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KSHZ-SLAUGHTAHOUZE RADIO SM- What message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do? The message is we are aiming for KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio to become YOUR FAVORITE hip hop radio station. Hands down. From the response we are receiving from our base, we’re on the right road. SM- Tell us about what you are promoting and the details around it? We are promoting KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio, the flagship digital radio station powered by SlaughtaHouze/Newmann Distributions LLC. 24/7 of uncensored hip hop, rap, trap, R&B music from today’s top hip hop artist and tomorrows rising stars + top-rated hip-hop radio shows and mix shows. SM- What’s unique about this that separates it from the rest? What is unique about KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio is that we are constantly moving forward. We pay homage to the past with various mix shows etc. but the newest music from today’s hottest stars and tomorrow rising artists is constantly broadcasted on our airwaves. SM- Who was a part of this project that contributed to its success? Obviously, the LISTENERS who click the link to jam our station. The staff, on air personalities and DJs are the real heroes. We are committed to their individual success as they are to us. Real talk though, if HOT MUSIC is dropped at a rapid pace, KSHZ is right there to stay on it. We run at a rapid pace as well.... SM- What is the inspiration behind what you do? We are doing our part in keeping the hip hop culture alive and moving forward. We began as an independent record label slanging mixtapes in Houston. Eventually laying the foundation for what we are presenting today, KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio SM- What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future? Listeners can expect MORE HEAT from our motivated DJs and on-air personalities. Follow us on the socials to get to know who these powerhouses are. Interact and contact them for advertising/booking inquires. Listeners can expect us to continue to give them what they are liking from us already. If it ain’t broke why fix it. We can only grow BIGGER and get BETTER. SM- Why is this so valuable to you? And why now? KSHZ is valuable to aspiring recording artists who are out here on the grind. With all the tools at their disposal regarding promotions and plays, it is always nice to hear your sh*t on the radio. That is a feeling only few could truly appreciate and understand.

SM- How was this put together and how does it benefit the consumers? KSHZSlaughtaHouze Radio is powered by SlaughtaHouze/ Newmann Distributions LLC so as long as the parent company continue to flip the bill, we still out here making it happen. Our listeners benefit the most by enjoying good music, new music without interruptions or ads messing things up. We our content is not the same top 40 FM “pit hole” that most people are forced to rely on when listening to their radio station of choice in their city. Its raw, its real, it is not censored, edited hip hop. SM- How can the readers keep up with KSHZ-Slaughtahouze Radio? Download the KSHZ-SlaughtaHouze Radio App available for ALL DEVICES. Take KSHZ wit you EVERYWHERE and jam us ANYTIME. We appreciate your continued support and thank you to Stardom 101 Mag for the opportunity to share our story. Visit KSHZ-SLAUGHTAHOUZE RADIO online for more information linkt.ree/KSHZ

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