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SPOT WHAT ! METR Availab OPOLIS le Nove mber TM



Journey 2000 SPOT WHAT! is published and becomes an instant bestseller 2002

SPOT WHAT! and SPOT WHAT! Amazing sell 300,000 copies


SPOT WHAT! Spectacular is published


SPOT WHAT! Magical launches


SPOT WHAT! 3D bind-up is published and sells over 200,000 copies

2010 SPOT WHAT! 3D Wacky World and Fantastical launch 2011 1 MILLIONTH copy sold! and Sticker SPOT WHAT! released 2012 SPOT WHAT! Travel Edition published November 2012

SPOT WHAT! Metropolis with cutting-edge CG art will be released and marks the start of a new era for this series of globally recognised and loved books

Can you spot three bicycles, A lawnmower, a clock, A baseball and a toaster , A snail, a wooden block? Can you find a shopping cart, Knife and fork, a plate, A flowerpot, a pizza , A hat, a roller skate?

SPOT WHAT! CLASSIC All four titles relaunching in November 2012 with lenticular eye on the cover. TM

Spot What! (2000)

Spot What! Spectacular (2003)

Spot What! Amazing (2002)

Spot What! Magical (2005)

Coming in 2013



The SPOT WHAT! range includes: TM

Spot What! Travel Edition All 4 classic Spot What! with answers. Released 2012

Spot What! Sticker bind-up. Released 2011

Spot What! 3D books. Released 2010

Spot What! Sticker Books 6 titles. Released 2011 Spot What! 3D bind-up. Released 2006

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  Phone: +61 (3) 9552 1333 Fax: +61 (3) 9558 2566 Email:

Hinkler Ltd (UK) James Street West Green Park, Bath BA1 2BU United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1225 320 837 Fax: +44 1225 320 880

Spot What! 3D Jigsaw Puzzles - 4 titles available now

Spot What! Metropolis 3D Jigsaws for release in 2013

Spot What 2012 Brochure  

Spot What 2012 Brochure with the brand new Metropolis and the classic relaunch titles with moving lenticular eyes! Coming out in November 20...

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