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HIP2B2 gears up for a new year.

by reghardt pretorius

Couch potato competes and conquers

When Brand Ambassador Reghardt Pretorius signed up for the 12th annual Adventure Challenge for schools, there was just one problem: he wasn’t big on exercise. But as part of his project for HIP2B2 – analysing the difference between physical training and natural talent in sport – he had to get off the couch, get into the competition and get to the finish line. Phew! Here’s what he said: ‘Imagine this: it’s 40°C, you have sweat dripping off your face, you’re pushing your bike through sand and you still have 30 km to go. But the excitement you feel as you abseil, swim, cycle, hike and challenge yourself and your team to new limits more than makes up for the hardship. The Adventure Challenge started at Stanford Lake College in Haenertsburg and we covered 300 km of beautiful countryside … but we did this at crazy speeds and in blistering heat. Our team was the underdog, but we pushed ourselves and ended up in the middle of the standings. This challenge has taught me so much about myself. I have learnt that I am able to go really far just because I can, and that pain is only temporary. Also, suffering together is way better than trying to go it alone. I seriously recommend this race to anyone with even an ounce of adventure in them. To take part in the next challenge, click to <>, and make sure you train like mad and have the right mindset.’

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Monday at 15:30, you’ll have noticed that our TV show is live again! To discover the science behind sunscreen, coffee making, tattoos and going green, don’t miss our fun- and fact-packed February HIP2B2 shows. Brand Ambassadors Watch this space to find out all about your 2010 Ambassadors, whose names are soon to be announced! Meanwhile, six older and wiser Brand Ambassadors (Louis, Senaly, James, Simone, Jessica and Juan) are about to start their university careers – we’ll be keeping you posted on their progress. And the current 19 Ambassadors will be out and about, so visit <> to read their blogs and stay in the loop. DID YOU KNOW? Couch vs coach

Being a couch potato could make your body ten years older than those of your fitter friends.


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