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THE TAIL OF THE BLACKBIRD (A Group Effort, written by Petville Players And My Neighbors, Sept, 2011) September 9, 2011 at 1:08pm

The ship was out in the deep as Capt Peabo notices the ship crossing their path in the spyglass. They were not a half mile away. He called to his first mate BBK and told her to raise their colors, The Skull and Cross! There would be NO Quarter!

BooBooKitty pulled on the rope and hoisted the Skull and Crossbones. It fluttered in the mighty sea winds. "AYE aye Cap'n" was her cry back. Peabo had Darcy climb into the crows nest to keep a look out! "That other ship is sitting might low in the water Cap'n. She must be loaded full of treasure" Shouted BBK. "Aye, I bet she is! We be better off sneaking up on her nice n slow like, so as to not notify them as it were....." Said Cap’n Peabo, rubbing his fur. And if we find the treasure, what are we going to do? There must be many a pirates watching the treasure, they will fight, so we will need all the help possible.”

Peabo was proud of his ship, and even prouder of his crew. They were a happy bunch, most of them been sailing with him since he "acquired" the Blackbird. He trusted them all, and knew each one would fight hard for the treasure and plunder.

"Sir might I suggest we get the cannons ready and crack open the gun powder" asked BooBooKitty. Aye BBK, You be thinking ahead, I like that! Go on and get Frankie and Sheldon on the guns, they be the best at shooting them big cannons! Have BB Bunny high tail it towards the aft end to tighten down the canopy’s on the rear! She knows them sailors knots well! Peabo asked Nena, Danni and Lilac to head down to the ships galley to be sure the supplies for the food wouldn’t be jostled by the fighting they were almost certainly about to steer into.

"Where be our new mates Oreo and Diesel? They can muster up the others and gather enough ammunition to blast that ship under!" Said the fearless captain as he leaned upon the rail of the ship, next to the sea tested salty ships wheel. Mags and Shadow were pulling up rope to tie down the crates so they wouldn't be in danger of falling over into the vast deep of the seas. They had recently tied down at the isle of Catopia, and replenished all of their supplies. The entire crew was doing their part to care for the cargo.

"Cap'n I have a barrel of rum on deck. Ready to soak the arrows and set afire when we come up in range." "We are taking over the other vessel sir....." called out First Mate BBK. The pets of the Blackbird began cheering as they saw how close they were. Kitty and Danni arrived up top and began to gather the weapons and ammo and handed them out to the others who had not yet armed themselves for the fight.

Nena, Danni and Lilac down quickly to the kitchen and began to review whether there was enough food for everyone. Everything seemed in order, but lacked a little water, they would have to supply water for the whole crew. "WATER”.......cried First Mate BBK .......”Water's for cooking....... Rum's for drinking!'" "A drink of rum to the first one to hit the treasure ship" cried out BooBooKitty A rousing cheer came from all decks of the ship.

Peabo chuckled at the thought of Nena on even a half a glass of rum. He remembered when they were hid up inside of Devils Cage on Runners Island how a half of a tankard made her all silly and she even did a hula dance for the crew. She got em all a dancing and singing! Hardy har! She is a good mate that one is, but Nena cannot hold her liquor! Better check the hold later in his own stateroom for extra water for her, lol

“Do you want me to bring up some jugs of water Sir?” Said Oreo, as he came across the ships sturdy planked stern. "Yes that would be a smart idea Oreo. Put them over near the left port side and tie them down as to know have a bunch of barrels rolling with the tides!" said Peabo to Oreo. And Oreo replies "Aye Captain, will do!" and he began his task of loading and securing the barrels of water on the topside. Peabo looked over and saw that his ship was indeed ready for the fight ahead. He had faith in no ordinary pet, but his crew was as near and dear to his heart as his own mother, bless her paws. He smiled as he watched the scurry of the pets around the ship, and began the fight with a shout of the orders. "Bring us about, Mr Frankie, ten degrees north, into the head of that vessel and bring on the fight crew! We go! Take us in and take whatever goods she bares! This feels like a lucky day for the crew of the Blackbird!"

Lilac was ready at her post, and had her sights on the other ship. She had been practicing her aim while on leave and she knew she wouldn’t miss her target. Danni and Shadow were also hunkered down nearby, and Kitty was kneeling next to Lilac, at the ready. They were actually excited about the thought of getting more treasure. They seemed to spend it as soon as they plunder it. BBKitty noted all were ready and Capt Peabo yelled "Aim ....Fire away!!!!!"

Nena covered her ears when a loud bang was heard! had been a great shot gun! BB BUNNY muttered “I'LL B DA FIRTS TA HIT DOSE SCALLYWAGS! I WANTS ME RUM! DA'VE ALL GONE MAD, USING DA RUM FOR ARROW! NA, NA! DA PITCH WILL DO FINE. LIKE BBK HAD SPOKE...RUM B FOR DRINKIN!”

"You'll be having plenty of rum BB!" yells Peabo as the shots were being fired over his head. "I have some special run in me own room I will share with ya that will put hair on the hare!" And he told BB Bunny to aim straight and “Make them shots count!” BB BUNNY climbed the mast rope to the top, a bottle of pitch in her waist band. She dug her sharp claws into the wood and positioned herself just so. AARRR! THIRTY SECONDS MORE AN’ I WILL BE IN PERFECT POSITION TO START DIS BATTLE! with that, BB lite the pitch, and using her trusty sling shot, whirled da bottle across the sea, smashing it into the powder kegs. “KABOOM! KABOOM!”, sounded the blasts. “ TEEHEE! I GETS ME RUM!” said BB Bunny.

There was a loud "BOOM!" on the starboard side of the ship, where BB Bunny had taken her aim and hit her target. The sailors on the opposing ship were running like rats trying to save themselves. BB had certainly hit her mark!

“AAARR!! ME CAPTAIN AND CREW ARE ME FAMILY! TREASURE DEY WANTS, TREASURE DEY WILL GETS!” said BB Bunny. BB Bunny climbed down the mast and ran to the rail. She carried her blade in her teeth and dove into the rough waters of the sea. She swam to the Red Dragon, climbing the anchor rope and hopping aboard. The crew was in chaos and half of them too injured to stand. “SURRENDER OR BE DA FOOD OF DA CRACKIN! YOUS HAVE NO CHOICE!” screamed BB as she dived into the throng, and began fighting.

Since BB had begun hare to hand combat amongst the crippled ship, the others soon joined her, swords crossing, paws clawing, no quarter would be given this day. There was so much going on and so many fighting no one noticed the captain of the other ship lowering a small boat over the side, trying to escape. He was soon in the ocean, and his two fellow crewmembers were quickly paddling, and they were soon out of firing range.



"Cap'n we have lashed the ships together and have boarded the Red Dragon The crew is hauling the bounty over to the Blackbird. The Red Dragon's Captain, First Mate, and Second Officer had attempted to escape but it seems BB Bunny had made a bargain with Poseidon himself to track them down and thwart their escape. “The Red Dragon is on fire but nothing we can’t manage until we strip her of her treasure. The crew is falling as we speak. There is NO QUARTER Sir. But there is one thing you might want to know......." spoke First Mate BooBooKitty.

"Honey BBK doesn't cry...... The treasure is on board Cap'n and something else.......seems the Red Dragon harbored a guest..... a very powerful guest.......and SHE is in your quarters waiting to speak with you sir" said BooBooKitty. "Okay crew let's load this treasure in the stores and prepare to get underway......." shouted BBK Cap'n Peabo was off to his quarters to speak with this unknown female guest. The Blackbird's crew was all a buzz about this mystery person as she sailed away from the sinking Red Dragon.

"BB Bunny climb back up the crow's nest and keep an eye out for any vessels on the horizon." "Frankie and Sheldon secure the cannons and assess how much ammo and gunpowder if left" "Let's secure the galley ladies and get a hearty meal on" " Let's turn the sails into the wind everyone and get underway" came the orders from First Mate BooBooKitty. "Which direction are we headed Sir?" asked Diesel. "That will be up to the Cap'n when he is done with his meeting. For now let her go where the wind carries us," replied BBK, and Diesel turned the ship's wheel into the wind.

BB Bunny took her spot in the crows nest, peering far and wide. “LAND HO” She cried out. “SEEMS TO B A SMALL ISLE AHEAD, BBK! MAYBE A GOOD PLACE TO REST AND GET THE WATER WE NEED. I SEE NO OTHER SHIPS!” Said BB Bunny to the first mate.

"Stay steady on course Diesel. I am off to give the Cap'n the news" said BBK. She headed towards the Cap'n Peabo's quarters and knocked on the door. "Enter" was heard from the other side. BooBooKitty went inside to find Cap'n Peabo seating in his chair conversing with Catlypso. From a certain angle Catlypso appeared to be a beautiful woman but facing her dead on revealed a hardened woman of the sea that reeked of rotting fish and flowers. "Sir, BB Bunny has spotted land. Should we head towards the small island or do you have another location in mind Cap'n?" said BBK Cap'n Peabo paused for a good long time before he began to speak and said, "After speaking with Catlypso I think we need to head on

to the small island up ahead. We need to rest up and it may have some fruit we can eat and some fresh water. And we can fish for dinner. After that we can decide where to head next.” Everyone agreed. Maggie walks in and says she will help.

The Captain ran his paws through his curls at the base of his muzzle and said aloud "I hope this be a wise decision I be making for me ship and her crew. For if we get caught in the coming storms that Catlypso warned me of, we will be at the mercy of Hell's Gate itself, and me doubts that even Poseidon in all of his glory can release us from the murky depths of this cursed sea storm that be headed our way." He ordered his trusted crew to come about to enter the cove of the Island. He hoped he was right.

It took many hours to ferry the treasure they had just secured to the small island to bury and hide away. But Cap'n Peabo and First mate BooBooKitty knew that to lighten the load on the Blackbird was a priority with bad weather on the horizon. The galley mates had obtained fresh water and restocked the stores on the ship. Other crew were gathering game and food. Dinner was being prepared on the beach. Fish had been netted to feed the hungry mate’s. It was a feast to be had by all in the beautiful moonlight of the island. A good bath was had by all. Some of the Mates were still covered in gun powder and flame soot. Most crew rested on the sands of the island beach. Others so long at sea had to sleep only on the ship if they wanted any rest. As the waters lapped at the shore of the little island the sweet sounds of sleep were the only noises that could be heard over the crackling flames of the fire.

The night's sky shown all bright and glittery with the stars dancing like diamonds and the full moon whispering to the clouds as they passed by. Capt'n Peabo had left a couple of reliable crew members to take the first watch, and while the others slept, some with one eye open, the night sounds rustled in the wind.

The crew awoke to the brisk sea air and a chill to their bones. Over night the wind had shifted and as the fire went out it grew a might cold over the island camp. "Gather up me mate’s the wind has changed and we must embark to the Blackbird. Make haste or it is off the plank with the lot of ya's" Cap'n Peabo said with a hearty laugh. As the ferried the last of the supplies and themselves back to the ship they said goodbye to their bountiful haul of treasure hidden on the little island vowing to return to gather it again someday. Once on board the ship was more than lively. The Blackbird was readied to get underway and the stores secured. "Is it just me Cap'n or does it seem to be getting colder?" asked First Mate BooBooKitty. "I believe an ill wind is brewing my mate and I don't like it. I don't like it at all!" responded Cap'n Peabo.

They were safely away from the rocky shoreline of the Island, and headed deep out to see when the skies began to become a black grey layer of swirling clouds, and the wind began to pick up speed. The wind was strong enough to pick up droplets of water from the ever increasing storm tides and sting the skin of those on the deck. They saw a school of hump back whales, fleeing in the opposite direction of the storm. Frankie whispered to Sheldon, “This don't look good mate.�

Thunder loud as cannon fire. Lightening that would light up the sky like high noon. The waves began to roll and grow higher and higher. The Blackbird was tossed about on open water. The crew began to lash themselves with rope to remain at their stations. It seemed as if the ship would roll over then another wave would force it from starboard to port again. Many a good pet lost their dinner to the violent movements of the seas. Cap'n Peabo shouted orders as loud as he could to be barely heard over the roar of the seas. Even with all the sails down and rolled up to the masts the ship was picking up speed. "How can this be?" thought First Mate BBK as she strained to view the surrounding seas and the storm that encased them. " Oh no" screamed through her head as she realized the terror ahead. "Cap'n ahead" she screamed as she stood beside his head and pointed to the east, "whirlpool................." That was the only word Cap'n Peabo heard. It was the first time First Mate BooBooKitty had ever seen the Cap'n's face lose its color. Cap'n Peabo turned to BBK and said "No way to avoid it, we are headed straight for it. Lash in and whatever happens save all you can" And with that the Blackbird already had begun to circle the outer rim of the whirlpool being drawn ever downward............

As the Blackbird rolled and swirled faster and faster, Frankie thought of all his friends on board. He hoped that they could all hang on. His stomach rolled and lurched with the ship. Faster and Faster they spun around and around. The suddenly, all movement stopped. He looked around, shook his head and wondered what in the world had just happened. The sky was the most glorious shade of blue he had ever seen. The water was gentle rolling waves of the clearest turquoise. He untied himself and walked to the rail. Looking down he could see all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor. Scanning the horizon, he spotted an island.

They reached the shoreline, and found themselves right side up only not the way they started! They all found their footing and looked around. The trees were spread across the island like rows of corn, with not a spot to see through them. They decided to go towards the trees near a huge set of black boulders. This would be the marker from where they would know their way back to the ship.

The waves were licking the sand upon the shore like a kitten cleans her paws, and the Capt and crew took refuge in the spread of land amongst the tall trees, dragging the chests and the supplies as they

walked through thick wet sand, itching sand fleas biting at the ankles as they got through to the grassy area and started to set up camp.

They were all sleeping soundly as the sounds of the sea and the salty night air nipped at their tails and whiskers. Peabo moved his right paw. He started to wake up, and through the misty cloudy tides that sounded in his head he awoke. Peabo rubbed his eyes. What? Where? Wow! What a dream! He looked over at the other seats in the movie theater and noticed the other pets stirring to awaken. BBK rubbed their eyes and also seemed surprised by her surroundings. Kitty, and Danni and Darcy, Sheldon, Mags and Shadow, Lilac, Oreo and Diesel were also starting to wake up. Only BB Bunny still seemed to be sound asleep, and snoring! Frankie, looking over at Peabo like he had seen ghosts, asked "Where were we?" They woke up BB Bunny, and found Frankie and Diamond were somehow sitting on the floor, as if they had actually camped out under their seats. The pets began to all giggle in unison, then a cheering round of laughter as they all hugged on another and began to gather their things from the theater. They had all fallen asleep during the movie, and somehow they had shared the same dream! They decided to all stop in to Kibbles Cafe for a bite to eat, and the conversations and talk about the ship, the battle, the treasure, the island....all so very much a dream, yet soooooo real to them all. Frankie and Nena looked at one another and said at the same time "I wonder what our next Petventure will be?!"


The tail of the blackbird I  

The Pets board The Blackbird with Captain Peabo and sail onto Petventure!

The tail of the blackbird I  

The Pets board The Blackbird with Captain Peabo and sail onto Petventure!