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T R AV E L I S S U E INCREDIBLE INDIA Unit 8, Block 4, Paseo de Magallanes Street, Magallanes Village, Makati City. (02) 853-1713 A trip down Skyway and 20 minutes later, I found myself at Incredible India at Paseo de Magallanes. It looked less like a standard supermarket and more like a corner store and smelled like glorious, savoury potpourri. Indian cuisine offered a bunch of strange snacks. What was interesting about these snacks is that they all seemed very fond of “raw materials” in a sense that Indian food offered me the opportunity to eat Ambikas Palmyra Sugar Candy (P30), which were basically crystallized rocks of sugar, and Jenky’s Glucose Biscuits (P10), fundamentally carbs and more sugar. I then found this amazing new snack called Parle Kreams Gold Orange Flavor Sandwich Biscuits (P45). It was basically a white cookie Oreo with orange-flavored filling and tasted like, I don’t know—a dream? Yes, let’s call it that. It tasted like a delicious orange dream that was sadly cut short when I decided to try Haldiram’s Badam Halwa Indian Sweets (P80/200g). Halwa are fragrant almond-topped sweets that kind of look like your Aunt’s decorative soap collection and taste like you were biting into a bar of Albatross bathroom fresheners. I 100 percent wouldn’t buy it again, but maybe I was just eating it wrong? I finished off my Indian snack stop with some Pani Puri with Tamarind sauce (P90/20 pieces—yes, you might end up eating all of them) and dropped an extra P20 on an Aaloo Curry Samosa. Both were ridiculously cheap, crunchy, and delicious, and had this really good, tangy, Indian Mang Tomasstyle sauce, which lifted my spirits entirely about Indian snacking.





1. Haldiram’s Gulab Jamun (P240) 2. Ambikas Palmyra Sugar Candy (P30) 3. Haldiram’s Badam Halwa Indian Sweets (P80/200g) 4. Pani Puri with Tamarind sauce (P90/20 pieces) 5. Haldiram’s Bhujia Sev Indian Snacks (P70) 6. Kohinoor Khatta Meetha Authentic India Namkeens (P90) 7. Parle Kreams Gold Orange Flavor Sandwich Biscuits (P45) 8. Jenky’s Glucose Biscuits (P10)


KOREAN HYPERMARKET #37 Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque. (02) 809-3831 2

I started my snack journey at the Korean Hypermarket in BF Homes. It was a celebration of fluorescent lighting, linoleum flooring, and snacks. I walked up to the very first aisle past the discount section and already there was an overwhelming spread at the ready. After a few boxes of good yet ultimately boring snack fare, I chanced upon some winners. A big winner was the delightful marriage of milk, Sprite, and cough syrup called Lotte Milkis (P25). It’s so good that it can erase any bad taste that was there before. More specifically, it erased the taste of the pure Paldo Ginseng Extract Energy Drink (P92) I decided to try. Taking a couple gulps was a test of my abilities in cultural sensitivity and my gag reflex. I wasn’t trying to be intolerant, but sometimes things just don’t go as well as they should. After my taste buds recovered, I dug into a box of chicken-shaped snacks called Nongshim Spicy Chicken Snack (P49) that tasted like hollow Korean fried chicken. It was really good, and I wished the snacked was filled with something other than air, but that would be asking too much since it cost less than P50. Finishing off this Korean snack experience was this ice cream stick that was shaped like a banana complete with edible banana peel called Kka Ba Kka Ba Banana Ice Cream Stick (P25). It tasted as good as it was fun to eat and well worth its sale price.







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