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Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


business in Hinton

Small Business Week October 14 - 20, 2012 780-865-2777



2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

Celebrate the Season The perfect way to say “Thank You” and to wish your staff a happy holiday season. Gourmet Seasonal Buffet Christmas at The Overlander Mountain Lodge All buffets are based on your choice of two salads, a fresh vegetable dish, your choice of one starch and two entrées finished off with a sweet assortment of squares & cookies for dessert. starting at $39.00 per guest

Noël A la Carte Plated Christmas Dinner at The Overlander Mountain Lodge Treat your group to their choice of seasonal culinary fare, including soup or salad, an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. Please speak to the Special Events Coordinator for details.

The Overlander Offers: Discounted Room Rates Varied menus to meet your group needs Shuttle Service Our group Christmas parties start with a cocktail in our lounge followed by a elegant buffet or a plated dinner. Rather then slip away into the dark after the celebration; why not stay with us at the Overlander Mountain Lodge? Ask us about our discounted rates and late check out options.Or have us bring you home, with our new shuttle service.

Overlander Mountain Lodge is located in pristine woodlands off Hwy #16 between Jasper & Hinton, Alberta Tel 780.866.2330 Toll Free 1.877.866.2330

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


Let’s renew a local store, customer commitment What’s inside...

Small business in Hinton is an intriguing study. There You will hear shop local champions challenge people are a good number that thrive for good reason, some who who routinely shop out of town to ask Costco for donations fail for good reason and other, more quizzical cases where to their next fundraiser. The point is a little shrill for my a reputable business with good service and community- liking, but there is something to be said for the premise. minded management close up shop. Local business owners live here and generally value those Only half of new firms survive their fifth year of things important in our community enough to support business, according to the Business Development Bank of them in some way when asked. Canada. That number is exacerbated by increasing growth You have an auction? Local business. Need prizes? in “box” stores and clusters outside a community’s core Local business. Looking for people to participate in a area, as well as an increase in online shopping. fundraising event and need their employer to cover the Worse yet, and the scenario that sends a lot of small entry fee? You got it, local business. business owners into fits, is the ever-popular trip to But that’s not to give local business carte blanche for Edmonton. It’s a chorus heard all too often around expectations of local loyalty. We have to earn it. town, and a shopping behaviour that is Municipal Affairs Minister Doug facilitated by a well-maintained four-lane Griffiths said it best in his book 13 Ways To highway and the prevalence of shift work Kill Your Community, a tongue in cheek in a resource-dominated economy that at what people should do if they want Local In look allows for multiple days off at a time. their community to fail, when he pointed La Cabeza out that businesses who want to fail should Please keep this in mind before you hit the road – countless studies have shown not clean up their locations, they should that one dollar spent in Hinton tends treat the customers like they have to shop Tyler Waugh to circulate through the local economy in your store and give the impression that between four and seven times (depending service and price are options that depend on which study you read ... or trust), but a dollar spent out on your mood. of town stays out of town. In short, small businesses have to ensure the foundations Sometimes when I hear people talking about online of their enterprise are sound. A mentor of mine hammered or out of town shopping I feel like jumping up on the home the point that there has to be a demand for your counter and giving a Jimmy Stewart calibre speech about service – without demand you can’t market or promote how if you buy glasses here, then that eye doctor will enough supply to survive and thrive. He said once spend part of that money buying groceries here, and that you’ve established demand then you have to beat your grocer can kick in $100 for a fundraising event that buys competitors in at least two of three things – price, quality its advertising locally (here at the good old Hinton Voice) and customer service ... and be as competitive as possible and then we go buy $25 of coffee a day at various locations in the third one. because, well, we’re in newspapers and we drink a lot of People who shop out of town have to be honest with coffee. The speech ends when I trip over a cake (made at themselves about how much they actually save and then a local baker’s) that was left on the counter and I end up look at what the opportunity costs are. needing some pain medications I purchase at a local drug Merchants who lament the loss of local clients have store. You get the idea, as it’s not too subtle a point I am to look at their operation and decide what can be done making. differently to improve the shopping experience.

e v i n n A

Business Profiles B2......... Overlander Mountain Lodge B3..................................The Old Grind B4............................Flor-Lay Interiors B4...........................All Terrain Fitness B5..............Gateway Wellness Centre B6............................ Blue Lake Centre B7........................... Caribou Software B10........................... The Hinton Voice B8 - B9................................................. Our red carpet diva has all the juicy gossip and snapshots from the 10th Annual Business Awards Gala!

Gala Award Winners B7................Ambassador of the Year B11.................. Businesses of the Year B12..... Exceptional Customer Service B13...............Renovation/Restoration B13..................................... Newcomer B13................................Beautification B14.......Corporate Citizen of the Year B14...........................................Pioneer B15.............. Economic Diversification *All photos taken by Angie Still, The Hinton Voice

E ! L A S y r a rs

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on all regular priced items October 25, 26 & 27

Thank you to all of our customers for your support. You are the biggest reason for our sale! 175 Pembina Avenue • 780-865-1934 •

Open late on the 25th until 9 pm

Garage Sale Table

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2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interior Design Free Estimates Professional Installation Locally owned & operated for 17 years!

ALL TERRAIN FITNESS • 137 North Street • 780-817-2481

ATF Celebrating Five Fantastic Years A company that started with a group of loyal patrons walking Switzer Drive in the morning hours is now celebrating its fifth year of providing fun fitness in Hinton. All Terrain Fitness (ATF) started when owner Rebecca Herman saw a need for outdoor fitness programming. “I was a mom with kids and I wanted to bring more physical fitness into my lifestyle, but it was hard to find appropriate child care while I worked out. So I said ‘OK, let’s start this’ and let people know that it was open to the kids as well,” she said, adding that she has adjusted programming along the way to respond to emerging needs. ATF has since expanded to include children and youth fitness programming among its core services, including a new gymnastics program that boasts three coaches. The early morning classes are currently designated to clients like new recruits with Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, before programming opens up to the public, while the evening programming is now centered almost entirely around gymnastics. Past clients have included the Grande Yellowhead Public School Division. “We’re grateful for what’s been achieved. We’re going to keep working and building on the trust we’ve developed with local kids and parents. All of our kids in Hinton are excited to try this but they’re at a very preliminary stage and we’re able to work with that.” said Herman, adding that ATF serves the community locally and at Grande Cache and Edson locations. “If we have the continued momentum and support of the community then we are willing to grow and change our programming with them.”

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week



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2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012 780-865-4789

Aboriginal Cultural Arts Focus at BLUE LAKE CENTRE From an invigorating morning run through woodland trails, to a sunset canoe paddle guided by the beat of traditional drums, the spirit of adventure and renewal awaits you at Blue Lake Centre!

Winter Kapesiwin: Cultural Arts Program

November 2012 - February 2013

Winter Camp Fun and Cultural Connections at Blue Lake Centre!

Refreshed by this pristine and tranquil setting, the new year brings social enterprise and community-based initiatives for the Aboriginal Arts Council of Alberta, and welcomes Sharon and Camille Kootenay on board as managing directors. “Blue Lake Centre had been our facility of choice annually for the past ten years or so, as we delivered traditional arts programming for the RCMP Soaring Eagles Aboriginal Youth Camp, and for our fine craft retreats. We found the wilderness to be essential for our participant’s learning, and the range of facilities ideal for our workshops.

The Kapesiwin 2012-13 Programs are fun, youth-specific, engaging and participatory.

“Over the years we became friends with Hans and Margriet Kamperman, Blue Lake Centre’s owners. They were quite intrigued with our approach to Aboriginal cultural transmission and teachings, and we were excited to develop an innovative stakeholder partnership when the opportunity presented itself. We were also very pleased to encounter such a vibrant and diverse arts community in Hinton and Brule, and we look forward to getting to know everyone.”

Designed to incorporate Aboriginal values and traditional practices, our activities promote cultural awareness, develop leadership skills, and provide opportunities for youth and families to explore and learn more about FNMI cultures and customs.

With extensive backgrounds in arts administration, instructional design, and certified sports and recreation coaching, both Sharon and Cam have encouraged the diverse talents of youth from across Alberta. As dedicated chaperones, they could easily see where improvements could be made to make Blue Lake Centre more enjoyable and comfortable for a variety of groups and families.

This season’s cultural programming offers a series of traditional and contemporary arts and recreational activities, provided by in-house facilitators and our cultural partners.

The Four Lodges Program - Establishing an Aboriginal Tourism Destination for the Northern Alberta Region Nestled along the Rocky Mountain foothills, and within the heart of William A. Switzer Provincial Park, Blue Lake Centre provides a safe and nurturing place of discovery, helping to inspire a profound and lasting connection to nature, and a sense of belonging for all visitors. Designed to appeal to cultural explorers, the Four Lodges program offers a series of evocative seasonal activities in a relaxed and serene setting. With a focus on interpretive and participatory programming, the inclusion of Aboriginal arts and traditional music reflects authentic transmission, and fosters a deeper cultural understanding. Conceived to engage and support artists, musicians and knowledge keepers, the Cache Gallery will feature an interpretive and study centre of contemporary and traditional craft; and a series of workshops will be offered at both the trading post and Elder and artist’s residencies studios. Blue Lake Centre offers lodge-style accommodation (cabins, hostels, and chalet) as well as comfortable rustic camping in tipis, trapper’s tents and a set of lakeshore bunkhouses. Our Main Lodge dining room seats 88, and features home style cooking and daily baking. A guided trail tour can be arranged for our guests, with a focus on traditional Aboriginal knowledge of regional plants and animals, as well as winter snowshoe and summer canoe rentals. Through the Aboriginal Arts Council of Alberta, we are honoured to share our life-ways and connection to the land, and to celebrate our living culture. We extend a warm welcome, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Box 6700, 52125 Highway 40 North – William Switzer Provincial Park, Hinton, Alberta (780) 865-4789 (780) 919-5601

Please call Cam or Sharon at (780) 8654789 to help plan your group’s activities and experience a memorable visit!

Traditional Arts and Contemporary Activities • • • • •

Drum Making and Singing Workshop Introduction to Jewelry Making Introduction to Floral Style Beadwork Beaded Lanyards Let’s Make Moccasin Slippers!

Contemporary Art and Craft Projects • Needle Felted Accessories • Needle Felted Landscapes • Soap-Making – The Natural Way

Traditional Outdoor Recreation and Activities • Snowshoeing • Nightly Campfires and Stargazing • Snow Ball Hockey

Evening Group Activities

• Let’s Play Hand Games – Team Tournament • Mountain Music Jamboree and Sing Along • Safe Journey’s Round Dance

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


2012 Ambassador of the Year - Brian LaBerge Tyler Waugh Brian LaBerge, the top dog behind the Wild Mountain Music Festival (WMMF), came out on top of a strong field of nominees for the 2012 Ambassador of the Year Award. LaBerge, owner of the Wild Orchid, was also president of the WMMF, a member of the Community Engagement and Accountability Committee and project manager for the Rotary Play and Spray Park as it was built this past year. His nominator labelled him as a tireless volunteer who’s dedication and leadership were critical in the success of a couple key initiatives within the community. “In the last year I have really had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing, good people. I am truly honoured and proud to win this award today,” he said. “The business community here is an important part of our community. Shop local – as you take your business to Edmonton or where ever, please remember that it’s local business and businesspeople that support our projects. So please, please ... please, shop local and support those same businesses,” LaBerge said. Also nominated for the award were Jason Griffiths, James Claggett, Candace Pambrun, Ron Jonson, Kelli Ducharme, John Mitchell and Tom Lineham. Last year’s winner was Rick Zroback for his efforts in organizing the Athabasca River Voyageur Canoe Brigade.

Caribou Software – systems that save time and money

780-865-4110 Suite 206-189 Pembina Avenue

Caribou Software has spent the last eight years helping forestry and oil patch contractors track their business data more efficiently and enhance their business reporting capabilities so they can be more accountable to the economics of their operations. They currently serve more than 200 clients across North America. Caribou’s original focus was strictly on the forestry industry, but modifications were made in recent years for oilfield service companies. This expansion into the oilfield came after one of Caribou’s logging clients in British Columbia began working in the oilsands, where he was struggling with a convoluted system of spreadsheets to manage the field ticketing and invoicing process. He thought Caribou could come up with something better and gave them a call, paving the way for their expansion into the oilfield. Caribou’s field ticket tracking software for the oilpatch helps contractors achieve quicker and more accurate payment for their hard work ... and with less effort. Simply put, the field service tracking software efficiently streamlines billing and reduces the time between when work is performed and when contractors get paid for that work. “The system that most contractors follow involves a lot of effort and inefficiency – guys in the field doing math manually with a lot of room for error. It’s not always professional looking and the information has to be re-keyed once the field ticket gets back to the office. It’s definitely not efficient,” said Teresa Hannah, who co-owns Caribou Software with her partner. “With our system, charge-out rates are autofilled, which makes billing more accurate. Plus, when a user keys a ticket in, not only does it drive the billing, it also drives the other side of the equation with payroll and job costing. It

cuts down on the amount of administrative time spent in the office.” The software supplements whatever accounting system a contractor has in place and handles much of the industry-specific data tracking that traditional accounting systems don’t handle. Its search capabilities helps users quickly and easily look up field tickets and various pieces of paperwork associated with the ticket, such as quotes, signed tickets, or hazard assessments. One of the local companies among the stable of Caribou’s oilfield clients is Rocky Mountain Energy, and owner Ryan Woodley has found significant bang for the buck with the software. “Since putting it in place we aren’t sure how we could effectively run the business without it,” said Woodley. “It has been an essential tool for bid jobs and quotes for up and coming jobs. I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to be able to manage their business in a more efficient and smart way.” Caribou is also excited about the next stage of their software development, which they plan to have ready for testing in the field this fall. This new component extends the office system’s capabilities into the field to allow for remote field personnel to enter their own tickets from a laptop or iPad, whether or not they have internet connectivity. “One of biggest challenges the oilfield contractors have is getting the physical paperwork from the field guys, but that’s solved if workers can fill it out in the field electronically, print it and/or capture an electronic signature, and then send the digital data back,” Hannah said. “You’re getting the data back to the office almost real time, which can shave days and even weeks off an invoicing cycle.”


2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puttin’ on the Ritz

2012 Small Business Week

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice



Golden Delicious Red Carpet Diva

The 10th Annual Business Awards Gala took place Oct. 13 at the Hinton Centre, with the best of the best in business ... and in fashion ... among those in attendance. •••••


We need look no further than small business dynamo and colourful fashionista Anita Mannix, who was nominated for Small Business of the Year and looked ever so lovely alongside friend and employee Jenn Baird. •••••


If the shoes really do make the man then we love the outstanding red ones adorning the feet of Ambassador of the Year winner Brian LaBerge. There is no place like home. There is no place like home. •••••


And you can’t talk about accessorizing without mentioning bowling guru Casey Caswell, who was nominated for the Customer Service award. He had it all going for him on Saturday, with lovely wife Lauren – she of the adorable hat – and one of the finest moustaches ever groomed for a business awards gala. The dude abides? ... does he ever!

1 2 4



And in this year’s version of ‘Who Wore it Best’ we have photography dynamo Courtney Congdon (right), who was nominated for Corporate Citizen of the Year, and the ever-charming Amanda Richards. We think everything Courtney does is art, but how do you compete with that accent and calling the dress a “frock”? You can’t. Really, though, both of you looked delectable. •••••


And would any awards gala really be complete without the annual storming of the stage? We don’t think so, either, and we’re sure the band members of Out Of The Blue ... who rock the show every single year ... would die of not-surprised if it hadn’t happened this time around. You go, girls. •••••


We were captivated by the ageless moves of Marc and Janet Guimond, who were in attendance in support of daughter Natalie Charlton and her partners at The Old Grind, who won the Economic Diversification award. Congrats ladies, on your big win, and thanks ever so much for keeping The Voice functioning through caffeine proximity.


5 Angie Still Photos


2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

Partners in Business... Partners in Community. Thank you to our co-nominees in the Business of the Year (10 employees or less) category – you are all amazing businesses, headed up and staffed by amazing people. You all deserved the accolades in your nominations. And thank you to our contributors, our carriers, our advertisers and subscribers, who all help to make our newspaper what it is. We here at The Hinton Voice are incredibly humbled and grateful at the support our community has shown us. We are so proud of our town, and thankful that our appreciation comes through in our work and our activity.

The Hinton Voice is committed to serving Hinton and making an impact on our community. We’re the only weekly newspaper in Hinton that is locally owned and operated. Thanks for choosing our award-winning newspaper. Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2009 Newcomer of the Year 2010 Corporate Citizen of the Year (Tyler Waugh) 2012 Business of the Year (10 employees or less) Alberta Better Newspapers Competition Awards 2012 First Place Best Overall Score First Place Best Front Page Second Place Creative Use of Colour in Advertising Second Place Excellence in Creative Advertising Second Place Best Sports Page Third Place Best Advertising Campaign Third Place Best Editorial Page Third Place Best Local Editorial Canadian Community Newspaper Association Awards 2012 First Place Best Spot News Photo First Place Best Feature Photo First Place Best Sports Photo First Place Best Sports Section Second Place Overall Excellence Third Place Spot News Story Third Place Feature Series 187 Pembina Avenue Hinton, AB T7V 2B2 Ph: 780-865-5688 Fx: 780-865-5699

Thank you to the person who nominated us for Business of the Year (10 employees or less). We may not know who you are, but your kind words meant so much to us.

“In the short time The Hinton Voice has been around they have proven themselves to be a giant in the newspaper world. They have won numerous awards while reporting on our little world of Hinton, AB. They have done this in a forthright, honest manner. They care about our community, and not just about the news. “I was so impressed with how Tyler handled the tragic death of a child this past July. The friends and family wanted to put an article in the paper for a fundraiser, and (there was) no charge to anyone as well as a caring, sensitive attitude for the family. I was so impressed with the way this was handled. It was not about the story but the humanity shown to fellow community members. It wasn’t about selling newspapers, but supporting the family. ‘Respectful,’ is how I would describe Tyler. They are very community-minded, supporting many community events in the bigger picture. They are a small COMMUNITY newspaper, with a big vision. They are growing in size and appreciation. We show our appreciation by buying ads and papers. They do a great job and that is why I think they deserve this award.”

Thank you to the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce for your hard work in creating another wonderful and successful awards evening this year.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


2012 Businesses of the Year 10 employees or less - The Hinton Voice Voice Staff

From left to right are Alstar Oilfield vice presidents Chris Genert and Kris Ring, award presenters Brad Kopp and Denis Lord, Alstar vice president Corey Johnson and president and CEO Scott Fofonoff.

30+ Employees - Alstar Oilfield Contractors Tyler Waugh Alstar Oilfield started in Fox Creek around 16 years ago and came to Hinton 10 years ago. On Oct. 13, they were named the 2012 Business of the Year (30-plus employees). Their nomination stated the company is committed to the concept that they are part of the community, not just in the community. Alstar helps sponsor the community through minor hockey, soccer, the Yellowhead Arrow Launchers, the High School Rodeo

and the RVRA Mary Reimer Rodeo, to name just a few. The nomination also said Alstar cares about their 300-350 employees as they work towards being an employer of choice that goes beyond traditional benefits. “Although part of Alstar’s business is a camp situation, their main shops are in Hinton and Fox Creek. Not being that typical camp situation, Alstar encourages community in their employees,” reads the nomination. Other nominees included last year’s winner, Teck Coal, as well as Trican Well Services Ltd.

From left to right are Business of the Year award (11-29) presenter Lisa Jones of Teck Coal and Hinton Home Hardware’s Ken Ames and Corey Richards.

11 - 29 Employees - Hinton Home Hardware Building Centre Tyler Waugh Hinton Home Hardware Building Centre made a splash this year with its inaugural Handy Man Challenge, and built enough momentum to earn the 2012 Business of the Year Award (11-29 employees). The Handy Man Challenge raised more than $13,000 this past summer, with all proceeds from the high-

profile event going toward the Rotary Play and Spray Park. “We couldn’t have done it without the employees already in place,” said manager Corey Richards. “It’s great showing up to work. We’ve got a lot to do and we’re excited about the next couple of years.” Other businesses nominated in this category were Rocky Mountain Salvage, The Old Grind and Masters Sports Lounge.

Who starts a rural community newspaper in the middle of an economic recession, anyway? That was the thought when a group of former employees at a corporate-run newspaper bucked popular thought and began The Hinton Voice in 2009. A little more than three years later and the outfit is thriving within its corporate mandate of community, quality and service. Community is key, said co-owner Robin Garreck after The Voice was named Business of the Year (10 employees or less). “I grew up here, so it is really nice to be able to start a business and make my living here and continue my life here,” she said. “I want to thank everyone for their support of what we do and for being such an easy community to be a good business for.” Garreck was joined on stage by Melynda Ewasiuk and Tyler Waugh – two of the other original four members – along with Angie Still. The other founding co-owner, Sarah Burns, wasn’t at the ceremony since she was on a hard-earned vacation in Quebec City. The Voice earned the 2009 Newcomer of the Year Award and Waugh earned the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award in 2010. It’s been a big year for the paper, with more than a dozen journalism awards on a provincial and national level for reporting, design and photographic excellence. The Voice – locally owned and operated since its first issue in June 2009 – was nominated by somebody who said they conducted journalism in a forthright and responsible manner while making it a priority to contribute back to the community as well. “They care about our community, and it’s not just about the news,” read the nomination. “In the bigger picture they are a small community newspaper with a big vision.” Other businesses nominated in this category included Gateway Wellness Centre, Escape Clothing Company, AJ Contracting and the Hinton Veterinary Clinic. Last year’s recipient of the award was Jules Oilfield Services.


2012 Small Business Week

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Exceptional Customer Service Award - Jay Gatdula (Tim Hortons) Tyler Waugh It’s been a few years since a business gala award winner has earned the kind of standing ovation Jay Gatdula received after being named the winner of this year’s exceptional customer service award. Gatdula – better known as the Good Morning, Brother! (or Girl!) morning coffee guy at the Tim Hortons window – was chosen from among a long list of strong nominees. Judging by the standing ovation, most in attendance agreed with the handful of nominations that said Gatdula’s efficiency, speed and friendliness was unparalleled. “I can always tell when he’s on the window just by how fast the cars are moving,” read one nomination. “He’s friendly, he’s fast and the guy’s enthusiasm just picks up a morning.” Gatdula was humble in receiving the award, saying that he sees what he does as a part of doing a good job. “Thanks for my Tim Hortons family,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t expect this. I always told them we’re just doing our job and let’s make everyone happy each morning.” The list of nominees for this award are too many to mention. Last year’s winner was Bill Bodenchuk of Integra Tire.

Now on open ys! Sunda 780-865-1934 858C Carmichael Lane Hinton, AB 780-817-2008

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the 2012 Hinton Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala!

The Old Grind would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners of the 2012 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. The Girls at The Old Grind would like to send out a special congratulations to

Jacey Peeling & Janessa Wright

on their 2012 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala nomination for Exceptional Customer Service. We are so proud of you!

A special congratulations to

Beth Letawsky

on her nomination for Exceptional Customer Service.

So proud of you!

We would like to congratulate all the Nominees and Winners of the 2012 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. Alstar Oilfield Contractors are committed to enriching the lives of our work force, while providing quality energy construction solutions.

310 East River Road 780-865-5938

Hinton, Alberta

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


Darren Hansen, location manager for Trican Well Services, accepts their award on Oct. 13.

2012 Renovation Award - Trican Well Services Tyler Waugh Trican Well Services has had a big impact on Hinton since locating here, and at least one person thinks they are looking good. Trican won the 2012 Renovation/ Restoration Award based on the work done on their new location on Kelley Road. “They took a very unsightly and environmentally poor area, removed semi after semi of garbage and debris and created a very impressive yard. An immense improvement in my mind,” reads the nomination. Darren Hansen, manager for the Hinton location, said the new location was needed to accommodate their growing local operation first established in 2006. “As our personnel numbers climbed it was obvious we needed a new facility,” he said. “Hinton provides us a central location from which to support our customer base and Hinton is also a community we can see our valued staff moving to and raising families in.” Other nominees in this category for 2012 include Northland Maintenance, The Eddie Building, Andy Bates, Hinton Home Hardware Building Centre, The Old Grind and Robert and Denise Boutin - Big Berland Construction.

2012 Newcomer Award - Mountain Rose Funeral Home

From left, Tim Shain and Kate Wright of Community Futures West Yellowhead, present Tim Scaife and Rhonda Dick of Mountain Rose Funeral Homes with their 2012 Newcomer of the Year Award.

Beautification Award - Branden Pagely (Hinton Golf Course)

Branden Pagely (middle) accepts the 2012 Beautification Award from Yellowhead MP Rob Merrifield (left) and Town of Hinton Arts and Culture Coordinator Don Engerdahl.

Xhale Massage Therapy

e Congratulations to all the Businesses and Individuals that were nominated for the 2012 Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala! Hinton Home Hardware is honoured to be awarded Business of The Year (11-29 employees). Thank you so much, Hinton! Hinton

582 Carmichael Lane, Hinton 780-865-3371

Rhonda Westlund R.M.T.

780 740 5788

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 2012 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. Good Job Hinton!


2012 Small Business Week

2012 Corporate Citizen of The Year - Jules Oilfield Services Jules Hamel of Jules Oilfield Services accepts his 2012 Corporate Citizen award. Nominated because of his mandate of making Hinton a better place to live, Jules also received accolades last year with a win in the Business of the Year (10 employees or less) category.

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Pioneer Award - Garth Griffiths

Garth Griffiths, left, receives his award from Lauree LaBerge of Servus Credit Union. Griffiths is in his 50th year at Griffiths Ford, reads one nomination, and continues to volunteer tirelessly within the community. Griffiths sits as chair of the Community Engagement and Accountability Committee, holds an annual turkey drive and is involved in the Hinton Health Care Foundation.

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S ! Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners of the 2012 Hinton Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. Great Job! Hon. Rob Merrifield, P.C., M.P. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead P.O. Box 7887, Stn Main Edson, Alberta T7E 1V9 ph:

780-723-6068 1-800-268-7117 fax: 780-723-5060 web:

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | The Hinton Voice

2012 Small Business Week


2012 Economic Diversification Award - The Old Grind Tyler Waugh Natalie Charlton and partners Sue Hutchison and Stephanie Hawksworth have been spreading the word – The Old Grind is more than just a coffee shop. Apparently, people have been listening to them. The Old Grind was chosen as recipient of the 2012 Economic Diversification Award in recognition of their efforts to expand their space, and their business model to include a gift store. “The Old Grind has managed to keep its warm, friendly atmosphere while expanding its size and diversity. A community gathering place for entertainment, giftware, great food and great service,” read the nomination for The Grind. Charlton, the original partner before expanding to include the skill sets of Hutchison and Hawksworth, was thrilled with the honour. “It’s just so nice for us to be recognized as more than a coffee shop,” said Charlton, adding a special thanks to Bob Roach for his efforts as sound person and champion of their Open Mic nights. “We’re just having fun being part of the community and that’s how we see ourselves – part of the community.” The other nominee in this category was the Seniors Doo Drop Inn.

From left, Hinton Mayor Ian Duncan, The Old Grind partners Sue Hutchison, Stephanie Hawksworth and Natalie Charlton, along with Yellowhead MP Rob Merrifield.

JANICE CALLIHOO Mortgage Professional

I would like to congratulate all of the nominees and winner from the 2012 Hinton Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala.

Dominion Lending Centres

Hinton PHysical tHeraPy Congratulations to all the Businesses and Individuals that were nominated for the 2012 Hinton Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala! Unit 108, 103 Government road, Hinton, aB t7V 2a6 tel: 780-865-5036 Fax: 780-865-5636


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congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 2012 hinton & District chamber of commerce Business awards Gala!

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2012 Small Business Week

2012 Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce

10 Annual Business Awards Gala th

And the Winners are... Business of the Year Award (10 employees or less)

The Hinton Voice Inc. Business of the Year Award ( 11–29 employees)

Hinton Home Hardware Building Centre Business of the Year Award (30+ employees)

Alstar Oilfield Contractors Exceptional Customer Service Award

Jay Gatdula - Tim Hortons Renovation/Restoration Award

The Hinton Voice | Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Brick Royal LePage Andre kopp & Associates Teck Coal Remax 2000 Realty Town of Hinton Parks West Mall ATB Financial Community Futures West Yellowhead Nova Hotels Servus Credit union Communities in Bloom Committee Hinton Home Hardware Building Centre $1,500 Grand Prize Sponsor – Baker Hughes Venue Sponsor – Xtreme Hot Oil & Pressure Services Midnight Lunch – Freson Bros. IGA Table Wines – Morad Communications Program Sponsor – Trican Well Services Theme Sponsor – Acklands-Grainger Transportation – The Wild Orchid Podium Sponsor – The Eagle Radio Photographer – Bill Bulger Harpist – Marilyn Bulger Door Prize Winners $1,500 Shop Hinton Certificate Sponsored by Baker Hughes – Natalie Charleton Door Prize – Wal-Mart $150 gift Card – Sharlynn McDougall Door Prize - Parks West Mall – 3 $50 gift certificates – Mary Sharp, Julie Neale, Clayton Bohning Door Prize - Marmot Basin Lift Tickets – Stephanie Hawksworth Live Entertainment Sponsors Coalspur Mines Canadian Tire Tim Hortons Jules Oilfield Services West Fraser Mills

Trican Well Services Beautification Award

Branden Pagely and Green’s Crew of The Hinton Golf Course Corporate Citizen of the Year

Jules Oilfield Services Economic Diversification Award

The Old Grind Ambassador Award

Brian LaBerge Pioneer Award

Garth Griffiths Newcomer Award

Mountain Rose Funeral Home Rotary Volunteer Citizen of the Year

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Congratulations to ! s e e n i m o N e h t l l a

Table Decor Sponsors Alstar Oilfield Contractors, Apex Auto Body, The Hinton Voice, Integra Tire, RBC Royal Bank - James Cavanaugh, Chinook Chevrolet, Hinton Holiday Inn Express Nominator’s Prize - Griffiths Ford/ Overlander Mountain Lodge – winner, Holly Larochelle Honorable Rob Merrifield MP of West Yellowhead and Brenda Merrifield for their acknowledgment of the winners and for taking time to attend Robin Campbell, MLA for acknowledging the Award winners Mayor Ian Duncan Mike Smith from Lakeview Inn & Suites for his generosity Ranchers Catering – for the superb meal, great service and the donation of the flambé station Robin Garreck – design of brochures and posters Patti Shea – Our charming and beautiful MC Jennifer kelley and the Bartending and Coat check staff Hinton Cadet Corp, Hinton Centre Staff, Don Engerdahl for all he does for the Gala year after year Hinton Prom Committee for sharing Thanks to the five members of the Selection Committee – Job Well Done Decorating Committee Chair –Penny Pagely And to all of those volunteers who brought her vision to life. Donna Shaw and Tanya Bennett of Travel Alberta who helped us get ahead of schedule on the decorating. Hinton Friendship Centre Staff Stacey Callihoo – Safe Ride Home driver Yvonne Oshanyk George and Janice Callihoo Dan Pagely Louise and Francis Gale ken and Linda Lundrigan

Chancy Phillips Brian Phillips karol Arnold Julie Neale kelli Ducharme

Chris Taylor Cyndi van Alphen Renée LaBoucane Lauree LaBerge

Hinton kin Club for the use of the trailer – sure made our job easier! Gratefully, The Chamber Gala Committee We apologize if anyone has been overlooked.

2012 small business