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Obviously, I’m suppose to write about how you to get into the music industry and make lots of $$$, why it’s important to have a good team or letting you in on the top concerns of music industry management about the artists. Well, that won’t be the case, at all.

CEO/Publisher Myra Morris HipHop National Magazine 877-580-8555

FMB Enterprise Forever Memory Blankets Already Gear Co-Publisher Aldouphus “PoeEtiq” Williams Hip Hop National LLC

Formally Push2Play Magazine has joined forces with HipHop National and has now become

Chief Financial Officer L. Diane Evans LDE Enterprises

We are quite excited about the merge and look forward to bringing you: • Artist Interviews/Showcases • Celebrity Interviews from the Valder Beebe Show • Artist Education/Resources • Spiritual Inspiration with Pastor J • Jam It or Slam It Music Contest • Health Tips • The Give Back in YOUR Community • Advertisements from Great Companies • And Much, Much More!

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HHNM gives a platform to Signed/Unsigned Artists, Comedians, Musicians, Bands, Poets, Entertainers and others. We showcase all Genres of Music! Be it Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, R&B, Soul, Rap, Opera, Pop, Rock, Retro, Easy Listening or other. HHNM would like to be guilty of providing you the tools to help you get to the next level of your career.

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Keep this in mind. You can only be distracted by what you allow to stay and fester. Gather negative thoughts, negative people and negative things that are in your life and SHOW ‘EM THE EXIT DOOR. You may contact me at: HipHop National Magazine Attn: Myra Morris PO Box 763002 Dallas, Texas 75376-3002 Or

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Realtor services include:

Buyer Representation Seller Representation Leasing Assistance

Victoria Hearld, REALTOR速 Ebby Halliday REALTORS速, Inc. Mobile: 214-690-3959 7520 N MacArthur Blvd, Suite 100 Irving, TX 75063 Email:


Since 1990, Coach Ed Philips has devoted much of his off time to developing the basketball skills of young people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Using the Huskies name, Coach Ed has mentored as well as developed the basketball skills of over 100 youth and coached a host of Huskies recreational basketball teams. Having a coaching philosophy of “All young people have greatness within”, Coach Ed preferred on making the undeveloped player, a great player. Never turning a child away due to lack of skill, Coach Ed believes in establishing a great fundamental base and building from those same fundamentals. It was in the year of 2008 when Coach Ed acquired Coach J. Howard to assist him in his mission of developing the skills of the young people whom he coached. After years of coaching recreational youth basketball teams, both Coach Ed and Coach J decided to take their recreational team to the next level. In 2010 the two Coaches decided to make the transition from being a recreational team to being a Select Basketball Organization. Using the same fundamental base that had been established by Coach Ed years ago, the organization kept its recreational name (Huskies) and took it to the next level. Now being called the “North Texas Huskies” the organization philosophy is not just for basketball success but for life success. The fundamental base has changed from being one of basketball skill but one of life skills. The NTX (North Texas) Huskies basketball organization believes that “It takes a village to raise a child”, so first and foremost a commitment must be made from the parents. This commitment means that the parents of any participating child must be positively involved in the personal and skill development of their child. Secondly, a commit must be made from the participating child. This commitment involves the child to be a positive and productive citizen, student, and athlete. With these two commitments from both parent and child, the NTX Huskies organization feels that any participating child will not experience failure on or off the court. To help facilitate the academic success of the Huskies players, the organization acquired the educational expertise of Corey Green (Dallas ISD Teacher) as an educational consult/coach. This acquisition would allow the organization to have weekly tutoring sessions for its players which has been a success. Along with the tutoring sessions the organization requires all of its players to give back to the community through various community service projects. The NTX Huskies Organization is a non profit organization that pays all of organizational and player expenses through sponsorships and fundraising. This allows the parents to focus on commitment rather than funding. Currently the organization has one team which is 14U but do to the continuous request and growth the organization will be acquiring more committed coaches and more committed players. If you have any interest in being a part of this organization or becoming a sponsor feel free to email us at You can also check us out at Please keep in mind that our organization is not just about basketball but about using basketball to build positive and productive young people. Coach J Howard Athletic Director North Texas Huskies

Take an active role in strengthening YOUR Community!


Music Majors Lone Star Order is now soon approaching its (1) One year founder date. March 28th 2010, the six founding members of this organization called “The Lone Star Order” decree it chartered as the Alpha Chapter at the University of Arkansas At Pine Bluff. We are also are experiencin the largest growth spurt yet. Currently, we have (4) Four very unique active chapters that are striving for the same success in their own way. Leading in numbers is our Beta Chapter from Texas Southern University. They have brought a whole new style to the organization, and were a great addition. All of our L.S.O. members take pride in giving back to their local high schools, and regularly do such, not to mention the Alumni members who constantly give back to their prospective colleges as often as they can. Texas produces very talented musicians into the world and we plan on having all of them apart of our family. We consider ourselves to be more than just an organization; we are a family of students from Texas, united with the same mindsets. With the bright minds of today and the future college students of tomorrow, there will be no telling what we can achieve when we work together. If you feel as if Lone Star Order should be chartered at your school or for any more information, you can contact us on our website:

-Bernard A. Iwegbu (Alpha Chapter)


AMERIDREAM EDUCATION CONCEPT Educating * Encouraging* Empowering

What We Guarantee! Settlement can mean three different things: A. SETTLEMENT FOR PRINCIPLE REDUCTION B. Settlement for home free and clear C. MAY SUE FOR THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT May need a attorney to settle Call now to set up an appointment for your: “FREE EDUCATION OVERVIEW” Documents needed at the time of appointment: *Transfer of Servicing Disclosure *Deed of Trust *Note *Current or Last Mortgage Statement

Serious Inquires Only: (214) 769-7807 TEACHING THE LITTLE GUYS TO FIGHT BACK!

Gerald Dreskin & Co CPA Based in Boynton Beach, FL

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HHNR-Conference Calls & Feedback Line Our HHNR conference calls & feedback line is aired live with an interactive audience. Every, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST, 7 pm PST. The show runs for a total of 2 hours. Here is where we bridge the gap and connect the dots to fill a much needed void within the Music Industry. The call consist of Expert Panelist, Music Artist & Music listeners. Collectively everyone is able to join in to participate in the discussion. For a fee of we allow Music Artists to interrupt the discussion to have an exclusive Interview, get their music rated and direct the audience to where their music could be purchased. Additionally, we also extend this same platform to BusinessPeople to showcase their products and services during our LIVE calls. So join us in our “chat-room”,, or simply call the calls are free and free advice. Just Dial: (213) 559-2995.

Richard Stewart Independent Record Promoter Based in Los Vegas, NV Marshaun Loving Promotion Director David Roundtree (Dr. Dee) Marketing Director Big Dark Impetuous Spirit Social Networking Director Maurice Williams Business Consultant Barche' Based in Dallas, TX Collin Walker Rhinoweb Webmaster Based in Pembrooke Pines Fl. Kevin Wright Viral Video Editor Based in Montego Bay Jamaica

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Making a return appearance on the Valder Beebe Show, is returning guest Lisa Ling, former co-host of ABC’s The View, special correspondent for CNN, and a Field Correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show. She talks with Valder about Our America with Lisa Ling, her new show on OWN, The New Oprah Winfrey Network.

Valder has wanted to talk with the brash, straight Sexual Health Expert Dr. Hilda Hutcherson about her candid perspective on sex and her new groundbreaking “Intimacy Experiment” to help couples make 2011 their sexiest year yet! Valder talks addiction in the first-person with Pax Prentiss who was hooked on heroin, cocaine, and alcohol for a decade. During this time, his father, Chris Prentiss, tried everything he could to get his son sober. That’s how Passages Addiction Cure Center was born. Pax is now 9 years sober and talks to Valder how you can save your loved ones. You can get a copy of their bestselling book The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery. Go to, select E-Mail Valder and tell her why this book could help you or a loved one.

Kevin McKidd ..plays “Dr Owen Hunt” on Grey’s Anatomy makes an appearance on the Valder Beebe Show and discusses an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that he directs. Kevin McKidd has made a name for himself playing such varied roles in “Trainspotting,” and HBO’s “Rome.”

Everyday is black history day in the lives of many. Valder interviews the talented, and acclaimed Investigative Filmmaker Keith Beauchamp who Re-Examines some of the most shocking Cold Case Hate Crimes from America’s Civil Rights Era. The Injustice Files is a Partnership between Investigation Discovery and CBS News. Valder and Keith talk about his lifelong investigation of The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till.

Al PoeEtiq Williams Founder of Hip Hop National LLC.

Aldouphus Williams aka “PoeEtiq”, the 5th child of 9, was born on August 14th, 1966 in sunny south Florida. Al “PoeEtiq Williams contributes his love for rhyme to the Dr. Seuss book, “The Cat in the Hat.” At age 12 he heard the most influential song of his life; The Sugar Hill Gang – “Rapper’s Delight.” It was then that the visualization of becoming a Songwriter and Performing Artist was invoked within him. After many years of hard work he dreamed of being famous and longed to hear his own music blasting from the back speakers of cars and playing on radios; nonetheless after many years with no results his younger brother, Clarence suggested that he read books on the business of music. It was after acquiring and digesting this priceless knowledge, Al “PoeEtiq” Williams decided that fame was not the avenue he would pursue, instead he chose to work behind the scenes and through an educational process he would develop, fine tune and assist new Artists in achieving their own dreams. Al “Poeetiq” Williams worked for one of the largest Printing and Advertising companies for over 25 years by day and by night he also operated the Record companies; Poetry In Effect Inc. and NK. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Associates degree in Broadcasting Communications. He is a registered member of SESAC and has accomplished chart position on a local, regional and national level with Media Base Spins on the single titled, “Cry Wolf.” Al “PoeEtiq” Williams assist in producing and marketing aspiring Artist and Songwriters on a guided career path through the use of various strategies in technology development in online and offline marketing. He is the Founder, Visionary and Chairman of the Board of Hip Hop National LLC Brand. The Brand entails a Radio Station and Magazine, Publishing Company and Record Label “PoeEtiq Ink Entertainment Inc.” Al “PoeEtiq” Williams has vowed that Hip Hop National LLC will generate millions in revenue by virtue of their Intellectual Creative Solutions. Hip Hop National, LLC was designed to assist with the Education, Creation, Administration and launching of Unsigned Music Artist and Independent Songwriters. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams had a vision. He set out on a mission and contacted Malik Freedom. After thoroughly explaining his vision, Malik Freedom advised him to contact DON JR – CEO. DON JR – CEO set up a conference between Al “PoeEtiq” Williams Richard Stewart and himself. Al “PoeEtiq Williams told DON JR – CEO of his plans to change the face of music. DON JR – CEO in agreement to his vision, traveled to Florida to lay the foundation for the next major movement in Hip Hop. After, the media was designed Al “PoeEtiq Williams introduced a radio show on It was a huge success. The word began to spread and Al “PoeEtiq” Williams continued through and broadened his idea by having a conference call to connect the industry of movers and shakers and Hip Hop Nation Radio Conference Call and feedback line was born. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams is also a music connoisseur, entrepreneur, Songwriter and Recording and Performing Artist. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams has over 32 years of experience in the industry with an extensive resume revealing his history of marketing, promoting and organizing events and festivals on a grand scale to create a platform for the youth to express their creative contributions. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams is determined to live and support music via the Grace of God and by this become instrumental in leading the intellect of both the young and the young at heart. He continues to encourage and engage them in the common thought that regardless of race, gender or creed, we are one people. Al “PoeEtiq” Williams Founder/CEO Hip Hop National LLC. Bio composition by: Ann Daley - AR. Impressive Concepts, Inc.

More than a Comedian Introduction: Mr. Perry, it is indeed my pleasure to be able to speak with you today in this interview for Push2Play Magazine now HIPHOPNATIONAL Magazine. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to visit and interview with us. Di: Mr. Perry, please tell us where you were born and raised? Mr. Perry: I was born in Chicago and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. Di: What got you involved in comedy? Mr. Perry: I found my way to comedy by way of the U.S. Navy, where I performed in front of some Rodney Perry is a high-energy comedian who of my toughest audiences.

delivers outstanding performances and has a humble heart. These are just a few of the reasons why he is a veteran and one of the busiest comedians in the game. He currently serves as co-host on BET’s "The Mo’Nique Show" where he provides laughs alongside comedienne Mo’Nique herself, five nights a week. Also, for four seasons, Perry has served as co-host and Man On The Street for TV One’s comedy competition, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes. He’s also appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, Showtime’s Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza, Starz network’s Martin Lawrence Presents First Amendment Comedy, E! Network’s Chelsea Lately and Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed. On the big screen, Rodney Perry will join Tyler Perry and a host of stars in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film "Madea’s Big Happy Family" (April 2011). Rodney has also teamed up with Tony Rock in the film "The Last Laugh" a drama about comedy. In addition to his nightly role on the Monique Show, Perry constantly tours with his sidesplitting stand-up act. He is currently gearing up to shoot his first comedy special "Rodney Perry, All the Way LIVE" (summer 2011).

Di: Who or what influenced you? Mr. Perry: There have been so many influences along the way. I love and will always admire Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. To date, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Mo’Nique are also amongst my favorite influences. Di: What is your greatest inspiration? Mr. Perry: My family is my greatest inspiration. I have a beautiful wife of 14 years and 6 wonderful children. They are truly a big part of why I do what I do. I couldn’t be who I am today without them. Di: What is your opinion of today’s industry? Mr. Perry: Today’s industry on the grind side really hasn’t changed. You either want it or you don’t. You have to work hard on your craft to be the best that you can be. On the flip side, the industry has changed in terms of opportunities. I couldn’t have imagined being on television 5 nights a week when I entered this career. Di: What tips or advice do you have for other comedians? Mr. Perry: Make sure you build yourself a strong and dedicated team. You have to learn how to choose the good people from the bad. They will help carry out your vision and help keep you humble along the way.

Di: Where are some of your next performances? Mr. Perry: I will be in Dallas on March 11th at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL), on April 1st in Chicago. See schedule full schedule on 5/29/2011 Miami, FL (James L. Knight Center) 6/3 – 6/5/11 Orlando, FL (Improv Comedy Club) 6/24 – 6/26/11 Denver, Colorado (Improv Comedy Club) 10/14 – 10/16/11 Arlington, TX (Improv)

Di: How can fans connect with you? Mr. Perry: If people say they can’t find Rodney Perry, they are not looking for me. You can tweet , hit me up on me at FaceBook at and of course tune in to the Mo’Nique Show, MondayFriday on BET. Di: Do you have any closing remarks? Mr. Perry: Yes, think outside the box and make sure you don’t put GOD in a box. As a believer in Christ, I couldn’t have even prayed for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon me. GOD is my all and I know it is only Him that makes it all possible! Di in Closing: Well, again, thank you so much for allowing HIPHOP National Magazine to interview you. Mr. Perry: I enjoyed every minute of it. You are an awesome man of GOD, paving the way for so many others who will follow in your footsteps. Thank you for being the example and being very candid about how important GOD and family are to your success. We speak blessings over you and everything that you will be a part of this year and the ones to follow! Submitted by L. Diane Evans visit Diane on facebook





Know “Q”



Garnering star quality through his clever punch lines, incomparable wit, and eccentric stand-up performances, Quenton “Q” Coleman is undoubtedly set to join the ranks of Hollywood’s comedy elite. The emerging humorist/poet flawlessly combines hilarity and charisma to create a magnetic force in each of his acts. As one of the brightest comedians in Dallas, Q has graced the stage with some of America’s renowned comedians including Rodney Perry, B. Phlat, T.P. Hearns, D.Ellis, Rickey Smiley, Denzell Snipes, Hope Flood, Jay Anthony Brown, and Flow Hernandez. As a poet, he has earned remarkable notoriety and immerses listeners with his artistry. The whimsical flair that Q projects into every performance not only leaves audience members begging for mercy, but enthralls heavy hitters and comedy c o n n o i s s e u r s a l i k e . As a comedian, poet, and host, Q began his route to stardom after relocating to Texas from Chicago. He began hosting numerous events throughout Texas and competed for several leading titles. Q won the King of Erotica Poetry contest in 2006, and came in 1st place at the Seagram’s Apple Twisted Gin Poetry Contest two years later. Also in 2008, Q placed among the top five at Malcolm Jamaal Warner’s Poetry and Jazz Contest. Q eventually transformed the stage into his hosting arena at five of the annual Texas Summer Music Conferences, and served as the play-by-play announcer for the American B a s k e t b a l l A s s o c i a t i o n ’ s T e x a s T y c o o n s . Q’s ventures resulted in his stand-up debuts which he circulated throughout the South. He has graced the stage of many comedy clubs such as the Improv Arlington in Addison, TX, the Funny Bone in Bosier City, LA, and Hyenas in Arlington, TX. In 2010, Q was the opening act for BET and TV One’s “Who’s Got Jokes”, D. Ellis. In addition, he has hosted the Big Baller Weekend twice with Cold Frunt Productions. Q’s repertoire of gigs only continued to heighten as he began to make his presence in front of the camera. He has appeared on TV One’s “Who’s Got Jokes” and ION TV’s “The Hump Day Show.” Q also starred in Cutt’n it Up in Dallas with comedians Joey Wells, Rodney Perry, Juan Villeral, Rayzor, and Mark Fernandez. He also starred in the comedy Bootleg Gumbo which is currently on DVD. The opportunities for Q remain endless with his gigs increasing day-to-day. In March 2011, Q is set to open at the “The Ballers of Comedy” Show for Rodney Perry, Joe Clair, Rod Man and Lav Luv at the Black Academy of Arts & Letters in Dallas. Currently each week, he serves as host and promoter for “Top Notch Thursdays” at Heroes Lounge in Dallas and previously hosted “Grown Folks Friday” at Da Mixx in Arlington. Q also serves as the m o n t h l y h o s t f o r “ P l a y d a t e D a l l a s . ” Q truly embodies the diligence to succeed, the legit rapport with several power players, and the makings of a phenomenal talent with no limits to where he will ascend. He is quickly accelerating into Dallas legendry and - 214 402.0174 -

Chris Pringle - HHNR Program Director Christopher “The Ghetto Politician” Pringle has been paying his dues in Hip Hop for a long time. Christopher Pringle has over 30 years of experience in the music business. He started working in the clubs of Brooklyn, NY at the age of 14. He relocated his family to Florida where he began a lucrative career. Coming from New York the people in the south viewed him differently than those working to start their own business. Christopher Pringle was determined to be successful and set out to make history as the first Indy Promotions Company in the state of Florida. His clientele included labels such as Warner Bros, Cold Chillin, Wild Pitch Records, Profile, Skywalker and Tommy Boy Records. After making a ruckus, word quickly spread back to New York. Christopher Pringle returned to New York where he worked with legendary Uptown Records. During that time Uptown Records owned the airways, launching Heavy D, Finesse and Synquess, Mary J Blige and Jodeci and Mid Atlantic Radio under the Master Mind Jimmy Jenkins who trained many executives in the music business. Christopher Pringle decided to broaden his horizon by working with MCA Publishing. With the support of the company he signed his first publishing deal. He continued to climb the ladder of success by making moves as the golden child of promotions – having key roles in the multi platinum success of Uptown Records. Christopher Pringle knew it was campaigning time so he secured relationships with well known people like Kevin Evans, Big John Platt, Troy Patterson, James Jackson and Karen Mason. Christopher Pringle was slowly building a reputation for discovering the best upcoming talents in the music industry and opening and securing business deals with various Recording Artists. Christopher Pringle moved to California where he, working along side Kevin Evans formed “Street Life Records/Scotti Bros Records – working Skee Lo; A two time Grammy nominated Artist, Tina Moore, Sweet Sable, Above the Rim sound track, 12 Gauge, Gangsta Dreasta and BG Knockout. Christopher Pringle was also consulting a team at RCA signing Artists such as Christina Aguilera, Tyrese Gibson and Chantay Savage also, with success of Label mates like SWV, Omar and Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Christopher Pringle felt that it was time to change the name of the company to “Strong Arm Entertainment.” The vision of Strong Arm Entertainment is a full service company that catered to small and large businesses – A one stop shop. Christopher Pringle along with his brother Pastor Jason Hamilton created the Urban Outreach part of the business to be more involved in the community both locally and nationally. Strong Arm Entertainment is committed to producing great Artists and music and constructing brands that are not afraid of the urban community. The concept and slogan of Strong Arm Entertainment is Strap4life reached more than just records. It was very instrumental in setting up Coca Cola with the first minority vendor; “Street Teams” and the “Obey Your Thirst” campaign which supported Hip Hop to the highest degree and set off the term Cross Branding and Micro Marketing and utilized “Street Teams” to make marketing reps across the globe. Christopher Pringle began consulting his network, yielding his best guest to assist in the marketing and programming of the Hip Hop National Movement. Be on the look out for the iconic Artists and Producers under management such as, Ebony Burks R&B writer / composer / vocalists, Pastor Hamilton – Hip Hop National’s Pastor, Slee Lo (Hip Hop Artist), DJ Diamond (Beyonce’s DJ), Arch Bishop Storm (Producer), Ron Holdin (Producer) and Money Magnet Entertainment. Bio composition by: Chris Pringle - Strong Arm Entertainment Bio composition by: Ann Daley - AR. Impressive Concepts, Inc. Hip Hop National, LLC

ATLANTA, GEORGIA Are you struggling with life as an artist? Is it hard to think of yourself as an artist when everyone around you has been conditioned to live a traditional lifestyle? Did you give up your artistic dreams once and are now rediscovering your passion? The Artist’s Way techniques for recovering your creative self with facilitator Xiomara Yanique. Most artists struggle with doubts, procrastination, self-defeating mindsets and maintaining their creative sensibilities. Through study of “The Artist’s Way” learn to free yourself of creative blocks and inhibitors; study ways to support and nurture yourself; and identify your true desires and dreams and find ways to fulfill them. By using the tools of The Artist’s Way, one can begin to break through the barriers that keep you from recovering your true, artistic inheritance. Actress, creative force and spirit motivator Xiomara (Zee-o-marta) Yanique will lead this 12-week course that helps artists of every type: actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, visual artists, etc. Recently relocated to Atlanta from Los Angeles, actress Yanique has studied and lived according to the principles of this unique spiritual journey for years and is now ready to share it with artists in the Southeast who are unfamiliar with its concepts. When: Mondays, March 14 through June 6, 2011 from 7:00-9:00 P.M. Where: Studioplex, 659 Auburn Avenue, Community Room, Atlanta, GA 30312 Call 404-734-5176


Online Course or Purchase Home Version Course 40 Years Exp. David J. Spangenberg Music Business Educator Consultant & Contract Specialist

The Music Biz is split into 4 sections, putting major emphasis on all aspects of Songwriting and Publishing; Performing; Recording; and the Business side of Music. Here is a brief description.: 1. Songwriting & Publishing: Covers how to write and/or recognize, well-written, as well as marketable songs; how to protect them; how to record them; how to "sell" them; how to deal with Publishers and Songwriting Contracts; and how to receive a share of the Publishing income or actually become a Music Publisher, Yourself. 2. Performing: Covers how to become a Professional Singer or Musician, how to choose the right people to work with, such as when forming a band or group; how to choose the right songs and prepare them for live performances; how to get "gigs", paying jobs, and how to move up the ladder; and how to prepare Yourself for performing on stage. 3. Recording: Covers how to make the right recording decisions for Yourself, Your group or band, starting with what type of recording to make; whether You need the help of, or how to deal with people such as Arrangers, Producers, Engineers and Sound Designers, or wish to become one Yourself; how to prepare Yourself for recording, how to choose the right type of standard or MIDI studio for Your situation as well as how to deal with them; how to conduct Your recording sessions from first note to final mix; and also includes information regarding recording on location, plus video taping. 4. Minding Your Business: Covers how to decide which career is right for You and how to go about dealing with the business side of the Music Business. This includes how to promote: Yourself to Your audience and the people in the business, such as Agents, Managers, etc.; how to become a Manager or Agent Yourself; how to deal with contracts in general and Entertainment Business Attorneys; how to approach and deal with Record Companies contractually and otherwise; and how to make a decent living in the business while You're trying to reach Your main goal.

“Fire Your Piano Player” Online Piano Course

Born December 1981, this Cheverly, Maryland native loves to paint and visit the rifle range in his limited down time. Andrae Alexander currently resides in Long Beach, CA. and is an accomplished musician, songwriter, producer, author, and performer. He has performed in Norway, Ireland, Japan, England, France, Canada the U.S. and many other countries. He has performed with or opened shows for artist such as Patti Labelle, Justo Almario, Common, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Chrissette Michelle, Raheem DeVaughn, Lil’ Mo, Teedra Moses, Ledisi, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Beverly Crawford, Alvin Slaughter, Helen Baylor, Bilal, Algebra, Eric Roberson, and others. Andrae has been musical director for 2(two) gospel plays, “Ms. Aretha”, and “The Life of Miles Davis” and arranged music for the musical, “The Audition”. He has also performed in the Off Broadway Show, “Enter Redemption” starring Maritri Garrette. During his career thus far, Andrae has performed at such venues as the Blue Note (NY), The Cotton Club (Japan), The Hit Factory (NY), B. B. King Blues Club and Grill (NY), the Brooklyn Arts Museum all in New York City, the Kennedy Center, the National Mall, Constitution Hall in Washington DC and a NASCAR race in Martinsville that was televised to millions of viewers. As a Musician, he has been on shows, such as “The Ellen Show”, “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”, “The Jay Leno Show”, “B.E.T. Presents”, “The Today Show” and others. Andrae is also featured in GLC and Kanye West’s video, “Big Screens” as the pianist and also as the Organist on Vanessa Hudgens song, “Last Night” on her Identified! Album, as a Producer on Grammy Nominated Raheem Devaughn’s album The Love and Masterpiece (Deluxe) on “Super Hero”, and Producer/Songwriter on Lisa McClendon’s Reality album with a song entitled “Lust or Love”. Recently Andrae has done music for a Debbie Allen presentation of excerpt’s from the musical “Hair”. Most recently he has been in the studio with the three time Grammy winner No I.D. working with Estelle and Common as a featured soloist. You can check out his piano course entitled, “Fire Your Piano Player” at Andrae, as a former member of a Marine Corps Band and The United States Navy Band of Washington D.C., has performed for former President Clinton, the Crown Prince of Norway and countless other government and military officials.

“Fire Your Piano Player” Online Piano Course

Andrae is now working with independent artist “Tina B”, former ‘Playmate’ Melissa Dawn and “Hit Music Central” television show our of Orange County. Look for Andrae to continue reaching for the stars by checking out his website and

Dj Corner With DJ Nothing Nice The GRIND of Today’s Artist. Working with today’s artist over the globe, I’ve found that they really do want the truth about the industry and what it can offer. They want to know what it takes to make it but may not know how to get to the level to get it. The questions I constantly ask are: Do you want to be a one hit wonder? What level of commitment and grind will you bring? Where do you see yourself within 5 to 10 years? The responses are always positive but normally in the same arena of “I want to get on the radio”. I share with artists what it takes to be taken serious about their music because I’ve come to learn the success process. The success process requires three keys : Communication, Commitment and Consistency. Peeping a little knowledge on the LEGAL part of the business has opened some eyes of a greater grind on the part of the artist. Most artist know nothing about the legal side. Letting them know about copyrighting their music; not only copyrights but BDS or MEDIABASED registered, INVESTING in themselves from cds, promotions, t-shirts, booking their OWN shows and traveling to other cities, states and even countries can help them grow and develop. New experiences help the artist evolve to level as a professional artist. As a 704dj, I encourage artists to read books and network in different Genuine Artist Conferences that really teach artist development. Conferences and businesses that really are concerned about you learning how to get your music heard and taken seriously. Some artist run into SHARKS of the industry, promising this or that and not coming through. I represent the 704dj Family that “BREAK RECORDS LIKE A DJ IS SUPPOSE TO”. 704dj’s CAN REALLY PUSH YOUR MUSIC ON A WORLD WIDE SCALE. Check out HOT1079.NET AND THE 704DJS -- DJ NOTHIN NICE 704DJS AKA MR. MARS AM I 214-445-8094 - - - The Beat 99.1 -






Since at the age of 5, Kayo quickly shown an interest in music. From performing in front of close friends and relatives to local school talent shows and church related performances. Kayo has already developed a fan base as well as harnessed an understanding of her craft where most artists still take years to develop. "I like Keisha Cole, Ludacris, and Chris Brown. They're just a few of the artists that sing with sincerity, realness, and its relative." says Kayo. She has been compared to Lil mama on many occasions, yet her brand of music is already acknowledged as trend setting which is normal for an artist who is ahead of their time. Her lyrics possess somewhat of an arrogant disposition but yet she continues to charm with her clever word play and crafty metaphors. "Obviously when listening to her rhyme, you can tell right away this young lady is extremely intelligent as well as a gifted artist." says Legend, one of the many producers who witnessed the growth of her talent as it developed over time. Ironically, she has managed to find the right kind of sound that allows you to journey through her world that many would consider to be their own personal theme of music. Currently still in her teens, Kayo is already proving to many that her talent is still growing, and its incredible. With an array of multi-talented song writers, and producers, including her own material. Her songs speaks the language of today's youth without dumbing down to the typical stereotypes. Interestingly enough, she has already developed a new market on capitalizing her craft. She has been able to perform in many large venues unlike a lot of our current, young performers whose musical content hinders them from gaining exposure due to their sometimes negative messages, and explicit lyrical content. In summary, Kayo is by far on a path to success and if she continues at this pace, she is showing a promising future. KAYO’s Manager -Aldouphus "PoeEtiq" Williams (954) 461-3398 /

Matthew West Songwriters are known to be an introspective breed whose personal experiences shape their music, and over the years Matthew West has definitely plumbed the depths of his soul for sweet inspiration. Yet on his new album, West looked to his audience to provide grist for his creative mill. The result is The Story of Your Life, a spectacular body of work that tackles a diverse array of real life subject matter and finds West exploring tender territory rarely tapped in contemporary pop music. “I know how to write songs about my life, my experiences and my journey, my faith and my love,” West says. “Yet along comes an idea for a record called ‘Story of Your Life’ and instead of writing what I know and writing songs about my life, the idea is to turn the microphone around to the people who listen to my music. I wanted them to send me their stories.”. After going through career-threatening vocal surgery in May 2007, the singer/songwriter re-emerged in early 2008 with the appropriately titled album Something to Say, serving up such memorable hits as “You Are Everything” and “The Motions.”

In addition to writing songs that have made him a Dove Award nominated artist in the Christian market, West’s songwriting prowess has also earned him the respect of artists in other musical genres. His songs have been recorded by multi-platinum country trio Rascal Flatts and other country artists such as JoDee Messina, Steel Magnolia and Billy Ray Cyrus. West’s songs have also been cut by other Christian artists, including Michael W. Smith, Mark Schultz, Mandisa, Jump5, Sara Groves, Joy Williams, Salvador, Natalie Grant, PureNRG and Point of Grace. “This record has changed me. I look at the world in a different way. The words of ‘My Little World’ are how it’s changed me. It’s not about me and that’s the irony of this record is that I’ve never been so excited about a record and it’s not about me. I’m the singer and the messenger and I connect with these songs, and it fires me up.”.

Desiree' Charis Desiree’ was born in Dallas, Texas on July 6, 1990. Growing up she had a LOVE & PASSION for music. Starting with Gospel and A'Capella, Desiree’ acquired the skills to harmonize and hear pitch. Her appreciation for all genres of music allowed Desiree’ to expand her thinking create her unique and awesome sound. Her current mixtape is entitled “The Soul of a Songbird” dropping April 1, 2011. You can contact her on Facebook Twitter and you can h e a r h e r m u s i c a t

SIMPLY PANNELL Pannell was predestined to be a singer. As a child, he had no idea of his life's journey. He often times rode in the backseat of the car listening to his mother and auntie sing. After experiencing a life changing tragedy at the age of 4, Pannell couldn't even fathom why he was alive, let alone have any interest in music. God's intentions for Pannell began to come into fruition and life just took a better turn when he moved to Dallas, Texas with his Auntie. Early in Pannell's singing career, he met his now manager Myra Morris and a new direction began for him. Pannell became more knowledgeable of his craft and began to perform at various clubs throughout the DFW Metroplex. Alot of inspiration for Pannell comes from current stars such as Trey Songz, Lloyd, Sammie, Usher, and J.Holiday. Pannell cannot help but to believe that God had an ultimate plan for his life in MUSIC. He is absolutely becoming one of the best at what he does and has every intention of being amongst the best in the music industry. ----- Pannell has opened or performed with: Sunshine Anderson, Avant, Ment2B, T-Cash, P.A.C., Pokerface and others. Simply Pannell has modeled for 2010 Texas Urban Summit - Dallas TX. -Abercrombie & Fitch - Mesquite TX. Hear is music For Booking, contact FMB Enterprise 214.403.1524

Contact /Booking: or Call Brandon “DOPI” Perry (661)208-2957


SASSY T Born on January 17, in Dallas, Texas Sassy T (Lasherrie Hogan) was raised in a tightly knit, religious family. Through church, she began to sing and discovered she loved it and taking advantage of any chance she had to perform. Though Sassy T never received any formal training, her voice matured as she did, and few days would pass without an hour or two of practice. Always singing her heart away to Gospel, Blues, Jazz and R&B, Sassy T has always made fun out of life. Her voice has a thick velvet feel to it; enough to make u your bones feel the vibes. It just came natural to Sassy T to make people feel good about life when she opened her mouth to sing sweet melodies like no other. Sassy T has learned that no matter what you are going through, and how down you might fall that your dreams can always come true. When she is on stage her personality and voice fires up the stage and sets your mind free for more. She waits to bring life into stages all over the world. Credits: Television/Radio 2007-09, Bruno (Movie) July 09 LIT MONTHLY (Magazine) Nov 07, TV ONE (Who’s Go Jokes) Oct 07, KNON, KDFI/CHANNEL 27 (Commercial) Nov 07, UPN 21 TBAAL Choir 07/Ricky Smiley Big, City Talent (07-08, K104.5 FM, 97.9 The Beat. Sassy recently performed for the NFL Moms during 2011 Superbowl Celebrations. Contact 214.403.1524 for Booking.

TiCO is a talented writer and rapper who also runs his own label: Ride 2 Die Records. Born Luis Rojas and raised in Dallas, Texas, Tico is already generating a buzz for himself in the streets. With local shows and radio play already under his belt he is ready to tackle the industry at large. Tico believes that the essence of Hip Hop is about the emotion and experience behind it and not about the ethnicity of the person behind the mic making it. Management for TiCO Mr.Kuwn-Dalini 469.544.4168 FREE DOWNLOAD OF TiCO’s MIXTAPE



Jaems IV Reports of Hip-Hop's death resonated through the streets as the current century began. Hip-Hop fans searched for the next “big” artist who would earn their respect and most of all their dollars. One hit wonders and dance songs litter the urban music landscape as the search continues for a Texas artist to step up and take their place among the Hip-Hop elites. For several years the Houston area has produced artists that have worked to bring respect to the state of Texas and now it is



Hip Hop National Interview Line is waiting to do YOUR interview. Contact to get Majors, Artists, CEOs, Pastors, Managers and any others. Dallas’ time to shine. Dallas is home to the next phase of the southern hip-hop evolution. Hip-Hop is more than “rims” and “stacks”; hip-hop is a way of life for artists like Jaems IV. He is part of the new breed of southern hip-hop. Lyrical content combined with music that makes the trunk go “boom”. As sexually thought provoking as Marvin Gaye with the force and power of Eminem and Scarface, Jaems IV is ready for the challenge. Listen to his music and you decide. Learn more about Jaems IV and his music on his website: His songs can be purchased on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other digital outlets. Listen, Like & Buy his music.

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J’Niche (pronounced Ja-Nee-Chee) Born in Paris, TX, Tamisa Hunter came to Dallas 16 years ago and the process of which is now the evolution of the J’Niche movement began. Tamisa’s vision: I was going through a period of chaos in life of not knowing who I was and yearning for love from mankind, one day I realized that I was lost. I realized that I was doing the wrong things to receive that attention that I felt I was in so much need of. Until one day, something within me just told me to stand still…and so I did. I stood still, and God took control. He came into my life full fledge, my relationship with Him grew stronger & my vision for J’Niche came to fruition. J’Niche is a Christian based organization inspired by the Empowerment for Women. J’Niche, LLC is the parent company to several sub level organizations: J’Niche Clothing Line, J’Niche Promotions & Event Planning, Women Like Us (WLU), and J’Niche Girl Radio; spearheaded by Owner and CEO, Tamisa Hunter. The J’Niche Clothing Line (available Fall 2012) is designed and tailored for the full figured woman of today. The J’Niche clothing line is for the full figured woman that makes a statement…a bodacious statement of confidence, pride, and beauty; without saying a word. Promotions & Event Planning, the J’Niche staff has several marketing and event planning specialists available to help you maximize your business venture from artist management and development to the planning of special events and maximizing venue promotions. Our team is comprised of women with strong creative and investigative skills, and will work directly with you to convey & execute your vision. Women Like Us (WLU) is the Christian based women’s support group that was established to promote women and their self-worth. WLU comes together with women and girls to discuss several areas that they feel may better fulfill certain voids within their lives by giving in depth testimonials in striving to build their faith in GOD, as well as building a better sisterly bond amongst themselves. The WLU team consists of women that are spiritual advisors, evangelists, and prayer warriors. WLU work closely with local shelters, nursing homes, and church organizations within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Community Outreach network. Here at J’Niche, LLC our motto is “IT’S ABOUT MORE THAN FASHION, IT’S ABOUT YOU.” Chic in the City…The J’Niche “Coming Out Event” Chic in the City is the official launch fashion show for the J’Niche Clothing line and J’Niche, LLC. Saturday, June 18, 2011 Sheraton Arlington Hotel 1500 Convention Center Drive Arlington, Texas, 76011 For more information log on to or email J’Niche, LLC P.O. Box 3935 Cedar Hill, TX 75106 Phone: 1-877-564-2433 Mailto:

HHNR Pastor Jason Hamilton

Pastor Jason Hamilton was born on May 21st 1977 in Doctor’s General Hospital in Plantation, Florida. Though Hamilton lived in California, New York, Tennessee and Jamaica. With each travel came a new experience and with each experience he learned new things and lesions that would prepare him for what was to come. During his early years he proved to be gifted both academically and spiritually. His natural inquisitiveness and his interest in computers led him to excel in elementary school. After scoring in the top 10 percentile of students in the state Florida he was selected to participate in the state’s gifted program. Pastor Jason Hamilton was also very rooted in the church. At the tender age of 10 he began preaching the word of God. He was also a youth minister at the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His most memorable experience was at the tender age of ten he was given the opportunity to preach before the entire youth congregation on Youth Day – a sermon entitled ‘Did David let David stop him?” After delivering the message God moved 25 young people to make a commitment to Christ. Shortly after that Pastor Jason Hamilton was moved to a new city where he was separated from the church. This separation from church would prove to be a turning point in his life. One year after living in a new place with new peers and a separation from the church he found himself deeply submerged into drugs, gangs, and gang related violence. Being a loyal member of his gang for over five years he reaped the rewards – two gun shot wounds, four stab wounds, fights too many to remember and an event that would forever change his life – he was arrested. The arrest led him to be incarcerated in a federal penitentiary where he was left to reconsider his choices and evaluate his position in life. After his release from prison he vowed never to return. With a new insight on life Pastor Jason Hamilton returned to school and received his Associates in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. He then enrolled in Full Sail University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Engineering. It was after this he them focused his mind on achieving the call that God placed on his life at the early age of ten which was to preach and teach the gospel. Pastor Jason Hamilton along with his older brother Christopher Pringle embarked upon an entrepreneurial endeavor. Together they possessed over 25 years of experience in broadcasting, entertainment marketing, networking, management, promotions and production which became Strong Arm Entertainment LLC. Pastor Jason Hamilton was established as Minister of Outreach at Amazing Grace International Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.), Kansas City, Kansas and under the leadership and grooming of Dr. Vernard Johnson. There he served actively in the community while pursuing ordination as an Elder by the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.). After being ordained an Elder, Pastor Jason Hamilton began working on his vision to unite the church with the streets. The first effort developed by Pastor Jason Hamilton was a non profit group called Strong Arm Urban Outreach which focused on bringing the word of God. Rather than using religious concepts of God, he introduced a bible centered prologue and a relationship with God. He diligently worked on meeting the needs of those living in some of the most economically challenged communities throughout the country – overseeing efforts such as food, clothing distribution, hygiene giveaways, blankets during the winter, shelter referrals, medical referrals and assistance. Also being a part of the hip hop generation it was easy to infuse the word of God into an already moving wave of energy. With this Pastor Jason Hamilton hoped that God’s word would be heard, lives touched and ultimately souls saved. This led Pastor Jason Hamilton to commence working in a non-denominational church. Out of his endeavor came a vision from God to build a church, not just of brick and mortar; that in itself is not a church, instead join together a body of believers; the true church of God – a congregation. While seeking ways to birthing his vision, God allowed Pastor Jason Hamilton to discover a common thread unifying all people. The common thread was a “moment.” The common factor of all things is a moment in time – where we either make a positive decision or negative one. It is from that flash we travel the course of things based on and in response to that moment. The revelation was created from the line, “One moment in faith can change your eternity.” With that the movement was born under the name, ‘Anointed Moments in Faith Ministries Church’, where Pastor Jason Hamilton serves as senior Pastor. Pastor Jason Hamilton also serves as Associate Pastor at Patmos Life Center Ministries Church in Kansas City, Kansas under the leadership of senior Pastor L.C. Jenkins. Pastor Jason Hamilton, while praying and fasting, watched for signs of a movement. Christopher Pringle set up a conference call with DON JR – CEO of Impressive Concepts, Inc. Pastor Jason Hamilton, praising God, understood the use of Hip Hop National Radio Conference Call and Feedback line as an instrument to continue to touch lives and shed light where there is darkness in the entertainment industry. Being a true man of God, Pastor Jason Hamilton began conducting the opening and closing prayer with each conference call. Guests were surprised that a full time Pastor was offering the invocation on every conference call and Pastor Jason Hamilton felt right at home with the Hip Hop National family. God continued to stir and reveal more of a vision where Pastor Jason Hamilton would play a key role in divulging the word of God to all followers of the movement. A special edition of Hip Hop National Programming has been called, “Winning on Wednesday” – The Gospel Get Down. It had a huge turnout. It was so great that the birth of “Soul Saving Sunday” came about. Here Pastor Jason Hamilton has a chance to bring the word of God to people in the comforts of their own homes. Presently Pastor Jason Hamilton serves as Hip Hop National’s own Pastor and online personality. Pastor Jason Hamilton continues to encourage, inspire, educate and propel the children of God to greatness! Pastor Jason Hamilton Anointed Moments in Faith Ministries Church Bio composition by: Ann Daley - AR. Impressive Concepts, Inc.

HHNR HOST - Lady Di,

L. Diane Evans has been in the entertainment and media industry for over 25 years. Her resume includes on-air personality assignments in Texas and Michigan. Ms. Evans is no stranger to radio and television. She has always had this passion for helping others and staying engaged in her community. She is a huge advocate for empowerment! Determined to make an impact, she has created many platforms for all ages to have a voice and to share information. This is why Ms. Evans is so excited to have the opportunity to join the Hip Hop National Radio family. The timing is fantastic and the marriage is a match made in heaven. By day, she is an Associate Executive Director for the Welcome House, Inc., a motivational speaker and facilitator who was previously a diversity officer for JPMorgan Chase Bank. Evans is also the Ex-Officio for The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) formerly known as the National Association of Urban Bankers (NAUB). UFSC is an organization of minority professionals in the financial services industry and related fields. A proud mother of two, Jarius and Jamel are her 2 most precious gifts in her life. Ms. Evans is also the board chair of the Park South YMCA in Dallas. In her little time to spare, Ms. Evans still serves on the Executive Board of the Dallas March of Dimes, Humanitarian Hands Foundation, T.R.U.S.T.E.E., and The Brandi Foundation. Diane Evans LDE Enterprises - /

Myra Morris CEO of HipHopNational Magazine was born in Dallas, Texas in 1966. Myra always had many career aspirations, with acting and music being a few of them. She finally decided to attend Mountain View and El Centro Community Colleges in Dallas, Texas to pursue degrees in Accounting and Business Management. Although Myra participated in church plays and other productions, she never considered being in front of the camera. While performing at North Park Mall for Christmas in 1996, the Miracle Revival Center –Move of God Church Choir (Myra’s choir) was approached to sing on the TV show “Texas Walker Ranger” as backup for Kyla Pratt in her television debut. Myra and the MRC Choir also performed as the feature choir for a Paul Winfield episode, and had the pleasure of working with Chuck Norris, Margaret Avery, Stoney Jackson, John Amos & others. From 1996-1999, opportunity presented itself for Myra to continue to work with “Texas Walker Ranger” and “Son’s of Thunder” TV shows. In March of 2010, Myra landed a part in a local play called “Torn Between 2 Lives” directed by Snoop Robinson, and was privileged to work with Yarbrough and Peoples, Dave Hollister, Keith Douglas and others. In the summer of 2010, Myra embarked upon a new direction. She delved into the music industry. In a very short time, she has made enough of an impact on the industry to have been selected as one of the directors for the 2011 Texas Urban Music Summit that will be held in Houston, Texas. In addition, her company, FMB Enterprise, was selected as a candidate to provide entertainment for the 2011 Super Bowl. She currently manages the music careers of Simply Pannell, a Sexy, Suave R&B Singer and Sassy T, a Soul Diva Singer for the Real Woman. She newly acquired a managing position with Andrae Alexander who have played for people like Patti LaBelle, Former President Bill Clinton, The Roots, Chrissette Michelle, Raheem DeVaughn, Erykah Badu and many more. Push2Play Magazine was founded to help clients development their business skills in the music industry. The Entertainers were lacking resources for their own craft and Myra thought she could assist. In search of information to supply her magazine, Myra was told about HipHop National Radio and tuned in, more than once. After gaining a great deal of knowledge from the panelists and guests on the show, Myra spoke with CEO Al “PoeEtic” and the “MERGER” began shortly after. Push2Play Magazine changed it’s name to HipHop National Magazine and more so than ever— HHNMagazine CATERS TO THE NEEDS OF THE ARTIST. On an everyday note, Myra is CEO of Forever Memory Blankets and partnered with Already Gear LLC. Since busy people stay busy, she also volunteers her time giving back as Founder of The Brandi Foundation, Board Member of Park South YMCA and former National Board AVP for Urban Financial Services Coalition.

To fully Engage in Understanding the Power of Abundance Everything you do is for the purpose of gaining abundance. Living in abundance is not selfish; it is a part of your journey on earth. You are here living in the physical to master the qualities that are needed to thrive in abundance. And shelter, food and security are a necessary part of your journey. Many give up on creating abundance and learn to live a life below the radar of fulfillment, because what they desire to produce does not appear. Let’s explore the process of abundance. You are constantly producing in your life with every thought that you chronically think and with every action that is inspired by thought. So when you are thinking that an endeavor will not work out or you are entertaining other negative thoughts, you are producing unintentional results of a negative outcome that you have dictated with those negative thoughts. Now abundance is a GOD principle of thinking about the joy you are experiencing with that thing, place or person in your life. (The added bonus is you do not have to physically experience what you are joyous about; you can simply feel the joy in your mind, body and spirit and produce the desired results.) The longer you hold your thought in an authentic positive manner and the more you are in touch with your feelings as you think that thought, the easier and speedier the thought materializes just as you intended. This is not presto and magic. This is using what every person has been given as a birthright: the power to create by choosing positive thought. To fully engage in understanding the power of abundance, I can share with you that for several years I have sought to interview the best metaphysicians, healers, authors, faith speakers and those who live a life of joy and fulfillment, all to learn more of what I desire to produce in my life, abundance. This month I have interviewed for the Valder Beebe Show, Joe Vitale, author and metaphysician featured on the movie The Secret. We spoke concerning his new book, The Awakening Course: The Secret To Solving All Problems. After reading it completely, I highly recommend The Awakening Course. I have found Joe Vitale to be an authentic soul teacher, and The Awakening Course will do what its title states: it will awaken you. Valder Beebe hosts The Valder Beebe Show, a 21st century spiritual talk show broadcast on KKVI Radio FM 89.9/95.9, and Pod Cast on Contact Valder Beebe via or e-mail Tune daily to, 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm for Valder Beebe’s THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW.

Hanging Out with HIPHOP NATIONAL MAGAZINE’S Diane and Myra hung out with the Ballers at the Ballers of Comedy Show in Dallas, Texas that featured Rodney Perry, Joe Clair, Rod

Gospel Get Down-Conference Calls & Feedback Line Our Gospel Get Down conference calls & feedback line is aired live with an interactive audience. Every, Saturday 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST, 7 pm PST. The show runs for a total of 2 hours. Here is where we bridge the gap and connect the dots to fill a much needed ‘artist education’ void within the Music Industry. The call consists of Expert Panelists, Music Artists & Music listeners. Collectively, everyone is able to join in to participate in the discussion. Slots for exclusive interviews and music rating available by purchase. Check website for information on the Gospel Music contest that gives free exposure and possibly pays $$$. Additionally, we also extend our platform to Businesses to advertise their products and services during our LIVE calls. So join us in our “chat-room” at or simply dial (213) 559-2995. All calls are FREE.

Saving Souls Sundays Call & Chat Room Our Saving Souls Sundays , Airs Every Sunday 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, 12 pm PST. The show runs for a total of 2 hours. Here is where we give honor to the Almighty Creator God for All He does and thank Him in advance for what He will do. The show consists of our HHN Pastor J. Hamilton bringing a Powerful Message, a live interactive audience and a powerful Praise Panel. The highest rating music from the Gospel Get Down session will be featured. An interview will be conducted with a recognized Pastor Choice during a segment of the show. Additionally, we offer a platform for Business-People to Showcase their products and services during our LIVE calls. Join our “chat-room” or dial in FREE at (213) 559-2995.

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The Great Annual "I'm In Love" Search Sponsored by: The Valder Beebe Show James and Valder Beebe, married Valentine’s Day 1985, are inspired to launch The 2011 Great Annual "I'm In Love" Search for others who have stood before GOD and weathered the changes of life to embrace ‘love and marriage.’ We feel there are many who exemplify LOVE and MARRIAGE, and we welcome your submissions for our next great annual "I'm In Love" Search for 2012. We feel there are many who exemplify LOVE and MARRIAGE, and we welcome your submissions for our next Great Annual "I'm In Love" Search for 2012@, click on E-Mail Valder Also View this article and others MON North Dallas Gazette (front page) / MON North Dallas Gazette (full article)

James and Valder Beebe We love the power of love in our 26-year marriage journey. Believing that GOD is the greatest power (LOVE) we married Valentine’s Day 1985. This once-in-a-lifetime union has been profiled in various magazines, including Essence Magazine, numerous newspapers and web sites. James the romantic, wrote our wedding vows: “I say these vows once and only once to thee. Be My Love, My Life, My Partner in Productivity (PIP Production).” As we have taken on the adventures of life, we have stood on the foundation of our belief in GOD; created four children; had 26 annual love celebrations; created our company, PIP Production; managed our individual careers and shared our collective paths of success as husband and wife and a family. I take you to be my beloved, to love GOD, you and our family. To honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this from my heart and soul, for all the days of my life. Each couple profiled in The 2012 Great Annual "I'm In Love" Search exemplifies the power of being in love and being married, as they have committed before GOD, each other and society. Bob & Sylvia Klinger We will celebrate 20 years of marriage on June 11, 2011. We pray together frequently during the day, and we compliment each other often. We respect each other at all times and say, “I love you” a lot. We communicate constantly – it’s like having a lifeline between us. We admire each other very much. We both love the Lord and each other with all our heart, spirit and body.

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How to Discern the Will of God

How to Know Right From Wrong

by LeRoy Eims Obey This Sign or Else How to Know the Will of God How to Be Free How to Meet the Testing & Trials of Life How to Turn Tragedy to Triumph How to Be a Happy Person God's Description of Happiness The Sovereignty of God A Lesson From the Pillars of Corinth God Leads You How to Fulfill God's Eternal Purpose The Key: Instant Obedience to God's Will FIND YOUR ANSWERS ON

"I'm In Love" Search continued from page 40 Mayor Ronald and Peggy Jones During our 44 years of marriage, we can truly say that I Corinthians 13:4-7 has been our model. Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous... We have found marriage to be like a stew that is blended and simmered over a lifetime. Our “marriage stew” has the components of love, respect, trust, adoration, communication and commitment. All of these components are important, but the key ingredient is commitment. You must be committed to Christ, committed to each other, and committed to the marriage. Selfless love is what we share and we are best friends. We enjoy being together and doing things together. Our joy is making sure that each other’s needs are met while encouraging, affirming and supporting each other as we fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. We are thankful to God for this perfect union, for he has sustained us through the vicissitudes of life. Knowing that God is love helps us know how to sacrifice, forgive, comfort and care for each other. We feel truly blessed that God ordained the marriage that we both dreamed about. And, we are doubly blessed that He has sustained our marriage by giving us two sons, two daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren. We are as much in love today as the day we got married. Ray & Pamela Baker My husband, Ray, and I met 30 years ago at a Martin Luther King Day church program. He played the sax and I read a poem. It was in my first year of college at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and he was a Manhattan native home for the weekend. We had a long-distance relationship during that time, and we would write each other about every week. After two years, we decided we really liked each other and married in 1983. My husband is a music producer, jazz sax player and pianist. We perform and co-write contemporary Christian and jazz music. In 1994 my husband produced one of his first jazz CDs called Sweet Honey. He dedicated the CD to me because my name, Pamela, means, “all honey.” My husband and I minister to couples in prison during weekend marriage retreats a couple of times a year. We have been married for 27 years and can truly say that we love being with each other. Keith & Lorraine Brock My husband and I are an all-American couple. Ours is a modern love story entwined with an old-fashioned fairy tale. Our parents have each been married to the same person for over fifty years and have mirrored for us what lasting commitment looks like. Married before we had children, I was a teenage bride who adored her husband, and still does almost 23 years later. We still enjoy date nights, late night rendezvous in the hot tub, and a marriage that is envied by many. First and foremost, the reason for the success of our marriage is the undying truths that are held in God’s word (The Bible). These truths on how a committed relationship is to work and function has given our marriage a firm foundation on which to stand. We feel there are many who exemplify LOVE and MARRIAGE, and we welcome your submissions for our next Great Annual "I'm In Love" Search for 2012@, click on E-Mail Valder Also View this article and others MON North Dallas Gazette (front page) / MON North Dallas Gazette (full article) Sponsors: BEEBE OMNIMEDIA CO. LLC, The Valder Beebe Show, Photography by James, Forever Memory Blankets and Author, D. Ian Young: Break Up, Don't Break Down (Reality -N- 3D Publishing, Inc)

Being Happy Alone is a Joke Me, Myself and I When it’s just me I can look and go where I want I can say and do the things I like When I’m by myself… I can be me I can look like me, whether I comb my hair or not I can be content with every curve or blemish when I look in the mirror I can enjoy being by myself But because I am not happy alone I have somewhat of a problem I enjoy conversation, debate and depth of intellect but I can’t get this alone I enjoy laughing but you can laugh only so much with yourself, with memories and at home alone I am more in-depth than Me and Myself I am a thinker I am a lover of life I’m inquisitive I’m adaptable I’m a chameleon as well I stand up to every God given situation I’m Me and no man is an island Man might say he is but no man wants to really stand alone I just want to be ME


Confessions of The Heart Label me insane Your cries are not in vain Let the truth be told, I feel your pain I've caused your pain Disrespected our name Yes, guilty as charged I'm the one to blame Revenge will inevitably air plain But U can stop that train Just lean to the Father In Jesus name Ask 4 change Eventually victory shall reign PoeEtiq

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