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Features 09

Welcome to this ‘Teaser’ issue of Hinckley LIFE. This is purely an initial mock-up example of our new lifestyle magazine.

The monthly publication will be distributed to selected homes and businesses throughout the towns and villages of Hinckley & Bosworth. If you are interested in becoming one of the inaugural sponsors or advertising partners please call 01455 234468 and speak to Paul. Please ‘Readcycle’ After you have read this edition please pass it around your family, or to a friend or work colleague.










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Details of this month’s competitions can be found on pages 20, 30 and 40 ... It’s easy to enter just drop your answers on an email to ... go for it and good luck!


GAME, SET AND MATCH(MAKER) FOR THE FITNESS CLUBS " Health and fitness clubs are now so much more than just somewhere to exercise and get fit, as many members clearly see their gym as a place to meet friends and socialise " Some of the most popular places to meet new friends and partners are workplaces and down the pub, but it would seem that your local gym could offer just as much match-making potential. As well as providing an opportunity to meet new friends or a new lover, you'll also get fit at the same time. The latest exclusive consumer research from consumer and product research group Mintel shows that as many as one in five private health club members have met good friends or a partner at their gym. one in four members, also view their club as a good place to meet like-minded people. Health centres have become far more than a place to work out over the years. Fitness centres usually have a bar and/or restaurant for members' use and around one in five use these areas to socialise after a workout. Many clubs also organise social events for members, which around 17 per cent of those questioned like to attend. "Health and fitness clubs are now so much more than just somewhere to exercise and get fit, as many members clearly see their gym as a place to meet friends and socialise," says Mark Brechin, senior leisure analyst at Mintel. Brechin suggests, "Clubs could look to organise more networking and evening socials for their members, while major dating

agencies might like to consider acquiring a strategic stake in health and fitness clubs as a base for their activities." if you do use the gym as a meeting ground, there is definitely right and wrong ways to approach someone, says celebrity personal trainer, Wini linguvic, author of lean, long & Strong: "i've seen it all and, trust me, going up to someone in the middle of a heavy bench press is not the time." Try the following tactics: USE THE MiRRoRS: There are usually mirrors everywhere in a gym, so if someone takes your fancy, wait for eye contact and respond with a smile. if they respond, find a way for your paths to cross and strike up a conversation. TRy A liTTlE ClASS: if you are looking for friends rather than a lover, enrol in a class and attend regularly. Group exercise can be a bonding experience and there will be plenty of opportunities to make small talk before and after the class. Don't rule out meeting a lover at a class though as they are often mixed so don't throw on a horrible baggy T-shirt and joggers, just in case.

“The gym good for tonin g up your muscles and spicing up you r love life”

DRESS THE PART: There's no need to head to the gym wearing hotpants and a skimpy bra top to grab attention, unless you want to grab the wrong kind of man. However, if love is on your mind, pay attention to what you wear and how you look when you are jigging everywhere. Sports bras and dedicated sportswear are highly supportive and will keep you looking your best even when you are working up a sweat. That sweaty look, by the way, is something that appeals to both men and women, as long as it doesn't come along with a nasty smell. yes, antiperspirant deodorant is a must-have. Join in: Find out if your gym organises parties or gatherings for its members. Don't be put off if you don't know anyone at your gym. The whole idea of these events is to meet new people, but you can usually take along a friend if you would feel more comfortable.



OH SUGAR! i remember a friend telling me years ago that she couldn’t walk past a sweet shop without becoming shaky and breaking into a cold, clammy sweat. The only cure was to enter the shop and buy a bar of chocolate which she would gobble immediately. My friend Sandy was displaying symptoms typical of a sugar addict – a condition that may not have been recognised twenty or thirty years ago, but which is certainly gaining more attention in today’s world of ever-increasing convenience and sugary foods.

drug of the times” and has called for health warnings to be carried on sweets and soft drinks packaging. Research has shown that sugar can affect the same ‘feel good’ brain hormones as street drugs like cocaine, and that sugar withdrawal may create the same symptoms as withdrawal from nicotine, morphine and alcohol.

Eating sugar prompts the body to release the 'happy hormone' serotonin into the blood stream. However, this pleasant sugar rush Sugar is essential to the proper triggers an increase in function of the body. Glucose insulin as the body strives to bring in particular is important to “According to the NHS, blood glucose the brain, as it provides the added-sugars shouldn't only source of fuel to its levels back to make up more than 10% of normal, which one hundred billion nerve has the knock-on cells. But it is the ready the energy we get from food availability of refined sugar effect of causing and drink each day, which is and its use as a mooda 'sugar crash' about 70g for men and booster to give an instant and makes many 50g for women” crave yet more ‘lift’ that is prompting some sugar, leading to health experts to consider sugar addiction. binge eating. one senior Dutch health official has even described sugar as “the most dangerous

This cycle of ‘surge’ followed by ‘crash’ is even more pronounced when the

choco sweets a late, drinks a nd fizzy re simple s rich in ugars Debbie Singh-Bhatti sugar comes from foods rich in simple sugars, like chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. They are absorbed much more quickly into the blood stream, causing a faster and more frequent cycle. Eating more complex sugars or carbohydrates such as

“Research has shown that sugar can affect the same ‘feel good’ brain hormones as street drugs like cocaine, and that sugar withdrawal may create the same symptoms as withdrawal from nicotine, morphine and alcohol” whole wheat bread, cereal and pasta, or simple carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables and dairy products which also contain fibre and protein, slows down the process. By cutting down the amount of sugar we consume each day, we can reduce the risk of becoming addicts like my friend Sandy. Always remember to check food labels, and bear in mind that food products containing more than 15% sugar are considered high in sugar and low if they have less than 5g per 100g.




MESOTHERAPY In the quest for a youthful appearance some of us will try just about anything, from botox to breast implants, liposuction and facelifts. But there is a less dramatic alternative. Pioneered in France during the 1950s, mesotherapy has been around for a long time but only now are its powers really being harnessed. Mesotherapy is similar to botox and dermal fillers in the sense that it relies on the injection of substances under the skin. However, it is not used to fill or restructure per se but to more directly administer a medicine, amino acid, vitamin or mineral to an area that the patient wishes to improve. it is most commonly used to combat cellulite, the bane of many a woman's life, but has also found success in the treatment of hair loss conditions and in aiding weight loss. The fact that a solution is prepared specifically to suit the patient's need and then administered to the desired area means that, in theory, it is less likely - over the usual course of four to ten treatments - to interact with other medicines and it also results in a lesser dosage of medicines being needed than if the same was taken orally. not only that, but the lessening of side effects really does make mesotherapy a desirable alternative to oral medication. in cellulite reduction procedures, mesotherapy can be used to improve the appearance of that lumpy, bumpy skin on thighs and behind through improving circulation, strengthening the weak connective tissues of the skin and even dissolving that excess fat, leading to a slimmer looking, tauter and more attractive look at bikini time. likewise, mesotherapy can be used in body sculpting and face and neck rejuvenation in much the same way, with amino acids and vitamins used to perk up sagging skin and remove free radical damage without the unsightly scars, pain and recovery time of liposuction or facelifts.

“ Mesotherapy can be used in body sculpting if used as part of a sensible nutrition and exercise programme, mesotherapy can additionally be of use in weight loss for those looking for additional help in removing unsightly deposits of fat. in theory, it blocks fat accumulation signals thus triggering the release of stored fat. The benefit of this method is again the directness of treatment - specific problem areas such as thighs or arms can be targeted for weight loss. Additionally, the direct approach of mesotherapy can be especially useful in the treatment of alopecia, stimulating the natural growth of hair.

and face and neck rejuvenation ” Mesotherapy is increasingly being recognised as a useable medical procedure, not just one suitable for cosmetic purposes. The technique of matching the blend of medicines and additives to suit a patient's particular needs has seen good results in the treatment of, among other complaints, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and even stress and insomnia.

TRAVEL MONEY. DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR. » Competitive rates on over 60 currencies » Free next-day delivery* Find out more at » 0% commission on currency orders travelmoney * Terms and conditions apply. See website for details




HINCKLEY in March Tues






Concordia Theatre, Stockwell Head, Hinckley




St. Francis Community Centre, Tudor Road, Hinckley LE10 0EQ 1.00pm to 4.00pm • Meet with local crafters & small businesses for that personal touch for the big day • Chris 01455 617185



New Theatre Players • Farce by Joe Orton • Confusion, lost and mistaken identities, blackmail and bribery all conspire to provide frantic pace and classic English humour • Tickets Tues - Fri £7.50 & £8.50; Saturday £8.50 Richard Cooper 01455 613345 / 07970 610349


Dixie Grammar School Hall, Market Bosworth Starts 7.30pm • Sparkenhoe Arts Society presents ‘The Benin Bronze: Masterpieces of African Art (16th 19th Centuries)’ • Talk by Dr Claire Walsh reveals the sophisticated production processes, symbolism and ritual use of these antique royal bronze sculptures, first seen in Europe in the late 1890s • Membership £46 per year • Guests £10, under 18’s free with member



4 HINCKLEY PANCAKE RACE Hinckley Town Centre 4th Annual Race to be held on Castle Street from 12 noon • Knock out format, all welcome, prizes for overall winner and best fancy dress (optional) • For further details or to enter visit or call 01455 698494

GreenTowers, HCYP, Richmond Park, Hinckley LE10 0DZ










Fitness programmes and awards for 8 - 19 year olds • 7.00pm - 8.00pm • Admission – £1 for members & £1.50 non members • 01455 230468

5 ST. MARY’S ARTS (SMARTS) LUNCHTIME CONCERTS St. Mary's Church, Hinckley Trio Con Brio ( Brass Trio) musicians from the Birmingham Conservatoire • Commences 1.00pm • £3.50 adult or £1.00 children

Fr i


Fr i


Fr i


Fr i






Hinckley Library

GreenTowers, HCYP, Richmond Park, Hinckley LE10 0DZ

Hinckley Library welcomes highly popular author Gervase Phinn • Get your ticket early as we expect to sell out fast! • Pre-booking essential • Commences 7.30pm • £5.00 for Library members, £10.00 non-members • 0116 3052500 Fr i JIVE NIGHT Fr i 14 28 (HINCKLEY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CLUB)

Fun qualified supervision sessions for boys and girls • 7.30pm-8.30pm • Admission – £1 for members & £1.50 non members • 01455 230468

Fr i

CENTRE STAGE: GRACE NOTES ‘WOMAN’S WORK’ Desford Village Hall Starts 7.30pm • Songs of women’s work with skilled musicianship & exquisite vocals • From a 15th century Queen to a 21st century office worker • Accompanied by flute, bodhran, recorders, keyboard, concertina & mandolin • Age15+ • 01455 823537


Fr i



Redmoor Academy, Hinckley Starts 7.30pm • Dazzling mix of Irish & Contemporary dance accompanied by live traditional Irish music and song • Evoking the Celtic past of struggle, joy, love, travel and loss, to give an exhilarating experience • After the show, the dancers join the audience to lead a ‘mini ceilidh’, encouraging people up on their feet by demonstrating a few dance steps • For age 10+ • 01455 230731




Stoke Golding Village Hall Starts 8.00pm • Chris Garrick & John Etheridge present an evening of hypnotic sounds evoking the music of Django Reinhardt & Stefan Grappelli • Chris Garrick’s brilliant musicianship conjure an astonishing range of sounds from the violin • John Etheridge enjoys a glowing reputation throughout the jazz world • For age 12+ • 01455 212416

Wykin & District Social Club, Frederick Avenue, Hinckley Rock ‘n’ roll music and dancing; to jive, bop & stroll to, with specialist DJs • 7.30pm to 11.15pm (optional jive lesson 7.30pm - 8.30pm) • Adm £3.50 • David & Elaine Atkins 01455 840052







Concordia Theatre, Stockwell Head, Hinckley Tinhatters compilation celebrating 80 years of memorable movie music • Tickets £9.00 & £11.00 • Chris Clarke 01455 610010 / 07791 619797




Village Hall, Main Street, Ratby Ratby Village Society • Come and learn about Egypt’s architecture and mythology and see the exhibits Susan Tebby brings with her • Everyone welcome • Commences 8.00pm • Members £1.60 / guests £2.50, Joining fee £5 annually • Enquiries Jane Rayne 0116 2395350




Hinckley Library 'The Village Cinemas of Leicestershire' • Brian Johnson’s whistle-stop tour of the village cinemas in the county • Pre-booking advisable • 12noon 1.00pm • £2.50 library members, £4 nonmembers • 0116 3052500

Hinckley & BOSWORTH

01455 234468





Hinckley Rugby Club, Leicester Road, Hinckley LE10 3DR From 9.00am -1.00pm • Registration starts at 9.00am, One mile run at 10.00, 3 Mile - 10.15am, 6 Mile 10.30am • Adult £6.00, child £3.00, family £15.00 • Why not come in fancy dress? • Group warm up, on the day entertainment, an open bar, BBQ, raffle and much more! • 01455 255875 020 7820 2000







Concordia Theatre, Stockwell Head, Hinckley An evening of dance and entertainment by local dance academy • All tickets £9.00 • Victoria Stevenson 07930 278994




Redmoor Academy, Hinckley Commences 6.30pm • Centre Stage production by Cube Theatre • With theatre, film, great music and a dazzling script, Freddy Dare & The Ginger Robber is an epic adventure for everyone • For age 8+ • 01455 230731




St. Francis Community Centre, Tudor Road, Hinckley LE10 0EQ An evening of fun and facials! • Variety of pamper treatments will be available • Advance booking is essential • Commences 7.00pm • Contact Chris 01455 617185

Tell us about your event. You can call on 01455 234468 or email the details to

Teriyaki Chicken with Spring Onions ingredients

2 Chicken Breasts chopped into bite-sized chunks 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp clear honey 1 tbsp soy sauce Juice of one lime Handful of spring onions chopped into 2cm pieces 2 tsp sesame seeds Method

Heat the vegetable oil in a medium frying pan, add the chicken to the pan and stir fry for 2-3 mins

Stir in 1/2 tsp of sesame oil, the honey and soy sauce and cook until the chicken caramelises Add the chopped spring onions and stir fry until they begin to colour

A delicious speedy supper for two – preparation time 15 - 20 minutes Now add the lime juice and stir well

Remove the pan from the heat, stirring and tossing all the time

Drizzle the remaining sesame oil over the chicken and spring onion mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds Serve the Teriyaki Chicken on a bed of noodles or rice




A CHANCE TO REFLECT AND REVISIT A RESOLUTION lent (derived from an old English word meaning ‘lengthen’). lent is observed in Spring when the days are beginning to get longer. For those of you that have already failed in your attempt at a new years Resolution to lose weight, give up smoking or other forms of abstinence, lent is an ideal time to give it another go for days. 

6 weeks leading up to Easter, not including Sundays (a total of 40 days).

The day before, Shrove Tuesday commonly known to many of us as Pancake Day, was “Lent begins on traditionally the day to use Ash Wednesday, up foods that would not be 5th March and lasts eaten during lent, often for a period of 6 fats, eggs and milk but also weeks leading up to meat or fish. nowadays we Easter” tend to give up something we enjoy like chocolate, a period of 40 sweets or alcohol.

often a smaller target is less ominous and more likely to be successful, and who knows at the end you may even feel like extending it for a little longer! lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 5th March in 2014, and lasts for a period of

For practising Christians this period is a time to reflect and remember the time Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert before beginning his work for God and the temptations that he had to resist. it’s used as a time for prayer and penance and climaxes during Easter week. 

For others it’s an opportunity to detox after the Winter period often spent overindulging, maybe to test your will-power by giving up bad habits or luxuries or perhaps to start something new to improve the wellbeing of yourself or others through some charitable action. For those wishing to contribute to charity you may want to download the 40-day Count your Blessings Calendar or App from Christian Aid.  This offers bite-size reflections to inspire you to give thanks for the blessings in your life and the opportunity to help change the lives of poorer communities around the globe.  Each week concentrates on a specific topic such as People and Planet, Food and Water, Education, Health and suggests donations such as ‘10p for every year of your education’. These are then added up for your final donation. Children’s and young persons versions are also available. App via




MAKE YOUR MOTHER’S DAY alex albrighton

From the day you have a baby or adopt a child, your life changes forever. People tell you this when you’re pregnant, but it’s only when it happens that you really understand what they mean. Suddenly there’s someone who depends on you entirely. Every decision you make from now on will be based on their needs or desires. Being a mother can be the best of jobs and the worst of jobs. For every heart-warming moment of pride and loveliness, there’s a blazing row or slammed door (but hopefully with a hug and a sorry afterwards). Mums have to take on every role in the family – carer, teacher, agony aunt, sergeant major, personal assistant, taxi driver… And it doesn’t stop when the children leave home. now approaching 40, i still rely on my mum for advice, friendship, help with childcare, emergency loans and the occasional kick up the backside to get things done.

Mother ’s Day GIFT GUIDE p18-19

it’s only as you get older, especially if you have children of your own, that you realise how your parents felt as you grew up – why they made you do your homework, go to bed, stop fighting with your brother, eat properly, save money and above all, be careful!

Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our mums for everything they have done and still do for us. The founder of Mother’s Day in the US, Anna Jarvis, eventually regretted campaigning to get the day recognised because it became so commercialised. She hated the fact that people would buy a card with a printed message rather than writing a letter. it’s lovely to buy or make a card and give flowers and chocolates. you can also do something special to show you care –

Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world, usually in March or May.

“ Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our mums for everything they have done and still do for us ” maybe take on a job that she hates or treat her to a day of pampering. But this year, why not go beyond the message in the card and write a few personal lines of your own to tell your mother how much you love her.

In the UK, it is a mixture of a Christian tradition, and the celebration of motherhood that began in the USA in the early 20th century. During the 16th century, people in service would return to their home or ‘mother’ church on the fourth Sunday in Lent – Mothering Sunday. Mother’s Day as we know it became a regular event in the 1950s, largely thanks to businesses keen to exploit its commercial potential.


Bespoke Gold & Crystal Effect Necklace Next £35

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles 275g John Lewis £19

Hibiscus Triple Compartment Bag Monsoon £45

Mini Dot iPad Sleeve £15

Black Lace Trim Pyjama Set Next £24

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rose 750ml Ocada £42.99

Spot Sewing & Knitting Range John Lewis £10 - £35

Because you

Chanel No 5 - Parfum Bottle 7.5ml Boots £87.50

Antique Rose Bouquet Dressing Gown £75


Clinique - Even Better Debenhams £40

A few gift ideas for MOTHERS DAY 30th March

Coming Up Roses Cedar Mug £10

From You To Me Journal: Dear Mum Narborough Hall £12.99

LC Designs Jewellery Box John Lewis £70

Silver Crystal Effect Cross Over Watch Next £23 HINCKLEY LIFE MARCH 2014


louise addison

Be a careful cook - nearly half of all home fires are cooking-related. never leave cooking unattended and keep anything that can catch fire away from the stove-top. Be space heater savvy - Space heaters can easily ignite nearby household items. Keep all space heaters at least three feet (1m) from curtains or furniture. Turn heaters off before leaving a room or going to sleep. never leave pets or children unsupervised with a space heater; in addition to the risk of fire, heaters pose a danger of burns. Check electrical cords - Faulty, cracked or deteriorating electrical cords can cause an electrical fire. Check all your electrical cords for fraying or other signs of wear, and replace or repair any damage. Don't run extension cords across


ISA TIME doorways or under carpeting, and don't overload circuits. Plug only one high-wattage appliance into a socket at a time. Go easy on the candles - Candlelight is romantic and beautiful, but can be dangerous. Use sturdy candleholders which won't topple. never place candles near anything flammable, like curtains, and never leave them unattended. Consider using battery-operated candles, like lED versions. They flicker and sometimes even smell like the real thing! Test your smoke detectors - Test smoke detectors and check batteries at least twice a year, when the clocks go forward or backward is a good time. install an alarm inside every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every floor in your house, including the basement if you have one.

Here’s a simple rule – if you’ve got savings, you should have a Cash iSa! individual Savings accounts offer a taxfree form of investment - which means you get to keep every penny of interest you earn! Anyone aged 16 or over c a n open a Cash ISA and during the tax year which runs from april 6th 2014 to april 5th 2015 can (at the time of print) pay up to £5,880 into it – either in a chunk or as smaller amounts throughout the year. Once this limit is reached, no extra sums may be paid into the ISA - even if you have drawn money out during the year. There are several types of Cash ISA, some offering a fixed interest rate, with others giving

Debbie Singh-Bhatti

instant access to the cash. Deals can vary between providers, but once you have chosen a certain provider, you don’t need to stay with t h e m forever! Though you can only open one Cash ISA per year you can move providers and any cash you have in old ISAs can be transferred over without losing the tax-free benefits as long as you don’t draw the money out yourself, but get the new provider to request a transfer on your behalf. So, what’s to lose? Nothing but your tax-free allowance if you choose not to open your own Cash ISA!


My father, a lively Septuagenarian, bought himself a tablet recently and my teens have been training him to use it. They have discovered that nothing highlights the differences between the generations more than electronic equipment.

These are a few things they’ve discovered, which might prove useful for anyone else about to drag their elderly parents into the 21st Century. Granddad did not know that ‘Dot’ means full-stop,” My eldest son found him trying to get

to wwwdotrspbdotorgdotuk, to renew his membership online!

about fraud, passwords, SPAM and phishing.

Downloading apps was not a problem. Closing them though was not intuitive. ”Granddad had 83 apps open at once!” My daughter marvelled. “And 25 browser tabs.”

Now I’m certainly not suggesting that all 70-year-old are luddites, but we are so techno-savvy these days that it’s easy to forget many elderly people are simply not steeped in the same electronic culture.

Gnarled, insensitive arthritic fingers make for tricky tapping and zooming, so Granddad bought a chunky stylus, which can be used like a pen, and is more controllable. He was very naïve when it came to internet security and had to be taught

A couple of months into owning his tablet my father is getting on famously, and it’s certainly brought him closer to his IT support team AKA his grandchildren!


Prize Crossword

Hinckley &


01455 234468

Across 1 4 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 18 21 23 25 26 27 28

Breakfast food (6) Reverie (5) Finished (5) Crack (7) Farm vehicle (7) Genuine (4) Conifer (3) nothing (4) Test (4) Current (3) Tone (4) Sea creature (7) Brutal, inhuman (7) Goodbye (5) odour (5) Digestive protein (6)

19 20 22 24

The earth (5) Shrewd (6) one of the senses (5) Present (4)

Down 1 2 3 4 5

Compose (6) Transmit (7) Mathematical process (8) Profound (4) Banishment (5)

6 7 13 16 17

Passively (6) neck warmer (5) Bind (8) Exaggerate (7) Ancient Egyptian god (6)


Prize Crossword Competition entries for the latest Prize Crossword must be received by 25th April 2014. The correct entries will then be placed into a draw. The winner will receive a voucher from our sponsor. Completed Prize Crosswords should be sent to: The Hinckley LIFE Prize Crossword, PO Box 1000, Hinckley, LE10 1DY or scanned and emailed to

Fill in the grid so that each row column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 with no repitition.



Life, lakes and Le Gavroche ... the latest offering from RMC Books is a tasty affair.

A DELICIOUS SHOWCASE ... internationally-famous chef Steven Doherty has served up a sensation – with a new book that redefines good simple food. The adopted Cumbrian says he owes the inspiration for this, his first book, to the spectacular lake District countryside that surrounds his home in Windermere. Steven’s intriguingly-titled cookbook ‘living over the Shop – cooking from the top level’ neatly sums up his daily life, a far cry from his days cooking for the rich and famous in one of london’s most fashionable restaurants. For he now runs the First Floor Café, which sits proudly above lakeland’s flagship showroom next to Windermere station, and provides welcome food and drinks to shoppers who have travelled from all parts of the country to browse their legendary kitchenware. He arrived in Cumbria 20 years ago along with wife Marjorie and a formidable reputation as a chef. His skills had taken him to the very peak of his profession, most memorably when he was an instrumental part of the team that won an unprecedented three Michelin stars at Albert Roux’s revered le Gavroche restaurant.

yet his debut as an author takes him to a quite different level. The 224-page book contains scores of recipes – all of which, Steven insisted, should readily be within the grasp of ordinary home cooks. “From the very outset, i was determined that the book should not be a collection of dishes that people can never even attempt. instead, i focused on showing readers how to make simple food exceptionally well,” he said. There is even guidance on what implements you will need for each dish. “Because of our long and close association with lakeland, it seemed to follow naturally that we should ask them to provide the expertise on the right kitchen tools for the job.” The result is a showcase of delicious dishes, all given the star treatment. For example, you could start with souffle Suissesse  before trying your hand at baked jacket potato with smoked haddock and a creamy leek sauce (a first floor café favourite), or for afternoon tea how about chocolate stout cake?  Hot lemon soufflé with lemon curd perhaps? or Tunisian style orange and almond cake?

Martin Edwards, a spokesman for the publishers, RMC Books, said that early signs were that the book could be a major hit. “Just as Steven has achieved huge success in his career as a chef, there’s every chance that he has a hit on his hands as an author. We have seen unprecedented interest and demand from bookshops and wholesalers from far and wide.”

Living Over the Shop (£14.95, RMC Books ISBN 9978-1-907998-08-9) is available at

Men: know your fashion essentials


hen it comes to fashion advice, abundant informa-on for women can be found in magazines, TV programmes and catalogues, while men are oen le to rely on guesswork. But just as it is widely known that there are certain fashion staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe, like the li.le black dress, there are essen-als that every man should own, too. While the quality and style of these items will vary according to the age and auence of the individual, the following are "must haves" in any male wardrobe.


W E L L6 A CLASSIC SUIT TA I LO R E D For occasions when nothing else is appropriate such as funerals, weddings and other formal func"ons, a suit is a must for any man's wardrobe. Choose a single-breasted style that will not date. Either black or grey is a good choice and will be both smart and func"onal. A good suit will last for years, yet with the addi"on of a smart shirt and "e can be updated to look fashionable at each wearing.

W H IT E A B LU E O R T OW N S H IR B U T TO N D This is another essen"al for any welldressed man's wardrobe, to go with the suit or formal trousers. Always in fashion, they give a crisp smart finish to any ou!it, and a good "e worn with the shirt completes the look. Try to buy a new trendy "e every year to keep up with fashion, and add it to your suit and shirt to make a snappy new ou!it.

There are many styles to choose from; pick one that suits you and you will have the perfect top to add to any style of trouser when a shirt or T- shirt will not do. They are also handy to pop over a thinner top when a jacket would be too warm and can look smart draped over the shoulders un"l needed.




It's not only women who need essen"al accessories. Good quality black shoes will last for years and a stylish black leather belt should last a life"me. Make sure they are worn together along with black socks. This combina"on can smarten up casual trousers or jeans as well complement the formal ou!it. A good black leather wallet is both func"onal and smart and will last for years. A watch is another accessory that every man needs and is a "must have" piece of jewellery. If budget allows, purchase a smart dress watch for formal occasions and a sports watch for normal wear; if not find a style which will look good no ma#er what you are wearing.

Jeans have been around for years, but at least one pair is s"ll an important wardrobe addi"on. They look good when new and oen even be#er when worn, and can look smart or casual depending upon what they are accessorised with. Nowadays, a smart pair can be appropriate wear for both day and evening unless the occasion is par"cularly formal. Make sure that a white T-shirt is in your wardrobe to go with the jeans and with the addi"on of trainers a classic, "meless, casual look, is complete.

With these basic items in his wardrobe, a man can be confident that no what the occasion, he has a look which is not only appropriate but smart and fashionable too.



Funeral Directors


Dog Walking

Garment Alterations

Appliance Repairs


Hair Stylist

Bookkeeping & Accounts



Building Drawings & Plans

Flower Artists


Hinckley &



Marketing Agency


Secretarial Services

Painter & Decorator

Property Maintenance

Taxi Hire



Satellite & TV


Public Relations

Web Designers


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BOOK REVIEW By Kath Bennett

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography Everyone knows who Alex Ferguson is controversial, yes, but without doubt the most successful football manager of modern times. On its release, this became one of the fastest selling football books of all time, with fans queuing at midnight to get their hands on a copy. Headlines were made by Ferguson’s pronouncements on the quality of his own players and those who starred for other teams. Shortly afterwards, the book hit the headlines when readers discovered a number of factual errors in the text. Bearing all of that in mind, should you buy a copy? The book mainly focuses on Ferguson’s last seasons in charge at Old Trafford, and his final year in particular, with some detailed rundowns of key games. In between, there are chapters devoted to memorable friends and adversaries – notably Roy Keane, David Beckham, Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho. Ferguson tells a good story, and as you might expect, he has a huge stock of anecdotes about his time in charge. He also shows an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game and offers a real insight into the scouting and signing process at a Premier League club. However, if you have read any of the articles published at the time the book was released, chances are that you have heard the best tales already, and certainly the best lines. The chapter on Keane is a prime example – the argument in the changing room is undoubtedly dramatic, but comes as no real surprise. The now legendary boot-kicking incident with Beckham is equally familiar, and offers no great insight. I bought this hoping to learn something new about what makes Ferguson tick and how he achieved his phenomenal success. I finished it disappointed, feeling that I hadn’t found out a great deal – other than the general message that if Fergie is not always right, then he is 99% of the time. For the fans, a must. For the general reader, maybe not. HINCKLEY LIFE MARCH 2014

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