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#19 DJ LSM : La playlist

En exclusivité ! . + DanO Dee Wile


Mic Handz Ackurate StayC Johnson Dro Pesci Solo Jaxon

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#19 DJ LSM : La playlist

MIC HANDZ + Ackurate


DanO Dee Wile StayC Johnson Dro Pesci Solo Jaxon

Le projet FROM 3

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Edito Le nouveau numéro de HHB, le numéro 19, annonce l’arrivée de 2017 comme il se doit ! Je vous souhaite a tous une bonne année, et qu’elle soit riche musicalement parlant ! Comme vous le verrez, la rubrique « All Eyes On.. » a été remise au gout du jour ! Il y aura donc pas mal de découverte dans ce numéro. J’espère que la mise en page vous plaira, n’hésitez pas a nous emailer (hiphopbreathe@gmail(.)com). Pas plus de blabla je vous laisse découvrir la suite ! Réalisées par LADYSU. N’hésitez pas à partager, commenter !

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Sommaire Mic Handz … P.8 Rencontre avec Skyzoo … P.17 HHBNY … P.19 Dee Wile … P.22 StayC Johnson … P.24 DanO … P.26 Solo Jaxon … P.28 Dro Pesci … P.30 DJ LSM : La Playlist … P.33 Ackurate … P.35 …



Mic Handz Interview

Hello Mic Handz. For those who might be a little unfamiliar with the name, tell us a little about yourself. Who are you, where are you from and when did you start out in hip hop?................................. Hey guys, My name is Mic Handz formerly Mic Handler for those that knew of me prior and Im a recording artist, producer, promoter and record Exec from Flatbush Brooklyn New York and i have been in and around Hip Hop since the early 80's as a fan and a citizen of Hip Hop as a student and performer since the very early 90's. From the days you started, which artists would you say you learned the most from,

those who influenced you the most in developing your own style? Wow interesting question i remember back in like 93' growing up on Fort Hamilton army base in bay Ridge Brooklyn (Shout the Fort Hamilton BRATS) DA BUSH BABEES and COREY ROONEY were childhood friends that were very accessible influences just quietly watching them pursue and achieve their ambitions. I remember LEE MAJORS formerly BABYFACE KAOS of the group sitting me down on the R train on nigth and explaining DICTION, CADENCE and DELIVERY to me three words I had never known to associate with music. Then there was II UNORTHODOX and 9

DA CELLA DWELLAS that lended their time and insight to my journey. I remember meeting FREDDY FOX my big brother TREACH and Uncle VIN ROCK at the QUEEN LATIFAH "BLACK HAND SIDE" video shoot at the TUNNEL NIGHT CLUB in NEW YORK (you can see me in the video kid faced in a turquoise COLUMBIA RAIN SUIT) my dress code was unquestionably BOOTCAMP CLICK (being of LEGENDARY DECEPTICON origin) without saying. Then I remember on year when i was about 22 feeling like this just aint working im gonna stop and move on and then going to watch the fight at Big Daddy Kane's Fathers crib in Hillside Queens and spitting in a cypha with a few notables and myself and another young cat that went on to become UNCLE MURDAH and KANE stopped me and said "Yo, How old are you?"....I told him and he said " Don't Stop what your doing you got something". from that

moment on.. Nobody could tell me nothing! You toured with Smif n Wessun and Mob Deep, you toured with Ras Kass and Planet Asia... What was your best moment? Wow that was Excellent... to be honest these were my first official tour appearances going from city to city accounted for contributing and producing with the collective. Switching between Merch sales and Road management and Artist anything to get the job done and help make the run successful and just show my appreciation for taking me. I want to say the initial highlights of both was just getting asked to go. and honestly with the Planet Asia and Ras Kass THE TOUR WAVY run I had a phone call and 4 hours to gather money make some calls call SHORESHOT (The Transporter, Love this guy) and make it happen! the HELL ON EARTH Tour I had a bit more prep time 10


and being part of the BOOTCAMP CLIK family on a day to day gave me a bit more insight for preperation. But just the reception from city to city and the fans and people that were actually in tune.... But when Steele pointed to me and brought me out and said to the fan... "Do ya'll know this guy" and the fans responded in kind... Best Moment EVER!!!! thank you New England! You released the La Fresh Connexxion LP out of France on Folistar Records. Can you tell us about this experience? How did the connection made? Working with Folistar was a really Dope Experience the work floe things slowed up on my part with the deaths of family like PH (Punkin Head) and J Arch and Sean Price of course and being so involved in their services and committees and foundations and what have you I had become ultra distracted but they were very patient and understanding and i

appreciated that they are great producers with incredible graf writers attached salute GERZ so I thank JEROME THOMAS for making that all happen with us. MY journey into the French landscape actually started a couple years prior with a production team called ALTERBEATS /ALTERPROD and working with them forming the group ALTER UNIT with underground staples like BEKAY, SHABAAM SAHDEEQ, SKEEZO, SATCHEL PAGE and NEEK THE EXOTIC introduced me to the French market on single releases as well as appearing on their FRENCH REVOLUTION project the also lent heavy production support to my 2013 SAYYOUAINTKNOW release. Currently I have records out with KOOL KEITH and an A&B side single in the stores with JUNKADELIC MUSIC over DJ JUNKAS LOU production and a pending project on SHINIGAME RECORDS out of FRANCE with VENOM and KYO ITACHI and Im 80% done with 12

my latest Frecnh effort which is a production project fully produced, mixed, mastered and packaged by SISMOGRAPHE Im extremely excited about that and in all honesty I think my biggest French platform supporter contributor and family to date is DJ MODESTY from the south of France one of the most dedicated and incredible DJs I have ever worked with and heard! SALUTE!!!! and I can not leave out COOL FD!!!! for all of his contributions to MIC HANDZ and support in the region as well THANK YOU!! What’s your projects for 2017? Well I covered all of the FRENCH PROJECTS lolol But i have a few more things in the works. For those that know im a 16 year veteran of Fashion so im designing again for a brand called a sportswear apparel brand catering to the sneaker culture. I have a long calendar of WRITTER'S BLOCK CONCERT 13

shows continuing through out 2017 starting with or DJ competition BOOGIE BLIND and the CUTS OF CHAOS alongside incredible legendary DJS such as DP ONE, DJ DIAMOND THE ARTIST, MISTA SINISTA, DJ SOND, DJ TOSHI DJ GHETTO and more. We are in full production of our first feature Movie Series release SERIAL under our SOUL MAZONZ Films label as well as a Slew of new artist music videos I will continue to shoot and direct. Look for me in episodes on the new season of PROJECT HEAT as well as NY MINUTE from NY legend ILLA GHEE along side some of NYCs most notable Emcees and faces. The word just came in that i will be doing some work with BOG JEFF of ZULU NATION and DANNY CASTRO, VOODOO RAY and TONY TOUCH around the TOCA TUESDAY brand Im excited to see how they utilize me there and if thats not enough I am still currently the CEO of the multi tier incubation firm INCEPTION INDUSTRIES here in

NYC's garment district helping new brand owners and designers develop their brands blueprints and road maps to success within this fashion industry. What has been your best experience to date in the rap game? Getting to know Sean Price was incredible, Working with 90% of my bucket list and childhood favorites, having TREACH wake me up for door to door directions to my home from the Brooklyn bridge to do a feature on my first project, getting phone calls from legends like SADAT X, CRAIG G, BIG DADDY KANE, KOOL G RAP, JASE (Soul 4 Real), FAME & BILLY DANZE (M.O.P.) DR Period calling asking if i had time to take on an executive roll at Rockboy records. having people you love and admire like ROCKNESS MONSTA look for you to contribute with value these things matter far more then anyone might expect. all I 14

ever wanted to do is belong to the culture and be thought to be dope by those I though were dope. Anything else you would like to say to our readers in France / Europe / Worldwide? EUROPE!!!! Look for ya boy!!! Brand new record out with DJ FASTCUT, RANCORE, ROCKNESS MONSTA, and DANNO just hit the scene 270k views in 2-3 weeks THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!! I need to come and perform and tour over there!!! Talk to your promoters!!! Get me over there!!!! i would love to come work!!! I will be coming to push the SISMOGRAPHE project in the spring!!! so that should be exciting!!! I LOVE you guys for all the support and the fact you think im worth following or pressing play on!!!! make sure you DOWNLOAD the MIC HANDZ

MOBILE app in your APPLE STORE!!!! thank you HIPHOP BREATH for the shot and the love!!!! Im trying to make the ALLHIPHOP.COM top 50 list again like I did in 2013 vote for me!!!! and please just stay involved. Im gonna do the work!!! i just need you to PRESS PLAY, CLICK LIKE and SHARE!!!! LADYSU



Rencontre avec Skyzoo L’équipe de HHB présente à New York, a eu le privilège d’interviewer le emcee Skyzoo, quelques jours avant qu’il décolle avec Apollo Brown pour une tournée Européenne.

Le rendez-vous était donc pris dans un studio à New York City, midi, heure de la cote est. A l’heure, humble, très ouvert, on parle de pas mal de chose, mais surtout de

son dernier projet, avec Apollo. La question du track favori c’est évidemment posée. « Celui avec Joell Ortiz ‘A Couple Dollar’ et ‘Spoils To The Victor’ est spécial pour moi. » Pourquoi est ce spécial? De la Skyzoo se met à rapper : « Do believe, easy as the truth can be/ Mookie from the jersey to the J's, all beautifully/ 40 and a mule or whatever if we do agree/ Easy as a stop & frisk turning to a shooting spree/ [… ] » tout le freestyle dans l’interview en vidéo. Quand on lui demande quel album il écouterait encore 17

et encore il répond « Le meilleur album de tout les temps c’est Illmatic ». Quand à ses projets pour 2017 : « Je travaille sur un scénario. J’écris une émission de télévision. 10 ans maintenant à travailler sur le script de la prémisse de la série, le développement du personnage, le développement de l'intrigue ces choses. C'est une série dramatique que j'ai créé, j'ai écrit le pilote moimême. » Il nous parle de Hip Hop, de son ressenti (et bien plus) dans le cadre du documentaire FROM. Donc, nous n’allons pas tout vous raconter! Un peu de suspense! Pour l’interview en mode HHBNY, sous titré en

français, la vidéo sera bientôt disponible. Restez a l’affut via notre site, facebook, twitter, instagram. Pour le documentaire FROM, il faudra encore patienter. #LongLiveHipHop LADYSU


HHBNY! C’est toute la mise en place d’une équipe HHB à New York, en ce début d’année 2017. L’opportunité de vivre une aventure encore plus hip hop pour les amoureux de cette culture, et bien sur pour vous fidele lecteur de Hip Hop Breath.

Vivre la culture hip hop dans son berceau, en étant chez soi. SUIVEZ NOTRE CHAINE YOUTUBE HHB TV

Mais HHBNY ne sera pas que des interviews d’artistes New Yorkais… OUI, il y aura aussi des cypher, des couvertures d’événements…



La rubrique “All Eyes On..”, initialement créée sur le site, est remise au gout du jour sur le magazine! C’est vrai que beaucoup d’artistes ont été interviewés avec AEO : T-Ran / zHundred / Philthy Rich / Pries / IAMSU / Jon Connor / Demrick / Trapp Tarell / Chris Cap / Lo Thraxx / Papoose / Jeury San / JoBee / Talib Kweli / Tito Lopez / Jim-E-O / True East / Rapper Big Pooh / Constant Deviants / Nyzzy Nyce / L-Dro / Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) / Open Mike Eagle / Yung Reno… Donc, here we go again!


Dee Wile

Who are you? Dee Wile is an independent artist from Nashville,TN that blends the old-school samples of the 70's,80's and 90's. with the melodies and wordplay of today. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Mobile,Al but I've lived in Nashville, TN for 3 years. When did you start out in hip hop? I was always into poetry, but I started taking music serious about 2 years ago.

Who influenced you the most? My family, my dad mostly he put me on a lot of music that was way before my time. Can you tell us about your last project? My last project was a free 3-track EP called "2 piece and a biscuit" it has my most streamed track with over 80k streams on spotify. It was released June of 2016 and it was basically a thank you to my fans for buying my EP "Change for a Dollar" May 27th 2016.


Can you tell us about your future project? My next project is called "While You Wait" and it's dropping Feb.10th 2017. Its an album but it will also be released for free on datpiff and MyMixtapes.

Anything else you would like to say? Follow me on facebook @Dee Wile, twitter: @DeeWile4eva and IG @DeeWile, Shout out to DJ LSM !

You sound like: I sound like j.cole mixed with starlito with a splash of Dom Kennedy and a hint of Curren$y. You’d like to work with: I would love to work with Gucci Mane and see his process in th Your goal in hip hop is: My goal in hiphop is honeslty to stay myself and feed my underground fans, as well as provide a living for me and my family. You gonna be the next: Im gonna be the first Dee. Im not trying to be anybody else.


StayC Johnson

Who are you? I’m Johnson.. Retro Boogie..


Where are you from? Fort Worth, TX .. Eastwood to Stop 6 When did you start out in hip hop? Young age. Real young age. Grew up with a pops that owned his own record label so I was always doing it and learning how to properly do it all my life. Didn’t take it serious until about 2008. Told myself this is what I wanted Who influenced you the most? People like Andre 3000 & Kid

Cudi. To me how they push the boundaries of this Hip Hop thing and totally create waves that cant be reached by imitators. That’s so inspiring to me. Can you tell us about your last project? My last project was a 4 track EP called “Fo”. Really just suppose to be a quick release with my second album following a month behind it. However, I got caught up with some other stuff in the film industry and it kind of was put on the back burner for a while but expect it soon in 2017. 24

Can you tell us about your future project? Future project that I’m currently working on is a project im collaborating with my fellow labelmates JuddaCal & Lo ! Just some kind of experimental/alternative thing we want to get out.. Challenge ourselves to create the music in full. You sound like: Nobody else. But people have been trying to compare me to Kendrick & Cole.. I honestly don’t know why though but.. You know how these people get. Always have to stick you to somebody else You’d like to work with: ummm. Tricky question. No one really. I mean I really just wanted to work with Marvin Gaye & Curtis Mayfield but they passed. So.. to be honest. Pharrell. Timbaland. Mannie Fresh. Really just top knotch producers that I feel can really bring me back to a time in music where they ruled the

world and help me expand on that. Your goal in hip hop is: Just to make music with a passion and not be taken away from doing it for the passion and not just the money. I don't care about winning any awards or being the best. Just want to live to create. You gonna be the next: Dude with those albums you cant get enough of. You in tha hood you gotta go to Joe house and talk about tha game but when one of my songs come on it takes you back and just makes you feel sooo at peace and ready to take life on with all you’ve got. Just totally give your all to life. Anything else you would like to say? Yes. LIVE . LOVE . Stay Positive and make sure you get that emotional terrorist in front of your living room television.



Who are you? My Name Is DanO. Where are you from? Originally From Nigeria, Now In New Jersey, USA. When did you start out in hip hop? I Started Out Dec. 9th 2009, I Freestyled Over Kanye West’s “I’m So Appalled” Which Generated Over 6 Thousand Views And At The Time, For Me, I Was Blown Away. This Gave Me The Confidence To Keep Writing Which Eventually Led

To The Release Of My First Mixtape “Verses & Hooks” March 3rd 2011. Who influenced you the most? I Would Say Nas, J. Cole, Wale, Lupe, Kanye, Twista, And Few Others. Can you tell us about your last project? My Last Project Was “Verses & Hooks 3” Released April 21st, 2015 (Available On All Music Streaming Platforms) Which Features OVO Music Artist/Producer “Mike Zombie”, Legendary Hip Hop Producers 26

“Buckwild”, “Red Spyda” Locksmith Music Artist/Producer “Little Vic”Phenomenal Hip Hop Artist, And Some Of My Friends From High School And College Who Are Also Great Artists Damon D, Joseff McKenneth. Can you tell us about your future project? As For 2017, I Will Be Releasing A Single Each Month Accompanied With The Visuals. That’s All I HAve To Say About That lol. One Thing’s For Certain Though, It Will Be Great Music. You sound like: I Honestly Feel I’ve Come Into My Own Sound. I’m Not Sure I Sound Like Anyone Else Or Whatever’s On The Radio Nowadays. You’d like to work with: I’d Like The Opportunity To Work With The J. Cole, Nas, Wale, And All Dope Artists Who Have Something Positive To Say And Just Want To Make Great Sounding, Meaningful Music.

Your goal in hip hop is: To Create A Monumental Fan Base Who Love And Understand My Music. You gonna be the next: I’m Next To None Other Than Myself. I’d Love To Be Loved For Being Me. Anything else you would like to say? I Would Like To Say Thanks To Hip Hop BREATH And Most Especially LadySu For This Opportunity, I Truly And Wholeheartedly Appreciate It. There Aren’t Many Platforms Out There Showing Love And Support To Underground Artists Such As Myself. So Once Again, Thank You. Follow Me @TheRapperDanO On All Social Media Platforms. You Can Visit My Website For New Music


Solo Jaxon

Who are you? I’m Solo Jaxon. Where are you from? Little Rock, Arkansas- born & raised. When did you start out in hip hop? I started writing in 10th grade, but didn’t start taking rap seriously until maybe 2012. Who influenced you the most in developing your own style? I guess I did in such a way that I gave up caring about what everybody else thought about me, what I was doing or how I was doing it. When I truly stopped caring, I started becoming who I am today.

Can you tell us about your future project? I’m working on my first EP now. I’ve dropped songs from this project, but I’m learning so much, I’d hate to jip myself or my audience by not incorporating what I’ve learned from when I first started to now. I can say that I’m really excited for everybody to hear it. It’s called ‘Everything Comes With A Price I just pray that every time I go into the studio, I can take my music to the next level. And it’s paying off because every time I do go, the new material always sounds


better than the sessions before it. You sound like: I’m always being compared to Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole. I thoroughly appreciate being compared to artists like them. They’re definitely two of my favorite rappers. You’d like to work with: I just want to make great music. I could name all day who I want to work with, but to start, the whole TDE camp, J. Cole, Little Simz, Timbaland, Pharrell...all the greats & to-be greats, really. Your goal in hip hop is: I don’t really have any set goals in hiphop really. I seriously just want to make great music. Whatever good comes from that will be almost as an incentive. I started writing as a way to express and release. People gravitated to it & it created opportunities for me and the people around me. Now, we

work to make a name for our city. We don’t have a specific scene or anything miraculous that we’re known for, & as far as hip-hop goes, a few have made it out, but they’ve done nothing for the culture here. I feel like w/ every move we make, we work to do so in the name of Little Rock. You gonna be the next: I’m going to be the first Solo Jaxon. I pray for greatness, solidarity, and to be the best I can personally be in this. The accolades awarded to me of those who don’t know me won’t ever mean much. I just want to go down as one of the realest to do it. Anything else you would like to say? Really just thank you to everybody rocking with me & what I have going. Thank yall for the love and the patience. And thank you to Hip Hop Breath for having me.


Dro Pesci

Who are you? Dro Pesci. I'm an independent MC who reps Real Hip Hop all day everyday! And you can learn a lot more about me by listening to my music. Where are you from? Staten Island, New York. Born in Brooklyn. When did you start out in hip hop? Well I always loved every aspect of hip hop since a lil kid, about 7 years old. I loved the breaking, the graffiti, and of course the music. Didn't start writing lyrics til about 10. Who influenced you the most in developing your own style? Developing my own style I'd say

me. But my style changed few times since I started. Now I pretty much change my style on every single record I'm on. I rap to the beat. Where when I first started writing the style was same for years before it changed. Influences in Hip Hop in general, that's a different story lol. Can you tell us about your last project? My last project which is kind of new is called "When I Blow Up Don't Show Up" Vol. 4. It has 21 original songs on it just like the 3 other mixtapes before it. It has some dope features on it. The beats are hardcore, raw and what New York usually sounds like, just not recently in the mainstream. It has tons of 30

lyrics. Me and whoever I ever work with always, represent lyrics and real life topics. Whether u like them or not , its all real life. You can find the mixtape for sale at iTunes, amazon, googleplay, or any other digital outlets worldwide. I appreciate all my supporters! And the 1st video is on youtube now called "Harsh Reality". check it... Can you tell us about your future project? There are few future projects lol 1st "Groundhog Day" the dolo album. Dropping 2017..also not only a dolo Dro Pesci & Nick Jackelson album but a Dro & Tame One album also! And an EP with DJ Connect from Sweden. Those are all definite projects.

You sound like: To me? I sound like me. A versatile MC who flows to every beat different. I definitely sound like a New York MC should. But I've heard from many people I sound like Prodigy, voice and style. I don't agree but I guess that's a compliment lol

You’d like to work with: Ghostface, Ransom, JadaKiss, Dj Premier, Large Professor, Rakim, AZ, Mary J, so many more lol. Your goal in hip hop is: My goal is just to do me and rep this culture and my city right! I mean that always make what I want to make, choose what beat I want to. Do what I want to in my own video, just control everything. Not be told what to do. Give the people what they been missing for years. Leave some timeless music for people to vibe to long after I'm gone. Speak on things people can relate to, other then being millionaire and driving Bentleys and stuff only 10% of the listeners can relate to. Like most rappers do.... You gonna be the next: I'm a be the next rapper in ya top 5 when I'm done!!! God willing! lol Anything else you would like to say? Thank you for having me! and keep reppin the culture like you do, we appreciate you! Shout to the fans who support, 31

I love yall!!! Shout to the few people that help me with the movement you know who you are, love yall..And shout to all those who rep this thing of ours right!!! Hip Hop! Go get latest project on iTunes, watch the videos on youtube, subcribe, etc. Catch me on that Method Man album "Meth Lab" also! Support what you like cuz without the real fans, we cant have music! PEACE!


DJ LSM : LA PLAYLIST DJ LSM nous dévoile La Playlist, dont des tracks de sa playlist personnelle, et des tracks jouaient lors de ses émissions de radio! Voici les sons du moment, les artistes à suivre.

Troy Ave - Chuck Norris Jash North - Let It Rain Dee Wile - Faithful RedBaren907 - Hey / Joly water Byron Bank - Same Shit Billy James - Do it Charles Hamilton - Eveyone Stay Johnson - Vibe ROT ('HHB Family' artist) OMW K Prez - Like dat Aaron Rose - The Art of Sole Mysonne - Thats how We on It Solo Jaxon - Keep IP Trip Lee - Too Cold / Still Unashamed Cayoz - Valley of Kings Jash North - Shorties & 40s

Tamara - Team Dookie Mikeraphone - 13 date debate Mic Handz - LSM Mix Muggz ('HHB Family' artist) Oxtails Tay Dayne ('HHB Family' artist) - Home / Sade Focus the Truth - City of Angels / Basquiat Ray Pearson ('HHB Family' artist) - Im a Savage Tito Prince - Une étoile parmi nous Posei Manifest - j'ai rien lâché Said - Chacun sa merde Zoazo - L'enfant seul Blue - OYIFTS Kaiman Lanimal - Vernissage Movila - Ça dépend d'eux


FROM Ce projet est mis en place, par HIP HOP BREATH, afin de créer un outil de médiation sur la culture hip hop via des acteurs de cette culture. Nous désirons faire un retour sur le rap racontée par les artistes eux même. Nous voulons mettre en avant le rap de la culture hip hop, et non le rap qui s’est éloigné des valeurs du hip hop en ne devenant qu’une musique commerciale aux aspirations individualistes ; car dès l’origine, son émergence se fait au sein d’un mouvement plus large alliant la danse, le graffiti et le djing et dont son objectif est de transformer l’énergie négative des jeunes en énergie positive à travers les pratiques culturelles.


Ackurate Interview Hello Ackurate. For those who might be a little unfamiliar with the name, tell us a little about yourself. Who are you, where are you from and when did you start out in hip hop? I'm from East Saint Louis, IL. I'm 25 years old and HipHop for me truly began in the midst of my depression. I was always an avid writer, but I never really knew how to express myself vocally until I found my voice within my own writing. I started off doing spoken word and that shifted to rhymes. After being a daily student of the culture, I found ways to really use my voice as an instrument to help people find a typical hope and peace within this crazy world we live in.

Where your artist name come from?From the days you started, which artists would you say you learned the most from, those who influenced you the most in developing your own style? Ackurate came from a conversation with an audience member. At the time my name was Nemesis, but from the conversation we had, I saw a better meaning and focus with what he told me. He said that I was "Very precise and on point with my word choice, extremely accurate if you ask me." Once I heard accurate, something just told me to run with it and make it my own. I changed the spelling to be creative at first, but then I made the A-C-K an acronym for "Acquiring Conscious Knowledge". I get my style from 35


Elzhi and Pharoahe Monch, those are two emcees that not only reflect my pen game, but even my personal life. The storms we endure in life have played a huge role in how we sculpt our life inside the arts. There are a significant amount of other artist as well, but those are my biggest teachers. Can you tell us about your project “The Premier Tape�? (about the collaborations, the title, etc). Dj Premier is my all time favorite djs/producers in the history of HipHop. I mean his knowledge of the game is impeccable and his body of work alongside the people he works with is beyond jaw dropping. After dropping my first album entitled "Soul Misfit" I figured why not pay homage to the big homie just cause I feel he deserves it. Everything is this project just points back to Premo, from some of my favorite joints, to challenging myself to outdo some the other artists that were on his productions. The only feature I have on here is my sister Jane G33, who delivered a dope 24

on "The Lox-Recognize", which was a dope joint. What are your inspirations and motivations for this project, and in general? I gotta say to keep the idea of spitting bars and also respecting our elders in HipHop has to be two of the bigger goals with this project. It doesn't matter if you can't get original production or you have access to it all, keep making yourself a noticeable target in the HipHop arena. I just want to be that voice of the voiceless, keeping listeners knowing that they are valued each and every time they listen, speak up, basically any type of interaction they give us artists, we should always cherish and appreciate them cause they help us become great souls as we hope to inspire them. What is your goal in hip hop? In the words of Bostons own Reks......"Spit a rhyme, save a life" Anything else you would like to say to our readers in France / Europe / Worldwide? Please keep HipHop and the artists 37

contributing to keep it as pure as possible encouraged. We love and appreciate you all. I wanna say thank you to HHB, everyone contributing to this dope magazine, and of course the dope LadySu. You know it's all love yo and that's factz. Shouts to my sister Jane G33, its picKOne from birth to beyond life. My brother Rec Riddles, ReAck is always in full effect. My mentor, Nato Caliph, I appreciate you taking me under your wing and reminding me that purposeful music will never die. My family, listeners, and everyone in the world. Love You all and I appreciate you all. Love Life, Live Life, One Lov3. LADYSU


Thank you to support Hip Hop Breath.


HIP HOP BREATH magazine #19  

Nouveau numéro, avec Skyzoo, Mic Handz, + DanO, Dee Wile, Ackurate, StayC Johnson, Dro Pesci, Solo Jaxon. La Playlist de DJ LSM, + on vous p...

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