward to see what our hard work has accomplished. Scout: Do you believe that CDs are dying? The Ransom Collective: CDs are kind of unnecessary, but we find that many people still want them. It’s nice to have a physical copy of the albums from your favorite artists. Even when it’s available online, there is something more personal in owning the actual album, with the art and CD together. Scout: Where did you record your EP? Most of the songs on your SoundCloud are selfproduced. Are you sticking with that formula? Can you tell us more about the process of writing this EP? The Ransom Collective: The EP is entirely selfproduced. This is by far the most demanding thing we have ever done as a band. First, the songs were written, practiced, and perfected. Once we were

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Scout: 2014 September  
Scout: 2014 September  

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