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Hill York Maintenance Agreement Program Hill York's Maintenance Agreement Program provides three solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of our clients in different industries: Preventative Maintenance Agreement, Labor Maintenance Agreement and Certified Maintenance Agreement. Benefits of Our Maintenance Agreement * Improve the efficiency of your air-conditioning systems and lower %u2028your energy costs * Protect against system neglect not covered under warranties * Extend the life of your air-conditioning system * Regularly monitor equipment to reduce chances of costly repairs * Maintain a comfortable environment for a more productive day * Regularly scheduled maintenances throughout the year * Discounted labor rate for the term of the Agreement * 24/7 on call technicians Industries We Serve * Educational * Healthcare * Science & Technology * Hospitality * Governmental * High-Rise * Office Building * Recreational * Religious * Retail * Retirement Preventative Maintenance Agreement Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes labor, air filters, belts, and algaecide tablets to accomplish the following during each scheduled visit. Replace * Air filters or clean as needed * Belts as necessary

Inspect * Air filters * Electrical components, contacts, and inspect sequence of compressors * Condition of condenser and evaporator coils * Voltage and amperage drawn on electrical motors and compressors * For excessive vibrations * Adjust all belts and pulleys, if necessary * Operation of covered equipment Clean * Condensate drain pans, flush drain lines up to p-trap, treat drain pan with an algae preventative * Covered equipment annually More * Lubricate all moving parts, as specified by manufacturer * Advise in the operation and performance of the Covered Equipment * Hill York's technician will furnish a completed copy of work order and a recommendation of any repairs Labor Maintenance Agreement * Preventative maintenance services * Labor for service calls Certified Maintenance Agreement * Preventative maintenance services * Labor for service calls * Parts for service calls

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HillYork Maintenance Agreement  
HillYork Maintenance Agreement  

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