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Adlai and Chicken Adobo Ssam by Amy Besa When Amy Besa was still in the Netherlands cooking for De Karpendonkse Hoeve, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Eindhoven, she served chicken adobo paired with adlai. That the owner herself wanted to acquire the grains for her restaurant was enough indication of the dish’s success. For this ssam, lollorosso wraps the chicken adobo and adlai cooked in chicken stock and leeks. Besa retains the al dente texture of the large adlai variety from Batangas, and pairs the dish with guava and pear chutney. “[Adlai] has its own integrity,” she says. “A cook needs to understand the quality, texture, and flavor of the grain.”

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Southern Living: 2015 November  
Southern Living: 2015 November