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photographs: shaban rahiem

There’s something cool about new stuff. New year, new cellphone, new magazine … but what makes something new so great? I think it’s all about potential. You never know what’ll happen at the start of a new year, and right now, you have no idea what’s on the pages of your brand-new issue of HIP2B2. But one thing I can tell you is that it’s full of new stuff, from the brainiest gadgets (pg 6) to 10 smart ways to a new, improved you (pg 24). And that’s another cool thing about new stuff: it’s almost always improved as well. That’s why this issue is all about improvement – improving yourself, the world and even this magazine. Don’t believe me? Check out our 3-D centrefold (pg 16). But before you do, take a minute to get excited about the new year ahead. 2010 promises to be the most interesting and exciting year yet. So shed your old skin, leave the past in the past and face the future head on. It’s new, it’s improved and, best of all, it’s yours. Janna

The Progress Issue  
The Progress Issue  

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