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HiPEAC innovation booster Endorsement by the Innovation Radar is a great way for projects

• Exploring Both innovation readiness and innovation management are at an

and their institutions to promote innovations developed within

early stage.

projects. Many projects make the most of this opportunity by

• Tech ready

preparing press releases or website news items to highlight

Technologies with high innovation readiness, but lower innovation

success stories, for example. See the example of the EPEEC

management capacity.

project, below.

• Business ready Acknowledged innovation capacity, but a technology which is less

So far more than 300 innovations arising from the HiPEAC


community have been featured on the Innovation Radar Platform, which is an impressive achievement. We look forward to seeing

• Market ready

even more innovations being highlighted in future.

Where both indicators are excellent. As a next step, projects are informed of any innovations identified

Have you received notification that your project will be featured on

as a result of this analysis and the innovations are published on

the Innovation Radar Platform? Let us know and we will help you

the Innovation Radar Platform (see ‘Further reading’, below).

promote it.

In addition, following the same Innovation Radar methodology, every year the Innovation Radar Prize is awarded to the technologies that are considered to be most promising. Open to a public vote, this award provides additional opportunities to boost the visibility of the selected technologies.



Innovation Radar Platform


Innovation Radar: Identifying Innovations and Innovators with High Potential in ICT FP7, CIP & H2020 Projects Giuditta De Prato, Daniel Nepelski, Giuseppe Piroli, 2015 bit.ly/JRC_Innovation_Radar

Five components from EPEEC selected by the Innovation Radar The




Effort toward a Highly Productive

Owner: Eta Scale, whose co-founder and chief executive is HiPEAC member Stefanos Kaxiras.

Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing) project aims to develop and deploy a parallel

The remaining three components selected were defined as ‘actively

programming environment to make heterogeneous, exascale

exploring value creation opportunities’ and ‘addressing the needs

platforms more manageable for programmers. Led by HiPEAC

of existing markets and existing customers’, respectively:

member Antonio J. Peña (Barcelona Supercomputing Center),

• GASPI: Global Address Space Programming Interface

the consortium is advancing programming models, runtime

Owner: Fraunhofer

systems, and tools with three overarching objectives in mind:

Highlighted as a female-led innovation, thanks to the

high coding productivity, high performance, and energy

leadership of EPEEC researcher Valeria Bartsch, who spoke at

awareness. See our interview with Antonio in HiPEACinfo 59

HiPEAC’s 2019 Computing Systems Week in Bilbao

for more information on the project.

• Extrae, Paraver and Dimemas: performance tools

Recently, an impressive five components from the EPEEC project

• OmpSs Parallel Programming Model

Owner: Barcelona Supercomputing Center have been selected by the Innovation Radar. Two of these were

Owner: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

considered market ready, with one even being awarded the Innovation Radar Prize, as follows:

A news piece was published on the EPEEC website and shared

• Parallelware technology: a static analysis tool aiming to

on social media to highlight these successes. Congratulations to

reduce the burden of making code parallel

all the teams involved!

Owner: Appentra Solutions, whose chief executive is HiPEAC member Manuel Arenaz. Highlighted as having a noteworthy level of market creation potential. Awarded the Innovation Radar Prize 2020 in the Innovative Science category. • ArgoDSM: a distributed shared memory system 24 HiPEACINFO  63


Innovation Radar news on EPEEC website bit.ly/EPEEC_Innovation_Radar EPEEC components on the Innovation Radar Platform innoradar.eu/resultbykeyword/EPEEC