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richmond series conservation center raven rock visitor center ellsworth kelly gallery backyard apartment chair


photography sketches creations

richmond series study of a city Richmond, VA A cumulative project observing arterials as physical constraints, and the resulting change of texture, density and scale.

diagram one

diagram two




richmond series: study of a city

conservation center study of site Corolla, NC Responding to site-specific code, climate, historic buildings, and natural conditions. Optimizing natural daylight and ventilation. Reinforcing the transitions between forest, marsh and sound.


forest marsh

existing dock

boat house

sound Whalehead Club

conservation center: study of site

raven rock visitor center study of a public retreat Raven Rock State Park, Lillington, NC Exploring the dynamics in the relationship of visitor to land. Separating and integrating complex program elements.

raven rock visitor center: study of a public retreat

ellsworth kelly gallery study of circulation Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC Creating spaces corresponding to each painting. Stringing spaces together in a promenade of exploration and discovery.

level one

level two

level three

level one

level two

level three

ellsworth kelly gallery: study of circulation

backyard apartment study of a residence Faircloth Street, Raleigh, NC Increasing diversity and density in the neighborhood with a modest 600 sqft solution. Expanding living to embrace exterior spaces.

backyard apartment: study of a residence

chair study of details Two methods of layering and laminating. Custom hardware to differentiate between construction methods.

chair: study of details

photography study of life

photography: study of life

sketches study of observation

sketches: study of observation

creations study of fun

creations: study of fun

Nicole Alvarez Portfolio  

A collection of studies.

Nicole Alvarez Portfolio  

A collection of studies.