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Career talk: Maximilian Odendahl, CEO and Co-Founder, Silexica What was your main area of focus

Silexica and our solution SLX in 2014. As the demands of

while you were a researcher?

technology are increasing, so is the demand for our product.

I received my diploma in computer engi­ neering




What advice would you give other researchers thinking about

University and was formerly the Chief

starting a company ?

Engineer of the Chair for Software for

Talk to potential customers from day one and listen, listen, listen.

Systems on Silicon, leading 15 research

And keep going, even if everyone tells you it doesn’t make sense.

assistants. My work mostly focused on heterogeneous multiprocessor system-on-chips, parallel programming models, software

What makes you most proud about Silexica, or your career in

mapping exploration, scheduling and automatic data allocation.

general, so far? The feeling of creating or building some­thing and making it grow.

How did you come to found Silexica?

Five of us started Silexica in a loft in Aachen with a plan, a vision

All the research projects we did at the university had one thing in

and a pretty raw solution. Every single day since then the company

common: computing was changing faster than it had ever done

and product has got bigger or stronger. We now have 50 incredibly

in the past. Hardware was moving from single processors that

smart and committed 'Silexicans' with offices in Japan and the

were relatively easy to program, to several processors, to the

USA. Another thing I find rewarding is having solutions to real and

thousands of processors needed for advanced technologies such

acute problems faced by the computing industry.

as autonomous vehicles, 5G communications, robots and drones. What makes Silexica a great place to work? Why should It was clear to me and the other co-founders that these super­

HiPEAC students apply for a job there?

computers would require new innovations to master them. For

The team spirit here is the best I have experienced. We have

example, when you have an autonomous car computer making

gathered so many outstanding software and hardware experts

320 trillion opera­tions a second with low power consumption and

from around the world that they drive and empower each other

zero room for error, there is no way these software algorithms

on to achieve great things. Socially there is lots going on as well.

can be tackled by manual source code inspection and software

We have monthly team events, healthy breakfasts, weekly team

distri­bution by manual analysis in a spreadsheet. An automation

lunches, indoor football, fitness offers – but that still leaves

tool is required – and that is why we launched our company

plenty of time to work!


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In this issue of the HiPEAC ( magazine, published to coinicide with May 2018 innovation-themed Computing Systems Week in Goth...

HiPEACinfo 54  

In this issue of the HiPEAC ( magazine, published to coinicide with May 2018 innovation-themed Computing Systems Week in Goth...

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