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IMAGE: Steph Cooke and shearers.



andholders across NSW will start to receive their Local Land Services (LLS) rates notices in the mail but this year, there will be a welcome number - zero. The NSW Government’s Drought Relief Package, announced in 2018, included a special waiver for LLS rates for this year providing welcome relief for drought impacted rural and regional landholders. Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke said that while rates are a vital source of income for LLS - supporting the organisation’s biosecurity, emergency response and animal health work across NSW - it is important at this time to provide full support to landholders who are focusing on getting back on their feet following one of the worst droughts on record. “Many landholders in the Cootamundra electorate pay LLS rates each year and we hope this measure eases some of the burden our producers are feeling at the moment. The rains we’ve had in Young, Cootamundra and Harden have really rubbed salt in the wounds of our farmers who we know are managing incredibly harsh environmental conditions.” “LLS provides a vital service to our com-

munity and I know many landholders have found their service and help during these past 12 months invaluable,” she added. The work supported by rates includes: · Supporting landholders to control pests and meet their legal obligations · Our vets animal health programs ·O  ur biosecurity and surveillance programs which limit and prevent pest and disease incursions ·S  upporting agriculture and animals during emergencies ·S  upporting stock identification and traceability systems · Managing travelling stock reserves Ms Cooke said the work of biosecurity officers and district vets is essential for the region’s agricultural industry and wider landscape health, particularly when the land itself is struggling to recover from drought. “The Rates Waiver will still mean that landholders will have access to the technical experts, training and programs to help them manage their land and meet legal obligations,” Ms Cooke said. “Our work in supporting traceability systems such as the national livestock identification system means markets remain



HISTORIC DOUBLE BRICK HOME. TASTEFULLY RENOVATED • 42 Marsden St, Boorowa presents the purchasers with the opportunity to acquire a historic and comfortable 4 bedroom home, on an impressive corner block in the heart of Boorowa. The property features four bedrooms - all with built-in-wardrobes, modern bathroom and ensuite separate toilet, modern kitchen, walk in pantry open living and dining areas and expansive family/room. The property consists of approximately 1,836sqm • In addition to the 4 bedroom home there is an attached shop front with lots of space and storage. Providing opportunities for a main street shop, office, or with a few changes an extra residence • Features include: - Built-in wardrobes - Large office - Bathroom, ensuite - Gas hot water - Underfloor heating - Expansive family room - 2 separate toilets - High ceilings - Large modern kitchen - Carport/Garcen sheds - Storage sheds and shipping container - Chook run/Established lawns and gardens




$530,000 BOOROWA - 6385 3337

HARDEN - 6386 4083

COOTAMUNDRA - 6942 2480

confident in our ‘clean and green’ reputation. Additionally, the biosecurity and surveillance programs run by LLS limit and prevent the incursions of pests and diseases. The NSW Government is committed to being there for landholders when it matters. We know LLS teams across the state will continue to meet community expectations and deliver a comprehensive service to landholders at this really tough time.” For more information visit annual-rates


Ordinary Council Meetings will take place, on every fourth Wednesday of the month, with the exception of December which is the third Wednesday of the month, commencing at 5.30pm, unless otherwise advertised. 27th February, 2019 Young Chambers, 189 Boorowa St, Young 27th March, 2019 Boorowa Chambers, 6-8 Market St, Boorowa 17th April, 2019 Harden Chambers, 3 East St, Harden 8th May, 2019, Extra-Ordinary Young Chambers, 189 Boorowa St, Young 22nd May, 2019 Boorowa Chambers, 6-8 Market St, Boorowa 26th June, 2019 Harden Chambers, 3 East St, Harden 24th July, 2019 Young Chambers, 189 Boorowa St, Young 28th August, 2019 Boorowa Chambers, 6-8 Market St, Boorowa 25th September, 2019 Harden Chambers, 3 East St, Harden Information can also be found on Hilltops Council Website at: PLANNING & ASSESSMENT ACT 1979 DEVELOPMENT CONSENTS ISSUED

In accordance with the provisions of section 4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and section 124 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, notification is given that the developments, modifications and Complying Development Certificates mentioned below have recently been granted consent/issued. 2009/DA-000068 – Lot 2 DP 858226, 2736 Olympic Highway North, Bendick Murrell - Infrastructure Use of the existing 99 kW ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system 2018/DA-001518 – Lot 9 DP 669126, 103 Nasmyth Street, Young, Dwelling (new) - four (4) bedroom, single storey, brick veneer, attached double garage 2018/DA-00148 – Lot 1 DP 6190, 50-52 Yass St, Rye Park – Addition of unisex disabled toilet to existing rural fire shed The development consents and Complying Development Certificates are available for public inspection, during ordinary office hours, at the local Council office. Further details relating to the decision, date of the decision, reasons for the decision and how community views were taken into consideration in making the decision for the development consents, will be available on Council’s website at the end of each month. 2018/2019 DONATIONS AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM

Hilltops Council is again calling for applications from community organisations who are seeking financial assistance in any form from Council for use during the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. Council will operate two funds: Fund 1 – Small Scale Infrastructure Fund This fund is designed primarily to assist organisations with providing infrastructure for their community/ sporting group. Council will fund a maximum of up to 50% of the cost of the infrastructure. Fund 2 – General Fund for Community Financial Assistance This fund is designed to assist community groups and organisations to undertake special programs or events. Council will fund a maximum of up to 50% of the cost of the event or program. Please peruse the application form and Policy to see if your organisation is eligible to apply. All applications and supporting information must be submitted to Council on the prescribed form which is available on Council’s website and at Council offices. Applications should be returned to Council no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 12th March, 2019. For further information on this program contact Council’s Grants Officer, Kim Hill. Telephone: (02) 6380 1200 Fax: (02) 6382 1299 Email: Website:


Road pavement rehabilitation works have been scheduled on MR 380 – Cunningah Road – North of Fairview Road the 4th March 2019 weather permitting. There will be minor traffic delays to traffic while these works are being carried out. Motorists are asked to take particular note to traffic control deployed. If you would like any further details please contact Hilltops Council, Harden Office on 6386 0100 during business hours. PESTICIDE & HERBICIDE USE NOTIFICATION

Planned pesticide and herbicide use by Council works crews until week ending Thursday 21 February 2019 will include the use of Round Up, Wipeout 450, Glyphosate 450, Brush Off, Amitrol, Weedmaster, Dicamba, Grazon, Basta, Primo, MCPA, Ken-Met, Taskforce, Para-Trooper, Spraytop, Devour, Verdict, Pyrethrum, Broadstrike and Fusilade; Confidor for aphids and Access for wild fruit tree control; various wetters to enhance the effectiveness of chemicals on: All roads in Hilltops Council - Young, Boorowa and Harden areas. Shire parks, ovals, laneways and some town areas. All villages, rest areas, rural tips and reserves. Rural and regional road shoulders. Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait will be used in the above areas to target the control of fruit fly. In accordance with Hilltops Pesticide Notification Plan, signs and flashing lights will be provided on vehicles applying pesticides, signs placed to inform the public where required and escort warning vehicles will be used for the 2018-2019 road shoulder program. Drivers should exercise extreme caution when passing these vehicles. In accordance with Council’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan, signs will be provided on the vehicle applying the pesticide and signs will remain on-site to inform the public for 24 hours after spraying. The planned pesticide use is subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions. PLEASE DIRECT ANY ENQUIRIES TO CUSTOMER SERVICES ON (02) 6380 1200 SECTION 355 COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Hilltops Council is calling for a nomination to the Section 355 Committee Memberships for Sibelco Voluntary Planning Agreement after a resignation of a member. Council requests that your nomination address reasons for interest in committee membership, previous experience or skills with regards to subject matter addressed by the specified committee and an indication of what community goals/outcomes each candidate wishes to achieve through committee membership. Expressions of interest are to be made in writing to Council’s General Manager, Hilltops Council, Locked Bag 5, Young NSW 2594, by 12.00 noon on Friday, 22nd February, 2019. For more information on how to lodge an expression of interest, please visit the Hilltops Council website www. or call Lee Furness, Executive Director Corporate & Community on telephone (02) 6380 1200. 2018/2019 SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM

Hilltops Council is again calling for applications for sponsorship of events held during the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. Sponsorships will be considered for not-for-profit groups, organisations or individuals seeking to organise an event/ activity within the Hilltops Local Government Area that has demonstrable benefit to the community. Please peruse the application form/ Sponsorship Policy to see if your organisation is eligible to apply. All applications and supporting information must be submitted to Council on the prescribed form which is available on Council’s website and at Council offices. Applications should be returned to Council no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 12th March, 2019. For further information on this program contact Council’s Grants Officer, Kim Hill. Telephone: (02) 6380 1200 Fax: (02) 6382 1299 Email: Website:


The following planned works are underway in the Hilltops Council area: MAINTENANCE GRADING Western: Storm damage repairs to Milly Milly Lane, Scenic Road, Geegullalong Road, Swamp Road, Creamery Road, Calabash Road, Murringo Flats Road, Nine Mile Gap Road, Ricketts Road, Jacksons Road, Blairs Road, Forbes Lane, Waihemo Road, Narellan Road, Milo Road, Maloneys Road, Allandale Road, Rockdale Road, McMahons Road, Rifle Range Road, Malvicinos Road, Quamby SS Road, Bowlers Road, Sads Lane, Majors Road, Robinsons Road. Eastern: Storm damage repairs to most of the northern area of Boorowa. Little Plains Road, Tangmangaroo Lane, Roaring Rock Road, Corringle Road, River Road. Storm damage repairs to many unsealed roads including Kenyu Road, Vine Lodge Road, Tarrants Gap Road, Mt Darling Road, Old Wheeo Road, Baleyhooley Road, Graham Road, Springvale Road, Geegullalong Lane, Heathfield Lane, Campbellfields Road, Coopers Lane, Oakhill Lane, Willowmere Lane. Southern: Storm damage repairs to roads which have been affected during the recent storm events. Colenso Road, Strathdoon Road, Newington Road. Flood maintenance on Benangaroo Road, Hartfield Road, Huntleigh Road, Wombat Creek Road, Race Creek Road, Colenso Road, Redbridge Road, Araluen Road, Colorado Road, Goorama Road, Fairview Road, Linden Road. GRAVEL RESHEETING Western: No resheeting due to construction works and storm damage repair. Eastern: Storm damage repairs on most of the northern area of Boorowa. Tarrents Gap Road, Old Wheeo Road, Bennett Springs Road, Kenyu Road, Springvale Road, Mt Darling Road and Cocomingla Lane. Drainage works on roads affected during storms. Southern: Storm damage repairs to roads which have been affected during the recent storm events. Newington Road, Chinamans Creek Road. SEALED ROAD REPAIRS Western: Storm damage repairs to culverts and shoulders on Olympic Highway, Murringo Road, Henry Lawson Way, Kingsvale Road, Tubbul Road, Murringo Gap Road, Scenic Road, Chews Lane, Pitstone Road. Henry Lawson Way, Iandra Road, Wirrimah Road, Horseferry Road heavy patching. Rosemary Lane pavement repairs near Cinema. Hand patching works on various roads. Roadside slashing on various roads. Eastern: Storm damage repairs on most of the northern area of Boorowa. Vegetation clean up after storms. Sealed road pothole patching and minor sign replacements. Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds. Roadside shoulder vegetation control (slashing). Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads. Pavement repairs on town streets and local roads. Continued drainage works on roads affected during storms. Storm damage works on Frogmore Road, Taylors Flat Road, Reids Flat Road, MR248 Rugby Road, MR576 Darby Falls Road, Kenyu Road, MR56 Lachlan Valley Way, MR241 Young Road, town streets. Pavement repairs on sealed roads where bleeding has occurred (on hot weather days). Southern: Programmed reseal on Moppity Road including Roads to Recovery, RR381 Jugiong Road, McMahons Reef Road, Back Wombat Road, Race Creek Road. Road pavement rehabilitation on MR380 Cunningar Road – north of Fairview Road. Minor pavement defect hand patching on various roads. Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds. Road shoulder vegetation control (slashing) – weather permitting. Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads. Storm damage works including drainage and pavement repairs to urban and rural roads. Pavement repairs on sealed roads where bleeding has occurred. CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Western: Spring Creek Road Bridge bypass construction.McHenrys Creek Bridge abutments construction. Jordan Place footpath construction as part of DA conditions. Eastern: New public toilets for the Recreation Ground in Pudman Street. Installation of horse arena fence at the Boorowa Showground. Southern: Mechanic Institute – capital upgrades to building including gutter replacement, painting, flooring, kitchen and amenities works. Murrumburrah Landfill fencing. Chinese Cemetery fencing. Bent Street (Galong) and Station Street kerb and gutter works. PARKS AND GARDENS Western: Alfred Oval closed for rejuvenation. Cranfield Oval and Gus Smith Oval line marking for new car parks. Synthetic surface applied to new cricket pitches at Sawpit Gully and Burrangong Oval. Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers for Summer watering program. Routine maintenance of turf on sporting fields and ovals. Cricket pitch preparation for matches. Linemarking for schools sports, Little Athletics, Touch Football and cricket boundaries. Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational grounds, sporting ovals and reserves. Check lights. Street tree pruning – as needed. General maintenance of CBD. Eastern: Mowing of cemeteries. Watering of new trees. Spot spraying, weeding and pruning Marsden Street. Mowing and preparation of cricket pitches. General maintenance of Pool grounds. Street tree pruning – as needed. Clean up work after storms (trees). Villages mowing and slashing maintenance. Southern: Neill Street garden and streetscape maintenance. Cemetery mowing and general maintenance. Cricket pitch preparation for matches. Turf maintenance on sporting ovals. Linemarking for schools, Touch Football and Athletics Club. Park maintenance and mowing. Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers for Summer watering program. WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE WORKS: Western: Water main renewal on Cowra Road – ongoing. Templemore Street water main works. Sewer mains renewal and upsizing in Lighting Lane and Lynch, Nasmyth and Zouch Streets – ongoing. Hydrant maintenance throughout town – ongoing. Eastern: Works on sewer junctions and water services. General operation of swimming pools (quality testing and pumps). Southern: Works on sewer junctions and water services. Water mains renewal – corner of Albury and Bathurst Streets. All Areas: Routine operations and maintenance – ongoing. Speed restrictions will be in place and minor delays may be experienced. The planned works are subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions. Motorists are advised that Roadwork Speed Limits are enforceable by the NSW Police. Speed should be reduced and caution exercised when travelling through roadwork sites.

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LETTERS To The Editor


BOOROWA POST OFFICE RELOCATION It all happened so quickly in the last few days before relocation of the Post Office but we do not want to miss the opportunity to say thank you for your support during our time here. Thanks to those who wished us well and cared for us. Your support was appreciated. We are not leaving Boorowa till our property sells so the Gift Shop doors will be open from time to time. Come and browse or just pop in and say hello. We would love to see you. We have more time to chat these days. When the notice board is out the front, it’s open.

We came to serve this town to the best of our ability. Thank you for allowing us to fulfil our roles and spread a little colour around. It’s time to retire now but don’t let us become idle, keep us in the loop. We have passed the ‘baton’ on to the new team and we wish them all the best: Doug and Carmen, Marg and family and staff and the Contractors. It’s a huge job and it takes a lot of networking between them all. Keep the support going. See you around town from time to time, Cheryl and John Mudford



Dear Editor, s many people of Young would know, Penny Gibson passed away on 3rd January this year. Myself (Diane Donohue of Grenfell) and Susan Butler of Sydney, are doing a little research project to discover and document the many volunteer contributions made by Penny for the community of Young dating from recent times right back around to the nearly 40 years she has lived here.

We would like to hear from her dear friends and the many organisations who would be able to recall details about Penny’s association with their community groups. We intend to publish this in the Hilltops Phoenix and make copies available for her family and friends. Please contact myself on or text my mobile to arrange a call back 0429 468 382. Yours faithfully, Diane Donohue



e have hundreds of photos that need to be identified. There are photographs of people, school children, sporting events, gardens, animals etc. Some of the photos have names on them. If you think you can help, please call into

Thursday 14 February 2019 Page 3

the Boorowa Museum either on a Thursday or Saturday between 10:00am and 1:00pm and have a look and see who you can identify. You may even see one of yourself. Management of Boorowa Historical Society and Museum.

THUMBS UP To the Tikka ‘N’ Talk Indian Restaurant in Young. Absolutely amazing tasty fresh food. THUMBS UP To all the emergency workers and their efforts during the recent flooding across the region. THUMBS UP To all the Australia Day award winners. Well deserved. Malicious or defamatory submissions will not be accepted. The opinions and views of readers submitting Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down are not necessarily the views of the staff and Management of The Hilltops Phoenix. To submit a Thumbs Up Thumbs Down email us at or mail us at 91 Boorowa Street, Young NSW 2594

ADVERTISING AND SALES PERSON NEEDED Do you love talking and meeting new people? Love to know what is going on in the local community? Have excellent presentation skills?

Then The Hilltops Phoenix Needs You If you would like to join the team on a part-time basis, email your resume to

Burrowa Retirement Village Two one-bedroom villas available for immediate occupancy for over 55’s Entry fee $160 000 plus ongoing maintenance fees of $150 per fortnight (single) or $165 (couples)

A quality lifestyle in a pleasant environment

For more details contact Burrowa House on 63853773

Medication Packing & Delivery at Blooms Young! 46 Boorowa Street, Young

02 6382 2009

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HILLTOPS News. . IMAGE: Young’s Family Fun Duck Day 2018

IMAGE: Damon Oliver from the Office of Environment and Heritage with LachLandcare’s Mikla Lewis inspecting Superb Parrot habitat.




his Sunday, families will gather at the Young Aquatic Centre for the annual Young’s Family Fun Duck Day event. The event is held every year to raise funds for the Georgina Josephine Foundation. The Foundation aims to raise awareness and develop support services for families affected by LowSpeed Vehicle Runover (LSVR) accidents. The Family Fun Day is a great way to spend time with the family, with loads of entertainment and activities for all ages. The Toddler Pool (0-4 years) will feature a Lucky Duck Grab, Kickboard & Duck Race and Duck & Nest Race. The Mushroom Pool (Over 4 years) will feature a Lucky Duck Grab, Duck & Spoon Race and Fly Swat Race. The Olympic Pool (Over 8 years) will feature a Lucky Duck Grab, Duck & Spoon Race and Kickboard Race. There will also be three major races in the Olympic Pool, where all ages are able to join in. Entry is free. CLADDING from $8,990*

The GJF Cup takes place at 2.30pm, where everyone helps to kick the ducks across to the other side of the pool and the first three across win cash prizes. Entry for the GJF Cup is $5. The activities don’t stop outside the pool, with a jumping castle, face painting, Duck Toss, novelty events and Lucky Gate prize. Challenge yourself on the everpopular Base Zero rock climbing wall. Fuel up for all the activities with a canteen, barbeque, donuts, and Monteagle School fruit stall. Make sure you bring your swimmers, hat and sunscreen. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Gates open at 10am with the GJF Cup the final activity at 2.30pm. Entry is by gold coin donation. 10am-3pm. Sunday, 17th February. Young Aquatic Centre. Marina Street, Young.

Join us at the Young Aquatic Centre, Marina Street, Young for

FITTED Based on 80m2 Conditions Apply (area 1)

Sunday 17th February 2019


Base Zero-Rock Climbing Wall

5m x 2.5m

Conditions Apply Glass Extra (area 1)


6m x 2.7m from * $ , Conditions Apply Insulation Extra (area 1)

4 990

Call Now • FREE On-Site DESIGN & QUOTE

YOUNG 6382 7641

Face Painting Jumping castle

BBQ/Donuts/Cakes Major Sponsors:

10am till 3pm Novelty events Duck Race Entry by gold coin Lucky gate prize

Proudly brought to you by:

Young Aquatic Centre

SAVING OUR SUPERB PARROT Habitat protection and restoration opportunity


achLandcare Inc is a partner in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Save our Species Program to protect and enhance the habitat of the threatened Superb Parrot. The parrot requires live and dead trees with hollows for nesting and clearing and firewood cutting has been a major cause of its decline. Loss of living and dead hollow bearing trees and foraging habitat are the main reasons Superb Parrots are listed as ‘Vulnerable’. Paddock trees and patches of native woodland play an important role in maintaining the productive capacity of agricultural land and they are critically important to the conservation of the Superb  Parrot and other native flora and fauna. LachLandcare has funding available to assist farmers in the Hilltops region to protect paddock trees and protect and enhance remnant box-gum woodland habitat for the threatened Superb Parrot and is seeking expressions of interest from landholders interested to participate in this program. Funding guidelines and Expression of Interest forms can be found at https://  or by emailing  or phone 0459 352 892. Expressions of interest close 15th February 2019, however if the funding is not allocated there will be further rounds over the next 18 months.

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GUN CLUB Monthly Competition B

oorowa Gun Club hosted 32 shooters at their monthly competition on Saturday the 26th of January. While the very hot temperatures kept some away, the calm conditions presented a great opportunity for some excellent scores with three shooters painting the scoreboard in red. All three shot the program clean and had to go into a shoot off to decide the overall High Gun winner for the day. The three tied on 150/150 were Fred Twarloh and Grady Evans both from Boorowa Gun Club and Matt Gerstenberg from Yass Clay Target Club. Fred Twarloh finally edged out the other two shooters to come out on top at the end of the day.

The Veterans High Gun was won by Jeff Nash with a 148/150 for the day. The Ladies High Gun was won by Sharon McDonald with a 143/150 and the Junior High Gun was won by Blake Gruber with a 141/150. The new clubhouse proved a very welcome refuge from the January sun and as usual fantastic food was available including bacon and egg rolls, BBQ lunch and afternoon tea. Many thanks to Sandra Murphy for braving the heat and looking after everyone so well. If you are interested in having a try at clay target shooting, the Boorowa Gun Club is open for practice for members and for beginners every Tuesday evening from 5.00 till 7.00pm. All ages and abilities 12 years and up. Photo ID is required.

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From Hilltops Council

MAYOR BRIAN INGRAM Tuesday night last week saw torrential rain and storms throughout the region causing significant damage. I thank the Council staff who worked around the clock to clear roads and keep our community safe. We have applied for disaster relief funding and I hope to receive a positive response to this application, especially as we are still repairing damage from the storm after Christmas. Also last week, we received some good news from Pru Goward MP that we have received funding from the State Government to cover 50% of the cost of the scoping study for the Boorowa Water Security Project. This pipeline is the number one infrastructure priority for Hilltops Council, and I look forward to completing the business case so that we can move forward with delivery for the community. I thank Pru for her help in securing the support of the State Government in providing this much needed funding. On Friday I was in Sydney meeting with Schools Infrastructure NSW regarding the joint use library facility. We are still working through the project deed at this point in time.

IMAGE: Enjoying the shoot.



oorowa’s Driver Reviver Van will be revamped thanks to $20,000 in NSW Government funding.

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward announced the funding recently. Liberal Candidate for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman said the facility provides much-need respite for drivers. “The caravan serves coffee and tea and encourages drivers to take a break on their journey. Having breaks on long drives is important for road safety,” Ms Tuckerman said.

“The funding will provide a comfortable, clean and safe environment for the volunteers who run the van. The Boorowa Lion Clubs operate the Driver Reviver during school holidays, public holidays and over

the Christmas period. This year, over the two weeks of Christmas, the van was responsible for 1273 cups of coffee.” “The program has 44 volunteers from Boorowa Lions, the Country Women’s Association, Rotary and Men’s Den.” Minister for Racing Paul Toole said the grant was funded through the Club Grants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants program.

“More than $50 million in funding is being provided during this current term of government for projects across sport and recreation, emergency preparedness, and arts and culture,” Mr Toole said. These grants are funded by a contribution from the state’s registered clubs to reinvest profits from gaming machines back into community projects.

Council has invested in the development of a Masterplan for Blackguard Gully that will focus on providing appropriate amenities to access the site safely and will include parking, toilets, landscaping, signage, interpretative pathways and picnic facilities. Councillors will be viewing the draft Masterplan next week at a workshop and then we are aiming to have it out on public exhibition for comment by the end of the month. We thank members of the working group and community who have contributed to the development of the draft Masterplan to date. This is an incredibly exciting project for Hilltops, and I look forward to seeing Blackguard Gully become a destination for all to enjoy. Tickets are now available for the Hilltops Seniors Festival Lunch being held on Thursday 21 February at Galong Monastery. Buses are available from Boorowa, Harden and Young. Tickets are just $25 and include transport, morning tea, lunch & tour. Tickets can be purchased at Hilltops Council Offices in Boorowa, Harden and Young by Monday 18th February.

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QUESTION of the week





ember for Cootamundra Steph Cooke officially opened the new Harden Ambulance Station last week, which has been supporting paramedics in doing their lifesaving work efficiently for the past year. Ms Cooke joined Mark Gibbs, Deputy Director of Clinical Operations, Southern Sector, NSW Ambulance, local paramedics and Hilltops Council to officially cut the ribbon at the new facility. Ms Cooke said that since the station’s commencement of operations, it has been pivotal in the provision of high-quality medical emergency care to the Harden region. “Knowing that Harden’s paramedics have a great, fitfor-purpose facility to volunteer or work from is something to be celebrated,” Ms Cooke said. “Since commencing operations, this station has enabled these hard-working paramedics and qualified volunteer ambulance officers to come to the aid of hundreds of patients in the Harden region.” The team at Harden Ambulance Station have responded to more than 876 incidents and transported more than 598 patients from the new station. Delivered as part of the NSW Government’s $122 million Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) program, the Harden

Ambulance Station became operational on November 6, 2017. Local paramedics were involved in designing the station to develop a fit-for-purpose facility that will better serve the needs of the community. The completion of this project is a crucial step in the ongoing delivery of high quality mobile emergency care to Harden and surrounding communities. The new Harden Ambulance Station, on the corner of Lucan and Scott streets, features: • Parking bays for up to three ambulance vehicles • Administration, office area and amenities • A logistics and storage area • Relief quarters • On site staff parking • An internal vehicle wash bay The RAIR program includes 23 locations across NSW, which will benefit from an upgraded, rebuilt or entirely new NSW Ambulance station. Paramedics are now operating from new and upgraded stations delivered under the program at Ardlethan, Harden and Coolamon. The NSW Government’s Budget announcement in June included a record investment in NSW Ambulance of more than $1 billion for 2018-19 and an unprecedented boost of 700 additional paramedics and 50 call centre staff over the next four years.

Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolutions?

I didn’t make any – David Thurtell

Yes – Emma Dwyer

I didn’t make any resolutions but I have been working towards my goals – Steve Connelly

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February – Al Anon Is a fellowship or relatives and friends of alcoholics who believe their lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Held every Monday from 6.30pm to 8pm at the CWA Rooms, 9 Lovell Street, Young. Contact Patty on 0487 762 126 for more info. February – Wrap With Love Is a group of knitters who knit squares 10 inches by inches and make them into wraps or just to have a chat. Also if you would like to donate 8 ply wool or synthetic would be much appreciated. 10am-12pm every Wednesday at the Services Club in Young. Contact Patty on 0487 762 126 for more info. February 14 – Mobile Blood Service Plasma and whole blood collection. 1-7.30pm. 255 Boorowa Street, Young. February 15 – Mobile Blood Service Plasma and whole blood collection. 8am-2pm. 255 Boorowa Street, Young. February 15 – Seniors Computer Group Join us weekly on Fridays from 2pm for our Seniors Computer Group. Easy going, informal setting. No need to book just pop in any Friday! Tickets $1-2. Hilltops Community Hub. 2c Campbell Street, Young. February 16 – Country Swing Thing Dance classes, no partner required with celebrity instructors Shane and Keri. Register online at www. 12-4pm. Only $75 for 4 hours. Call Amy on 0410 599 513. Join for dinner 6.30pm, party 7.30pm til late. Social dancing, live music, lucky door prizes, performances during the evening and much more. Come knock the top off a cold beer and enjoy the entertainment, mingle with new friends and meet Shane and Keri. Fundraiser for Wellways Murrumbidgee. Young Services Club. February 17 – Young’s Family Fun Duck Day – Georgina Josephine Foundation The Family Fun Duck Day is a much-loved yearly event for the whole family, with lots of entertainment and kids and family swimming races throughout the day. Don’t miss this brilliant day of fun! Gates open 10am with the GJF Cup as the final activity at 2.30pm. All day entertainment from 10am: jumping castle, face painting, duck toss, novelty events, lucky gate prize, open age races and the much-anticipated Base Zero Rock Climbing Wall (brought to you by: South West Slopes Credit Union; Quality Civil Constructions; Young Services Club; Young Play Group). Entry: by gold coin donation. Marina Street, Young February 20 – Legal Issues for Older People Join the panel of lawyers and senior’s rights experts as they explore issues that older people and their families experience when planning for the future. There will be a film screening of the play Piano Forte, which explores elder abuse, followed by a discussion and a chance to ask the panel members questions. Free refreshments will be provided. This is a free workshop. Book in by phoning 6382 1886 or email 10.00am-12pm. Hilltops Council Library. 31 Lynch Street, Young February 22 – Take 5 on Friday Take Five on Friday welcomes a new performer to the 2019 free library concert series, John McLuckie. John is planning some of the best known and most loved Aussie songs to present at his debut performance. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the music. Bring a cool drink, coffee, lunch and friends for a welcome respite at the end of your busy week. The concert will be held from 12.30pm to 1pm. It’s free and everyone is welcome. Young Library February 23 – Boorowa Rotary Makers and Growers Markets You will find food, craft and products grown, made and prepared by local people. The Old Court House grounds in Marsden Street. February 23 – Harden Men’s Breakfast Hilltops men and women are invited to attend a “Men’s” Breakfast to be held at the Uniting Church Hall in Binalong Street, Harden on Saturday February 23 from 8am to 10am. Guest speakers are Sue and Geoff Orchison who will give an illustrated talk on their travels in the Holy Land and on daily life in Bethlehem. RSVP’s to Neville Alcorn on 6386 2157.

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ith the flexibility of information technology, working from home is easier than ever, and more popular for many, being associated with greater overall job satisfaction. The benefits may be better work-life balance, more time spent with family and friends, and better management of parental and career responsibilities. 16.4% of Australians now work some of their usual work hours from home, with the highest percentage being women aged 35-44, particularly in professional or management roles. But this raises some challenges for employers, including regarding their workplace liability, and also questions associated with managing efficiencies, ensuring data security, and protection of privacy, intellectual property and confidential information. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (‘OSH’ Act), employers are obliged to provide and maintain a working environment in which employees are not exposed to hazards. A ‘workplace’ under the OSH Act means any place where employees work or are likely to be in the course of their work. Similarly, under the Safety, Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1988 (Cth) a ‘place of work’ includes any place at which the employee is required to attend for the purpose of carrying out the duties of his or her employment. This broad definition includes working from home. The same duties not to expose workers to hazards, and the duty to provide information, instruction and training, extend to employees working from home. Employees have their own duties under the OSH Act to take reasonable care in ensuring their own health and safety, which extend to working from home as well. A 2011 case involving a Telstra employee who twice fell down the stairs while working from home found that their employer was in fact liable for injuries sustained in the falls. The Administrative Appeal Tribunal established that falling down the stairs arose in the course of employment as the employee was working from home with permission. An employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace extends to working from home, and if that environment contains hazards, the employer will likely bear the legal responsibility. Not all work from home injuries have been successfully compensated. ABC’s Catalyst presenter Maryanne Demasi lodged a worker’s compensation claim for an injury that occurred while going for a run during a morning break from work, on that day she was working from home. Ms Demasi argued that the injury occurred ‘during an ordinary recess’ from her employment, which was contemplated by the legislation. The Administrative Appeal Tribunal disagreed. While going for a run on one’s lunch break could be contemplated as ‘during an ordinary recess’, taking a break for the specific purpose of going for a run at any random time of the day is outside this category.

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PLAYING DITCH WEIGHT TIPPERARY The excellent weather conditions over the weekend saw many bowling matches played both at Young Bowling Club and District Fours at Cootamundra RSL. 22 players competed for the Patterson Bros sponsored Jackpot Bowls on Saturday and the winners with a margin of 13 shots Stewart Taylor and Ian Schofield. The District Four competition conducted at the Cootamundra RSL Club saw wins for the Young side of Damien Miller, James Maloney, Tom Shapcott and Dave Quigley. Runners up in the Senior Four event won by Cootamundra RSL, the team from Young of Col Parker, Joe Bargwanna, Col Powell and Cliff Traynor. Last Thursday at the Young Club, the Jackpot Bowls played in the morning had 20 players and the winners with a good margin of 23 shots were Dennis Rosen and Aldo Malvicino. Thursday Jackpot Bowls this week returns to the normal starting time of 1pm, names in by 12.15pm. The Guy Pickering Charity Bowls played on Thursday night with 10 teams competing had a close result with two teams on 15 points. The

winners on a countback 3G Mac Attack from Funder Nuts. Tuesday night and Thursday night this week will see the 2nd week of Charity Bowls competition continue. A busy weekend of bowls this weekend at the Young Bowling Club. The 1st round of the Singles competition commences on Saturday, names drawn to play are on the board. Play commences at 1pm. Jackpot Bowls will also be played at the same time. Bowls uniforms for Saturdays games until next summer. This Sunday is the full day of bowls in the teams of 3 event sponsored by the Fishing Club and the Travelling Bowler. 14 teams playing singles and pairs in the morning, a BBQ and Triples matches after lunch. The teams to play the Cowra Club in three sides prior to the commencement of the pennant season at Young Club on Sunday the 24th of February are on the notice board. Games will commence at 10am. Please advise Secretary if you are not available. Jackpot Bowls at 1pm on Thursday and Sunday morning bowls at 9.30am. New and visiting bowlers are invited to play.

Weekend of 9 Feb 2019 BRIAN WALES WHOMPS THEM AGAIN! That’s right. He did it again! On a mission to get into A Grade by next Monthly Medal is the Club’s very own Brian Wales. Lost to the Club in the golfing wilderness the year before last, hasn’t he come back with a vengeance. Brian has recorded 39 stableford points on a tough day out for the field, and beat his nearest rival by 3 shots no less. That will guarantee him further reductions with the handicapper being the only person to play under handicap and by a considerable margin. I bet Brian is just GolfLink’s biggest fan (behind Brucey that is). Well done champion, keep up the good work and the Captaincy of the Pennants Team can be yours again. Runner up on the day and starting to become the perennial bridesmaid (dresses in those Hawaiian shirts would be just so yummy), was Johnny Brownhill. Only Brian and John played at, or better than handicap this week. John had 36 stableford points to lead the balls. Others claiming balls included Kevin Hoppe (35 pts), Tam Kennedy (35 pts) and Nathan Hawkins 33 points.

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One Hole did not yield but the guy who owns this hole these days, Peter Steinke, again claimed nearest the pin. Pete was at the kick in length of 6.1m. Easy birdie no doubt… ha! MIDWEEK SCRIBE MIA Alby has been keenly following the procession of weekly Champions at midweek, but this week the mail did not come. Maybe the storms and tempest on Friday flooded our main man’s study? Next week folks. SCRAMBLE THIS SUNDAY The field is filling up fast so we need you to get your names in lickety split. Get your team of 4 players with valid AGU or LGU handicaps, and get them on the start sheet at the Bar. Ring the Club if need be on 6386 2483 to confirm your place. The Scramble is this Sunday at 10am registration with a 10.30am shotgun. SATURDAY GOLF The Summer Stablefords continue from lunch time on Saturday. See you all on the links. – Alby


GOLF CLUB NEWS The course is looking green again after the recent rain. Thursday’s 18 hole stroke winner was Max Hardman 66/57. Next best was Jake Searle 76/59. Max had 1 birdie and Nora Styles had a gobble. Sunday was a 2 person select partner Ambrose. Winners – Les & Kath Hiskins. Runner up Done Hardy & Robert Norton. Birdies – Tom, Barry & Roger 1. Fred & Val 1. Les & Kath 1. Don and Robert 1. Gobbles – Tom, Barry & Roger 2. Fred & Val, Don & Robert 1 each. N.T.P. Fred Hiskins. Sunday will be a stroke event. Don Hardy won the raffle. This week’s sponsor is Donges IGA Supermarket. Our AGM was held and the positions are the same as last year. President – Barry Hazelgrove Secretary – Col Orr Assistant Secretary – Vera McMillan Treasurer – Paul Jasprizza Assistant Treasurer – Robert McNorton Captain – Robert Norton Publicity Officer – Vera McMillan All the volunteers were thanked for the work they did during the year and to Judy for keeping the Clubhouse spic and span. To all our sponsors, thank you for your sponsorship for the last 12 months.


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Hilltops Phoenix Issue144  

Your free weekly guide to what’s happening in and around The Hilltops

Hilltops Phoenix Issue144  

Your free weekly guide to what’s happening in and around The Hilltops