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The United Sates Ambassador to Ireland, H.E Kevin F. O'Malley visits Cork and discusses US-Ireland relations, the Creative Minds project and his time as Ambassador in Ireland


Issue 11 2016







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reland’s largest Diplomatic dinner took place in Cork on November 4th when up to 50 countries were represented at

The Diplomat Dinner 2016. The event saw the US Ambassador to Ireland HE Kevin O’ Malley as Guest Speaker at the event with the 10

The Cork Business Awards 2016

Ambassadors from every continent come to


IGNITE partner with Musgrave

Cork for the event. Cork County Council hosted



Canadian Ambassador HE Kevin Vickers, the British Ambassador HE Robin Barnett and

a reception in County Hall and the Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Seamus McGrath welcomed Diplomats and gave a presentation

Cork as a great city and county that is open

on the attractiveness of Cork from a business,

for business and interested in developing new

tourism, educational and other perspectives.

relationships. We see the next step in furthering

The CE of Cork County Council Tim Lucey

this relationship with the establishment of The

delivered a key address to the Diplomats on the

Global Diplomatic Centre which will be a

investment that Cork county was making in its

centre for the promotion of business, tourism,

area and its future strategy.

education, culture with the all sectors of the communities in Ireland South.”

The Diplomat Dinner 2016 was the largest of these events and the co-organiser of the event,

The Diplomat Dinner 2016 was hosted by

John X Miller Honorary Consul of Hungary

Diplomat magazine which is published in

said “it is a major step for Cork to host this

Cork and serves Ireland on a global basis and

event and it shows clearly the willingness of

promotes Ireland globally.

Ambassadors to come to Cork to hear the


Cork Simon Cookery


The LIBA Awards 2016


The VoxPro Diplomat Global Achievement Award 2016


45 Young Entrepreneurs put through their paces

Michael Mulcahy

message of positivity that exists in Cork. This


message goes global when the Ambassadors take it back to their own countries and promoted

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cover story



JXM: Ambassador, Your grandparents were, from Co. Mayo and emigrated to the United States in the early part of the 20th Century. Like many other departing Irish, they left by ship from Cobh for a new life and land.  Can you describe, from what you know, their experience on arrival in America, and their life there?

K O’M: I was told that my grandparents trundled their seven children onto a boat in Cobh — then Queenstown — in 1907 and set sail for a new life in America. They arrived in Chicago with seven children and had another eight in

Ambassador. I think they would have been very surprised and proud. It says so much about Irish DNA and about opportunities in the United States. In two generations a family can go from economic refugee to United States ambassador. It’s a success story that’s not uncommon at all between the U.S. and Ireland.

JXM: When you were appointed Ambassador, you had to relinquish your Irish passport. In the light of your familial connections to Ireland, was this a difficult choice to make?

the U.S. My father was the first to be born on American soil. My grandparents

KO’M: No it wasn’t a difficult choice. This was just a procedural requirement

left Ireland without any education, were penniless and jobless, but certainly not

which is wholly surpassed by the honor of serving the United States in the land


of my ancestors.

JXM: How do you think this influenced you both in terms of your life

JXM: Prior to becoming Ambassador you appear to have had an

outlook, and your choice of career?

exceptionally interesting career and life journey, ranging from being a

KO’M : Through hard work, perseverance, and patriotism, women and men

United States Department of Justice as a federal prosecutor to teaching law

of Irish descent have given their brawn, brains, and blood to make and remake the United States. I knew my grandparents. Our home was a traditional Irish Catholic home that one would expect in the fifties and sixties. A hard work ethic and sense of family were engrained in my siblings and me.

Special Attorney of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the in Moscow, Warsaw and St. Louis. Looking back, what do you think this experience has brought to your role as Ambassador? KO’M: I have been exceedingly fortunate to have had an exciting legal career prior to being asked by President Obama to represent him in Ireland.

JXM: When President Obama nominated you as Ambassador to Ireland,

At the Justice Department I learned my craft as a trial lawyer. I saw that

did you see this as life and ancestry coming full circle as it were?

serious conflicts can and should be resolved according to established rules and

KO’M: I stood on the steps of Aras an Uachtarain in Phoenix Park, the official

teaching law has given me the satisfaction of passing along some experiences

procedures and can be handled in a civil manner. Writing legal treatises and

residence of the President of Ireland, on October 8, 2014, listening to a band

which may be helpful to my colleagues at the bar. In my opinion all of this has

playing “The Star Spangled Banner” and soaked in all the pomp and ceremony

been helpful to me in accessing opportunities for future collaborations between

on the occasion of the presentation of my credentials to President Michael D.

the U.S. and Ireland.

Higgins. But as I stood there I kept wondering what would my grandparents think, seeing their grandson return to their homeland as United States



cover story market and for export from Ireland to every corner of the world. I have also been impressed by the strong linkages between the business community and Irish educational institutions. It is fascinating to watch the collaborations between U.S. companies on the ground here and Irish universities that are developing customized courses to ensure a pipeline of highly qualified employees to fuel growth and expansion and also to give students real-world skills.

JXM: There was a time, perhaps, when US and Ireland’s historical relationship was viewed through green tinted lens, and was heavily influenced by the ‘immigrant’ experience. But times are changing and the rate of future emigration to the US from Ireland is likely to slow. How, then, do you see the links that have been built up over centuries being maintained and developed?

JXM: On March 15, this year, at the annual White House St. Patrick's Day

KO’M: I firmly believe that young people are the key to keeping our institutions

party, President Obama was reported as saying "Although Kevin’s only

and economies innovative and forward looking. Demographically, Ireland is the

been in Ireland for 18 months, he has crammed in almost eight years of

youngest country in the EU and that is a tremendous source of potential. That’s

work.” What is it that drives you as Ambassador and what do you see as your

why in 2015, the U.S. Embassy launched our Creative Minds series, which invites

achievements in this role?

prominent U.S. thought leaders to creatively engage with Irish audiences. We have invited artists, singer/songwriters, animators, entrepreneurs, technology

KO’M: I’ve talked about this assignment with Anne Anderson, Ireland’s

experts and leaders in other fields to engage with future Irish leaders and to

Ambassador to the U.S. and we’ve debated which of us has the more enjoyable

share their expertise to foster next-generational connections. The goal is to spark

job: to be Irish Ambassador to America, or American Ambassador to Ireland.

new collaborations and people to people connections between the United States

We’re not sure, but we think both positions must be among the best jobs in the

and Ireland. The economies of the twenty-first century depend increasingly on


creativity to succeed and this series aims to strengthen the creative ties between the United States and Ireland.

JXM: It strikes me that you, and, indeed your wife, Dena, are very active and outgoing. Would you agree, and, if so, how have these qualities contributed to

JXM: Most people think of Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland by US

your role?

companies when considering the Irish US trade and investment relationship. However, Ireland’s total investment in the US has reached a record $159.5bn.

KO’M: Since my arrival as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, I have traveled the length

How do you see this trade and investment business relationship developing,

and breadth of this beautiful country on an extensive range of public, business,

particularly in the light of Brexit, and in the context of the ongoing

and cultural visits to cities, towns and villages. The warmth of the welcome

International Trade negotiations?

extended to both myself and Dena on our travels more than underscores the special close relationship between the United States and Ireland. We have truly

KO’M: U.S.-Irish economic relationship is a two-way street. Total trade and

enjoyed being with so many wonderful people all across Ireland.

investment has been growing rapidly over the last several years, and has reached a value of over $550 billion. And the story of Irish investment in the U.S. is just as

JXM: Has your role and experience as Ambassador changed your outlook on

inspiring as U.S. FDI is here. Successful Irish multinationals have led the way for

US-Ireland relations in any way?

Irish start-ups that are increasingly looking to the U.S. as a first step in their path towards internationalization. More Irish companies are choosing to locate in the

KO’M: While I read with awe the statistics that define the size of the U.S./Ireland

U.S. to be close to their existing customers, to access the market of 317 million

economic relationship, my visits to the state-of-the-art U.S. facilities in places such

consumers, to nurture R&D links with universities, or to use their U.S. operations

as Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Mayo, have offered first-hand insights into

as an export base for other North and South American markets. In fact, Irish

the role that investment plays in the incredible economic bond that exists between

companies in the U.S. now employ more people in America than U.S. companies

our two countries. I have donned protective clothing and goggles and toured

employ in Ireland and I am confident that this two-way relationship will continue

laboratories where products and technologies are being created for the domestic

flourish and grow. From the outset of trade negotiations with the EU, we have been clear that our goal is for T-TIP to promote economic growth, boost jobs, increase public participation and transparency in regulatory processes, and reflect our shared transatlantic values. It’s important to remember that we are still in the middle of a negotiation, and that both sides are still working together to bridge differences.

JXM: Ambassador, can you describe the Creative Minds project that you initiated about eighteen months ago? KO’M: Since January 2015 we have been inviting an exciting list of creative Americans to lead discussions, master classes, and performances with Irish youth: singer-songwriter Ben Folds, Sopranos creator David Chase, legendary songwriter John Prine, animation expert Pete Docter, restauranteur Danny Meyer, and




cover story Grammy award-winning banjo players Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn. Just recently we hosted musician Andrew Bird. Vice President Joe Biden was our Creative Minds guest in June. The economies of the twenty-first century depend increasingly on creativity to succeed and this series aims to strengthen the creative ties between the United States and Ireland. The series allows for master classes, small discussions and networking and will continue with entrepreneurs, film pioneers, musical legends and up-and-coming artists and innovators.

JXM: How do you think culture, commerce and diplomacy can positively interact? KO’M: Cultural diplomacy plays a huge role in creating long-lasting ties between

JXM: Will, in your opinion, the US continue to play a role in the Northern Ireland peace process? KO’M: The United States continues to provide political support for Northern Ireland’s peace process and for implementation of this accord. Moreover, Secretary Kerry’s Personal Representative, Senator Gary Hart, will continue his engagement in support of a peaceful and prosperous Northern Ireland. The leaders in Northern Ireland, however, must lead. They must, courageously if necessary, break the ties to the troubled past and move forward to a prosperous, united future in Northern Ireland. I firmly believe that young people play an essential role in consolidating the progress made on peace and reconciliation over the last 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity

the United States and Ireland by sharing America’s rich culture of performing arts

to meet many young leaders in my visits to Belfast and have been inspired by

with Irish audiences. Our Creative Minds conversations have proven that arts and

their capacity to make a positive impact in their communities.

culture are intrinsically linked with innovation, technology, and new ways of doing business.

JXM: The world seems to be in a constant state of flux, and to throw up new challenges on a weekly if not daily basis. What do you see as the US role in meeting such challenges, be it ISIS, Syria, the spread of terrorism and radicalisation or the aftermath of the attempted coup in Turkey? KO’M: We will continue to work closely with all of our Coalition partners in our


JXM: Ambassador, by the time the US Presidential election takes place, it will have been a little over two years since you took up your position. At the outset, what were your main goals? KO’M: My main goal was to leave the bilateral relationship in an even better state than when I arrived here. And, yes, I hope we have achieved that with the Creative Minds Series and two way trade and investment promotion. Youth engagement has been a top priority for me and the Embassy. Last November, for example, we

shared efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL worldwide. President Obama has been

brought 120 delegates from Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as U.S. and

exceedingly clear about our determination to protect innocent people and fight

international students studying in the country, together for a cross-border social

violent extremism around the world.

entrepreneurship hackathon. During the 48-hour event, delegates aged 18 to 25

JXM: The Brexit vote has taken many commentators by surprise. What do you think its affects will be? KO’M: The people of the United Kingdom have spoken and we respect their

outlined 50 of the most important social problems facing youth locally, regionally, and globally. The hackathon culminated in a “pitching” competition with the 15 teams presenting their solutions and prototypes before a panel of judges. After hearing those pitches, and meeting the Youth Council members, I was inspired by what the future holds for the U.S.-Ireland relationship. These young people

decision. As the UK and EU begin the process of negotiating the UK’s departure

challenge our institutions and economies to be more disruptive, innovative, and

from the European Union, we will continue our robust work with London,

forward looking. I can’t wait to see their great ideas flourish and better our world.

Brussels, and other EU capitals to ensure continued stability, security, and prosperity in Europe and beyond. The world looks to the transatlantic community to address nearly all of its most serious challenges. That community remains strong through NATO, through the U.S.-UK special relationship, through the U.S.-EU partnership, through our relationships in other multilateral fora such as

JXM: Ambassador, what memories will you take with you when you return to St. Louis? KO’M: Although Dena and I will take back many, many happy memories to our

the G7 and G20, and with individual EU member states. We are committed to

home in St. Louis, chief among them will be the warm and gracious welcomes

working constructively with UK and EU authorities across our political, economic

we have received at each and every stop along our journey here. Whether in the

and financial relationship, including in such areas as trade, financial services, and

tiniest village in Mayo or with the crowds at Croke Park on a GAA Sunday, we

regulatory cooperation. Our extremely close cooperation in the fields of foreign

shall never, ever forget the Irish welcomes – ever!

and security policy will continue.

JXM: Given your energy and the active role you’ve played here in Ireland, it is hard to see you settling into slippers and armchair mode. What would you like to do next? KO’M: I promised President Obama that I would “run through the tape” here in Ireland, so it is far too early to even think about what is next for me personally. I know, however, that I will never stop working to broaden and deepen the personal, business, and cultural connections between our two countries. In September of this year Dena and I celebrated the birth of Rowan O’Malley in Dublin – the first of our clan of O’Malleys to be born in Ireland since my family emigrated 100 years ago. I want to make sure that he has an opportunity to enjoy the Irish – American relationship that I have cherished my entire life.

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Dr. Coughlan continued, "as a Corkman living in Galway, I believe Cork has a fantastic

Coughlan is delighted to announce the 2016

decade of growth ahead of it and will attract substantial internal and external investment

winners in The Cork Business Awards 2016.

in all its areas. It's business, tourism and educational offering is up there with the very best locations in the world. Cork city with its expanding retail offering in St Patrick Street,

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business people, organisations and civic minded

after the past eight years is seeing us all looking for opportunities. We will of course

people who are the winners of the categories in

not forget the lessons of the past eight years and in Cork being a leading destination in

the 10th anniversary of The Cork Business Awards. The exceptional people that lead

Europe, we need to now look to grow again. Each of our winners of The Cork Business

these businesses and organisations give Cork the ability to compete on the global stage

Awards 2016 are inspirational businesses, organisations and people and we applaud

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them for all that they have done for Cork and its image and all that they will do for it

standard to operate to and the 2016 winners are an exceptional group of businesses and

in the future. We are delighted that our Guest of Honour on the night of the awards

people whose ability to represent Cork on the local and global stage is to be applauded.

on November 25th will be the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government,

Their efforts are what make the difference to Cork and they deserve the accolade 'Best

Simon Coveney TD and our Guest Speaker will be the TV Personality, Author and

in Cork' and I wish them continued success as they build on and develop their businesses

former British Cabinet Minister Edwina Currie."

and organisations from here and I am looking forward to presenting them with their awards on November 25th."


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The Cork Tyre Centre of the Year 2016

The Cork Corporate Travel Company of 2016

The Cork Beauty Salon of the Year 2016

The Judges Special Merit Award 2016

To recognise a Tyre Centre in Cork that has set itself apart from others Dessies Tyres To recognise a beauty salon in Cork that has set itself apart from others Image Beauty & Tanning

The Cork Hotel of the Year 2016

To recognise an Hotel in Cork that has set itself apart from others The Clarion Hotel

The Cork Pharmacy of the Year 2016

To recognise a pharmacy in Cork that is exceptional in the service that it delivers to its customers - Minihans Chemist

The Cork Corporate Gifts Business of the Year 2016

To recognise a corporate gifts business in Cork that has set itself apart from others - Brown Thomas

The Cork Jeweller of the Year 2016

To recognise a Jeweller in Cork that has set new standards of customer care and attention to detail - Michel Jewellers

The Cork Hair Salon of the Year 2016

To recognise a hair salon that has set itself apart from others - Hairworks

This award is made by to a Cork travel company that focuses on the corporate sector and that assist the Cork business community with its requirements in the travel sector - Heffernans Travel This award is made by the Judges to recognise a person, business or organisation that they feel has made an outstanding contribution to Cork or Ireland Ludgate Hub

The Judges Cork Philanthropy Award 2016

This award is made by the Judges to recognise a person, business or organisation that they feel has made an outstanding Philanthropic contribution to Cork Paddy O' Brien of The Over 60's Talent Competition

The Chairman's Award 2016

This award is made by the Chairman of the Judging Panel Dr Chris Coughlan to recognise a person, business or organisation that he feels has made an outstanding contribution to Cork business community James A Barry, Founder of Barry Group Mallow

The Publisher's Award 2016

This award is made by the Publisher of Business Cork Michael Mulcahy in recognition of a person, business or organisation that he feels has made an exceptional contribution to Cork - Brenda Cooper of Horner APG




LOCAL BUSINESS AWARDS IN CORK CITY & COUNTY The Ballincollig Business of 2016 - Oriel House Hotel The Bandon Business of 2016 - Kevin O' Leary Motor Group The Bantry Business of 2016 - Keohanes Seafoods


The Little Island Business of 2016 - The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa The Macroom Business of 2016 - MedCo The Mahon Business of 2016 - Swamp Fashions

The Bishopstown Business of 2016 - Audi Cork The Blckpool Business of 2016 - New Furniture Centre The Blarney Business of 2016 - Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel The Buttevant Business of 2016 - Greenhall Motors

The Mallow Business of 2016 - Moda The Midleton Business of 2016 - Jack Cuthberts Bakery The Millstreet Business of 2016 - Clover Hill Food Indgredients

The Carrigaline Business of 2016 - Collins Super Valu

The Mitchelstown Business of 2016 - Ballinwillin House

The Carrigtwohill Business of 2016 - D Dennehy

The Monkstown Business of 2016 - The Bosun

The Castlemartyr Business of 2016 - Castlemartyr Resort

The Newmarket Business of 2016 - Newmarket Motors

The Charleville Business of 2016 - Office Assist

The Patrick Street Business of 2016 - Michel Jewellers

The Clonakilty Business of 2016 - Shannon Vale Foods The Cobh Business of 2016 - Great island Motors The Douglas Business of 2016 - LB Design Solutions

The Rathcormac Business of 2016 - Savas Beauty The Rosscarbery Business of 2016 - The Celtic Ross Hotel The Ringaskiddy Business of 2016 - The Island Crematorium

The Dunmanway Business of 2016 - Healy's Super Valu The Fermoy Business of 2016 - Vanilla Boutique The Fota Business of 2016 - Fota Island Resort The Glandore Business of 2016 - Glandore Bistro

The Skibbereen Business of 2016 - The Church Restaurant The South Mall Business of 2016 - Jeremy Murphy & Associates The Tivoli Business of 2016 - Kevin O' Leary Motor Group

The Glanmire Business of 2016 - Fitzgeralds Vienna Woods Hotel

The Union Hall Business of 2016 - The Fish Shop/Glenmar Shellfish

The Glengarriff Business of 2016 - Casey's Hotel

The Wilton Business of 2016 - Jeff Devine Hair Group

The Glounthaune Business of 2016 - The Elm Tree

The Whitegate Business of 2016 - Trabolgan Holiday Village

The Kanturk Business of 2016 - O' Callaghan Motors

The Youghal Business of 2016 - The Walter Raleigh Hotel

The Kinsale Business of 2016 - The Blue Haven Hotel




ignite partner with musgrave


IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Programme has announced details of a sponsorship that sees Musgrave partner the nine month business incubation programme based at University College Cork (UCC), which is aimed at nurturing, developing and strengthening entrepreneurial potential among recent graduates from any discipline, from any third level institution with a viable business idea. Musgrave’s sponsorship will support the expansion of the Programme over the next number of years, and coincides with the 7th IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Programme, which is now an established part of the start-up ecosystem in the region. The current Programme sees ten aspiring graduate entrepreneurs working on nine start-up businesses; and since its inception in 2010, IGNITE has seen 60 businesses, involving almost 80 individuals, complete the programme, many of which are now trading internationally. For start-ups that undertake the Programme, IGNITE support is equivalent to a €25K investment and founders do not give up any equity in their business. Speaking at the announcement of the sponsorship, Dave O’Flynn, Head of Business Development at Musgrave said “We are delighted to support the IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Programme which is providing such valuable support to the development of young entrepreneurs. Musgrave partners with local retailers, suppliers and communities across Ireland on a daily basis and we recognise the important role which innovation and entrepreneurship plays in the success of our country. As Ireland’s number one food retailer and wholesaler, we already support over 35,000 jobs through our SuperValu, Centra, Daybreak and MarketPlace brands and we have an objective of growing good business which is closely aligned with the work of the IGNITE Programme. We look forward to supporting Eamon Curtin and the IGNITE team, and wish all the participants great success in the future.” Other synergy between IGNITE and Musgrave includes former IGNITE participant, Breffney O’Dowling Keane, founder of FruitCubed, which creates a blend of nutritious, delicious fruit and vegetables, cubed and proportioned into ready-to-eat cubes. Having graduated from IGNITE, Breffney also completed the Food Academy programme, run by SuperValu in partnership with Bord Bia and the Local Enterprise Office Network. Food Academy, which works with and nurtures small businesses through their journey from start-up to getting their products on the shelves of supermarkets, was of great assistance to Breffney in helping her trial her products in the challenging Irish grocery sector. IGNITE Programme Director; Eamon Curtin thanked Musgrave for the support offered through the sponsorship: “We recognise, nurture, and encourage entrepreneurship as a viable career choice. IGNITE participants have access to an extensive team of mentors, advisors and industry partners, they share a workspace in UCC’s Western Gateway Building, benefit from regular workshops and guest speakers, and receive seed funding. This new partnership will see Musgrave integrate with the Programme on many levels including participation on a mentoring level, offering invaluable advice to our participants. Without the support of partners like Musgrave, we simply could not offer such support to young entrepreneurs to get a head start with their businesses.”   Since its inception the IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Programme has also been supported by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, the Local Enterprise Offices in Cork City and County, UCC and Bank of Ireland. For further information on the Programme visit or email 

cork airport celebrates european public affairs award Cork Airport is celebrating after winning the Corporate Campaign of the Year Prize at the inaugural EU Public Affairs Awards 2016 (EuroPAwards), in Brussels. Cork Airport won the prestigious award for its ongoing efforts to secure its first ever direct transatlantic route with Norwegian Air International. Despite political opposition and objection from some quarters in the US and closer to home, Cork Airport has surmounted obstacles and worked tirelessly to garner support for the airline’s proposed historic route on both sides of the Atlantic. Over the last 18 months, Cork Airport has engaged and petitioned support from the public and business community to secure the new route given its strategic importance to tourism and investment. In partnership with Norwegian Air International, Cork Airport has gathered the backing of politicians locally, nationally and at European level through a structured and effective lobbying strategy. It has also engaged with US officials and politicians in its efforts and, ultimately, got the vocal support from President Obama. Cork Airport’s Head of Communications Kevin Cullinane said: “We are absolutely delighted to win this award. It marks a point in our journey and efforts to finally land our first direct transatlantic routes. To be shortlisted for three awards and to win one, demonstrates how national and international cooperation with a focused end result can transcend political and social obstacles and challenges. “At times, it felt like the battle between David and Goliath; an international airport on the South of Ireland verses powerful American airlines and labour organisations. We have had to battle repeated false assertions in a way that was grounded in dialogue and mutual understanding on multiple levels. We remain very positive that we will see the first direct US-bound aircraft taking off from Cork Airport during 2017”, he added. Cork Airport was up against stiff competition to win the award for Best Corporate Campaign with Astra Zeneca and ISC2 also shortlisted. Cork Airport was also shortlisted in the Lobbying Member States and best Ethical categories.

cork city christmas lights turned on

The countdown is on to Christmas in Cork as the city center Christmas Lights were turned on Sunday November 13th by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Des Cahill and Cork’s Olympic rowing heroes brothers Paul and Gary O’Donovan. There are rumours of a special guest appearance by Santa Claus to mark the start of the festive season in Cork. Presented by Cork City Council, the evening kicked off at 6.30pm with live music from the Academy of Popular Music who performed a host of Christmas favourites including All I want for Christmas is you, I wish it could be Christmas every day and Santa Claus is coming to town. Students from The Academy of Popular Music, which is based in the Cork School of Music, have previously performed on the Late Late Toy Show, the Voice of Ireland, RTE’s Daniel O’Donnell’s Christmas Special, Teen Idol Cork and Cork’s Got Talent.



CORK AT A GLANCE prestigious award for cork from chinese government Cork City received a major prestigious award from the Chinese Government today at the China International Friendship Cities Conference 2016 in Chongqing, China. The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Des Cahill, travelled to Chongqing to participate in the Conference at the invitation of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and he also received the Friendship City Award for Exchanges and Cooperation with China, from Mr. Qing Boming, Secretary General of China International Friendship Cities Association on behalf of the people of Cork. The Lord Mayor said: “This prestigious honour is particularly satisfying as Cork was one of only three cities from the Shanghai’s 85 Sister Cities to be nominated for an award. Coming after the very successful 10th Anniversary celebration of the Sister City relationship in 2015, it has strengthened the bonds between Cork and one of the great World Cities, Shanghai.” The Lord Mayor was accompanied by John Hayes from the Corporate and External Affairs Directorate of Cork City Council and Aoife Fleming, Second Secretary, Embassy of Ireland, Beijing. The Cork delegation was also joined by Yu Qiang and Shao Yihe of the European and African Division of Shanghai’s Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. The Lord Mayor further noted: “It is wonderful to be

in Chongqing to receive this award, which recognises the partnership between Shanghai and its Sister City, Cork, over the past 14 years. This is testament to the many organisations and individuals that have made this relationship work for the benefit of the citizens in both cities. I have been told that Shanghai nominated Cork for this major Cork because Shanghai and Cork City is the first pairing of Sister Cities between China and Ireland and, since the conclusion of the Agreement between the two cities, there have been more and more bilateral visits, deepening the understanding between each other and leading to valuable exchanges in the areas of economy and trade, education, culture, local government and training, which, in turn, has contributed remarkably to the social and economic development of both cities.” The Lord Mayor also delivered an address to the conference on City Cultural Branding in the context of China’s continuing “Opening up”. The speech was very well received by the conference delegates. While in Chongqing, the Lord Mayor also met delegations from the cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen, both of whom have concluded Memoranda of Understanding regarding cooperation with Cork.

clayton hotel silver springs ballroom, meeting and events centre One of Cork’s longest established hotels, Clayton Hotel Silver Springs has celebrated the opening of its newly reconstructed Ballroom, Meeting and Events Centre. Following a complete redesign and significant reconstruction, totalling an investment of €3.2 million from the Dalata Hotel Group (owners of the Clayton Brand), the new events centre offers a state-of-the-art, elegant and high tech facility for all modern business and social needs. The work has provided a tangible boost to the local economy as the hotel group contracted Cork-based Coughlan De Keyser Architects and builders Vision Contracting to carry out the work. The building phase alone employed over 60 individuals in construction roles, while the finished premises will sustain 120 existing jobs and provides for 30 additional jobs to be created. Set over two spacious levels, the centre is fully transformed inside and out. External changes include new entrances at the front and back, a fresh façade, landscaping, additional parking all added externally and dramatic changes to the internal layout. The ground floor will serve as an events space with an elegant, modern and bright ballroom, complete with a dedicated break out area and contemporary prefunction space, with capacity to cater for conferences with up to 800 delegates. The upper floor offers 12 new dedicated meeting suites, which are flooded with natural light and views of the River Lee. These suites offer state-of-theart audio visual equipment, light and climate control, blackout facilities, air conditioning throughout and high-speed complimentary WiFi internet access. The new look Ballroom, Meeting and Events Centre will exude a modern yet warm and friendly feel that is in line with values of the Clayton brand and offers a competitive edge in the business and social event market in Munster. The Clayton Hotel Silver Springs is proud of their dedicated meeting and events team, who are geared up to offer competitive packages and attentive,

personalised service and who intend to represent the new-look events centre with the signature professionalism that Clayton is known for. Newly appointed General Manager of the hotel, well known Cork Hotelier Joe Kennedy, commented on the opening saying: “The future is looking bright here at Clayton Silver Springs; our new Ballroom, Meeting and Events Centre is world class. We are confident of attracting major conferences and key business meetings with immediate effect. We already hold a sterling reputation in the large scale event and wedding market in Cork and now with our sparkling new ballroom, we are one of the premier venues in Ireland.”   “I want to thank Dalata for backing Cork with this significant investment. I must also pay credit to our local team of architects and builders for their hard work in delivering the project on time – they worked day and night.  Finally, on behalf of all the management and staff here at Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, I would like to thank our loyal customers for their patience while we made necessary improvements and I am happy to shout from the rooftops that the wait is over and our new and improved centre open for business!” Upgrades and refurbishments are not limited to the new events centre, as upwards of €1.5 million has also been spent on the main hotel in 2016, delivering a bright new façade and 24 bedrooms newly refurbished. The bedrooms located on 5th & 6th floors offer a contemporary and stylish décor and fantastic views of the city and port.  2017 will see the further investment in the hotel from January as another floor of bedrooms will be fully refurbished. Clayton Hotel Silver Springs are so thrilled with their new Ballroom Meeting and Events Centre, that they are inviting corporate and event planners, along with local and national media to come take a guided tour at their convenience.




GALLERY: launch of heron’s reach gate lodges at castlemartyr resort 1. Mary Coyle of Irving Oil, Oivia O’Donnell of Castlemartyr Resort and Mary Horgan of Midleton Park at the launch of the Heron’s Reach Gate Lodges held at the 5-star Castlemartyr Resort 2. Karina Corbett of Business Plus, Maureen Cunningham of Dairygold, Anne Cahill of CCB and Theresa O’Connell of Stryker 3. Maureen Cunningham, Stephen Kenny, Pat O’Mahony and Avril Kenny of Dairygold 4. Lori Collins of Red FM (centre) with Mum-in-Law Assumpta Fraser and Mum Rose Collins 5. Cathal Lynch of Castlemartyr Resort, Bill O’Connell of Cork Chamber of Commerce, and Neil Drinkwater of Old Thorns 6. Chelsea Bonus and Josephine O’Donoghue of Castlemartyr Resort 7. Shannon Collins of Castlemartyr Resort Photos by Michael O’Sullivan


16 1






Manage the Most Important Budget of All: YOUR OWN

In the aftermath of Budget 2017, I thought it topical to write about what really affects business owners in the day-to-day operational running of their business. Top of the list of challenges are managing your budget, maximising cash flow and making informed business decisions based on current financial information. Some business owners have trouble accurately forecasting their business expenses and revenue figures or predicting cash flow as well as managing debtor days etc. If you are a little like this, then perhaps investing in budgeting software will help. Getting to the granular detail and accuracy of budgets will help you create, finesse and stick to your budgets for every month/quarter etc. Budgeting software will help you get a better sense of your actual performance rather than an estimated performance. It will enable you to make better decisions for your business when you know your own budgetary requirements.

Let’s look at what budgeting software can do for your business: 1. Provide Insights With looking at excel, you see numbers. But often times, not in context. Accounting or budgeting software will help you gain insights that you previously couldn’t see or it would take too long to do. For example, you can easily see:

· Your least and most profitable service · Items that aren’t selling well · Stock that is incredibly popular but you don’t have enough of Sales forecasts for the next quarter

2. Create Instant Reports Each accounting or budgeting software can produce reports for you, where you can see in a very quick way, how you are performing. Here are some favourite reports that clients of ours are surprised to get in an instant:

· Aged debtors/receivables · Aged creditors/payables · Income/ turnover per client

· Expenses per client or cost centre · Income per unit or profit centre This is just a flavour of what information you can get, in addition to profit and loss management reporting and cash flow reports.

Remember whatever accounting package you get for budgeting and forecasting, you must follow two simple principles: 1. Get a Package that is Easy to use Choose the accounting software that is right for you. If it’s not easy, if it’s not visually appealing, if you find it difficult to get around, then don’t buy it. You or your team will find every excuse not to use it and that is not good.

2. Consult your Accountant Often times, clients come to us and don’t share that they have an accounting software package for fear that we’ll think we aren’t needed. On the contrary, we welcome clients who use accounting software. We recommend Sage but work with a number of different packages. We can extract all the relevant data from the software and sit down with our client to do a KPI & Business Health Review. We review past performance and can prepare forecasts based on future performance because the information is all there and available to us. So consult with your accountant, whether it’s us or someone else in order to get the relevant advice based on your own business requirements. In summary, regardless of the size of your business, if you are in control of your own budget, cashflow and sales, then that’s the budget that really matters. If you would like further information on any of the above, we would be delighted to speak with you.

AG Associates is an accounting practice that specialises in affordable accounting and payroll solutions for the SME business owner. It also offers training on accounting software. For further information please contact Angela at:

Unit 11, Eastgate Way, Little Island, Cork. 021 4824723 or



GALLERY: cork simon cookery 1. Lorraine O’Riordan-Rochestown, Clodagh Daly-John Daly Opticians and event organiser Deirdre Lee-Ballincollig 2. Ellen Lawlor and Kate Lawlor-Head Chef at Fenn’s Quay Restaurant, pictured at a cookery demonstration she hosted in aid of Cork Simon Community at the Kingsley Hotel 3. Brid O’Connor, Carmel White and Bairbre Hickey from Ballincollig 4. Volunteers Holly Lacey, Clare Lee from Ballincollig, and Sarah Lawlor-Wexford 5. Laura Wilson-Blackrock and Ciara Maharaj-Inishannon 6. Tracy Connolly-Gardiners Hill, Shalini Pauriah-Mater Private, and Michelle Glynn-Ballincollig 7. Eileen Fitzgerald-Ballincollig and Victoria Luke-Blackrock 8. Ann Marie Slattery and Caroline Daly from Bandon 9. Ger O’Connor-Ballincollig, Helen Barrett-Inishannon, and event organiser Deirdre Lee-Ballincollig 10. Carol Lehane-Inishannon and Vivienne Barrett-AIB Photos by Diane Cusack



18 4










GALLERY: DIPLOMATS DESCEND ON CORK FOR GLITTERING GATHERING 1. Hanne Pederson-Glounthaune, Vinvent Kelly-Glanmire and Ann Francies-Deerpark 2. Jim Corr-Douglas, Nora Callanan President Alliance Francaise de Cork and Daniel Muprhy-Cork City 3. Carmel and Leslie Buckley from Haven 4. Dr Joseph Monaghan, Nora Callanan and Matthieu Nivard from Alliance Francaise de Cork 5. Brendan Manning from Occasions and Cllr Kenneth O’Flynn 6. Bridget Monoghan-Montenotte and Dr Liam O’Connell-Monkstown 7. Monia Kiely-Mallow Road and Frances O’Flynn-Blarney

Photos by Gerard McCarthy

The Dinner, an annual event created by John X Miller and Michael Mulcahy, Honorary Consuls of Hungary and Poland respectively, is sponsored by Cork County Council, VoxPro, Mainport, Alliance Francais and Cork Civic Trust.








4th November Cork: Cork County Hall and the Radisson Hotel Little Island saw what is, with forty five countries represented, perhaps, the largest gathering of Ambassadors and Diplomats outside Dublin, descend on Cork to attend the DIPLOMAT Dinner 2016.




GALLERY: DIPLOMATS DESCEND ON CORK FOR GLITTERING GATHERING 1. Roberto Gasperoni-Italian Honorary Consul and Laura Ginevra-Italian Embassy 2. Colette and Pat Dineen from Blackrock 3. Sonia WilliamsMidleton and Sandy McCarthy-Ballymaloe 4. Mai Manning from Occasions 5. Linda and Dan Kiely from VoxPro 6. Cathal O’Connor from Blackrock and Agnes Stawosz from Barboq 7. Mai and Brendan Manning from Occasions 8. Liz O’Driscoll-Shandon and Colette Lynch-Sundayswell 9. Kay O’Mahony-Monkstown and Ciaran Carton-Cork Airport Photos by Gerard McCarthy













GALLERY: cork lights 1. Presented by Cork City Council Jessica Murphy, Chiara Casarin and Chiara Bruscagin-Carrigaline 2. Ania and Maja Onoszko-Carrigaline 3. Olympic Rowing Heroes Paul and Gary O’Donovan switch on the Christmas Lights in Cork and mark the start of the festive season in the city 4. Emma and Rebecca Whelan-Douglas 5. Eve Nauighton-Leaghnamore, Ally and Olivia Cosgrave-Farranree 6. Sean Coakley-Frankfield, Maya Dullea and Eva Dullea-Ballygarvan 7. The Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Des Cahill and Olympic Rowing Heroes Paul and Gary O’Donovan and Santa 8. Julianne Hayes-Ringaskiddy, Tamara Lawlor, Andrea O’Brien-Innishannon and Hayley O’Connell-Ballincollig

Photos by Darragh Kane










The Logiskills Group can assist your company in identifying the best available candidates, quicker and more effectively than any other generalist agency. We understand the industry and its unique requirements. We are continually aware of who and where the best available talent is in the market.

Sectoral Specialists: • • • • • • • •

Distribution Engineering Freight Forwarding Inventory & Materials Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Shipping Warehousing & Transport

Functional Specialists: • • • • • • • • • • •

Accounting & Support Staff Business Development & Account Executives Customer Service & Administration Engineers Freight Operations (Road, Sea & Air) Inventory Management IT Support & ERP System Specialists Logistics Coordinators & Analysts Operations & General Management Planners (Buyer, Demand, Transport, Logistics & Production) Shipping Coordinators

For further information contact us today on

The Logiskills Group is a multi award winning staffing specialist dedicated exclusively to the sourcing and retention of the best available talent within the Supply Chain Sector. Since 2004, the group has rapidly grown to become Ireland’s only dedicated staffing specialist for companies engaged in the manufacture or movement of product.

021 233 9200

3021 Euro & Business Park - Little Island - Cork - T45 AH75 Affiliations Certifications...

ISO 9000:2001 No: IE-19.3986 | Licence No: EA2181 | NRF Member:Yes





Photos by Vytenis Malisauskas

NOVEMBER Photos by Vytenis Malisauskas







THE VOXPRO DIPLOMAT GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2016 At Voxpro, we understand the enormous importance and value of the corporate, social and civic activity that Irish people engage in around the world. We are always pleased to celebrate the success of great people who make a difference to the lives of others. We are very pleased that the Voxpro Diplomat Global Achievement Award is going to an Irish couple who, with their team and so many volunteers, have made a vital difference to the lives of so many people in a country greatly in need of assistance.

continuing to have an on-the- ground positive impact on the everyday lives of Haitian people who are supported through Haven’s annual Volunteer Program. They are most deserving and worthy recipients of this award, which is a symbol of the appreciation which our community has for the work that they have done.

We are very proud to be sponsoring this award and even more proud to be presenting it to a couple who have shown such compassion and foresight in assisting the people of Haiti who have been affected by extreme poverty and the challenges of daily existence. This couple have shown an incredible commitment to empowering the people of Haiti to build strong and sustainable livelihoods for themselves. They have shown an untiring dedication to alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people through a series of Haven programs which provide sustainable water and sanitation facilities, education programmes, as well as shelter solutions for the most in need. They are

the recipients of The VoxPro Diplomat

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives Dan and I great pleasure to announce that

Global Achievement Award 2016 are the founders of Haven - Leslie and Carmel Buckley.”

* Citation read by Voxpro Founders Linda and Dan Kiely on the presentation of the award to Carmel and Leslie Buckley




CORK AT A GLANCE 45 young entrepreneurs put through their paces


45 young entrepreneurs put through their paces at Local Enterprise Offices’ ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’ business boot camp. As part of the nationwide search to find Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE), the three Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) in Cork launched a campaign in September to find the best young entrepreneurs in their region in three distinct categories, with a €150,000 investment fund up for grabs. The 45 young entrepreneurs, shortlisted from almost 200 applicants, came together for an intensive business boot camp, in association with the LEOs, held at The Maryborough Hotel & Spa. The boot camp was designed to help participants to develop the skills required to take their entrepreneurial ideas and businesses to the next level. From the concept stage to reality, and building a viable business plan to commercialising their business, the boot camp covered areas including business strategy, financial planning and sources of finance, targets and performance measurement as well as investor proposals. This is the third year of the IBYE competition, and it saw the highest number of applications to date nationwide with 1,842 applications. This year the age limit was raised, and IBYE was open to anyone aged between 18 and 35 with an innovative and original idea or concept for a product or service that is either at start up or early development stage. The Local Enterprise Offices Cork – LEO Cork City, LEO South Cork and LEO Cork North and West are each looking for the best entrepreneurs who “Stand Out” in the one of three categories. The ‘Best New Idea’ category has a top prize of €7,000 and a runner up prize of €3,000; while ‘Best Start Up Business’ (up to 36 months) and ‘Best Established Business’ categories each have €15,000 in prize money for winners and €5,000 each for the runners up, from each of the three LEOs. Each of the young entrepreneurs who attended the boot camp

will present their business plan and pitch to a judging panel in their region in the coming weeks to vie for a share of the investment fund available from their respective LEO, according to criteria including businesses’ investment needs and business prospects. The county-based stage of the competition will culminate with the naming of the nine ‘Best Young Entrepreneurs’ in Cork (three per LEO) at the county final which will be held in Vertigo at Cork County Hall on December 1st. The 2016 winners in each of the three categories will then go forward to represent their respective LEO in a regional final in February 2017, and if successful there, will fly the Cork flag at the national final to find ‘Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur’ before the end of the year. The €50,000 investment fund from each LEO is just one of the ways in which they help to nurture and support young people to realise their dream of owning and developing their own business. In last year’s national final Cork produced the overall winner of IBYE in James Foody, founder of Ayda, who won a further €50,000 investment in his business. Speaking at the boot camp, Adrienne Rodgers, Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Cork City said “We are delighted with the response we received for the 2016 search for Cork’s best young entrepreneurs – our largest entry to date. The competition has grown in popularity since its inception in 2014, a reflection of the entrepreneurial talent that is out there among those aged 18 to 35 all around our region who we need to nurture and support. The aim of IBYE is to encourage and support a culture of entrepreneurship among young people in Cork and indeed nationwide, to promote entrepreneurship as a career choice, and to encourage the establishment and development of new innovative businesses.”

pm group wins 2016 cpd employer of the year excellence award from engineers ireland

new partners at ronan daly jermyn

Ronan Daly Jermyn has announced the appointment of five Partners across the Firm’s Cork, Dublin and Galway offices. This brings the total number of Partners within the firm to 38. The new partners are Lisa Dennehy (Dublin), Marianne Lonergan (Cork), Claire Murray (Galway), Brendan O’Connell (Cork) and Donal Twomey (Cork). Managing Partner at Ronan Daly Jermyn, Richard Martin, commenting on these appointments, said, “My congratulations go to all of our new partners on reaching this milestone in their career. The spread across our three locations in Ireland underlines the demand we anticipate from clients across our network. All of our new partners have demonstrated exemplary client service skills and we look forward to having them play a key role in the firm’s future.”

Irish owned PM Group have been announced as winners of the 2016 CPD Employer of the Year Excellence Award from Engineers Ireland. Based on their CPD accreditation report for this year, PM Group received the highest rating in Ireland for their programme. The company’s Innovation in Action programme was highlighted as an important part of the accreditation. Speaking about the award win, Dave Murphy, CEO of PM Group said: “We are delighted to have won the CPD Employer of the Year Excellence Award from Engineers Ireland for 2016. As we are currently recruiting 500 graduates over 5 years, I am particularly happy that our graduate programme has been recognised as best-in-class as part of this award. We want employees to have fulfilling, exciting and challenging careers here in PM Group and we have found that our continuous professional development programme is an important tool to attract new employees. Our CPD programme offers real value to the company and to employees.” “As a company we invested considerably in continuous professional development because we are at our best when we go beyond problem-solving and create a knowledge-sharing company. To build CPD into our everyday working lives, we changed our culture, created CPD champions, matched our CPD practises to our business strategy, and fostered a spirit of creativity throughout the company. I want to congratulate all of the team involved in the rollout of the CPD programme, and to thank all our PM Group staff who are committed every day to being the best in the industry.”



GALLERY: the tia maria hi style awards 2016


Photos by Vytenis Malisauskas

NOVEMBER Photos by Vytenis Malisauskas


GALLERY: the tia maria hi style awards 2016




Cork Better Building Awards 2016 Honouring the best Buildings and businesses in Cork


The Awards Ceremony for the Cork Better Building Awards took place last Friday 11TH November in The River Lee Hotel where the winners were announced. This is an annual competition run by Cork Business Association with the support of main sponsor Cork City Council and media sponsors The Evening Echo and Red FM. Neil Prendeville of Red FM was the presenter on the day. The awards honour the best-designed and best-kept buildings in Cork City and suburbs, and are aimed at rewarding businesses and building care-takers for their efforts to protect, enhance and improve the city’s street scape. This will enhance public perception of the city as a vibrant and dynamic place to live, visit, invest.

The categories winners for the awards were: Best in Retail Best in Heritage & Conservation Best in CafĂŠ / Restaurant Best in Pub Front


Best in Commercial Business Frontage (excl. retail) AIB NORTH MAIN ST Best in Tourism, Arts & Accommodation Best New Development Judges Choice








en’s Kitchen C ork ’ s C oo l est R estaurant one y ear on


In my lifetime, the first food trend that I can really remember is the height trend. Beginning in the ’80s and well into the ’90s, dishes became almost impossibly tall. The higher the better, and if it was under four inches, well, you just weren’t trying hard enough. I’d bet that many an injury was suffered by macadamia-nut sugar spikes! Height held on for a long time, and shortly after height, (I hate using this word) FUSION cuisine arrived. Perhaps this trend was the beginning of people becoming more comfortable with different foods in general, though that would have been the very early stages of this movement. We saw some great stuff come out of this trend, like French/Japanese cuisine, but there were also some absolutely terrible things that came from it, too. Like Chino-Latino. When the 2000s came around, things really started to change. You started to see trends morphing into crazes. Still not the crazes we know today, but looking back, it’s funny to think about. Through this era of food, we saw all these buzz words. Things like farm-to-table, organic, sustainable and seasonal all started breaking their way into restaurants’ dynamic. Still, these terms were more trend-like then crazelike. With the advent of social media, trip advisor, Yelp and blogs, Chefs were faced with the pressure to keep up with it all, but at what cost? Things started to change. Chefs were faced with the pressure to keep up with it all, but at what cost? The dining public all of a sudden seemed focused on what was hot right then and there, rather than issues important for the future, like sustainability and ingredient sourcing. Now, not all crazes are bad and some of them can even be a lot of fun. You can’t help but notice that in Ireland the burger, rotisserie chicken, BBQ house scene is in booming this newish hipster concept eatery. Now, I love a juicy burger and what’s not to like about rotisserie chicken, French Church Street, area is studded with restaurants galore and some most enviable collection it must be said, although given the competition in

that area perhaps that’s not surprising. More unclear over a year ago is how would the chicken and burger concept will go down in a part of City not exactly crying out for more dining options. Anyway, here it is over a year, and very decent it is too there’s only so much you can write about a restaurant with two menu item - but then Coqbull isn’t a place that really needs all that much publicity anyway; nearly every table is taken on an weekday evening and on weekends upstairs has to be opened, recession! What recession. The only space left most often for both lunch and dinner is at the bar. Is this down to the fact it’s all 100% Irish and locally sourced from the Chicken Inn English Market while the burgers are made to a house recipe by Crowes on the Kinsale Road? Or that its tongue in cheek cocktail menu with GINGER COQ (Tellings single, batch, gigerliquor, cinnamon, rhubarb bitters, angostura bitters and spiced sugar) proving a very popular drink with guests, or a very good marketing manager I don’t think so, thought she is dam good at her job and it helps, but Coqbull has something more than just good marketing concept or Contemporary swank decor, it’s the strength lies in its tasty comfort food that’s not costing the earth Theo a limited ingredient menu it’s still give you plenty of options burgers a cook perfectly chicken is succulent with a very crispy skin the adorned with the coq rub which won gold award at Blas Nah Eireann this year, the staff are friendly but not overly familiar more well trained

My thought:

For upmarket fast-food Coqbull is a great option, who doesn’t love rotisserie chicken or a good burger?! You are not going to go here for a romantic meal but for simple, quality food, well cooked, in trendy surroundings it’s a go to place it’s a good place well priced

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