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DOES YOUR TEAM NEED TO WORK ON ALIGNMENT, COMMUNICATION OR MORALE? OUR PROGRAMS INSPIRE TEAMS TO THINK DIFFERENTLY, ACT DIFFERENTLY, AND ACCESS UNTAPPED STRENGTHS TO CREATE POSITIVE, LASTING CHANGE FOR YOUR WHOLE ORGANIZATION. For over 70 years, Outward Bound has inspired character development for individuals and groups through wilderness learning expeditions. At Outward Bound Professional, we’ve adapted these methods to serve executives who are intentional about their workplace cultures. Our programming is tailored specifically for your group, based on our years of assessment experience with organizations. Each program asks colleagues to tackle challenging scenarios that prompt problemsolving, decision-making, communications and risk-taking. Colleagues develop trust in one another and a readiness to successfully navigate organizational change.

Google’s extensive research into leaders and teams has affirmed what Outward Bound has known for years: what really matters is as much about how the team works together, as it is about who is on the team.

“There simply is not a faster, more effective team-building program.”

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-Mike Perlis...Vice Chairman, Forbes Media

Improve your company culture and your team’s performance with custom experiential programs that promote lasting change.

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HERE’S HOW WE DO IT: FIRST: WE ASSESS YOUR TEAM. Since no two organizations are exactly alike, we use a combination of objective and subjective measures to understand your group’s strengths and challenges to design a program that will get results. Interviews with representative team members (such as veterans, newcomers, remoteand office-based workers) help to baseline your team’s self-perception; psychometric assessments provide insights into strengths and areas of opportunity.

THEN: WE DELIVER A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE. Guided by the assessment, we customize programs that engage your team in physical, cognitive and strategic challenges to mimic circumstances and behaviors found in your workplace. Our programs are consequential: impact occurs because learning is rooted at a deep level, allowing for breakthrough moments of personal and team discovery.

FINALLY: WE REINFORCE THE LEARNING. Our work doesn’t end when your team removes their gear. Outward Bound Professional will help you apply and reinforce the lessons learned by your team to bring the greatest possible gains to the workplace.

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OUR METHOD: LESS TEACHING, MORE LEARNING OUR CUSTOM PROGRAMS CAN OCCUR PRACTICALLY ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR: On-site. We come to you. Programs can be delivered in one of your conference rooms or corporate spaces, outside your facility, or at a community space in your area. At a Conference Center or Resort. We can design a program around your scheduled offsite meeting at a conference center or resort, or recommend an ideal venue for an impactful experience. In the Wilderness or at an Outward Bound Base Camp. We bring teams and organizations together in some of the most beautiful wilderness locations in the world. These shared experiences inspire self discovery and forge bonds that last a lifetime.

As Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says, “For organizations, culture is destiny.” Call us today to help you chart your best course.

Outward Bound Professional  

Outward Bound Professional Programming by Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

Outward Bound Professional  

Outward Bound Professional Programming by Hurricane Island Outward Bound School