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The richest entrepreneurs in the world today 1. Bill Gates (b. 1955) •Nationality American • Industry Computer software •Worth $40 billion 2. Warren Buffett (b. 1930) •Nationality American • Industry Investments • Worth $37 billion 3. Carlos Slim Helu (b. 1940) • Nationality Mexican • Industry Telecommunications •Worth $35 billion


In 5000 BCE, the Ancient Egyptians brushed their teeth with a powder made of ox hooves, myrrh and pumice. People used tooth powder until the 1800s, when scientists made the first toothpastes by adding glycerine as a binding agent to mixtures of soap, chalk, borax and bicarbonate of soda. Fluoride – the main ingredient in modern toothpaste – was added only in 1914 … and (here’s a reason to smile) it quickly replaced the soap and chalk. Phew!


The coolest gadget: the iPod Ten years ago, if you wanted to listen to music on the go, you had to use a Walkman, which was bulky and carried one 90-minute cassette tape. The iPod fits 30 gigabytes of music in a matchbox-sized machine – enough space for 7 000 songs or 10 000 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s 1 200-page novel, War And Peace. With more than 220 million units sold worldwide, the iPod is the symbol of the modern upload/download generation. And with each new model adding new functions (wireless Internet access, built-in camera, up to 160GB of storage), it’s the birthday present everyone wants.

Are we making the world a better place?

The quality of living has improved drastically since the dawn of the Industrial Age. In 1900, the global average lifespan was 31 years. Today it’s 66,5 years. But this improvement has come at a cost. The world’s richest countries are also the biggest emitters of Earth-destroying greenhouse gases: China emits 21,5% of the global total, the United States 20,2% and the European Union 13,8%. South Africa contributes 1,5% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, putting us 13th on the list of worst offenders. Most of the things that we use every day – cars, phones, TVs, computers – were developed only in this lifetime … so it’s no wonder our environment is struggling to keep up!

The most important cities in the world New York World’s financial centre and HQ of the United Nations. BRUSSELS Diplomatic capital of the European Union. BEIJING Capital of China, the world’s richest country. Dubai Symbol of the oil-rich Arab power houses.

The Progress Issue  

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The Progress Issue  

Check out this issue of HIP2B2!