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Himalaya´s Monthly Publication, October 2013, Volume 9, No. 2

Preschool News There is no such thing as a small party in Mexico!


Preschool News Math project K3 had loads of fun learning all about additions during September! Our little ones used didactic material in their Math Center to solve basic problems. They are now getting ready to start working on geometry.


Show children the fun side to learning Math!

Book Fair 2013 Getting children to read is one of our primary goals. The Book Fair was a great way to put new books into kids’ hands. Our students were excited to select them with their parents. Storytelling time was a favorite among our younger ones as always! Let´s make a difference and transform reading into a passion!

Preschool News Our Himalaya Families Estoy muy contenta de escribir esta nota y platicar un poco de mi experiencia como nueva familia Himalaya. Somos familia de nuevo ingreso. Mi hija entró a Kinder 3 y desde su inicio todo ha sido un proceso gratamente sorprendente. Mi esposo y yo estábamos seguros de nuestra elección pero cada día que pasa las sorpresas han sido muy superiores a nuestras expectativas.

Amalia González Manjarrez

El trato que hemos recibido, la atención al proceso de integración de nuestra hija en sus múltiples actividades, ha sido maravilloso; y por mucho la comunidad de aprendizaje que forma la Familia Himalaya, maestros, alumnos, padres y personal administrativo, todos bajo un mismo objetivo, el desarrollar a mi hija en todos los aspectos: intelectuales, emocionales y espirituales. Esto ha sido de gran valor para nosotros y fundamental en su formación.

Emotional Intelligence inByEducation Miss Gaby de la Garza We live in a society in which emotional expression, both verbal and non-verbal, is rare. We see this reflected in Preschool kids and even in adults who think it’s better to keep emotions and feelings to themselves instead of expressing them. We need to change this way of living and teach our children to manage their emotions properly. Kids have a hard time identifying what they feel or don’t know how to express themselves properly. If they don’t know what they feel, how are they supposed to control it? Being able to control emotions and feelings is key to human development. This should be learned early in life through Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence refers to the human ability to understand and name their own feelings. It also refers to being able to recognize them in others and control them to ensure positive outcomes or consequences. Children as young as our Preschoolers are able to develop this ability to control their emotions. In order for this to happen, they must acquire the construction of their own identity and self-esteem. This will lead them to appreciate their capacities and limits. Through Emotional Intelligence, children get to know themselves better, recognize how they react in different situations (both good and bad), and learn what behavior is expected from them. This will help them solve their problems successfully in their daily lives. It will give them the security to establish new social interactions, both now as a child and in the future, as an adult. Source: Baena, G. (2003). Cómo desarrollar la inteligencia emocional infantil. Guía para padres y maestros. México: Trillas.

Preschool News Peace Day Students at Himalaya celebrated Peace Day listening to stories, making crafts and praying the Rosary for World Peace.

The creation September was the month in which our preschoolers learned about God’s creation. They had a great time doing it through music, books and plays. This chapter in our faith is one of the most important ones. It introduces God as Creator of all things and the One and Only.


Preschool News

Bambolino 2 had an entertaining, ingenious and interactive workshop where kids played and learned. Our goal was to help educate, guide and empower parents; promote family bonding and provide a fun and stimulating environment for infants and adults. During these sessions our parents learned the way children and babies are stimulated through age-appropriate activities, toys, music and movement.

Preschool News

Green kids at work Because paper is so important to us and we use so much of it, we need to make sure we use it wisely. Fortunately, we can save trees by using less paper and by recycling it. Miss Denisse’s kids made their own paper. They discovered how important it is to recycle and how easy is to make recycled paper.

“Trees are good. Do not cut the trees.” María Marcos Villarreal

“Save the world. Don’t throw trash on the ground.” David Ruiz

“Keep my world green. Don’t Pollute.” Abraham Casas

AdvancED Update AdvancED has five standars through which the school is evaluated: 1. Purpose and Direction 2. Governance and Leadership 3. Teaching and Assesing for Learning 4. Resources and Support Systems 5. Using Results for Continuous Improvement In the next issues we will address each one of them for a better understanding.

Preschool News Last Happy Friday was a freaky and silly day! Princesses and superheroes burst into our Preschool and surprised us. This fun-filled activity was an unforgettable experience of joy, happiness and endless fun!

Heroes & Princesses Virtue of the month


• During October, we continue to encourage our kids to live happily and help others enjoy life by creating a positive atmosphere around them. • Being joyful is feeling love and happiness in ourselves and sharing it with others.

Preschool News Creative children at work

MĂŠxico magico

Grandparents Festival! We happily invite you to discover our country through your grandchildren.

October, Thursday 24 Mass: 8:30 a.m. The show starts after mass.


Preschool News OCTOBER


of the month TimeLock - Time Limit for Parents By Bitworks Design

Mía González de la Garza Amalia González Manjarrez Rafael Múzquiz Romero David Ruiz Kalifa Rossana González Saldaña Rodrigo González Vázquez María Sofía Batarse Quintanilla Pablo Villarreal Martínez Eugenio del Bosque Martínez Fernanda López Villarreal Gabriela Garza Ayala Ana Lucía Ceniceros Ramos André Barrera Díaz Gabriel Sáenz Pérez Maldonado Gabriel Alanís Cárdenas Cecilia Welsh Treviño Andrea González Torres Roberta Alanís Cárdenas Gonzalo André González Ruiz

8 Miss Denisse A.Cerda de la Garza 12 Miss Emma Chavarría Díaz


Girls’ hair bows are one of the most commonly lost items in Preschool. We recommend you to write your daughter’s name on the inside with a permanent marker.


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In October, besides our Mexican project, all preschoolers will approach geometry by manipulating 3D objects. Shapes are extremely important in basic and advanced Math. They help your child to develop sequence and logic skills that they will use later in school in subjects like Calculus.


TimeLock allows parents to set a daily usage time limit on their child’s iPod, iPhone or iPad. It automatically disables the device when that time limit is over and resets the timer every day. Once installed and set up, TimeLock is completely autonomous, which means your child will only be able to use the device for a set time each day without your intervention.

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Conferencia “En la cumbre más alta” Citas Kínder 3 Misa de viernes primero Festival de abuelitos Citas Kínder 2

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Preschool News Vol.9 #2