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YOU WROTE Hi there … I’m a Grade 11 student and I am confused about what I want to be. I understand that it is very late for this, but I don’t know what to do. I’m studying Maths and Physics at school and I would like a career in those fields. I’m very good at imagining and I’m also very curious. Please help if you can. I’m also a huge fan of your magazines …THEY’RE TOPS!!! - Anele Mtingane

Hey Anele Maths and Science are required for many fascinating careers, from architecture (if you like building stuff) to zoology (if you like animals). Turn to page 22 for some guidance on the right kind of career for you, then take a look at <> for lots of info on the many careers that are out there waiting for someone curious like you. Good luck, and stay smart! – Janna

Hey Edwin … Thanks for the compliments! The truth is, science isn’t just about academics. It’s everywhere around us, and it’s funny, fascinating, fun stuff. Keep thinking! – Janna




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- Mfundo Ndebele

The amount of time Canadian astronomer and eclipse chaser, J. W. Campbell, spent travelling the world in an attempt to witness 12 eclipses. The sky was overcast every time.


In , javelin technology had improved so much that the throws were too long to stay in the stadiums. To correct this, the javelin was redesigned, shifting the center of gravity forward and resulting in a shorter flight … But you can’t stop progress … In , a French long jumper, Salim Sdiri, was skewered in the ribs by a misguided javelin while preparing to compete in Rome.



U guys really rock. i enjoy reading ur magazines even though im in gr10 bt i knw a lot in science thanks 2 u!


- Onkgopotse Tsheko

Hey peeps I would like to compliment you on your magazine. It’s funny, with fun facts, and it uses simple teenage explanations. For example, the explanation in the library of which came first – the chicken or the egg – took two whole pages and I still didn’t understand it, but the Origins Issue of HIP2B2 explained it so simply! The Sci DIYs are also exciting and understandable, and the best part is that the magazine isn’t only about academics, academics and more academics. It ends off well with the music, movies and book reviews (by teenagers), then you leave us with the brain teasers (they’re tricky)! But enough from me. Keep science funny. Peace, love and happiness. – Edwin Kok, G10

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Hi my name is Bobby i just wanna say i love your magazine and your ability to reach many children with science.

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enough methane gas to fill about 400 onelitre bottles per day.

15 minutes is all it takes for a King Cobra’s venom to kill a person. Thankfully, you’re unlikely to run into one – unless you visit Southeast Asia.


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