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Sales Manager Hilton Lake Como:

Cara Martin

4) Which challenge are you currently facing? Moving from an industry where I knew the business inside out to a completely new business which means taking a step back and learning the basics.

5) Tell us 3 main qualities that a Sales Manager should have:

1) What is your role? Create desire. Find the perfect fit for a client’s needs. Inspire client’s to create unique events.

2) Describe your daily activities. With a background selling luxury speed boats and precious jewels and following many years in the Fashion industry, travelling the world and living in Lake Como, I was ready for a change in Careers. It all clicked while I was enjoying time out at our fabulous eforea Spa. Since forever I have been passionate about interior design and the ‘hotel’ experience and I believe in Como as a destination which is still under developed. I found Hilton Lake Como to be a sort of international oasis in this beautiful, authentic, Italian town. It simply felt like the perfect fit, now the world comes to me instead of me having to travel to experience the world. There are so many similarities between fashion and hospitality, it is all about making people feel good, the ‘experience’ and from a Brand point of view ensuring Brand coherence and recognition which is a pillar of trust.

3) Career wise, what have been the best choices you have made to date? a. Every choice is the best choice, standing still is not an option b. Being open to new opportunities, experiences and making choices which take me out of my comfort zone time and time again.

- A genuine interest in people - High Emotional Intelligence - Strong communication skills, more specifically being a good listener

6) What is your advice to somebody who wishes to begin a career in hospitality? a. Building long lasting relationships and trust b. Understanding the needs of the client, both on a personal and business level c. Creatively thinking out of the box, creating new opportunities and finding perfect fit between client, business and property.

7) Tell us about a specific moment which made you especially proud of your job: When I received an unexpected gigantic bouquet of flowers from a particularly special guest to thank me for making their stay outstanding.

TEAM: 9) What’s the secret to working well as a team? Trust & Support combined Listening Understanding the nuances of each and every team member Foster growth and development of Team Members.

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Cara Martin Interview  

Cara Martin Interview  

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