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Germ Protection

Anti Oxidants

Germ Protection

Anti Oxidant

Anti Oxidant

Anti-oxidants How does anti-oxidants work

Anti-oxidants reduce the inammatory processes initiated by bacterial infection by free radical scavenging activity.

Anti-oxidants Oxidative stress and periodontal disease • Free radicals are released as a result of bacterial inflammation. • Free radicals can destroy periodontal tissues • When antioxidants are depleted, the ability of gum tissue to overcome oxidative stress, maintain normal tissue and control the bacterial damage appears to be compromised. • Low levels of most antioxidants are a risk factor for periodontal disease and infection.

• Periodontal tissue depends on natural antioxidants to overcome this oxidative stress and maintain homeostasis.

Anti-oxidants Products with Anti-Oxidants SL.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Standard Common Name Pomegranate Winged Prickly Ash Indian Gum Arabic Tree Chebulic Myrobalan Belleric Myrobalan Amla Vidanga Chinese Chaste Tree Salvadora Persica Acacia Farnesiana Acacia Catechu Mimosups Elengi Neem

English Name Pomegranate Toothache Tree Indian Gum Arabic Tree Chebulic Myrobalan Belleric Myrobalan Indian Gooseberry Embelia Five-leaved Chaste Tree Toothbrush Tree Sweet Acacia Cutch Tree West Indian Medler Neem

Anti-oxidant property 

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Astringents Loose infected gums

• Astringents are group of substances that cause contraction or shrinkage of tissues by complexing with protein. • Herbs used in complete care are rich in Tannins which are good astringents

Tightened infection free gum

thus tighten the gum. This action helps in supporting the gum from further loosening which may otherwise result in infiltration of infection to deeper layers. • Himalaya toothpastes are enriched with natural astringents from herbs like miswak, pomegranate, almond shell that helps to tighten and detoxify gums. Hence a GUM EXPERT

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