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OLD FASHIONED BLOCK 65mm x 45mm x 45mm The name says it all. The block is the most popular and versatile size of ice. If there is only one style of ice in your bar, this should be it. This cut will melt a lot slower than smaller pieces of ice, meaning you have more than enough time to whip out that camera and snap a pick to fulfill all of your Tumblr needs. The ideal ice for your classic Negroni and Old Fashioned styles.

CUBE 50mm x 50mm x 50mm The OF’s little bro. For all your non-mixing needs. Simply pick the bottle of spirit, pour it over and poof, you’re done. A great one to trim and put in a stemmed glass like the ever-sostylish coupette.

COLLINS SPEAR 135mm x 30mm x 30mm AKA ‘The Long One’ or ‘The Rod’. Shout out to our people in the wedding planning biz for their love of this bad boy. If you’re whipping up slings and rickeys, or are intent on taking the G&T to the next level, this one’s for you. Grab your favourite gin and tonic combo, add some fresh citrus in a Collins glass and pop in a spear and a metal straw. You just can’t beat that.

CRUSHED ICE Think brambles, tulips and tiki cocktails. Take a mullet and smash the life out of any of the sizes above. The idea behind this one is the fast melting crushed ice will keep the drinks super cold and diffuse the perfect amount of water into the mix. Bare Bones will be bringing you crushed ice in the very near future. There you have it. You wouldn’t have a dull cubic zirconia as the centrepiece of a stunning gold ring, so why have poorly made ice at the centre of your precious cocktail creations? Add a diamond in the form of high quality ice cuttings and watch as your drinks truly shine.


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Drinks World Australia Edition 32 / T25 Australia 2018  
Drinks World Australia Edition 32 / T25 Australia 2018