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1 When you page through this magazine, what do you do first? A. Read through the contents page to see what the issue is all about.


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B. Read the ‘Community of HIP’ pages to see what other learners had to say.

You have a very strict deadline for an important school project and you need to have a plan in place. Do you first: A. Ask your friends to help you. If so, go to the box labelled SOCIAL. B. Write a list of everything that needs to be done and then make a plan with dates and goals.

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C. Flip through the pages and look at the cool pictures. [ go to 4 ]


What’s your destiny?

You are planning a twoweek getaway for your next holiday. Do you first: A. Set up an itinerary with places you will go, when you will need to get there and the things you will do. If so, go to the box labelled ANALYTICAL. B. Collect pictures and photos of where you are going and stick them up on your wall. If so, go to the box labelled CREATIVE.

Should you be a brilliant inventor, a supersmart scientist or a popular people’s person? Take this test to find out.

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When you go to a new shopping mall, what is the first thing you tend to notice? A. Where the food court and movies are situated. [ go to 2 ] B. Different shops and their signage, advertisements and how it feels to be there. [ go to 3 ]

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