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2009 Small Business of The Year Volume 21, #04

Sept. 3 - 17, 2011

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Oktoberfest, Fiddles and Crafts, Oh My! A quick rundown on the events that will be happening this month: live music at many venues in town; the Harvest Faire at Railroad Park; the “Move Your Tail” half-marathon, fun run and bike event; live theater at the BeeKay, presenting “Little Shop of Horrors”; the Tehachapi Rose and Garden plant exchange; Celebration of Flight at the Tehachapi airport; the CVPA BBQ at Souza Ranch, along with their usual weekend wine tasting and they’re open for Labor Day- Monday Sept. 5, 11 a.m.

to 6 p.m.; dinner, dance and auction at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church; “Oktoberfest” celebration in downtown Tehachapi; the annual Fiddle Contest at West Park; Chamber sponsored “Fall Business Showcase”; and so much more. Whew...what a line up. For more information and details on these events and other happenings around our delightful community take a look through this issue of The Loop. We have new businesses with grand openings, and old businesses with

re-openings and spruce ups. We are sorry to see some businesses close, but happy to see others opening. Our town seems to be doing well overall. After several successful summer events, we all look forward to things getting better and better. We at The Loop would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for your good wishes on our 10th anniversary. Year number 11 of Community News & Entertainment, here we come!

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Final Flight • Airport Suing for Airspace Tilting at Windmills: Attack of the Acronyms Part IV Day Dreams • The Butcher’s Wife • Shag Said, Dr. Brady - the “Spine Guy” • Bob - the “Wine Guy” Adopt-A-Pet • Wrangler Round-up • Horse Events Minister Musing • Lost in the Stars My Guys Article • Money Saving Coupons Mark the Collision Guy • “Little Shop of Horors” begins Do-It-Yourself Debugging TK’s Pizza • Gandy Dancers Hot Spots Dining Guide Classic Cars • Featured Artist On the Sport of Rowing, by Tina Forde 10 Years After: Remembering 9/11 Happenings ‘round Town Business Directory • Classifieds “I Can Make That Vegan!” • Yoga 101 On The Bright Side • From Our Supervisor From the City Manager • Meet Your New Neighbors Fiddln’ Down the Tracks • Short Flights L-1011 Stargazer Guest Commentary • The Life and Times of Del Connell • Mulberry Memories Tehachapi Skywatch: Star Trek Horizon de Monde • Mortgage Matters • Hypnotherapy Windswept Ranch

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Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Action Agents Insurance Services This Sept. 10 from 1 to 5 p.m., come celebrate at the “Grand Opening Party” to mark Tehachapi’s newest business. Located behind the in-town McDonald’s and next to Baskin-Robbins, “Action Agents Insurance Services” offers home, auto, renters, motorcycle, watercraft, commercial/business, accident, disability and life insurance. Owner/agent Jenna Cass brings her own unique skill to her business- customizing each policy to meet your specialized needs. Growing up with a father in the insurance business, it was only natural for Jenna to learn the business herself. Now with over 20 years of experience, loyalty and keeping policyholders educated in Tehachapi she has adopted the motto “The take care of you specialist”. Since insurance is really no longer a choice but a necessity. However you still have the right to decide on an agent. You can trust that Jenna has your best interests in mind and will work to be sure you receive the best rates possible. You can speak with Jenna face-to-face. She communicates effectively with children, adults, seniors and pets...except snakes. Jenna realizes that, as our community continues to grow, service should remain her top priority. In 1978 Jenna Cass’ mother and stepfather (Ellen and Don Beaumont) made Tehachapi their home. They knew this mountain offered a safe, healthy and family friendly environment. Not so long after

that Jenna’s only brother (Clint Cass) is known today for his passion for coaching the children of Tehachapi at Parks & Recs. at both the junior and high school level. Clint married his high school sweetheart (Jennifer Hansen) in this town and is raising their three children -Carley, Madeleine and Dawson- whom excel scholastically and athletically. After visiting her family often in Tehachapi since 1978, Jenna finally left the big city of San Jose in 1991 to soak up the mountain life. Jenna moved here employed as an agent the very first day she arrived and never looked back. With the birth of Jenna’s son (Zack) in 2002, her love of playing sports from her own childhood through college years was rekindled. Jenna has become an influence to others through her coaching of her son’s basketball team in the Tehachapi Parks & Recs., score keeper for Zack’s baseball team and through assisting in Zack’s classroom each year. Jenna Cass is grateful for all that the community has given her and looks forward to being of further service to the community. Jenna looks forward to celebrating with you and your family at the Grand Opening or anytime. There will be appetizers, cake and fun for the kids!!! Meet the person that realizes your needs are unique to you and who will work to meet those needs confidentially.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

The crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 addresses the crowd at Edwards AFB.

the public about the dollars spent on the U.S. Space Program, and we’re hoping to correct that,” explained Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus, who holds a doctorate in Science and Engineering. “Only seven-tenths of one penny of your annual taxes goes to the space program, but the advances we have gained are priceless.” Indeed, the list of NASA inventions that now permeate our everyday life is long and impressive. These inventions include cordless tools, smoke detectors, cardiac pacemakers, scratch-resistant glasses, sneaker insoles, memory foam, water filters and long-distance telecommunications. (Despite popular theory NASA did not invent Tang orange breakfast drink. It was introduced in 1957 by General Foods and was on grocery store shelves for years before NASA decided it worked well in space.) Each year since 1976, NASA has published the journal “Spinoff” which highlights the products that have been made possible thanks to

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

a NASA idea or innovation. Those interested can download a free copy of Spinoff from http:// Spinoff2010/pdf/ Spinoff2010.pdf With the Shuttle Program coming to a close after more than twenty years of operation, the crew of STS-135 expressed their hopes that interest in space exploration, among the general public, will continue and hopefully increase. “Budget cuts have reduced the number of active astronauts from about 150 to 60 or 70,” said Walheim. “I’d like to see that number grow again with more young people showing an interest in space exploration,” Commander Ferguson added, “The Shuttle Program cost almost $3 billion a year to operate, so we’re stepping down in order to use that money to get other projects going. I think NASA is one of the few federal organizations that enables people to stand back and think, ‘now there’s a tax dollar well spent.’ ”

Final Flight

Airport Suing for Airspace

by Robert Lugibihl

by Robert Lugibihl

The Space Shuttle program came full circle on Aug. 23, 2011 when the crew of the final shuttle flight appeared for a press conference. The press conference was located at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, just a few miles from the Palmdale facility where the first fully functional orbiter Columbia was built. The four person crew of STS-135 (Space Transportation System flight number one hundred thirty-five) — Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus and Mission Specialist Rex Walheim — were met with thunderous applause by a standing room only crowd of NASA employees and members of the press as they entered the Dryden facility. Each astronaut took a few moments to give their thoughts about the shuttle program in general and their final mission in particular. “We only learned we were going up six weeks before take-off, which is not a lot of time,” said retired Navy Captain and Shuttle Commander Chris Ferguson, “and we didn’t fully realize the impact of this final mission until we were being driven up to the launch pad and saw more people than have ever appeared to watch a shuttle launch.” “NASA always has a back-up plan, and Atlantis STS-135 was prepped in case of the need for a rescue of the STS-134 crew,” said Marine Corps Colonel and Shuttle Pilot Doug Hurley. “But when we flew on short notice the only rescue option was the Russian Soyuz Spacecraft. So they only sent four of us up rather than the usual six or eight so that in the event of a rescue the last person stuck on the International Space Station would only be up there for a year.” The International Space Station (ISS) is an internationally-developed research facility assembled in low Earth orbit and is the largest space station ever constructed. The Space Shuttle Program has proven to be instrumental in the construction of the ISS which began in 1998 and is expected to be finished in 2012. Many shuttle missions involved carrying large payloads to various orbits including segments to be added to the ISS, provided crew rotation for the ISS, and performing service missions. Unknown to most people, the origins of the Shuttle Program predate our landing on the moon. Before the Apollo XI moon landing in 1969, NASA began early studies of space shuttle designs. In 1969 President Richard Nixon formed the Space Task Group, chaired by Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. This group evaluated the shuttle studies to date, and recommended a national space strategy including building a space shuttle. The goal, as presented by NASA to Congress, was to provide a much less-expensive means of access to space that would be used by NASA, the Department of Defense and other commercial and scientific users. During early shuttle development there was great debate about the optimal shuttle

design that best balanced capability, development cost and operating cost. Ultimately the current design was chosen, using a reusable winged orbiter, reusable solid rocket boosters, and an expendable external tank. The shuttle program was formally launched on January 5, 1972, when President Nixon announced that NASA would proceed with the development of a reusable space shuttle system. The first orbiter was originally planned to be named Constitution, but a massive write-in campaign from fans of the Star Trek television series convinced the White House to change the name to Enterprise. Amid great fanfare, the Enterprise (designated OV-101) was rolled out September 17, 1976 and later conducted a successful series of glide-approach and landing tests that were the first real validation of the design. The first fully functional orbiter was Columbia (designated OV-102), built in Palmdale, Calif. It was delivered to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on March 25, 1979, and was first launched on April 12, 1981 — the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight — with a crew of two. Challenger (OV-099) was delivered to KSC in July 1982, Discovery (OV-103) in Nov. 1983 and Atlantis (OV-104) in April 1985. Challenger was originally built and used as a aaStructural Test Article (STA-099) but was converted to a complete shuttle when this was found to be less expensive than converting Enterprise from its Approach and Landing Test configuration, according to NASA. Challenger was destroyed during ascent due to O-Ring failure on the right solid rocket booster (SRB) on Jan. 28, 1986, with the loss of all seven astronauts on board. Endeavour (OV-105) was built to replace Challenger and delivered in May 1991; it was first launched a year later. Seventeen years after the Challenger accident, Columbia broke up on reentry, killing all seven crew members on Feb. 1, 2003. It was not replaced. Out of the five fully functional shuttle orbiters built, three remain. Enterprise, which was used for atmospheric test flights but not intended for orbital flight, had many parts taken out for use on the other orbiters and was later visually restored for display at the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington, D.C. “The shuttle is the only winged manned spacecraft to have achieved orbit and land, and the only reusable space vehicle that has ever made multiple flights into orbit,” said Mission Specialist Rex Walheim, a retired Air Force Colonel. “Each vehicle was designed with a projected lifespan of 100 launches, or 10 years operational life. NASA planned to replace the shuttle with the Orion spacecraft, but budget cuts have placed full development of the Orion craft in doubt. “There seems to be a misconception among

Most readers of The Loop are aware of the Valley Airport (MVA) located at the intersection of Highline and Tehachapi Willow Springs roads. What many of you probably don’t know, however, is that the airport is suing a group of property owners and wind power developers…for the sky. Established in 1961 by Fred Harris, the MVA’s location was selected for its close proximity to various advantageous lift effects where the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tehachapi Mountains and Mojave Desert meet and was designed to accommodate both sailplanes and general aviation. The Skylark North Glider School performs glider flight training for civilians as well as: the US Air Force Test Pilot School, from Edwards AFB; the National Test Pilot School, from the Mojave Air & Space Port; NASA; and others. Due to the ongoing training contract with the US Air Force Test Pilot School, probably most or nearly all NASA Space Shuttle pilots who came from the Air Force Base have received glider training at Mountain Valley Airport. However the MVA’s glider space — considered one of California’s finest– was feared to be in jeopardy if energy developer Alta Windpower’s Pahnamid project was permitted to construct massive wind turbines in the surrounding hills. So on June 22, 2011 – just days prior to Alta’s announcement that it was revoking its permit application for the project — the Mountain Valley Airport, LLC filed a civil action to quiet title to an easement by prescription to the airspace above the proposed Pahnamid project area. Represented by local attorney Kassandra McQuillen, the local landmark’s suit for “airspace easement” names, among others, Summit Line Company, Alta Windpower and local resident Phil Wyman as defendants. The suit specifically requests “an avigation and clearance easement for the right to fly glider planes at elevations below the horizontal limits of the private airport imaginary surfaces described in Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 77, including the navigable airspace between 200

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and 500 feet above the surface, and the use of thermal lift, mountain waves, ridge lift, wind, and airspace necessary to the flight of gliders above the property of defendants.” It would seem that Pahnamid’s permit withdrawal would make the lawsuit moot but, according to McQuillen, the airspace in question isn’t out of the woods yet. “Two months ago various persons and entities claimed a victory for Tehachapi and announced their efforts and influence had put a stop to the Pahnamid project,” McQuillen explained. “At the time Alta sent a letter to Kern County simply revoking its permit application for the project but made no statements that the project was cancelled. Alta made no public comments about the matter. For those of you who think Pahnamid is off and our beloved mountains are safe, I ask you this: Why would the defendants and Alta Windpower defend against this lawsuit for the right to fly 200 to 500 feet above the mountains if they did not intend to revisit Pahnamid? What other purpose would they have in fighting over that right than to preserve their leases and development rights?” Not only are the defendants actively defending against the MVA’s right to the airspace, there are a number of inaccurate accusations about the lawsuit being put forth by various sources. “Contrary to the incomprehensible and insensitive opinion piece by Mike MacKenzie [who has signed a lease with Alta’s Morgan Hills Wind Energy Project] and irresponsibly published in the Tehachapi News on Aug. 3, 2011,” McQuillen says, “The suit will not have ‘unintended consequences’ for millions of southern California residents nor will it result in the taking of residential property rights or the cutting down of trees. Had anyone bothered to request the civil filing or verify the allegations of the complaint to run a companion piece on the suit, they would know otherwise. Nor do the people of Mountain Meadows have to worry about their property rights as was improperly perpetuated by MMCSD’s President Richard Williford at their most recent meeting. No trees will be cut down. No private windmills for residential power will be compromised. No one is alleging you can’t continue to use your property.” Although this case is the first of its kind, McQuillen is clear that her cause is a just one. “This is a case about glider pilots who have been using the airspace 200 to 500 feet above the Tehachapi Mountains since the 1960s and want to establish a legal right to continue to use that airspace. It is the same concept of having used a road across your neighbor’s property for years and him putting up a gate. You’d have the right to keep using that road if you could establish you’d been using it for more than five years and he knew about it and didn’t say anything. There’s a bit more to it than that, of course, but that is the gist of the theory at issue here.”

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Tilting at Windmills Part IV

Attack of the Acronyms

The fourth in a series of articles examining the many aspects of the growing wind energy business in the Greater Tehachapi Area. DOE, EERE, CEC, CNRA, CPUC, RPS, RAM, KCPD, TRTP, EKWRA, TWRA, TCSG, AWEA, KWEA, AWEC, CEQA. No, you haven’t suddenly become dyslexic, and we haven’t given up proofreading here at The Loop [Editor’s note: Yet]. That’s “Windspeak” and, if you’re concerned about the future of Tehachapi, you need to become fluent. Along with the ever-debatable aspects of clean energy, local jobs, tax revenues, aesthetic eyesores and environmental endangerment, the wind industry has brought to Tehachapi a veritable alphabet soup of projects, programs and agencies. In order to make sense of the industry, the way it works and how it may affect our lives, it’s important to mind your Ps and Qs in this area. Starting at the federal level and working our way down, the incentive (but to-date not federal mandates) to generate wind power starts with the United States DOE (Department of Energy) and its EERE (office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy). The DOE offers loan guarantees for eligible wind projects that “avoid, reduce or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases” and “employ new or significantly improved technologies”. It also offers a Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit and Business Energy Investment Tax Credit for larger, utility-scale wind power installations. Through the EERE, the DOE funds R&D for wind energy and “invests in clean energy technologies that strengthen the economy, protect the environment, and reduce dependence on foreign oil.” Actual laws mandating generation of

Solar Panel Farm in Cummings Valley? According to the Cummings Valley Protective Association (CVPA), a nonprofit public benefit corporation, 300 acres of prime agricultural land in Cummings Valley has been earmarked for installation of 3,200 solar panels. Recurrent Energy is currently in the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) stage with the Kern County Planning Department for a proposed project that covers 300 acres along Pellisier Road currently known as Superior Sod. Of the ten Recurrent Energy projects currently underway in Kern County, this is the only project proposed in prime agricultural farmland. “CVPA is very supportive of alternative clean energy, but not with the sacrifice of locally grown food,” says CVPA member Jo Anne Huckins, “[the] message is simple – America’s farms and ranches provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh, healthy and local food, but they are rapidly disappearing. Once gone, they cannot be replaced. That’s why supporting local food and farms is more important than ever.”

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renewable energy begin at the state level with the CEC (California Energy Commission). As California’s primary energy policy and planning agency, the CEC is responsible for activities such as forecasting future energy needs, promoting energy efficiency through appliance/building standards and supporting renewable energy technologies. They are a division of the CNRA (California Natural Resources Agency), a state cabinet-level agency responsible for: protecting historical, natural and cultural sites; monitoring and controlling state lands and waterways; and regulating fish and game use. On Sept. 29, 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill (AB) 1007 which required the CEC to prepare a state plan in conjunction with the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) to increase the use of alternative fuels in California. The CPUC regulates privately owned electric, telecommunications, natural gas, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies. According to their site, the CPUC “serves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at reasonable rates, with a commitment to environmental enhancement and a healthy California economy” On April 12, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed the most aggressive alternative-energy mandate in the U.S., giving California utilities and other electricity providers until the end of 2020 to draw 33 percent of their power from solar panels, windmills and other renewable sources. This new RPS (Renewables Portfolio Standard) applies to all electricity retailers in the state and requires them to adopt the new RPS goals of 20 percent of retail sales from renewables by the end of 2013, 25 percent by the end of 2016 and the 33 percent requirement by the end of 2020. These mandates initiated the creation of RAM (Renewable Auction Mechanism) by utility companies such as SCE (Southern California Edison) and PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric). RAM — a sort of reverse auction wherein private companies bid on the rights to generate renewable electricity and then sell it back to the grid —was approved by the CPUC in Dec. 2010 and is expected to result in 1,000 megawatts (MW) of new distributed generation over the course of two years. Projects proposed by those companies which successfully acquire contracts through RAM are then reviewed by the KCPD (Kern County Planning Department), a service organization that facilitates planning for Kern County and, according to their site, “is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of Kern County residents, primarily those with lower incomes, by improving their economic, environmental and social quality of life. We achieve this through projects and programs that revitalize neighborhoods by providing safer living environments, decent and affordable housing, public facilities and improvements, and expanded employment opportunities.” The EKWRA (East Kern Wind Resource Area) includes SCE customers and numerous wind generation projects. This area also includes the approximate geographic area between the towns of Tehachapi and Mojave. The electric system serving this general area today is part of the CAISO (Calif. Independent System Operator), which manages the Calif. power grid and controls the Antelope-Bailey 66 kV system. This Antelope-Bailey 66 kV system has experienced operational and reliability challenges caused by growing load in the southern

portion of the system and the increasing production capability of existing renewable resources in the northern portion of this system. In June 2004, the CPUC established the TCSG (Tehachapi Collaborative Study Group) to “develop a comprehensive transmission development plan for the phased expansion of transmission capability in the Tehachapi area”. Three years later SCE filed an application for a Special Use authorization with the USDA Forest Service. This authorization saught permission for the construction, operation and maintenance of the TRTP (Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project) National Forest System (NFS) lands in the Angeles National Forest (ANF), because the proposed transmission lines would traverse approximately 42 miles of NFS lands. The TRTP, as proposed, would involve the construction, operation and maintenance of new and upgraded transmission infrastructure along approximately 173 miles of new and existing rights-of-way in southern Kern County, portions of Los Angeles County, including the ANF and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) lands, and the southwestern portion of San Bernardino County, Calif. SCE’s stated objectives for the proposed project are “to accommodate the potential renewable power generation that has been identified in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area (TWRA), thereby enabling SCE and other California utilities to comply with the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)”. The TRTP is currently developing its EIR/ EIS (Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Study) and is expected to be completed in its entirety by 2013. The CPUC and USDA Forest Service both are responsible for approving SCE’s proposal for the project, drafting the EIR/EIS, facilitating the scoping process, analyzing results from the scoping process and responding appropriately to regulations (and suggestions) to minimize the project’s environmental impact. There are seven private firms that are involved in the project, along with SCE, who “contribute data, scientific information, personnel, and various strategies to aid SCE with planning and managing the project.” Needless to say, there’s big money involved with TRTP. Getting closer to home, we have the aforementioned TWRA (Tehachapi Wind Resource Area). According to Tehachapi attorney and blogger (http://

by Robert Lugibihl Kassandra McQuillen, “the TWRA is NOT a formal area, is NOT in the [Kern County] General Plan, and has never been ratified by the County. It appears the TWRA was created in 2006 by the TCSG…and the designation of the TWRA appears to have been funded by Kern County through the EIR process tied to the expansion of power transmission lines from Tehachapi to L.A.” This is of concern because the TWRA is often cited by wind developers in their project proposals, but McQuillen says “the TWRA is not defined anywhere in Kern County’s land use ordinances…it is merely a map of where good wind is.” Wind developers have representation on both a national and local level. The AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) is a District of Columbia-based national trade association, and the KWEA (Kern Wind Energy Association) is a local, non-profit trade organization. Both organizations promote wind energy as a clean source of electricity and represent wind power project developers, equipment suppliers, service providers, parts manufacturers, utilities, researchers, and others involved in the wind industry. As for the actual wind projects themselves, the largest by far is the AWEC (Alta Wind Energy Center) wind farm located in the Tehachapi Pass. This farm is being developed by New York-based Terra-Gen Power –which closed a $1.2 billion financing deal in July 2010– in association with partners that include Google, Citibank, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse. SCE agreed in 2006 to buy 1,550 megawatts of electricity from AWEC over 25 years, one of largest PPAs (power purchase agreements) ever signed. AWEC will be scattered across 9,000 acres, most of which are leased from private landowners. Finally we come back around to state mandates, with all wind projects having to go through the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process, a California statute passed in 1970 which “does not directly regulate land uses, but instead requires state and local agencies within California to follow a protocol of analysis and public disclosure of environmental impacts of proposed projects and adopt all feasible measures to mitigate those impacts.” So there you have it…the ABCs of “Windspeak” from top to bottom. Definitely enough to leave anyone’s head spinning. In two weeks, Part 5: Is SCE Swindling the Wind Developers?

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The Butcher’s Wife

Create Your Own Personal Title Page important to me? What am I all about?” Then ~This is about dealing with how the world visualize what it is you want. see’s you.~ You may realize you have gone off course Do you want to have a hugely powerful if you find yourself moving fast and carelessly life? If so, create your own personal title page. putting things into place. Perhaps, Stay focused on what you are you will slam a door or try to make working toward, but daydream with someone else appear wrong, or you your title page in the lead. Your title may get mad and stop talking to page is your calling card. It is what someone. you represent, your earth walk. On the other hand, if your Your title page is how you greet the friend or spouse is having a bad world every day, with every person moment, don’t get mad. Realize and in every situation. they are not being their authentic If your title page is “endless selves. Sometimes you can just let possibilities”, for instance, you will Charisse Rudolph them have a pity party and speak to meet each situation with what is ~The Leadership them about it the next day. What can possible. If your title page is really work out great is when each “always being right”, you will greet of you has permission to say, “I can see that every situation as if you know it all. If your you are having a bad day. Your title page is not title page is “you are not as good as the next”, leading you this evening, so let’s talk tomorrow your story and actions will show that to be after you are rested.” true. If it is “being angry that life is not going The next day, (or when you are ready), if your way”, your life may look pretty hopeless it was you who had the meltdown, you will most of the time. need to clean up the mess by saying something. Your title page colors your world. People No one is perfect and says, “I’m sorry.” This of similar title pages will be attracted to one only means, “I wish I hadn’t said that,” or “I another. It’s like in the library, the self-help wish that hadn’t happened”. Saying you are books are in the same section and the sorry is not an acceptance of failure. You will adventure books in another. Your title page is only fail if you are not responsible for your what everybody sees or first senses about who actions. Saying you are sorry does not make you are. If you want to have a hugely powerful you weak, it makes you strong because you are life, you will chose a title page that is positive taking responsibility for yourself. Then you and shows others how you want to be known. can cut the drama and get back on track. You You will share that energy with everyone you had your pity party. Now clean up your mess. meet. Your daydreams and goals will include Ask the Universe for what you want – your personal title page. It will be evident in visualize, believe, be grateful and turn your the way you go about doing things. Your passion into action. personal title page will lead others to the Until the next time, “To Thy own self be chapters of your life, and it will show in your true.” Todays Quote: ~Determine the goal of character. your life, and find the shortest road that can Sometimes you may fall short of who you lead you there.~ P.Y. have declared yourself to be and, in doing so, Next column, Council and the talking fall short of your title page. We all make stick. mistakes! If – from time to time – you get angry, upset or you feel you are losing sight of Did you see me 8/22/11 on The Sunrise your title page, at that time of uncertainty, you Show, Channel #17 Bakersfield? I, Yiy, Yiy! must learn to recognize it. Say to yourself, Two minutes to get as much info about the “Whoops. What is my title page? What is book, out of my mouth. It went well!

Until the next time, “To Thy own self be true.” Todays Quote: ~If you want others to believe in you, remember it isn’t only your words that have an effect, it’s what you think, and the actions you take. Next column, “Create Your Own Personal Title Page.” Or, “Dealing with the way the world sees you.” Great News: I just received 250 copies of the new book, “Words Hit Hard as a Fist, With 18 Tips on How to STOP being Bullied.” If you pre-purchased a copy, give me a call at 661 821-0482 or email me at

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R egistered Tax Preparer

S h e l ia A R o s a l e s 112 East F St., #D Tehachapi

(661) 823-7597

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

by Tomi Nuckolls and Leslie Reynolds

Tomi’s - Balsamic Roast Chicken Delight Here is yet another of my favorite chicken dish, combine the rosemary, sea salt, garlic and recipes for you lucky people to enjoy! It’s so pepper. Rub this mixture all over the raw chicken, inside and out. Put chicken in a separate easy to make and so good to taste, as well as pan or dish, cover and let it set in the good for you! Balsamic refrigerator for one hour. You can do vinegar is aged in a wooden this for longer, up to 24 hours in cask, giving it a strong, sweet advance, if you’d like to let the flavor. Wait ‘til you taste seasoning really soak in! Place neck, what it does for this chicken! giblets and liver (if you have them) on It’s excellent served with rice, the bottom of a roasting pan or Dutch noodles or even chopped up oven. Chop one (or two) red onions in a chicken salad….Enjoy! into large whole slices and lay them on bottom of roasting pan (on top of Ingredients giblets if you have them). Then place 1 whole chicken (5 to 6 lb.) Tony and Tomi Nuckolls, your whole seasoned chicken on top 2 tbsp. chopped fresh Butcher & Wife of the onions, (breast side up) and rosemary (usually found in pour the balsamic vinegar and wine the organic produce section) 2 tbsp sea salt • 3 fresh garlic cloves, chopped over the entire bird. Cover and put in preheated oven to cook for 2 hours or 20 minutes per 1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper 2 red onions, chopped • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar pound, depending on the size of your chicken. ¼ cup good red wine (the better the wine, the When done cooking, remove from oven and carve. better the flavor…and the more fun to make!) Serve with the balsamic/onion/giblet mixture from the bottom of the roasting pan poured over the How to prepare and cook Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Rinse whole top of the carved chicken. Come by the butcher chicken in cold water inside and out. If you are shop later on, shake my hand and thank me in person about how awesome this recipe is…I’m using a chicken with internals, remove all used to the compliments, but one more couldn’t including neck, giblets, and liver and set aside hurt! Bon appétit, Tomi for later. Rinse bird and pat dry. In a small

Shag said,

A Decade And A Half...and Still Writing The Loop celebrated its 10th anniversary up on more beer, an air pistol, and cut himself this week. I got to join in, having written for loose. He had intended to shoot out balloons to them almost from the start and for a few years descend in his girl’s yard, but rose too fast. He for a predecessor publication. It has ascended to 11,000 feet, interfered been fun and hopefully of value to the with LAX air traffic and finally was readers. towed to safety by a Coast Guard Some of the material in my chopper. As I have told clients, we columns has been intended to be do things while drinking that we instructive and some meant to be would never think of doing sober. humorous. These are some of my Then, there were the elephants favorite attempts in both areas. that would seek out piles of rotting, I wrote about how “loco weed” fermenting fruit in the jungle. They was first identified to the California would get intoxicated by eating it government agricultural gurus by a and then trample native by Fred Shaughnessy, Bakersfield farmer in the mid 1800s. villages…just for the hell of it. CADC II He noticed his livestock actually Imitating us humans again? seeking out the plants, pawing them up, and I hope to be sharing with you for many eating them. After that they would teach the more years. I’ll be back next issue…hope you are younger animals how to do the same. Kind of too. like some of us humans do with certain ************************************************************************ substances. Fred Shaughnessy is a counselor for TAASK, At first I didn’t believe my research about Inc., and is a licensed advanced alcohol and drug the party guy in LA who wanted to surprise his counselor (LAADC), a non-governmental license girlfriend and drop in on her. He tied his lawn conferred by CCBADC/CAADAC. He is a regular chair to some surplus weather balloons, stocked contributor to this paper.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Dr. Brady - the “Spine Guy”

Neck Pain and Numbness and Tingling in the Arms and Hands In the 40 years or so that I have practiced between the vertebrae, any misalignment can Chiropractic I have successfully irritate the nerve and cause treated many people who are numbness and tingling in the hands experiencing neck pain with and arms. Sometimes people refer to numbness and/or tingling in their this as “pins and needles” and, if left fingers, hands and arms. uncorrected, it can get worse over As in many spinal conditions, time. there are different causes and Gentle chiropractic treatment different ways that people are can help these conditions by affected. realigning the vertebra and relaxing This particular problem can be the muscles in the neck and the result of an injury to the neck, shoulders. Gentle manipulation and shoulder or arm. It can be either stress reduction is very effective in by Terry Brady, D.C. something very recent or something the correction of the misalignment. from a long time ago. Very often sports injuries Once the bone is moved back, closer to where it that occurred when you were a teenager, or in should be, the muscles have the ability to your twenties, are the cause. A whiplash type stabilize the spine and relieve the pressure on injury from a car accident is another common the nerves. We recommend range of motion and cause. Incorrect posture contributes greatly to stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles this kind of condition as well. Whether changes and stabilize the joints. There are many factors in the cervical spine occur slowly or happen involved in the correction of conditions such as quickly due to a trauma, the results are often these. If the reason for the problem is due to an very similar. A vertebra can become misaligned, injury, it depends on the severity of the injury due to muscle imbalance or degenerative and how long it has been since it occurred. If changes, and the possibility of a nerve root it’s a postural problem, it again depends on the being irritated increases. The more nerve roots severity and the duration of the problem. become irritated the more affect it has on the Degenerative changes usually come with age nerves going into the shoulders, arms, fingers and are often the end result of injury or and hands. incorrect posture. Once a vertebra becomes misaligned or If you suffer from neck pain, headaches or subluxated, the discs begin to slowly degenerate numbness and tingling in your upper and the spine cannot maintain its proper extremities, make an appointment at my office alignment. As this distortion progresses there for a complimentary evaluation to determine if is less room for “error” between the bones and it is something we can help with chiropractic you become more prone to symptoms. The treatment. symptoms then result from the head and/or Call and come in for a no charge neck being in a “bad” position for too long a consultation to see if we can help you. period of time – such as lying in bed, sitting Remember only a chiropractor can tell you if watching television or driving your car. When your condition can benefit from chiropractic this happens and there is not enough space care.

If you want to drink, That’s your business! If you want to stop, That’s our business! We have a solution! We can help! Give us a call! Alcoholics Anonymous, Kern County Central Office

( 661 ) 322-4025

Gentle Treatment • Palmer Graduate • 40 Years Experience Insurance Accepted Personal Injury Cash & Family Plans

Terence G. Brady, DC 20825 South Street • Old Town Tehachapi 661-823-8888

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Bob - the “Wine Guy”

Beer in the Headlights Last year a video appeared on YouTube the year on a wine bottle and not on a beer can? with three guys “yard shooting” a homemade I’m just saying. So no, beer is not just for cannon loaded with Milwaukee’s Best canned BBQs and pro-sports events, wine and beer can beer. They are shooting at a bottle of what they exist together… “Can’t we all just get along?” call “fancy-pants wine.” Somehow wine has As it happens, the video become manly, but who was actually made by a knows? Pastoral nostalgia beer company and was fueled the wine boom. actually very funny. While After all long ago we it plays the class divide for became a mostly urban laughs, it also represents and suburban nation. the ultimate fantasy of Maybe industrial nostalgia American beer executiveswill be next, now that our who have been jittery for factories are gone. Cubicleby Bob Souza, “The Wine Guy” years. dwellers raise your pints. While beer sales have been Ok already…how pretty much stagnant, growing less than one about the wine word of the day? percent since 2000, a Gallop poll (2005) Underbrush… Aromas or flavors that suggest revealed that, for the first time ever, Americans wet leaves, dampness, and slight decay; a preferred wine over beer. This welcome note in many older We are open Labor reds. was an astonishing development, akin to bocce replacing baseball. I know you’re all waiting… Day Monday Columnist Lew Bryson of the So my Uncle Guido and 11 to 6 p.m.! beer trade magazine “Cheers” my Aunt Blanch, married for a has been quoted as saying, “Beer very long time, are talking about has lost its way.” her upcoming birthday. They argue about every Not too many years ago wine was mired in thing and this would be no different. So Aunt a swamp of low-margin jug sales. Remember Blanch says, “I want something shiny that goes when drunks were called “Winos”? Well fear from zero to 150 in about 3 seconds.” So Uncle not for wine has cleaned itself up and gone Guido bought her a bathroom scale. And that’s uptown. Wine, even when made in volume, can when the fight started. Bada Bing… trade on pastoral associations while beer seems ‘Til next time… I love you more than jelly somewhat industrial. You know, beer makers donuts. strive for consistency, a virtue that is a hallmark of most successful brewers, while wine makers BTWG (Bob the Wine Guy) tend to handcraft each vintage year. Ever notice Abbondanza Fortuna

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My Dog David Kettler, March 23rd 2011 My dog is not a manly dog, she’s my dog just the same A manly dog rides in a truck and retrieves the hunted game

But none of them would last a day In my Dutch wife’s clean abode But Mollie she has passed the test and has never hit the road

My dog, she is a lady dog… when we got her she was small A little puff of fluffy fur… all wrapped up in a ball!

I sure don’t feel real manly when I take her for a walk The neighbors they just kind of grin But deep inside they mock

They told us she would stay that way, but her waistline it went south! Everything that hits the floor just ends up in her mouth!

“That big ol’ guy; that little dog”… I feel like such a sap! Mollie really does belong asleep on Grandma’s lap!

A cookie here and a cracker there now she’s a butterball. And when she steps up on the scale, the Vet’s face says it all!

Now she’s getting on in years her jump is not so high She really hates to get her bath when soap gets in her eye

I love the Pit Bulls’ bully grin I love the Labrador I love the Husky’s arrogance And Sheep Dogs even more

The day will come when Mollie dies and yes I’ll get choked up Remembering my little puff who once was just a pup!

Help Support our Adopt-A-Pet Section!!! Call 661-822-8188 or see us online at Tehachapi Humane Society by Sharon Cornelison Boy has it been hot! I don’t have air conditioning, so use I a lot of fans and my foster dogs have learned to lie in front of them. I am constantly moving their exercise pen to shadier spots when I take them outside and I change their water frequently just so it’s not hot water they are drinking. When you have your dogs out walking, be sure to watch that their feet aren’t getting burned on the asphalt or cement. Try to walk them on grassier areas. To test, take your shoes off and stand on the cement or asphalt, if it’s hot for you, it’s hot for them too. During Farmers’ Market, I saw a number of dogs that were wearing protective booties. They didn’t seem to mind, and it’s a way of protecting their paws. We sure have some cuties up for adoption right now, both cats and dogs so be sure to check out their pictures on our website at and contact us you’ll be glad you did. Iris and I had a really great time at The Loop’s 10th Anniversary celebration out at Souza’s Family Vineyards. The food was delicious and I went home with my pants undone…didn’t really help as it was my skin that was too tight. Met some really nice people and The Loop group were, as always, very nice and supportive of us. I am sorry to say, but the need for the animals is greater than ever. Daily we are being asked to take in dogs and cats because they’ve been found abandoned. We are a “no kill” operation, but don’t have a shelter. The

animals we take in have to be adoptable and there are some breeds that our liability insurance will not allow us to take. We have so few fosters homes, so must adopt the ones we have before taking any more in and it breaks our hearts to say no to people that are desperate but we must in order to help those we currently have in our care. Some recommendation to people when they call us: #1, do not wait till the last minute! #2, Your pet has a better chance at finding a new home if they are spayed or neutered…this allows the animal to be eligible to be put on also by being ‘fixed’, someone might be more willing to take them because they aren’t having this additional expense. To find other rescues, you can Google, “California Rescues” and name the breed/mix…go from there to contact various rescue groups. Use Facebook with a picture of the animal and a bio of them. Advertise in the newspapers, post on bulletin boards, and network with friends and neighbors to put the word out that they need a home. As a last resort, contact Animal Control, but do not abandon the animal! This is cruel and illegal! Please, be animal conscience, people really do not want to give up their animals due to moves. I know that part of the problem is there are so few places willing to rent to people with animals. Won’t you re-think this? Many motels and hotels are now allowing animals, so why not allow long term renters to have them? Just a thought…

Sept 3 - 17, 2011

Welcome to the ADOPT-A-PET Section!! Many of the an i m a l s u p f o r a d o p t i o n c a n b e s e e n a t : p e t f i n d e r. c o m / s h e l t e r s This Section is in need of support! For years The Loop has generously dedicated two pages per issue to helping local pets in need find homes and in this issue we’ve added to it. Advertisers please call the The Loop today to find out how you can help to support this section. Remember, when thinking about adopting, that the adoption cost is a tax deductible donation! If you find a pet you want to adopt please call the number listed next to the pet or in their rescue’s information. All Dobie SOS dogs are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and have received a veterinary exam. All adopted dogs come with one free bath at Canine Creek and one free grooming at Tehachapi Pet Lodge. You can see all of the Dobie SOS dogs waiting for homes at 661-886-1721 •

Nora and Noah These two handsome purebred Dobermans were found wandering in the desert outside of Barstow. Some good Samaritans kept them in food and water hoping an owner would show up to claim them. No one ever did, so the caretakers called us. Noah and Nora are big, strong, probably European-bred Dobermans with natural ears and docked tails. They are very stable, good-tempered and friendly dogs. Nora is the boss: she is quite dominant with Noah and he tolerates her pushiness. Noah is easygoing. Both dogs are very energetic and strong and will need formal exercise and training. They do not need to be adopted as a pair: Nora should be able to live with any tolerant male dog; we would not place her with another female. Noah should be able to live with most female dogs. Nora and Noah are about two years old and they are crate-trained.

Ask The Dog Expert

Fearful Dogs? by Sheri Williams When dogs are afraid, we tend to comfort them and tell them, “it’s okay.” However what you are really telling them is that it is okay to be afraid. Dogs have simple minds. They can’t understand complex thought like we can. So comforting them, while they are in a fearful state, only makes them embrace the fearfulness. What you should do instead is correct the fearfulness. I know this sounds mean, but it’s the only way to help your dog. I use my dog, Debo, as an example dog when I’m called for this behavioral problem. He has a way of calming the fearful dog, because he exhibits no

fear or concern. This helps the other dog to overcome their fears. Dogs learn from example, and they learn from each other. So, if you’re lucky enough to have two dogs, use the braver one to your advantage. Put them together when the situation is uneasy for one of your dogs, but not the other. Also, if you give your dog a quick touch, this kind of snaps them out of what they are focusing on at the time. This is a slow process. Be patient with your fearful dog. If you have any questions you can call me at 661-972-1736 or e-mail me at Thanks!

Sept 3 - 17, 2011

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ADOPT-A-PET Section!! Tehachapi Humane Society Calendar, September 2011 3 - Adopt-a-Pet Day, at Tehachapi Pet Lodge and Outfitters, 20963 Woodford/Tehachapi Road from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. (Summer Hours) 10 - Shot Clinic, 10 a.m.-noon, THS Office 21600 Golden Star Blvd., Unit #3 (corner of Golden Star Ave. & Golden Hills Blvd.). 10 – “Move Your Tails” Bike, Run & Dog Walk Event @Brite Lake Facility, Registration 7 a.m. Start 9 a.m. Come join the fun! 17 – “Yappy Hour” at Tehachapi Pet Lodge and Outfitters, 20963 Woodford/Tehachapi Road from 1-5 p.m. Use your coupon (available at THS Office) get 10% and a $5 donation will be given to THS from Pet Lodge. 19 - Monthly Meeting @6:30 p.m., Tehachapi Humane Society Office, 21600 Golden Star Blvd.(corner of Golden Hills Blvd. & Golden Star Ave.) .

Hot Dogs – Summer Special For only $100, you’ll provide Daisy and/or Sandy w/a muchneeded 2nd chance at life when you adopt one of these precious pups in to your heart and home. Don’t hesitate on this wonderful opportunity. Details, details, details: Call Lynda 661-821-0518/STOP 661-823-4100, menu #2, for a meet ‘n greet/adoption.

Special Thanks to The Pet Lodge ~ Where STOP cats are seen, heard & adopted ~ See’s Candy Year-round Fundraiser Locations: Mountain Antiques & Tehachapi Automotive

21600 Golden Star Blvd. Tehachapi, CA 93561. Write us at: 21600 Golden Star Blvd., Unit #3. Tehachapi, CA 93581. 661-8230699 (menu #5 for dogs & #6 for cats)

Daisy(JackRussellTerrier/ ChiMix)

Nibs Nibs was born in May and is one of 5 black kitty siblings. He absolutely loves spending his time curled up on a warm lap all to himself. But Nibs also has a wild side! He goes crazy over toys and always knows where to find trouble. He is also a very vocal little boy like his brother, Bear, who is also available. Nibs is neutered, vaccinated and ready to steal your heart with his antics. He needs a home before we get closer to Halloween and stop advertising black cats. His picture is courtesy of Robert Hardy Photography.

Give us your answer, do, all we need is wonderful you. We’re young, housetrained 9 lb. females, sweet as pie & play well w/others. Please adopt us ~ We will love you forever and a day, do not delay. There are too many Chihuahuas who never get a 2nd chance at life & STOP wants to make sure we get a fair shake and not end up in a high-kill shelter.

Alfie Alfie - I’m a young male Schnauzer/Terrier mix, cute as a button, play well w/the others, am a great travel companion & housetrained – What more could you ask for in one convenient location? Call Lynda at 661-823-4100, menu #2, or 661-821-0518 to meet/adopt adorable me, me, me – Wait for it: Then you can ask, what’s it all about, Alfie? ~

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty is a young and very easy going and affectionate jet black petite girl. She came to us with all of her black kittens, Nibs is one of them. She was a wonderful mother and needs a home of her own before we stop advertising black cats because of Halloween.

Maddie Spanky

Maddie is a 16 lb., 1 1/2 yr, spayed Maltese mix, dog/cat friendly, and is in housetraining 101 - Updated photos to follow; in the meantime, to meet/adopt marvelous Maddie, call Janis at 661-5996400.


Spanky is a two and a half year old cream and tan terrier mix. He has been neutered, is current on his shots, and micro chipped .He is great on the leash, and likes riding in the car. He is also crate trained. He gets along with other small dogs but we are not sure about cats. Spanky is a great little lap dog. Won’t you consider giving him his forever home.

Suggs Suggs is about three years old and a really sweet little guy. He is thought to be possibly Yorkie & Schnauzer mix. He has been neutered, micro-chipped and is current on his shots. Seems to play well with other dogs, and doesn’t go after indoor cats. He’s doing ok with crating, but he does have another dog sharing with him so he’s not alone. We are house training and leash training him.

Sassy is Sugar ‘n spice, everything nice, 2 yr.,7 lb. female Yorkie/ Mini-Poodle, loves car rides, kids, cats/dogs & is housetrained. Call Marsha, 661-823-7868 to welcome sweet Sassy in to your heart & home.

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Sept 3 - 17, 2011

ADOPT-A-PET Rainbow Rescue is a no-kill, IRS 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dog rescue located in California City, CA. “We are committed to helping rescued pets find their new life opportunities” Puppy adoptions at Radio Shack every Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.”. “So many puppy kisses waiting to share with you!!” 760-373-2907, Puppy Wednesdays – adoptions are now at Books & Crannies every Wednesday from 11am to 3 p.m. in addition to regular pet adoption days every Saturday at the Tehachapi Radio Shack!! So Many sweet puppy kisses waiting to share with your family!

Micky & Minnie

Have A Heart Humane Society is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity that depends on donations and fundraisers for support. We have received a grant from Bank of the Sierra to spay and neuter pets owned by low income families. If you have a pet who needs altering and you can show proof of low income for 2010, please stop by Books & Crannies and fill out our form. We will pay 100% of the vet bill (spay/neuter and pain shot). You will also be required to care properly for the pet following its surgery. We are not liable for any injury or death as a result of the surgery. Our funds are limited so we are accepting pets on a first come, first serve basis. Adoption days are most Saturdays 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Books & Crannies. 661-750-2261,

Micky & Minnie, 10 weeks old, are the most loving, sweetest, devoted babies hearts that have so many sweet puppy kisses waiting to share with you! Smart, Quick to learn and always running to you to share their love, Micky & Minnie are Absolutely perfect for all types of families, children and other pet companions!

Des ir ee esir iree

I’m Desiree. I am approximately 2 to 3 years old. I was found roaming the streets and I’m so grateful because my puppy was born just after I was rescued. She was born on June 29, 2011. I really like humans. I like both men and women. I get along great with other dogs and even let them lick and sniff my puppy. I have long legs so its hard to tell what other breeds might be in me. I’ve started to ween my pup so I will be spay soon and ready to move into a forever home with people who want me and won’t loose me.

Domino No, you don’t need to check your glasses, Domino is really the cutest, sweetest white Doxie Mix baby with black dots with her 2 red Doxie mixed sisters now 9-10 weeks old and ready for home! All three babies have soooooo many kisses & fun to share with you so happy with everyone & everything around them. They will absolutely fill your heart with all day smiles and sunshine!

’s bbaabies Sophie ophie’s Available for adoption 3 Sept, Sophie’s babies will instantly melt in to your heart the very second you see them. 2 boys, 2 girls, Sophie & her Babies (now 5-6 weeeks) saved from pound death by a loving shelter volunteer. Mom Sophie is a 10 lbs. black & white Terrier Mix and dad unknown. We suspect that dad may have been some type of small Spaniel Mix. Both Sophie & her babies are VERY loving, kissie cuddle bugs that love to be held and share lotsa sweet breath puppie kisses!

Marley’s Mutts Zach @ 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327 or visit MARLEYSMUTTS.COM

Iraqi Buddy

Meet “Iraqi Buddy”, a 2 year-old Iraqi Mutt and Soldiers best friend. I rescued Iraqi Buddy from a Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas. It seems A US Army Soldier had completed the mountain of paperwork and jumped through a circus of hoops to have his lil’ Buddy shipped back to the USA and out of harm’s way for good. Buddy made it back state-side but his soldiermaster did not; he was killed in action. I only know what his family told me which is that his name was Eric and he was to be back home just days after he was killed. Eric has no living parents and his brother could not keep Buddy due to his own circumstances, so the responsibility fell to a terrific, former military officer, named Elaine. Elaine developed congestive heart failure and was hospitalized leaving Buddy to be boarded at the Durango Veterinary Hospital. A great friend of Marley’s Mutts brought him to my attention and we went out and got him. Our drive back to CA was a blast. We talked, blasted music, took frequent rest breaks to get more familiar and completely feel in love with one another. He is loyal like a soldier and, when off leash, he will not leave my side. Buddy loves to fetch but is infatuated with water (perhaps because there isn’t much in Iraq). Buddy has a ton of class and is a very easy dog to manage. He is neutered, vaccinated and ready to love permanently. If you are interested in adopting Iraqi Buddy, please contact Zach@661-972-3852, 821-1327 or visit MARLEYSMUTTS.COM

Criss ie Crissie I’m Crissie. I’m a 2-3 yr. old light brown female Chihuahua . I’ve had a litter puppies but they don’t need me anymore. I get along well with other dogs and cats are just cats; they don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. I am crate trained, doggy door trained, leash trained and am a very affectionate and lovable dog. I am the perfect companion for a senior single. I’m not a barker, a chewer or a digger. I would be happy in a condo, an apartment or a house with a small yard. I am spayed, microchipped, wormed and up to date on all my vaccinations—I’m stylin’. The book next to me measures 5.5 X 8.5 so you can see how big/small I am. And by the way, the author of OSCAR GOES CAMPING lives with me and is selling his book on Amazon and at to raise funds for me and my rescued friends.

Hunny Hunny is probably a Spaniel mix or maybe a Border Collie mix. We guesstimate her to be 2-3 years old. She is EXTREAMLY loveable and really likes to be around people. A chain link fence that she can see through would make her happier than a wooden fence she can’t see through. She likes to take walks and ride in the car. She would prefer a daily walk about the neighborhood if at all possible. She is a bit spoiled and wants to be right next to her human and have my tummy, chin and ears rubbed for as long as possible. It is her most favorite thing in life. She doen not like to be left behind or alone, so could you consider taking her with you? Her life has been a bit dramatic so far but she seems to have no ill effects except a mild case of separation anxiety, which she will get over when she knows she’s in her forever home.

Kittens Kittens! Male and Female available. Many that are not yet listed on this website. Call for most current availablilty @ 661.822.8440 or stop by Books and Crannies, 1121 West Valley Blvd , Tehachapi , CA 93561

Sept 3 - 17, 2011

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Wrangler Round-Up

SEPT. 23-26 – Paul Dietz Horsemanship & Cattle Working Clinic, Paradise Hills Ranch, Leona Valley, SEPT. 25 — Tehachapi Mountain Dressage Club Show, BVEC, Tehachapi, Onderdonk, 661-821-0168. OCT. 1 – ETI Corral 83, Stallion Springs Poker Ride, Tehachapi, Peggy Smith, 661331-4995. Sundance Team Penning, Sundance Feedlot, Bakersfield, Jana Peyton, 559-280-7970. Ride for the Cure Trail Ride, Gibson Ranch, Sunland, Lane Bensko, 301-463-4136. OCT. 2 – Sundance Two-Man Ranch Sorting, Sundance Feedlot, Bakersfield, Kris Mitchell, 559-936-4323. NOV. 5 — Sundance Team Penning, Sundance Feedlot, Bakersfield, Jana Peyton, 559280-7970. BTwo-Man usin e sSorting, s Sundance Dire c t oBakersfield, ry NOV. 6 – Sundance Ranch Feedlot, Kris Mitchell, 559-936-4323. NOV. 13 Charity Drive & Ride-A-Thon, Moonraker Ranch, Mojave, Sue Ellen Hall, 661-944-4677. DEC. 3 — Sundance Team Penning, Sundance Feedlot, Bakersfield, Jana Peyton, 559280-7970.

CVPA Barbecue Coming Up The annual CVPA barbecue will be Sept. 24, 2011 at the beautiful Souza Ranch. Festivities begin at 4:30 p.m. with dinner at 6 p.m. On the menu will be deep-pit BBQ beef and pork with all the fixings – wine, beer, iced tea, and dessert. Prepaying guests will be placed on the entry list by sending a check to CVPA, P.O. Box 1020, Tehachapi, CA 93581-1020. Tickets will not be issued, but your name(s) will be put on the reservation list to assure your welcome on arrival. Please note that minors will not be allowed since we are serving alcoholic beverages. Come early


and enjoy the Souzas’ warm and friendly wine tasting room, which will be open until 6 p.m. for those who would like to enjoy it. There will be music, raffle drawings and a great opportunity to meet and greet new and old friends. The cost is $25 per person when paid in advance and $30 per person at the gate. The terrific CVPA cookbook, “Every Day to Gourmet,” will be available for sale at the gate for $12. If you don’t have your copy of the cookbook yet, be sure to buy at least one for yourself and one for a gift. See you there!

Director y

Business Dir ector Director ectoryy VETERINARIAN


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Rosamond trainer Bill Cameron has been A case of WNV was reported near nominated to be a member of the Extreme Madera, California. WNV is a potentially Cowboy Association’s Hall of Fame. deadly virus that causes inflammation of the Cameron grew-up in the brain and threatens horses along with world of horses. His father Denzel birds and humans. was a noted trainer and worked in Equine WNV is dangerous and the movies and television. Bill can be deadly. One of three horses began performing on movie sets that gets sick from WNV dies or must and commercials at age 14. be euthanized. Horse owners who The younger Cameron has suspect equine WNV should watch more than 40 years as a for stumbling, lack of coordination, professional trainer on the West depression, limb weakness and by Jill Barnes Coast. He has been competing in muscle twitching. Nelson EXCA events for several years. Mosquitoes are the main source EXCA races include the disciplines of infection. Removing standing, of reining, cutting, dressage, jumping, roping, stagnate water around your home and barn is mounted shooting and archery. The rider must essential. Minimizing the number of lights demonstrate horsemanship, skill and speed on a turned on at night, especially near stables or well-rounded and trained horse. barns also can help. The horse and rider are judged on the Probably the best thing is to make sure approach of the obstacle, the obstacle itself and your horse is vaccinated. The $20 or so price of the departure. There is a score given for each the shot is your best weapon against this obstacle on the course and for overall speed and disease. horsemanship. ETI Corral 83 has its annual Poker Ride on Cameron has completed in a few EXCA Oct. 1in Stallion Springs (Tehachapi). The cost finals and has traveled to Canada and Sweden to is $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. promote the events. He feels EXCA events are Non-ETI members is $5 extra. The fee includes exciting and are sweeping the United States as one hand of poker. Registration is at 8 a.m. well as gaining popularity oversees. There will two levels of rides – a two-hour “I was born to ride in the Extreme scenic not too hilly ride, and a three-hours Cowboy Race,” he said. “There is no other scenic and hilly adventure. It’s also a bringsensation like it. It’s thrilling to see the horse your-own-lunch ride. For more information call and rider working together, overtaking an Peggy Smith at 661-331-4995, or e-mail her at obstacle at speed, with ease and success.” For more information on Cameron and Don’t forget, if you have any information EXCA, call 661-350-6577, or go to to report on the horse community such as tack . sales, upcoming events, clinics, raffles or if It’s time to make sure you horse is you’ve won an award, please contact me at updated on his West Niles Virus (WNV) 661-878-2932, e-mail vaccine. Thanks.

WOLFE HAVEN Horse Boarding Stables Covered Pipe Corrals, Barn Stalls, Paddocks & Pastures Board By The Day, Week or Month

Owner: Lynn Wolfe 25731 Banducci Road

661-823-0616 Tehachapi, CA


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Lost in the Stars

A Minister’s Musing ‘Find Nearest Castle’ by Rev. Diane Gallo Ryder A friend recently sent me the following precious story via email: “My 9-year-old granddaughter, Kate, ‘assisted’ my daughterin-law in photographing Kate’s teacher’s wedding. On the way home, Kate wanted to visit Hearst Castle and my daughter-in-law told her she wasn’t sure how to find the castle. Undaunted, Kate pushed the navigation speaker button in the car and said very seriously, ‘Find Nearest Castle.’ Kate knows that the navigation system finds everything, so she just took it for granted that it would find her castle nearby. I can’t stop smiling about it.” As people of faith, we too are looking for a near-by castle. Although we are often too far from childhood innocence to admit that we are searching for something very special. We adults may call our spiritual castle God, Buddah, inner peace, Great spirit, manna, Holy One or any one of a number of names. However our adult search is both more complicated and

more simple than Kate’s search for a castle. On one hand most major faiths echo Jesus’ promise that we can simply call upon God’s name and God will respond; we can simply knock and God’s door will be opened to us; we can simply seek God and we will find God. Some faiths even suggest that God will call out our names whether we are seeking God or not. On the other hand, we adults know that standing at the door of God’s castle is simply the beginning to our spiritual journey and not the end of it. Once we stand on the threshold of God’s castle, we must enter fully through the doorway of faith via prayer, discipline and acts of service to others. It is not enough simply to find or to be found by God; we must also serve God by serving one another. We must invite others into the castle once we find it. I don’t know if Kate ever arrived at her castle, but I do know that faith is a great guidance system for the spiritual castles we all seek. Happy travels!

AAUW Welcomes New Members The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is hosting a luncheon and wine tasting for prospective members at Souza Vineyards 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24. Anyone with an Associate of Arts degree or higher is invited to attend and learn more about AAUW Tehachapi Mountain Branch. Meetings are held monthly, usually on the second Thursday of each month; however, some events may be scheduled at other times.

Two fundraising events are held each year to fund AAUW’s dedication to scholarships. To date the local branch of AAUW has awarded over $165,000 to local students. AAUW is an active and diverse organization offering action for equity, personal and professional growth, community leadership, and friendship. Call Tommie Williams at 661822-1185 to accept the invitation to attend the event at Souza Winery at 26988 Cummings Valley Rd. on Sept. 24.

Tehachapi Community Congregational Church United Church of Christ

A Progressive Christian Church

10:30 am Worship and Sunday School Pastor Diane Ryder 100 East E St.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

(Disability Access)

(661) 822-4443

Randall B Kam, D.D.S. 1983 USC School of Dentistry

Full Service, Family-Oriented Office Cleaning • Selective Surgery • Fillings • Crowns & Bridges Full and Partial Dentures • Wisdom Teeth Removal Root Canals (Don’t worry, I’m gentle) Medi-Cal • Blue Cross • CCPOA/UFCW • Most PPO’s Delta Dental Provider • Ameritas • All Indemnity

Friendly and Caring Staff 102 East “F” Street, Tehachapi (661) 822-3223 Hours: 9am to 6pm Tues -Thurs Later evening hours can be arranged.

Invasive Species All around Tehachapi, I’ve been seeing Today I met Zippy, who is a juvenile more Star Thistle. Growing in the empty fields Yellow-bellied Racer. (That’s a snake for those all over the area. In its native Eurasia, the Star needing a translation.) Zippy was named due to Thistle has evolved in relationship to his or her speed. The term “racer” in the herbivores of the region and is kept the name is a good indication of in check. Here in Tehachapi, we don’t that. Zippy may have been living in have those herbivores and the horses my front flower bed for some time. we do have around the area can The snail population seems to have actually be made sick if they eat it. dropped in that area. Everywhere it is growing is a place a My front flower bed is native plant isn’t. intended to nurture native species, These invasions usually start though I’m not doing real good at small and innocuous. Plants are that yet. There are still some planted as ornamental or a few seeds snapdragons left in there from the hitch a ride in some cargo container. previous owner. Though the plant by Mark Soon whole regions are covered with that bothers me the most is the “Doc” Fisher them. Like kudzu is covering the tamarisk. Tamarisk is also called Southeast part of the United States. “salt cedar” and does have nice pink flowers As we have all expected, here’s where I make every now and then. the transition to discussing fictional invasive However tamarisk is an invasive species. Originally it grew in the drier areas of Eurasia. It species. (I feel a little guilty about it, since invasive species are a significant problem, but I’m arrived here in North America years ago and is going to do it anyway.) In the play presented by used as a wind break and a shade tree in dry Tehachapi Community Theatre coming up at the areas. Despite this it has a tendency to out BeeKay – Little Shop of Horrors – a seemingly compete the native species in our deserts, innocent plant turns out to be an invasive species. causing disruption to these sensitive It is headed for world domination. ecosystems. Like most invasive species we may not be There are removal programs out in the able to keep it from getting a foothold, but we Mojave Desert, but once established it is hard can make a decision to keep it from destroying to remove. Several of these trees can be seen our environment. In the case of the plant in the driving from Tehachapi out to Mojave. So I’ve play, Audrey 2, taking over the world. been tempted to remove the thing from my So, while I may not be able to save the yard. I haven’t gotten around to it. world, I think I will take out the tamarisk in my Every time I go down to Joshua Tree front planter. If I see any strange pods that look National Park for a class, they hand out sheets a little like some kind of flytrap, but not like any to help identify some of the invasive species of the ones known to science, you can be sure I growing in the park. They even organize won’t be feeding it. volunteer groups to go out into the park to If you’d like to send me an email, send it to remove them, particularly the Sahara Mustard. or you can visit Again, a species adapted well to desert life and my blog at pushing out some of the native species.

Hall Ambulance Crew Reunited with Cardiac Arrest Survivor Hall Ambulance Paramedic Jeff Perkins and EMT Mike Hilliard, along with Bakersfield Fire Department staff, were reunited with sudden cardiac arrest survivor Ron Klawitter on Wednesday morning. Harvey L. Hall, Founder and President of Hall Ambulance, facilitated the meeting. For Hall and Klawitter it was a walk down memory lane. Klawitter worked for Hall in the 1970’s and the two shared fond memories of days when they worked out of “Tech 1”, Hall’s first Cadillac ambulance. During the event Hall stressed the importance of someone in every home learning CPR. “It is because Ron’s wife knew CPR that my friend is here with us today,” said Hall. Klawitter suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on July 5. His wife Jan, a CPR instructor, called 911 and then performed CPR until the Hall

Emergency patients (heart) Tehachapi Hospital Tehachapi Hospital Interim Chief Nursing Officer Julianna Kirby, in a footnote to her report on patient-oriented initiatives, said that emergency staff at the hospital has brought back to life four of the last seven patients who were in complete cardiac arrest. The patients were stabilized and transferred to other hospitals. “That was so exciting,” she said. “It was amazing.” Tehachapi Hospital, she said, “Is a good place to be.” Kirby has worked at the hospital since 1998.

Paramedic Ambulance arrived two minutes later. Paramedic Perkins defibrillated Klawitter and was then assisted in resuscitative efforts by Bakersfield Fire Department Engine 7. Klawitter gave thanks for his survival to his wife, the Hall Ambulance crew, the Bakersfield Fire crew and the 911 dispatcher. Hall Paramedic Perkins said, “This is a great example of a system of care that worked just as it should have.” He went on to add, “If more people knew CPR, I think that we’d be celebrating many more of these great recoveries”.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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My Guys Internet Marketing Solutions & Web Design Comes to Kern County Modern times have brought us many useful conveniences, most notably the information superhighway. What does this mean for the average citizen and small business owner? Information that is readily available at your fingertips! Rather than pulling out the dusty old phone book of yore, most of us find it easier to pull out our smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers to find what we’re looking for. This is where My Guys Internet Marketing and Web Design comes in. My Guys is the brainchild of James Mattern, long-time web designer and ad-man. My Guys’ objective is to bring affordable and dependable web design and internet marketing service to the people of Kern county. The honest truth is, if you are a small business owner in this day and age, you need a website or online store front to reach out to your local and abroad customers. A web presence can easily expand your business and show potential customers what your business is all about before they even leave their home. James Mattern and his My Guys staff would like to bring this convenience to everyone. James has a strong reputation in marketing, with eleven years of radio and newspaper marketing experience under his belt. Along with his experience in other advertising mediums, James also has sixteen years of web design experience. When quizzed about why the little guy needs a

website, James had this to say, “Today there are numerous options for reaching your current and future customers, however none of them is as targeted as your internet presence. On the internet people are seeking what they’re interested in and, if they don’t find you, they most likely won’t know that you exist. This is where we come in, making sure you are represented, and in the way you want to be seen.” My Guys offers an array of affordable services to fit your needs, including: web design; internet marketing; social networking and social network marketing; web hosting; and graphic design services. If you aren’t in need of a new website My Guys can also take care of all of your graphic design needs, from printed materials to web banners to digital photo retouching and everything in between. My Guys is your full-service, go-to web design firm in Kern County. My Guys is based out of California City and will gladly travel to anywhere in Kern county and the Antelope Valley to meet you for a free, personalized consultation for your business. Let My Guys be your web design and internet marketing guys and call them today at 760-587-8159, ask for the man himself, James Mattern. You can also visit My Guys on the web at http://

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Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Mark the Collision Guy

Not all Estimates are Created Equal - Part Two Now another area that may vary between One phrase that is prevalent in every shop is, “I need the cheapest estimate.” Don’t get me repair facilities is how they prepare a panel for refinishing. In most cases paint manufacturers wrong, I believe that a consumer needs to look will only warranty their products if you follow for the best price. Though, in the collision their procedure. This means industry, finding the best price is disassembly of panels such as not always the best repair. In most doors you may need to R&I cases it might be the exact opposite. (Remove and Install) things like There are a number of variables that the door handle, moldings, and must be considered. One thing to mirrors. look at is the labor rate and number As you can see there is a of hours involved. If the repair number of ways to write an requires straightening, this is a estimate and there is a lot that is judgment item and it can vary quite up for discussion. The bottom a bit. On the other hand, if the job by Mark Torres, line is, if the repair facility is requires part replacement and both Tehachapi Collision Center going to stand behind the repair shops are using original factory they must follow proper procedures. If you do parts these prices are usually within a few dollars. If the repair facility buys used or known end up with an estimate and you don’t understand what the repair estimate consists of, as LKQ (Like, Kind and Quality) or possibly aftermarket ,which are new but manufactured by feel free to stop by Tehachapi Collision Center and talk with Mark. Even if you want to take it someone other than the original manufacturer, to another repair facility. the prices can vary.

Lorena is “Audrey 2’s”voice and Bret and Brian operate the movement from the inside. Photo by Leslie Reynolds

“Little Shop of Horrors” Comes to the BeeKay Stage by Debbie Martin

Fall Harvest Fair, a 30-Year Tradition The Tehachapi Valley Art Association is proud to announce that the Fall Harvest Faire, a 30 year tradition, has returned to its roots at Railroad Park. This festival was initially held at Railroad Park but was later moved to Central Park. The expanding event now occupies both Railroad Park and the grounds of the Tehachapi Depot. The sites are located along the north side of Tehachapi Boulevard, across from Robinson Street and Green Street in Downtown Tehachapi. Only handcrafted merchandise may

be sold. The TVAA handcraft fairs at Railroad Park are always fun for residents and visitors alike. The Handcraft Festival will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information contact Gallery ‘N Gifts at 100 West Tehachapi Blvd, online at or call 661822-6062. Few vendor spaces are still available. Interested vendors should contact the TVAA as soon as possible.

Putting together a musical is quite an undertaking. First you put together a production team. Then you find the musicians and the vocal director. You hold auditions and the cast is assembled. Then there’s the puppet. When you think of a puppet, do you usually you think of a hand puppet or possibly a marionette where there are strings involved? Maybe you think of Jeff Dunham with Walter or Achmed? In the case of TCT’s Little Shop of Horrors (Little Shop) you need to think bigger – much, much bigger! The plant, named Audrey 2, is pivotal to the show and needs someone to animate it. Problem is it’s so big. It’s really too much for one person. It takes great physical strength, stamina, a fan to keep cool and a lot of backstage help. Brian Terpstra and Bret Lawrence give movement to Audrey 2. Lorena Mackey gives the plant it’s voice. The three of them must work together to bring the plant to life. Brian Terpstra, the Assistant Director of Little Shop, started with TCT in 1994 in Bus Stop and has directed 19 TCT productions. “I love the theatre and am happiest when I’m involved in a production, and the main reason I wanted to work on this show is because I get to work with one of my best friends, who constantly amazes me with his many talents,” Terpstra said while referring to Little Shop director Gary Mazzola. “And what a show it’s gonna be!” he said “It’s a trip being inside this creation and making her come alive.” Bret Lawrence is another of the animators of Audrey 2. He brings the biggest puppet to life in his first TCT production. In fact, his whole

theatre experience can be summed up in two ways: seventh grade drama class and watching his son, Garret, who plays Seymour Krelborn in this show, “go through the process of the plays he has been in.” When it was determined that the physical demands of the animation of the puppet was just too much for one man, Garret asked his dad if he’d like to help. “I thought it would be interesting to be involved, especially having the chance to ham it up without anyone seeing me,” quipped Lawrence. “The plant is a little awkward to operate; it can control me at times. It gets pretty hot inside and it’s a little hard to hear the other actors. I listen very closely to Lorena (who provides the voice) and we’ve discussed the timing and inflection to make the plant as lifelike as possible. I try to incorporate the cuteness of some animal traits (tilting of the head, etc) as well as human traits to make it come to life.” Some of your favorite TCT actors make up the rest of the cast, including Aubrey McDonald, Doug Jockinsen, Spence Frederick, Leslie Reynolds, Ali Whitlach, Sydney Carroll, Sarah McMillian, Debbie Martin, and Shanan Harrell. Little Shop of Horrors opens this weekend with two shows – Friday, Sept. 2 and Saturday Sept. 3, continuing through Sept. 24, at the BeeKay Theatre. Curtain is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at TCT’s regular outlets (The Apple Shed, Johnny’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza and Tehachapi Furniture and Mattress Center) as well as online at News Flash! You can now pay for your online purchases with your credit card! Disclaimer – This show may not be suitable for small children.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Do-It-Yourself Debugging

Head in the Clouds powerful the server is, if the internet can’t keep There is a certain technology that has been up with it, it won’t do you any good. gaining momentum, that people are eager to However, if you need a server with a lot of play with, and that seems to promise a solution power that you don’t need to to many problems. People are interact with very often (like becoming increasingly curious having it build a complex 3D about this, and I wanted to shed animation), this works some light on the subject. I’m beautifully. talking about cloud-computing. Consider it something like For starters, cloud-computing is building a house; you can draw using another computer, server, up blueprints, and you or set of computers to do work effectively have a “house”, it for you. Actually, the concept just isn’t put together yet. The behind cloud-computing is blueprints can be easily moved nothing new. For those of you to where the house is going to that might have worked in a big be built. Once there, instead of business, when computer you assembling the house piecenetworks were starting up, you Alexander Kunstmann, by-piece, you have a may have worked with what construction team to build it. A-OK Computers were called terminals. When You generally wouldn’t have the computers were horrendously construction team commute each day, to build expensive, it was more cost-efficient to get one the house where you live, and then have it big computer that everyone would sort of packed on a truck and shipped out to where it “share.” This amounted to one central server, will be put back together all again. This is the and then each “workstation” was a terminal. basic difference between good and poor use of That is, a monitor and keyboard that connect cloud-computing, and what each business back to the one central computer. should watch out for. Though cost-efficient, it became If used to help tackle large tasks, or to resolve ineffective when too many users tried to access small tasks between employees separated over the server at once or if the server went down. Nobody in the office could work. As the cost of great distances, it can be a blessing. However, if used constantly, it could be a hindrance; the hardware went down, it was more commonliteral slowing of the internet can be one issue. place to see employees with their own It seems like a stretch but, realistically, if this workstations, only accessing the server for goes into the home and everyone wants to use stored data. The process of changing that data cloud-computing for something as simple as was done on the users own personal system, at doing their homework, you’re going to run into their desk. issues with internet speed. Another is Cloud-computing is an attempt to use the profitability. I like the concept of software: concept behind the old server-based design to get more efficiency or power, using the internet, you buy it, install it on your computer and it’s yours to use as you’d like. It’s just like your than a normal home-user or business could scissors or the stapler on your desk. Can you usually have on their own. imagine what it would be like if you had to rent The first issue should be obvious, looking your stapler or lease your pencils? Some cloudat the problems that originally came up with computing, like Google Docs, is free for now. the original design. If you are using cloudHowever, as time goes on and the demand on computing for you office, anyone can work their servers increase, you can bet that they are from anywhere. However, if the server your going to be charging money to use their office is built on goes down, anyone using it services. I, for one, don’t like the idea of whether they be there in the office or at home“renting” my software. would be unable to work. I can guarantee you that as the The next issue is bandwidth (or how much requirements for cloud-computing increases, “internet access” the server can handle at any the cost to use them will increase geometrically. one time). If one office has a cloud-based server Despite the way I might be sounding about for all their work, that’s ok. However, even if it this, I’m not saying that cloud-computing is is powerful enough to run millions of users at bad… just that caution should be advised until once, information can only move as quickly as there is more support out there for it. the internet can transport it. No matter how

S e a s o n TTii c k e t s !

Don’t miss a single show this season. “Little Shop of Horrors,” directed by Gary Mazzola; “Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus” directed by Monica Nadon; “The Sunshine Boys,” directed by Ruthanne Jennings; “The Lion in Winter,” directed by Mark Fisher; and “Guys and Dolls,” directed by Doug Jockinsen. Season subscriptions are only $65! That is a savings of $10 over the individual ticket prices. Cut out the order form on this page and send in with your check or order online at Orders will be taken up to Sept. 17.

TCT Hot Line ~ 661-822-4037 Don’t want to leave a message on the hot line because no one listens to it in a timely manner? Well, no more! The hot line is checked every day, and sometimes up to three times a day. If you have a question or concern, please leave a message and we will get the question to the proper person. When you do call, please leave a return number. Thank you.

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Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet

Stock Up Now with this gr eat coupon: great

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on all Evergreen Trees & Shrubs 5 gallon and up Must present coupon for discount

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Gold Fish & Pond Plants Pond installation & design available!

Live Reptile Food, Fish, Pets & Pet Supplies Live Reptile Food, Fish, Pets & Pet Supplies Make Something Beautiful Happen!

Ov er 30 yyear ear xperience; ask “Dr k” yyour our ggar ar dening questions! Over earss eexperience; “Dr.. Ric Rick” ardening

503 Curry St., Tehachapi, CA • 661-822-4960 Monday ~ Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm • Sun. 10 to 3pm

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

TK’s Pizza You want a pizza place to eat where they shirt for free. Your picture will also be put on have a motto of quality, quantity and great the wall of fame. Who wouldn’t want to go service. A place where you can bring the team there? They are hoping to add more TVs and a after the game with a staff that cares and cooks like you would cook for your family. Well that’s TK’s Pizza for you. This place has a family atmosphere, fun activities and large servings of food. They not only have a regular menu to order from, but you should ask about their secret menu and see what other delicious delectables they have. TK’s is not only a place to have lunch or dinner, but where you can also host birthday parties at. For example, at your kid’s birthday Watch as Kelly, one of the owners, makes a pizza and throws party, they will let your kids dough in the air. (Also know as one of Tehachapi’s most eligible make their own pizzas! bachelors.) photo by Heather Pardis Try their TK Challenge: eat a twenty-four-inch threetopping pizza, with a side of fifty wings, with small bar for people to come have a few drinks two friends [three people] in thirty minutes or and relax. Stop by… your taste buds won’t be less. The winners each get the meal, a hat and a disappointed.

Modern American Square Dancing in Tehachapi Are you new to the Tehachapi area? Recently retired? An “empty nester”? A couple or single looking to meet new friends? Do you want to get more exercise? Are you looking for social activities? Do you want something to do that will keep your mind sharp and your body healthy? If so consider giving Square Dancing a try! Modern American Square Dancing is the National Folk Dance of the United States. Over six million people world-wide participate in this wonderful activity characterized by music, exercise and good clean fun! The Gandy Dancers Square Dance Club has been in Tehachapi for over 30 years and currently has active members from ages 8 to 80. On Sept. 14, 2011 you have the opportunity to find out more about square dancing and the Gandy Dancers by attending a class for new dancers, and those that may have danced before but want a brush-up. Classes are held each Wednesday in the Tehachapi Community Church hall at 100 East E St. from 6:30 to 8:15p.m. Registration continues Sept. 21 and 28. A donation of $6 per class is requested, but your first class is free! Who Square Dances? Professional people, homemakers, students and retirees. People of all ages married or single. Friendly

people from all walks of life. What if I’ve never danced before? If you can walk to music, you can learn to square dance. Many of today’s experienced dancers had never been on a dance floor prior to learning to square dance. How do I learn? Learning the basic steps is easy. A square dance caller/instructor teaches you the moves and names for the calls that you dance. Club members (Angels) join with you as you practice the moves. The fun starts right away as you begin to dance at the very first class and builds with each weekly lesson. What do I wear? When you attend a class blue jeans or any casual comfortable clothes and shoes are fine. For dances ladies may choose skirts of any length (with or without crinolines). Men usually wear jeans or slacks and long sleeve shirts. You’ve seen “Dancing with the Stars”. “So you Think You Can Dance” and other TV shows – movies featuring dancing, but now is the time for you to dance! Come out and visit us during the three weeks of registration. Sept. 14, 21and 28. Line Dancing is an Early Bird Bonus 6 to 6:30 p.m. by Debbie Scott it begins 09/14/11. For additional information or questions a call Sharon at 661-821-3455 or Roger at 661-822-1850.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Featured Artist

Cynthia McConnell at CrossRoads Gallery This Month

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman, four door all wheel drive, 180 BHP turbocharged inline four cylinder engine mated to a six speed transmission.

Classic Cars

Mini Cooper Column by Randy Horne, owner, Picture This Graphics. Thanks to Protech Auto Service & Scotts Auto Body for sponsoring this column. Small cars were nothing new in the late and personable. Like the VW Bug before it, the 1950s. After WWII gas was in short supply in Mini was about to become a “cult car.” The first Europe, and many manufacturers came out with models on the market were called Austin Sevens, “microcars” based on tiny motorcycle-sized followed by a Morris version– the Mini Minor. engines. They achieved outstanding mileage at Soon all models were simply called Minis. In the expense of pretty much everything else. 1976, while working at Hoag Hospital in Most were cramped, stark and little tin boxes Newport Beach, CA, I worked with Kelly. She that turned into portable saunas in the summer and her husband were serious ralley fans and and refrigerators in the winter. They were noisy attended Mini Cooper ralleys several times a enough to dull your hearing and so slow they month. They would get up to 50 cars in a group were easy prey for marauding Moped gangs. and spend the day driving all over southern The Mini (Cooper) was designed to take them California. on in the marketplace. Today the mini is far more luxurious, Alec Issigonis was a certified engineering handles better, is much faster and is even offered genius with a dour disposition and a passion for in a four-door configuration. The Cooper S finding new ways to do things. He had Countryman for 2011 is available in all wheel previously designed the Morris Minor, a sales drive, with a 1.6 liter turbocharged inline 4 success for British Motor Corporation (BMC), cylinder engine, producing 180 BHP, mated to a the company that made Morris, Austin, Austinsix speed transmission and is rated around 32 Healey, MG and several others in England. MPG. They also make a diesel model that gets Issigonis was challenged to produce a car four 64 to 72 MPG but, as of this writing, there are feet wide by four feet high and 10 feet long that no plans for import these into the USA. would seat four adults in comfort and take their luggage to boot. His new design was intended to be more comfortable and practical than microcars but, by the time it came out, they were already starting to be replaced in the English market by small sedans from Ford of England, Renault, Volkswagen and Fiat. The Mini would have to take on much better engineered foes than the primitive microcars had been. In order to keep the car as short as possible, Issigonis opted to turn the engine sideways, stuff the gearbox underneath and drive the front wheels. A 1959 Morris Mini Minor with a 34 BHP 848 CC engine. The original engine was 848cc producing 34 BHP and in 1963 the “S” version engine was increased to 997cc which upped the BHP to 55. This approach was unusual at the time, but has since become the most common configuration for small cars. The unibody was very strong, and steel subframes at the front and rear carried the running gear and suspension. The fully independent suspension had rubber donuts in place of springs, and the tiny drum brakes rode inside 10-inch diameter wheels. The Mini weighed only 1,300 pounds, which contributed to its excellent gas mileage. Although it looked tiny (and at ten feet long it was tiny), the interior was surprisingly roomy with plenty of space for six footers in front. In addition the passenger space in the car had to comprise 60 percent of the length of the vehicle. The small grille across the front was shaped in a permanent frown, but the overall effect was cute

Cynthia F. McConnell was born in California’s San Fernando Valley, where she grew up with her parents and three older brothers. Unfortunately, by her own account, her upbringing was “devoid of guidance, love, caring, and a genuine interest” in her. As a little girl, she was told “not to talk inside or outside of the house regarding how she felt, what she saw or what she was going through.” As a woman who is now getting the help she needs, she says that is all changing. Also, as a budding artist, the little girl’s voice inside of Cynthia is finally free to speak out. She’s developed her own style of ceramic sculpture, and every piece she creates, she says, is “a part of my past, my feelings, and my sadness.” Cynthia’s award-winning artwork is featured at CrossRoads Gallery this month. CrossRoads is located in the center of historic downtown Tehachapi, on the corner of Green Street and Tehachapi Boulevard . Other featured artists in September include: Leon Leigh; Mark Pestana; Terry

Cynthia McConnell’s unique sculpture work is featured at CrossRoads Gallery this month.

Sonntag; guest artists in “Back to the Drawing Board”; Dalila Petrillo; and other guests in “Remembering, A Tribute to 9-11”. You can also see Cynthia’s work at (and type in Cynthia in the search bar). Go to for more information on the gallery and upcoming guest art shows.

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Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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On the Sport of Rowing and the Nation of Slovenia by Tina Forde independence as a sovereign state. I do not know how to row competitively, The national symbol of Slovenia shows the but I have seen a lot of world-class level races mountains and water, of which the citizens are and it never gets old. That’s why I am here at justly proud. Clean, abundant water tumbles Lake Bled, Slovenia. down from the craggy Julian Alps, lacing the I am sitting in the large media tent set up green countryside with rivers that terminate in on the shore of the lake for the World Rowing the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia has a shoreline on Championships. The 2,000-meter course (1.25 the sea — sandwiched between Italy’s city of miles) stretches out before me. The start line, Trieste and Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula — near the heart of the city of Bled, is so far complete with picture-perfect villages. away I can barely see it with the small The parade passing before me includes Bushnell binoculars I bought this morning in a families with babies in strollers, people on fishing gear shop (“Rowing – not good for the bicycles, hikers, motorcyclists, horses clipfishing,” the proprietor said) for less than the clopping along with their cargo of tourists, price of a recent restaurant dinner here at this youngsters with backpacks, cool-looking RVs, vacation destination (I have since learned clean quiet buses, small European cars, which restaurants to avoid). From Bled security people, athletes, coaches and dogs on visitors can go camping, mountain climbing, leashes. rock climbing, canyoning, caving, fly fishing, I spent the first five days in Slovenia with bike riding, riding in horse-drawn carriages and my friends Brane and Alenka Ogris and their swimming in the lake. They can sign up for two young adult daughters– one of whom is agri-tours, eco-tours and cycling tours, see the studying archaeology, the other engineering. I Picasso exhibit, ice skate or play hockey at the met Brane 22 years ago at the 1989 World Sports Hall or go sliding down the Rowing Championships when I shipped a box mountainside on some kind of toboggan of stuff home rather than drag it through contraption on a hillside next to the estate that airports. He worked for a cargo shipping belonged to a long-ago king and subsequently company at Brnik Airport in Ljubljana. He still to Yugoslav leader Marshall Tito. works there. He still lives in the same home This country of two million people has done splendid job of branding. The current logo above shops in the center of ancient Kranj, the city where he was born. He has the same is “I feel SLOVEnia.” It’s also identified as marriage, the same friends and favorite being “on the sunny side of the Alps.” sidewalk cafes in which to meet those friends. Slovenia shares borders with Austria, Italy, People here spend time talking with each other. Croatia and Hungary. A former sub-state, Brane has a Harley Davidson. Brane is a within the patched-together nation of happy man. Yugoslavia, it is celebrating 20 years of Brane and Alenka, who is a bookkeeper at a publishing company, gets home from work at 3 p.m. Alenka fixes a healthy meal, often using fresh produce from her mother’s garden. Her parents live in a home nearby in the suburban part of Kranj. I walked their little Maltese dog during the day, once down to the Kokra River, one of two that cut through the city. After the meal and a rest, Brane took me on tours of the area on the back of his Harley, stopping now and then to visit his friends. The mountains, villages and farms are so tidy and charming they leave one breathless. They look like The Denmark women’s pair talks to their coach during those old Viewmaster toys with pictures of practice on Lake Bled. Bled Island, with its famous church, is in the background.

Loop ‘round the World Brane and Alenka Ogris flank their younger daughter Katya as they read The Loop outside the restaurant in Kranj, Slovenia, where Katya has a summer job. She will be studying engineering at a university. The eldest sister Lea was studying for an anthropology test. She attends the Univeristy of Ljubljana. [see story on this page]

fairy-tale lands. Behind the old-country charm lies cutting-edge technology, like the Mulej agri-resort that has invested in an awesome robot from The Netherlands that cleans, milks and massages 60 cows four or more times a day, measuring each cow’s individual output, without a human hand. Back to Bled… A rowing regatta lasts a week and has its own rhythm. There are 27 events, including five 1,000-meter Adaptive events for disabled athletes. The regatta begins with heats. The fastest boats “go through” to a final or semi-final. The others race in a repechage (“second chance”), where they get another chance to make it to the final. The dominant rowing countries are Germany, Great Britain and New Zealand. The best U.S. boat, the women’s eight, is undefeated in international competition since 2006. The composition of the crew has changed except for coxswain Mary Whipple. Of the 361 accredited journalists here from 32 countries, 74 are from Germany. (Memo to Tehachapi High School female athletes – because of Title IX that requires gender equality in college sports programs, many rowing scholarships are available from prestigious universities. You don’t have to know how to row. They teach you.) There are two classifications of boats – scull and sweep. In a scull boat, one rower handles two oars. In a sweep boat, one rower handles one oar, which means, of course, that each oarsman must have a partner to row on the other side (making a “pair”), or the boat would go around in circles. The biggest boats, the eights, are propelled by four sets of pairs plus a coxswain. Some of the smaller boats have coxswains, some don’t. Smaller countries with few resources to devote to an expensive rowing program generally field single or double scullers or pairs in international competitions. An eight is 60 feet long. The athletes, win or lose, have to carry the boats in for weighing and then wash the boats and put them away. There are two classifications of athletes – open weight and lightweight. The open category used to be called heavyweight. The eights are powerful. The men’s eights can move at 15 miles an hour and cover the mile and a quarter in a fast time of 5 minutes, 20 seconds. The smaller boats, with less human power, are slower. Due to the variety of conditions on rowing venues around the world, the international rowing federation keeps “world’s best time” and championship time rather than world records. The boats that move the fastest are the ones that make it look easy. They glide along smoothly, leaving circles of bubbles the rowers call “puddles” that tell the coxswain if all is well or if adjustments must be made. In a brilliant branding decision, the international federation adopted the puddle circle, as interpreted in the Asian calligraphy style, as its logo. When all are in synch, the rowers, the boat, the water become one entity, converting the power of the humans and the technology of the boats into pure poetry. And they move. Watch the 2011 World Rowing Championships on the Internet at [The Forde Files will be back next issue.]

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That’s Tina at a cafe in the mountains above Kranj (pronounced kran as in pan), 10 kilometers from the Austrian border. The Julian Alps are in the background.

Young volunteers help start the boats by holding them straight (a big job with a 60-foot eight). The water is Lake Bled in the charming city of Bled, Slovenia. The race course is 2,000 meters (1.25 miles) long. There’s no boat in the near lane.

The Cuban men’s four without coxswain (“straight four”) practices at Lake Bled Aug.30, 2011. In the background is Bled Castle, which is lit up at night. One can dine there.

The Peoples Republic of China women’s eight gets a pointer from the coach as they go out for practice on Lake Bled at the World Rowing Championships, Aug.30, 2011.

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10 Y ears A fter: Years After:

Remembering 9/11 by Saving Lives Like so many, I remember Sept. 11, 2001 my way to Houchin Blood Bank in Ridgecrest. vividly. For my generation that At the time it was located in a day was and may be one of the small building in what is most sobering experiences of our affectionately referred to as the lifetime. On Sept. 11, 2001, my pink shopping center. I stood in sister and I were house sitting for line, silently communicating one of her friends. I remember without words, with those in front stepping outside to an unfamiliar of and behind me. Like many but friendly neighborhood to go others I felt helpless being so far to work. The morning felt crisp, away, but I knew I could donate clear and quiet. My phone rang. blood and that was the way I could I answered to a friend’s panicked be counted as one who was voice. “They’re flying planes standing with my countrymen. into the World Trade Center. A decade has passed, and as a by Christina Scrivner They are grounding flights, I nation we are still healing from the think we are under attack!” I attacks that day. As we approach rushed to a TV to turn on the news. While on the 10th anniversary of that day, I hope for my way, I prayed that my friend was people to take cathartic action and donate exaggerating or the news reports were wrong. blood. In honor of those who perished and in Could people really do that … deliberately? support of those currently in need. Moments after I turned on the news, the I think the events of that day made us all first tower collapsed…and then the other. more aware of our vulnerability as individuals What was horrible and tragic now became and as a country, but also of the power of each worse. The loss of life was too painful to try of us to choose to reach out to those around us to fathom. Throughout the day I remember — both strangers and friends — and lend a looking into the faces of family and cohand … or in this case an arm. workers, trying to make sense of the We will be at The Good Shepherd unthinkable reality that was continuing to Lutheran Church on Tues. Sept. 6 from 1 to unfold. 6 p.m. for our next blood donation. For By the afternoon, after a day of soul questions or to schedule an appointment searching and praying for our country, I found call Christina at 661-565-5553.

Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District


NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADOPT A MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY FOR PUBLIC REVIEW This is to advise that the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District (TVHD) prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed project identified below. As mandated by State law, the minimum public review period for this document is 30 days. The proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study are available for review at the following locations: • Tehachapi Healthcare District, Tehachapi Hospital, 115 West “E” Street, Tehachapi, CA 93561 • Tehachapi Branch Library, 1001 West Tehachapi Boulevard, Suite A400, Tehachapi, CA 93561 A public hearing has been scheduled with the TVHD Board to receive comments on the document on: October 19,2011 at 6:00 p.m. or soon thereafter at the Golden Hills Community Services District located at 21415 Reeves Street, Tehachapi, CA 93561. The comment period for this document begins on August 22, 2011, and ends on September 20, 2011. Testimony at future public hearings may be limited to those issues raised during the public review period either orally or submitted in writing by 5:00 p.m. the day the comment period closes. Project Title: Tehachapi Hospital Project (State Clearinghouse No. 2011051061) Project Location: The project site consists of two separate locations in the City of Tehachapi in south-central Kern County. The proposed future hospital site is 22.36 acres located at 2000 Magellan Drive, Tehachapi, California 93581 (Assessor Parcel Number 223-030-30). The proposed TVHD Outpatient Center site is 1.89 acres consisting of the existing Tehachapi Hospital located at 115 West “E” Street, Tehachapi, California 93581 (Assessor Parcel Numbers 040-130-04,05, 06, 07, 13, 14, 16, and 17). The sites are located in Section 17, Township 32S, Range 33E, Mount Diablo Meridian and Base. Neither portions of the project site is included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5. Project Description: The proposed project consists of two project components: the construction of the new Tehachapi Hospital campus (approximately 77,889 gross square feet of building area); and redevelopment of the existing hospital into the TVHD Outpatient Center (approximately 25,480 gross square feet). The proposed project would occur in phases, with the initial development of the new Tehachapi Hospital and the TVHD Outpatient Center anticipated for completion and occupancy by the year 2014. Future facilities planned for the New Tehachapi Hospital would occur based on the demand for services and the availability of funding. For further information, please contact Alan J. Burgess, Chief Executive Officer, Tehachapi Healthcare District at (661) 823-3006.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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“Happenings round town” Saturday, September 10 Octoberfest in the Mountains. Downtown Tehachapi. Main Street Tehachapi. This fun-filled festival, held in Historic Downtown Tehachapi, includes such attractions as live German music, polka dancing, a German car show, spectacular fine German food and, of course, German beer! Noon to 8 p.m. 8226519. Tehachapi Heritage League’s Fall Cleanup at the Old Tehachapi Cemetery in Golden Hills. 9 a.m. to noon. 822-6098. Second Annual Heritage Oak Cruise In and Car Show. Heritage Oak School, 20915 Schout Rd. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 8230885. St Malachy’s Church’s Fall Fiesta. Dinner, Dance, Live Auction. 407 W. E St. 6 p.m. 822-3060. Tehachapi Humane Society – Move Your Tail, Fun Run/Bike Event at Brite Lake. 661-823-0699. (see ad on pg. 29) Tehachapi Community Theater at the

BeeKay “Little Shop of Horrors” (see pg 14 for details and times Sat. and Sun..) VFW. 221 W. Tehachapi Blvd. 822-7500; “Movin’ on” 7 to 10 p.m.. Wednesday, September 14 Chamber Mixer. Villa La Paz at the National Chavez Center, 29700 WoodfordTehachapi Rd, Keene. 5 to 7 p.m. 822-4180. Friday, September 16 Tehachapi Heritage League’s Astronomy For the Beginning Star Gazer. 8 to 11 p.m. 822-8152. Saturday, September 17 Tehachapi Heritage League’s “The Past, Present and Future of Tejon Ranch. Tehachapi Depot. 6 to 8 p.m. 822-8152. Fall Harvest Fair.. Railroad Park and Depot Park on Tehachapi Blvd. 822-6062. (see pg 14 for details and times Sat. and Sun..) Tehachapi Community Theater at the BeeKay “Little Shop of Horrors” (see pg 14 for details and times Sat. and Sun..)

Local Entertainment Calendar Schedules are subject to change. Please contact the venues to confirm. The Apple Shed. 233 E. Tehachapi Blvd. 823-8333 1st Thursday - Ron Kelbaugh - Multiple Genres 1st Friday-Will James and Maria - Celtic & Traditional 1st Saturday - Jo Stone-Piano Music 1st Sunday - Moving On - Multiple Genres 2nd Thursday - Ron Kelbaugh - Multiple Genres 2nd Friday - Geezers - Folk Music 2nd Saturday - Guy & Debbie Martin - Acustic Guitar and Vocal 2nd Sunday - Craig Shaw - Folk Music 3rd Thursday - Ron Kelbaugh - Multiple Genres 3rd Friday - Tony Vice – Country Music 3rd Saturday - Mountain Pass Oldies 3rd Sunday - Moving On – Multiple Genres 4th Thursday - Ron Kelbaugh - Multiple Genres 4th Friday - Max Valentino – Acoustic Guitar 4th Saturday - Pat Strong - Country/Ballads 4th Sunday - Craig Shaw - Folk Music + 5th Thursday - Ron Kelbaugh - Multiple Genres 5th Friday - Art Larsen - Classic Clarinet 5th Saturday - Craig Shaw - Guitar City Slickers Restaurant & Saloon. 1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd. 822-4939. Fridays - DJ Saturdays - Live Music Don Juan’s Grill 20700 South St. 822-6612 Wednesdays – Live Music, Marc Weber Fiddlers Crossing. Open Mike on Wednesdays. For reservations call 661-8239994. La Bella Italian Bistro. 209 S. Green St. 822-7419 1st Friday- Moving On - Multiple Genres

1st Saturday - Blue Rose - Country + 2nd Friday - Alicia Hansen - Violin 2nd Saturday - Geezers - Folk Music 2nd Sunday - Ron Kelbaugh - Gospel 3rd Friday - Moving On - Multiple Genres 3rd Saturday - Craig Shaw - Folk Music 4th Friday - Pat Strong - Country/Ballads 4th Saturday - Jug Band - Mood Music 4th Sunday - Ron Kelbaugh - Gospel 5th Friday - Craig Shaw - Guitar 5th Saturday - Moving On - Multiple Genres Senior Center. 500 E. “F” St. 822-5412. Tuesdays - Bingo Tehachapi Mtn Pub 20717 South Street - 822-0788 Saturdays - DJ Tehachapi Christian Store 108 E. Tehachapi Blvd. 822-0626 Fridays – Live Music at Centennial Plaza Veterans Hall. 125 E. “F” St. 303-3454. Fridays - Bingo VFW. 221 W. Tehachapi Blvd. 822-7500. Fridays - Live Music Wine & Cheese Cellar. 695 Tucker Rd. 822-6300. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays - Live Music

Tehachapi Karaoke Schedule City Slickers – Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7 to 10pm. DJ Emma. 1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd. 822-4939. Moose Lodge – Every Monday and Thursday. Phyllis Fisher and Travis. 5 p.m. till ? 123 West “F” St. 8223889. Domingo’s Mexican Restaurant 20416 Hwy 202. 822-7611. Wednesdays - Karaoke.

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The 9th Annual St Malachy’s Church’s Celebration of Flight at Fall Fiesta St Malachy’s Catholic church on 407 the Tehachapi West “E” Street will be having an Auction Municipal Airport Dinner - Dance on September 10 to raise money for church expenses. Tickets are only $15 and includes dinner and dancing. They are being sold at the Parish office and the public is invited. Many auction items will be up for bid including four Charger vs Bills tickets, weekend getaways, local dinners and lunches, concert tickets, a glider ride, several art items, a handmade quilt, 24 movie passes and much, much more! Doors open at 6 p.m., live auction starts at 8. For more information contact the Parish Office at 661-822-3060.

Friends of the Depot Offer Railroad Safety Program General Membership Meeting! Friends of the Tehachapi Depot Sept. 13, 2011 at the Depot — 6:00 p.m. ‘Operation Lifesaver’ Rail Safety Open To The Public RSVP needed! Call 661823-1100 Not a Member Of FOTD? Memberships Available! Annual Membership Fee: $20 for Singles $35 for the whole family! Friends of the Tehachapi Depot invite you to join them on Sept. 13th at 6 p.m. at the Depot for a presentation on Train Safety Awareness by representative of BNSF (Burlington northern Santa Fe Railroad) call the Depot at 823-1100 to reserve a seat.

The Tehachapi Rose & Garden Society The Tehachapi Rose & Garden Society will meet on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. in the recreation room of Willow Springs Mobile Home Park. This meeting will be our annual members’ plant exchange. Pot up all those extra plants that have grown through the summer and exchange them for something new for your garden. Nonmembers can purchase plants for $2 each. Margaret from Mountain Gardens Nursery will be there to tell us what we can plant and how to care for our gardens for fall and winter. All are welcome to attend. Call Lucia at 661-822-9507 or Vicki at 881-822-4106 for further information.

Volunteering is Good for the Heart and the Soul Optimal Hospice Care is offering you a great opportunity to do something good for yourself, for the patients and for the families in the community affected by terminal illness. Please call 661-716-4000 or email to reserve your seat for the New Volunteer Orientation being held in Bakersfield on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Call for alternative dates and times in your area.

On September 24, 25, at the Tehachapi Airport there will be airplane displays, flight demo’s, gliders, helicopters, open cockpit Stearman and Tethered balloon rides, US Airforce F-16 formation fly-by, A10 Thunderbolt and C130 fly-by, T-34 formation flight, parachute team demonstration, fire/rescue demo, HeliTac & P2 Neptune water drop demo’s, high performance aircraft, RC planes and more! Young Eagle sign-ups, Aviation gift, art and educational booths, food, pancake breakfast, baked goods, BBQ, wine tasting, beer gardens. For fly-in’s, camp out, BBQ, bonfire and movie at the park on Saturday night. Admission is Free. Sponsored by the Tehachapi Society of Pilots Annual Scholarship fundraiser event. For more info, visit http:// or call 661-822-3553. You can also visit http:// or email to

Humble Astronomy Star Party The Tehachapi Heritage League and David Bouldin will present the Humble Astronomy Star Party on Friday, Sept. 16 from 8 to 11 p.m. Have you ever looked up at the beautiful night sky in Tehachapi and wondered what it was you were looking at? Perhaps you have wondered, “where is Jupiter, where is Mars?” You can find the answers Sept. 16 at “The Humble Astronomy Star Party,” presented by local astronomer David Bouldin. Sponsored by the Tehachapi Heritage League, there is a $10 charge per person for this event, which is tax deductible. David will provide star charts and telescopes for students to use during the class, which will be held in his backyard (directions available at the Tehachapi Museum or by emailing Children over 10 years old are welcome with an adult. All participants should bring a jacket, binoculars, warm drinks, lawn chair, and a flashlight with red cellophane taped over the lens. Reservations are mandatory, e-mail or send your check for $10 per person to the Tehachapi Heritage League at 310 S. Green St., Tehachapi, CA 93561 and indicate that it is for the Astronomy Party. For more information please contact Gale at 661-8237120.

Souza Wineary will be open Labor Day Souza Wineary will be open Labor Day week-end Friday through Monday 11 to 6 p.m.. Bob the Wine Guy wants his readers to know as he forgot to mention it in the article.on page 7. They even have the band “Movin On” coming out on Sat. from 1-4 p.m.

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Sept. 3 – 17, 2011





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ATTENTION APPLICANTS It is the policy of Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District (TVHD) to accept online applications for any position TVHD requires successful completion of a “drug test” and “criminal background check” by any applicant seriously considered for employment.

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Sept. 3 – 17, 2011

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“I Can Make That Vegan!”

Goody Two Shoes Potato Salad It has been One Crazy Summer so far. Dragged In. I love potato salad, but goop This bunny as been busy partying like it and gunk put me in a funk (Can’t Touch was 1999, or in the case of this This). So Suddenly Last weekend, like it was 1984! I love Summer, I decided no more themed parties. We had a great Tainted Love salad. We’re Not 80s party complete with retro Going To Take It Any More, decor, costumes (then we just and I came up with this called it clothes), music, movies Thriller of a recipe: Goody and snacks. As far as the dinner, Two Shoes potato salad. It is a we didn’t want the Poison Arrow potato salad that is surprising of a mayo drenched salad, for tasty and well received by which there was no cure. Eastern Boys and West End Keeping in with Simple Girls. Minds and Girls Just Want to Next recipe I’ll Pour Have Fun, I had to come up with Some Sugar On You. Okay had The totally rad something that didn’t make you to get just one more in. Go Green Bunny feel like something the Cat

Goody Two Shoes Potato Salad 3 pound of potatoes (I like the small white, but it really is up to you.) 1 Cup chopped fresh basil 1 Cup chopped fresh cilantro ¼ cup chopped fresh mint leaves 4 cloves of garlic 1 shallot ½ cup raw pecan ½ cup raw walnuts Juice of one fresh lemon 1 tbs lime juice and zest ½ cup vegan parmigiano cheese ( This can be found at most health food stores, but you can use real if you like. What do I care, I won’t be there. Do not use the stuff in the green can!) 1 tsp red pepper flakes ½ cup good extra virgin olive oil ( I said good! Don’t make me tell you again!) ½ cup chopped fresh flat leaf parsley (Set aside, we’ll get to it eventually.) Cut clean potatoes into bit size pieces, I never peel potatoes, but again it’s really your preference. Boil potatoes until fork tender. If your not sure what this saying means, join the Breakfast Club. After extensive research, I have found it means if you can push a fork through it easily, it’s ready. While your potatoes are tenderizing put together your pesto. Start with just a few main ingredients: olive oil; garlic; nuts; and lemon, you’ll have pesto. Add any herbs you like to it. You can use this lovely green blend wherever a strong topping is needed. For example, here is a great idea, potatoes! Take all the ingredients except parsley, olive oil and the potatoes (they should be boiling. If not put this recipe down and go start your potatoes). Place in a food processor, pulse a few times, stir ingredients and pulse again. Pour in the olive oil slowly and blend all the ingredients thoroughly. Presto! Pesto! When potatoes are fork tender, refer to above definition, drain and grill until golden brown. This can be done in the oven or, for those who have Pyromania, on an outdoor grill. Once grilled,let them cool slightly then stir in pesto a

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Yoga Yoga 101 101 - Stumbling Towards Enlightenment

Little Shop of Sangha by Yogashanan Sangha is a Sanskrit word that implies a community or group with a common vision. In the Buddhist tradition, sangha specifically refers to a group of monks. However, over the years, the meaning has expanded to include any group with a shared beneficial goal. Sangha has also been defined as admirable friendship. How beautiful is that? Admirable friendship. Within sangha, we are encouraged to attend to each other with loving-kindness. Recently I have witnessed the birth of a brilliant new sangha. My new sangha is the cast and crew of the ambitious Little Shop of Horrors now playing at the BeeKay Theatre. Over the past few months, this devoted group has created a formidable sangha. Our common vision is to tell this strange and unusual story while entertaining the pants off of our audience. (Don’t worry. You’ll be able to collect your pants before you leave the theatre.) Admirable friendships have rooted and grown. I have witnessed actors being relentlessly supportive of each other. I’ve heard singers mingle their voices to create a sweet, unified chorus. Crew members labor tirelessly behind the scenes to create the framework for our united goal. We attend to each other with loving-kindness. Individual importance has faded to allow the collective force to shine through. Sangha is also characterized by unfailing mutual delight; exuberance, an overflowing of energy into creative activity that is saturated with meaning and beauty. We of the Little Shop Sangha are exuberant in our mutual delight of the play. Each rehearsal (some a little less mutually delightful than others) has offered an opportunity to shore up the foundation of our cause. Each repetition drives it more deeply into our collective experience. We are saturated, alright. (Especially me. I play Wino #1. It’s been a real character stretch, but someone had to do it.) Within this new sangha is an old friend who is the Costume Designer. I’ve known Deanna since the ‘70s when we were fledgling motion picture costumers. She went on to have an Emmy-award winning career, while I went on to two divorces and confirmed clinical

depression. When I first landed in Tehachapi, after twenty years of not seeing her, she instantly offered me refuge in her picturesque home. She has been ridiculously generous to me (and countless others) and is a founding member of the Yoga Tribe. She is deeply spiritual, highly hilarious and I love her completely. I thought I’d share a few words of wisdom from the Book of Deanna-isms, because a role of the sangha is to share beneficial teachings: Release them to their own journey. This is her brilliant response when we find ourselves all caught up in another’s issues; when we find that as much as we try, we can’t control someone else’s actions. As in, “I warned Martha repeatedly not to bring her five year old grandson to Little Shop of Horrors. It’s too creepy for little kids, but she wouldn’t listen and now Johnny won’t go to the dentist. Or water the ferns. Oh well, release them to their own journey.” Don’t make a career out of it. Sage advice for when we’ve gotten wrapped up in our pain. As in, “I see you were deeply moved by Little Shop of Horrors. Yes, the end is sad but you’ve been crying for days. Don’t make a career out of it.” I keep my opinions to myself. Unfortunately myself is a big gossip. No explanation needed. I invite you to take these Deanna-isms to heart. I also invite you to experience the handiwork of my new sangha by attending Little Shop of Horrors (LSOH) during the month of September. Our admirable friendship has spawned an unfailing delight of exuberance and creative activity. If you refuse to attend, I suppose I’ll have to release you to your own journey. I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t make a career out of it. I won’t think any less of you and, even if I do, I always keep my opinions to myself. Unfortunately myself is a big gossip. See you at the BeeKay! For more information on LSOH at the BeeKay, go to To contact Yogashanan go to

10 Year Anniversary for The Loop

little at a time and coat to taste. Toss in fresh parsley and Shake It Up. There a gunk free, safe potato salad that will please anyone Hungry Like a Wolf. Ha! I Did it Again. (Oh wait, that was a different decade). I hope all you awesome dudes/chicks enjoy this rad salad and get a tubular (did anyone really ever say that?) reaction. With that, all that is left to say is Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

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Chamber Director Tammy Wallace presented Claudia Henson and Alysia Bailey a certificate to celebrate The Loop’s 10 Year Anniversary. The party was held at the Souza Family Vineyard on Sunday, August 28th. The Loop is located at 204 S Green St, 661-822-8188.

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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On The Bright Side

I Still Love my Real Books I am an avid reader. Always have been and colorful book jackets and instantly be probably always will be and anyone who knows transported or transfixed. Those books on my me knows that I have embraced shelves are like old friends, the world of electronic readers waiting patiently to take me whole-heartedly. I have one that I away on some new adventure take with me everywhere, so I when I pick one up. always have something to read. A Kindle sitting on a shelf, My Kindle is my constant while it may also contain the companion because it’s larger world as found in books, lightweight, easy to carry and in doesn’t create the same mood or that little package is access to feelings that I get when I’m literally thousands of books. All surrounded by real, tangible available instantly with the push books. Sometimes I just love the of a couple of buttons. I am never feel of a book in my hands, by Marilda Mel White bored when I have something to actually turning the paper pages read. (Especially in a good ol’ With my Kindle I never have to worry that fashioned page-turner!), seeing the different I will finish a book and be without reading typefaces or brushing the dust off an old book material for any amount of time. For someone before I open it. like me, it doesn’t get much better than that. Our world is constantly changing – You know what? I still love books, real whether for better or worse is up for discussion paperback and hardback books. I often hear – and I suppose one day there won’t be as people say that they don’t want an electronic many (or any) hard-copy books to be found reader because they like holding a real book, and because all of our reading material will all be on I always wonder why people seem to think they electronic readers. Meanwhile, I plan on need to choose between the two. Why not have enjoying both my Kindle, with which I can take the best of both worlds? the world of books with me wherever I go, as I have a house full of books and, even when well as my personal library shelves at home, I periodically try downsizing and getting rid of which surround me with a variety of sizes, stuff, my books are not the things I let go. Some colors and shapes that hold the first world of I haven’t even read yet – I love having a pile of books I ever knew. books waiting for me to read – and some I have Why not enjoy both while we still have read and loved so much I plan to read them again that option? After all the only thing that does someday. Other than that being surrounded by get better than carrying the world of books shelves of books makes me feel happy and around on a Kindle is to also have the world of comfortable and at home. books literally surrounding you on shelves at With books on my shelves I feel home as well. surrounded by a much bigger world than my © Marilda Mel White Mel White, owner own little piece of it; all around me are the words of CrossRoads Gallery, has been a voracious and ideas of other people, the stories and reader since she was a child, and has been experiences of other people; I’m surrounded by looking on the bright side for various different voices and visuals and the ever-amazing publications since 1996. She welcomes your imagination of others. I can look at the titles and comments at

Mountain Music/Fiddler’s Crossing Grand Re-Opening

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From Our Supervisor

Kern County Budget Update The Board of Supervisors adopted a new increase in assessed property values from last $1.48 billion budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 year. This means projected property tax this past Tuesday. This budget sees no layoffs receipts will help the county cover some cost and maintains current service levels from last increases. Property taxes are estimated to grow year. The county’s operating budget is down by $4.9 million, or a two percent increase over by $29 million or about two percent. The last year, mostly from oil and gas valuations. county was much better An additional $12 million in prepared to allocate funds this sales and use tax receipts also year because budget adoption came from petroleum products hearings were moved to and equipment. August from June. This gave There are some challenges the Board of Supervisors and facing the county and its fiscal staff actual numbers, budget in this coming year rather than just estimates, of however. Costs for our the end-of-fiscal-year financial employees’ salaries and reports. The poor economy benefits are expected to jump of the past few years has in the coming year by $19.6 forced county departments to million. This spike is due defer nonessential hiring and mostly to increased retirement spending, including needed costs, approximately $17 by Zack Scrivner equipment and maintenance. million. Looking ahead to next 2nd District Supervisor As a result of this fiscal fiscal year, the pension costs prudence, and an are going to jump to an unanticipated $12 million in additional sales additional $22 million. Most county and use tax receipts from fiscal year 2010departments have absorbed employee cost 2011, there is a carryover balance of $23.3 increases by deferring needed capital million. improvements and new equipment purchases, My colleagues on the Board of and deleting (or not funding) departmental Supervisors and I strove to balance spending positions. This year 50 positions were deleted between services and capital needs. In the county wide, many of which were vacant. fiscal year July 2011 through June 2012, we Due to the massive increase in employee have allocated $4 million in infrastructure costs, mostly in retirement payments, the projects, ranging from critical road maintenance county has had to defer many pressing capital to new barracks at the dilapidated Lerdo and maintenance needs. This includes roads, county jail. We also committed $100,000, in parks, fire protection and other important additional money, for the Kern County services to the public. These deferrals have Library’s book budget. A few departments that reached an estimated backlog of $400 million were hard hit with budget cuts in the previous and deferred equipment purchases now total at two years, such as Animal Control and the least $100 million. Parks Department, received modest funding There is still much uncertainty from the increases to improve their level of service to unstable and unresolved state budget crisis. the public. We endeavored this budget year to Cuts from the state budget that the county has keep most discretionary and public safety incurred were taken into account for this programs as intact as possible, preserve budget year. However, because of the current quality of life programs, provide precarious state budget situation in funding to prevent the further deterioration of Sacramento, further cuts may be made that the the county’s physical infrastructure and to county will have to potentially deal with in the bolster our reserves for any unanticipated near future. Any actions the county can take to costs. Some other good news in this fourth reduce its fixed costs continues to be extremely year of tight budgeting is that there was a small important to ensure our long-term fiscal stability.

Loop ‘round the World

Chamber Director Claudia Henson joined an afternoon crowd to celebrate the Grand ReOpening of Mountain Music/Fiddler’s Crossing and the opening of the Christian Science Reading Room on Saturday, Aug. 27. Pictured in the background is the Tehachapi T-Pops Orchestra. Mountain Music/Fiddler’s Crossing is located at 206 East F St, 661-823-9994.

Reporter Robert Lugibihl proudly displays The Loop as Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus and Commander Chris Ferguson sign autographs.[see story on page 5]

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A Memo FromCity The City Manager From the Manager

“City Manager Memo” contain vital information about what to do to September is National Preparedness keep yourself safe in the event that an Month and activities will be going on emergency situation does occur. Please visit the throughout the State and Nation to help our City website at citizens and local governments be better and click on the Code Red button on prepared to deal with disaster. the left side of the page. This will These disasters could be take you to a secure site where your natural or man-made but being contact information can be prepared will help you and uploaded. your family to avoid the Other home and office costly and potentially tragic preparedness efforts are critical to consequences of a disaster. minimize loss of life and property Now you might be in a disaster. Many agencies have thinking, “big disasters don’t free resources available to you but happen in small towns like one great place to start is Tehachapi.” But then you’ll This website is maintained by the remember that the West Greg Garrett, federal government and can provide Ranch Fire last year was City Manager you with three simple steps to keep devastating for parts of our yourself and your family prepared. community. You might also As a last related note, I’d like to offer my be aware of the train car that exploded in personal thanks to the men and women serving Lincoln, California, or the tornado in Joplin, our communities and our nation as first Missouri. Tehachapi could also experience a responders and military personnel. These severe winter storm in could knock out power individuals, whether it be police, fire, and our road networks for days, a train ambulance, military, public health, or any derailment, another wildfire, an earthquake, or others, dedicate their lives to protecting us. I some other kind of disaster. I don’t have any believe we owe them our sincerest gratitude. intention of stirring up fear but only mention I think this is especially poignant given these things to bring the seriousness of it all to that we are very near the tenth anniversary of mind. Will you be ready? the attacks on 9/11. May we always remember At the City, we’ve been working hard to the sacrifices and losses of the men and women make Tehachapi a safer place. In concert with involved in that awful tragedy and may we not our City Emergency Operations Plan, one of let their sacrifices be in vain. our more recent additions is the creation of our As always, if you ever have any questions Code Red Emergency Notification System. or comments regarding anything happening in Through this system, City residents and other the City of Tehachapi, I encourage you to call interested individuals can sign up to receive me at (661) 822-2200 or contact me at telephone, cell phone, text and e-mail messages when disaster strikes. These messages will

Dedication of New Playground Equipment at Cummings Valley Elementery

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Meet Your New Neighbors Keri Campbell previously lived in Brian and Leda Voigt have come to Colorado Springs, Colorado before moving to Tehachapi from New Mexico. Brian grew up in Tehachapi. Keri grew up in the restaurant San Diego, and Leda grew up in Arizona, moving business, as her parents owned a to Washington in her teens. restaurant. Her parents, as well as Brian has recently left the Air some close friends, now live here in Force and gone to work for the FAA. Tehachapi, and they were the He has a degree in Professional inspiration for her decision to make Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle her home here. She is a very pretty, Aeronautical University in Prescott, vibrant, and warm lady with a Arizona. Embry-Riddle is rated healthy outlook on life. She keeps her number one in aviation and aerospace mind and body in good shape by college education, offering a wide eating healthy, nutritious meals, doing variety of air and space-related yoga and living a full, active life. She degrees. Of course Brian has his has two grown daughters Jacquelyn, E v i e C a m p b e l l - B e s t pilot’s license and really enjoys 22 years-old, and Lauren, 19 yearsflying. Leda holds a Master’s in Welcome Hostess old, of whom she is very proud. accounting and is working as a CPA. Keri attended Clayton College of Natural They are slowly, but surely, getting settled and Health, which prepared her for her life-long decorating their new home here in Tehachapi. I’m interest in a healthy life style. She became a yoga hoping they will find time to get out and learn instructor, a lifestyle she is very intent on sharing more about their new community and all there is with as many as she can. She is a life coach, to do here. Tehachapi has a large variety of things spiritual-counselor, and a wellness and nutrition going on daily, with something to suit most counselor. Her wellness counseling includes everyone’s taste. Welcome to the Voigts. teaching healing the body and keeping it healthy Susan Rayner was living in Las Vegas, through proper nutrition and not medicines. She Nevada, but after visiting her sister here in herself is a vegetarian and she, believes in simple Tehachapi, she decided it would be a nice place for cooking and looks like a picture of good health. her to live too. She liked what she saw, felt safe Keri owned her own studio in Colorado here and found housing was more affordable. Of Springs, where she did group and private course what’s not to like about beautiful, tranquil instructions. She has taught various courses Tehachapi, The Land of Four Seasons: beautiful including restorative yoga to energetic Vinyasa spring-time, fairly mild summers, and just enough Yoga –(also called flow yoga). Keri’s Vinyasa snow in the winter to enjoy its crisp white classes range from slow and meditative to glistening cover without feeling like you’re stuck energetic and challenging. Additionally she was a inside forever. yoga instructor for the Olympic Athlete’s Susan is retired after working in the call Training Center in Colorado Springs. She has now center for a credit card company. Susan has opened a studio here in Tehachapi. The studio has raised four boys. Now she has time to enjoy large floor-to-ceiling windows that look out upon refinishing furniture and taking used calenders, a setting of big and beautiful trees, allowing a matting them, and putting them in picture person to feel they are truly in the midst of nature frames. I have done the same thing with as they follow Keri’s instruction towards a calenders or cards. A person can achieve some healthy happy lifestyle. Keri, I know you are pretty nice looking pictures using their going to be a great addition to our family here in imagination. Susan has found a nice place to live Tehachapi. If any of you would like to find out in one of our senior areas and is feeling quite more about Keri and her studio here in Tehachapi, comfortable in her new home. Welcome Susan, please visit her colorful, informative website at we hope you continue to find life to be good in your new community.

Welcome! If you have moved to the Greater Tehachapi Area within the last six months and would like to know more about your new community, call 661-822-8188. We will be happy to make an appointment for a hostess to come by and give you lots of helpful information, some valuable coupons, gifts and much more. Many families and individuals who come to the area are pleasantly surprised with the amount of knowledge they gather about their new home. Publishing your welcome article is completely voluntary and is not a requirement of being welcomed.

by Tina Forde

Cummings Valley School Principle Paul Kaminski, in a short speech explained to the assembled students, “Just like in your classrooms where you and your teachers are working together toward common goal’s” our community, and school board all worked together to make this day a reality. A ribbon cutting ceremony followed. The ribbon was cut by former Cummings Valley School

Principle David Spencer. Additional guest’s in attendance are, Tehachapi School District Superintendent Dr, Richard Swanson, current school principle Paul Kaminski, former school principle and the ribbon cutter David Spencer, Kristyn Hansen, Mary Graham and Kirk Gilbert. Upcoming in the Sept. 17 Loop Forde Files will be featuring articles on our schools in the Tehachapi School District

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Fiddln’ Down the Tracks,” at the West Park Auditorium dates back to the 18 , 19 , and 20 centuries Residents of Tehachapi get ready to sing, here in the USA. The roots of the songs can be dance, clap your hands, and/or tap your feet to traced back to the British Isles and Europe, Old Time Fiddle Music as the California State though many songs are purely from North Old Time Fiddlers Association District 3 America. It represents the oldest North (CSOTFA #3) hosts their annual fiddle contest American traditional music other than Native “Fiddln’ Down the Tracks.” This year is the American music. The label itself only dates 35th anniversary of the contest and will be on back to 1923. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 16 and 17 at the Over the years 12 Districts have been West Park Auditorium, 410 West D Street. On formed throughout the state. District 3 was Friday the contest begins at 1 p.m. and will established in 1972 and includes the counties of close with Contra Dance, and an apple pie and Kern, Inyo and San Luis ice cream social that Obispo – plus parts of starts at 6:30 p.m. Then, Monterey and San Bernardino on Saturday, the contest counties. It began in begins at 8 a.m. and will Bakersfield and was moved to close with a Gospel sing Tehachapi in 1998. District 3 led by Jo Stone, which has worked very hard to build starts at 7:30 p.m. Also, up its membership in order to as the contest always keep old time fiddling alive in honor’s a fiddler, Hughie this community. We hold jam Smith from Bakersfield sessions on the second will be honored. There Saturday of each month. The will be food and drink jams are from 2 to 5 p.m. at services available, retail the Veteran’s Hall on East F vendors, a display of Street. Fiddlers and pickers are quilts put on by the welcome to join our jams Tehachapi Mountain where we play old time music, Quilters and a raffle learn new tunes and enjoy being held on both delicious snacks. Musicians of Friday and Saturday. This event is free for all Gayel Pitchford and one of her students, all ages attend the Saturday Fiona Eggleston, practicing for jams. audience members. “Fiddln’ Down the Tracks”. One of our goals is to get There are 13 children hooked into fiddling as part of their divisions or categories of which people can lifestyle. Listeners and toe-tappers are play in. The 13 divisions are: Small Fry (ages 8 encouraged to join in and cheer us on! Also and under), Junior-Junior (ages 9-12), Junior about every third month we hold a Contra (ages 13-17), Adult (ages 18-49), Senior (ages dance (a cross between a square and a barn 50-69), Senior-Senior (ages 70+), Twin Fiddle dance) in lieu of the jam. Our Contra dances (any age), Open (any age), Accompanist (any include a caller who provides instruction for age), Picking (any age), Novelty (18 and up), Junior-Novelty (under 18) and Band Scrambles. dancers of all ability levels and a fiddle band accompanies the dancing. The following categories have entry fees: The California State Old Time Fiddler’s Junior-Junior ($4), Junior ($6), Adult ($8), Association District #3 would like to ask the Senior ($6), Open ($12), Picking ($8), Novelty community to please help association keep our and Junior-Novelty ($4), and Band Scrambles nation’s music history alive by donating the ($5). All other categories are free to enter. Each CSOTFA District 3. Our contest hosts 2,000 contestant only has four minutes to play a set, people. Plus, from around California and other consisting of three different types of tunes; a States from across the nation, it helps to put hoedown, a waltz and a tune of their choice. Tehachapi on the map. This event does help to All contestants need to be registered 30 minutes before their division begins. On Friday, provide economic support to hotels, retail Sept. 16, only the Senior, Senior-Senior, and the stores and the restaurants of our community. adult band scramble division will be playing. All All members of our community will be able to donate during the contest or can mail their the rest of the divisions will be played on donation COSTFA District #3, PMB 400, 785 Saturday, Sept. 17. There will be Trophies, Tucker Rd. Suite #G Tehachapi, CA 93561. medals and cash prizes handed out to all Any one who donates before the contest winners of their division. will be listed in our program during the contest. In addition to all of the categories or Any business who donates $50 or more before divisions there will be a “Grand Champion the contest will have an advertisement sign put Playoff” to certify a winner to play in the up at the contest and will be listed as a sponsor National Fiddle contest next year in Weiser, in our program. If you are donating by check, Idaho. “Fiddln’ Down the Tracks” contest is please make all checks out to CSOTFA the only contest in California to certify a District #3. Every donation that the “Grand Champion” to play in the National association receives goes toward the fiddle Fiddle Contest. The contestants for this contest in Sept. It is free for all audience category are the firstt place winners of their members and does benefit Tehachapi division. There will be a trophy handed out to economically. All donations are tax deductible the winner of this playoff. There will also be a as CSOTFA District 3 is 501.(c)3 non-profit Howdy Forrester Scholarship awarded to a organization. college bound fiddler who demonstrates the The California State Old Time Fiddlers clearest understanding of Howdy’s signature Association District #3 looks forward to style by writing an essay explaining how they hosting you at their annual fiddle contest, embody the spirit of his music. This “Fiddln’ Down the Tracks,” on Friday and scholarship is funded by Howdy’s son, Bob Saturday, Sept. 16 and 17. Go, listen and enjoy Forrester, of Goodlettsville, TN. the music they have to offer. Feel free to tap The California State Old Time Fiddler’s your foot and/or dance to the rhythm of their Association (CSOTFA) was created in 1969 as music; and try to win some raffle prizes. For a nonprofit organization to promote and more details please feel free to call Brandon on preserve old time fiddling as part of our his cell phone at 310-880-6187 country’s heritage. Old Time Fiddle Music th


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Short Flights –

Orbital Sciences L-1011 “Stargazer”


name “TriStar”, in accordance to the The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar is an manufacturer’s tradition of naming aircraft after important aircraft in Lockheed’s history and heavenly bodies. has its roots here in the Antelope Valley. L-1011 subassemblies were Mojave Airport tenant, Orbital manufactured thousands of miles Sciences, chose to keep one of these from the factory located in former commercial airlines as their Palmdale, Ca. Passenger and cargo modified carrier aircraft for launching doors were manufactured in Gifu rockets and satellites. They named her City, Japan; while the aft engine “Stargazer.” duct was built in Winnipeg, Ed Dunlap, Manager of L-1011 Canada; and the wings for the Operations at Orbital Sciences TriStar came from Nashville, Tenn. Corporation, is a wealth of knowledge I remember seeing L-1011 wing when it comes to “Stargazer”. He panels and other parts being stated that two Pegasus rocket transported on specially designed Cathy Hansen assisted launches are scheduled for train cars. wing was 88-feet long, 2012, including a trip to Kwajalein 24-feet at point of attachment, tapering to fourAtoll in the Marshall Islands. feet at the tip. Launch sites include: Cape Canaveral Air TriStar subassemblies and other Force Station, Fla.; Vandenberg AFB; Kwajalein production materials flowed into the Palmdale Atoll in the Marshall Islands; the Canary plant by truck, air or rail. The latter was along a Islands in Spain; and Wallops Island, Va. spur line, which also had to be built, directly A brochure from Orbital Sciences states, onto dual sidings inside a section of the main “The three-stage Pegasus [rocket] is used by assembly building. commercial, government and international The L-1011 production hangar enclosed nearly 1 million square feet of floor space under one roof. I remember watching that hangar under construction at Plant 10 in Palmdale, over forty years ago and was amazed at the immense size of the structure. The building still stands and measures 115 feet high, with a width of 900 by 590 deep. There is a total of 868,522 square feet on the first floor alone. Several large hangars were constructed for the L-1011 production at Plant 10 in Palmdale, Calif. After the completed aircraft rolled out of the giant hangar doors, L-1011 with Dick Rutan’s Berkut on ramp at Mojave they received a final check of avionics and the flight test instrumentation Airport. received a functional test before being towed to the Production Flight Test hangar. customers to deploy small satellites weighing It was interesting that L-1011’s began up to 1,000 pounds into low-Earth orbit. forming in the jigs and moving down the “Pegasus, (wings and control surfaces for assembly line while the final assembly hangar the Pegasus air-launch system were was still under construction. The first TriStar manufactured at Scaled Composites), is carried was ready for public display on the same day aloft by our “Stargazer” L-1011 carrier aircraft that building was completed and dedicated. to approximately 40,000 feet over open ocean, Emergency door openings and floatation where it is released and then free-falls in a slides were functionally tested as well and horizontal position for five seconds before employee family members were invited to igniting its first stage rocket motor. With the participate in emergency evacuations and jump aerodynamic lift generated by its unique deltaonto the slide after it was inflated from the door shaped wing, Pegasus typically delivers down to the floor of the hangar. satellites into orbit in a little over 10 minutes.” On November 16, 1970, with L-1011 The L-1011 design program began in 1966, Project Test Pilot H. B. (Hank) Dees at her the first commercial jetliner for Lockheed, controls, the “TriStar” leaped gracefully off the competing with Douglas Aircraft’s tri-engined desert runway and into her own domain for a DC-10. two and a half hour maiden flight. It is By March, 1968 the L-1011 carried the interesting to me that the chase plane was a North American F-86. Many folks, who helped assemble the 250 L-1011s from 1968 until 1984, came to Plane Crazy Saturday held at Mojave Air & Spaceport last month to view one of the last two flying examples in the United States. “Stargazer” was the Aircraft of the Month and dwarfed all other aircraft on display. As well as the airport’s administration building! This photo by Alan Radecki illustrates how large Orbital Sciences See you on our next L-1011 Stargazer really is. flight!

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The Life and Times of Del Connell

Guest Commentary

article by Mary Clyde, Wordsmith, photographs provided by Brady Connell.

“Exaggeration is the last bastion of a losing argument.” It’s been said that “Exaggeration is the last bastion of a losing argument.” I think of that phrase often as I hear and see grossly exaggerated portrayals of City decisions, the Council, the Staff and citizens that make and support those decisions. While this is an unfortunate and often a regular occurrence, brought on by those who have chosen not to educate themselves on issues, I’d like to specifically address some issues that seem to be generating a lot of conversation around town. The first is the construction of an 81-unit affordable housing complex at the corner of N. Mill and H streets. Affordability aside, the architecture, landscaping and public improvements being completed on this corner will be an attractive addition to our beautiful downtown area. These buildings were approved by the Planning Commission because they met all of the zoning codes, design standards and other building regulations imposed on them by the City of Tehachapi. Affordability covenants are not under the purview of either the Planning Commission or the City Council. Even so, City Staff were diligent in their oversight of this project and its affordability plan. They did everything within the City’s legal right to ensure that this project would have little or no negative impact on the City and its residents. Then, in March of 2008 when Global Premier Development (the developer of the 81-unit project) came to ask the City Council for financial assistance, their request was denied. The City has not contributed financially toward the project in any way. That includes the reconstruction of N. Mill and H streets, which was a completely unrelated and federally funded grant project. The criticism given to City officials about this project is that the City Council “should not allow” such development within our community. In an odd twist of irony, these arguments often come from individuals who also complain about over regulation by the City and what they perceive to be heavyhandedness and inappropriate government control. Like I was told as a child, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” In just the same way that true freedom of speech. This sometimes means having to hear words and

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Ed Grimes Mayor of City of Tehachapi

rhetoric that make your blood boil, and economic liberty in this town should be afforded to everyone, not just to those of which we personally approve. Unfortunately we have also experienced vitriol and finger-pointing from individuals concerned about a modification of our ordinances that will bring us in line with State and Federal law. It is true that this modification removes restrictions on the placement of group homes for 6 or fewer residents. This may be senior group homes or could be what are commonly referred to as halfway houses. Choosing not to modify this ordinance would mean the loss of roughly $77,000 per year of Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. Over the years these funds have been used as matching funds on the downtown improvements on Tehachapi Boulevard, Pioneer Park on I Street, sewer/ water system improvements and many more– totaling approximately $2.5 million. There is also a possibility that we could choose to forego this funding and not approve the modification of the ordinance. Making such a decision could expose the City and its taxpayers to future legal challenges because we have chosen to ignore State or Federal law. This is not responsible decision making. All of that aside, the assertion that our Community Development Staff or our City Council is inviting “rapists, burglars and felons” to move into our City, as some printed flyers have implied, is patently absurd. As a longtime resident of Tehachapi, who has devoted decades of my life to public service, it is offensive to me and to everyone else that serves this great community to imply such nonsense. This attempt at identifying a scapegoat is nothing more than a poorly veiled and politically driven accusation. Truly concerned residents would call City Hall, make personal contact with City Council members or attend Council meetings with productive solutions to these and other difficult issues. Instead we hear finger-pointing, name calling and other childish rhetoric. Then again “exaggeration is the last bastion of a losing argument.” [Memories of the Mayor will be back next issue with more memories from Ed]

The life that began in Cincinnati, Ohio on just never made a big deal out of it. That was June 7, 1918, is one to remember. Little did my dad!” George Connell and his wife Flora know at that Del’s career formally began when he joined time that their son, Del, would become a man Walt Disney Studios in 1939. In the beginning that others would aspire to be: a wonderful he worked in the Character Model Department husband, cherished father and beloved where he sculpted animation models for grandfather. All the while carving out his place “Dumbo”, “Lady and the Tramp”, “Fantasia” in the world as an honored and well-respected and “The Reluctant Dragon.” He also wrote artist and writer. shorts for the studio which “I’ve never known a included “The Pelican and the more humble man,” shared his Snipe”, “The Cold-Blooded son, Brady Connell, shortly Penguin” (seen in the feature before Del’s death. “He was film “The Three Caballeros”) what some would call a mildand “Ben and Me”– the mannered man. As a child and classic animated short about a even as an adult, I never heard mouse that helped Benjamin him raise his voice – not once. Franklin. And he was dedicated – to his In 1941 Uncle Sam family and his career and he called and off to the Army he somehow found that special went, serving in Panama balance that made everything where he drew detailed maps work together.” of the Panama Canal. He Del was punctual and returned to Walt Disney what some might call Studios after a four-year stint “predictable,” Brady shared. serving his country. He was “He left for work at the same one of the original writers time and always came home assigned to the “Alice and at the same time – except for Del as a young man (Clark Gable Wonderland” animated feature Friday nights, when he would eat your heart out!) and he also wrote and be late getting home. It wasn’t sketched the earliest drafts of until just recently that we found out why. He Disneyland’s first guest brochures. worked with the best comicbook writers and Then “it” happened. In 1950 Del met and artists in the business. Instead of letting fell in love with Ruth Gipe. Ruth was the apple Western Publishing Company throw away the of his eye for the next 61 years and together old comicbooks, he would quietly load them they raised their three children: Kelly Connell, into the trunk of his car and regularly drop Casey Noll and Brady Connell; and enjoyed them off at the Children’s Hospital of Los Continued on next page Angeles. All those years, no one ever knew! He

Mulberry Memories Caring is What I Live For by Fred Villaverde Debbie Saldivar was born Aug. 10, 1956 in Bound Brook, New Jersey. She stayed there until she was 17 and moved out to Calif. with her family. For many years she was a stay at home mom, taking care of her beautiful baby girl

Debbie with resident Sylvia enjoying the outdoors.

Deborah. She moved out to Tehachapi with her new family. She just recently got married to her boyfriend of six years. She met her nowhusband working at Horse Thief Country Club in Stallion Springs. She has two wonderful grandkids, ages 13 and 15. She has worked at Horse Thief Country Club for 18 years,

getting to know and love the people that went there. After that she decided to go into the caregiving field. Even growing up she loved to help out the elderly people she knew with whatever they needed. After a little while, Debbie decided to come work for Mulberry Place. She has been with us for two years now and has done an excellent job. She is well liked and even loved by the residents and staff there. Some of our residents have enjoyed Debbie painting their nails or even talking with her. When asked what she most likes about working with the elderly she replied, “I get to come to work everyday and help out those that need it. Whether it’s helping them tie their shoes or listen to their stories. I especially like it when they are thankful for the tiniest thing I do with them.” When asked what she likes the most about Mulberry Place she replied, “It’s a beautiful place to work at and I love the environment. Everyone here is so wonderful to work with, from the residents to the staff.” We have all been blessed to work alongside Debbie, and our residents love having her here. One of her favorite sayings is “Make the best of what you have and thank God you’re able to share it.”

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Tehachapi Skywatch

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their four grandchildren, Alex and Russell Noll and Kylie and Quinn Chryss-Connell. It was about that same time Del became part of Western Publishing Company, first as a freelancer and then full time. He spent the next 35 years writing and editing thousands of comic book stories for various studios including Disney, Warner Bros., Walter Lantz, HannaBarbera and MGM. He maintained his direct relationship with Walt Disney Studios (1968-1989) and was the writer for the Mickey Mouse daily and Sunday newspaper strip. Every day he wrote and sketched a 3-panel or 7-panel (Sundays) gag for syndication in the world’s newspapers. In 1986 he donated most of his original pencil drawings and proof sheets of his Mickey Mouse strips and other miscellaneous art to the UCLA Special Collections at the Charles E. Young Research Library. In 1987 Del and Ruth moved from Woodland Hills to Tehachapi where he continued writing scripts, creating inventions and utilizing his artistic skills for family and community activities. He dedicated an enormous amount of time to a new project he called “The Historables” – a children’s property that teaches children about history. He designed over 20 characters and wrote dozens of stories for the property, which now is being developed by Base Camp Films as a children’s interactive internet property and television show. On July 22, 2011, Del received the Bill Finger Award at the Comic Industry Awards during the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. The lifetime achievement award is given to two individuals (one living and one posthumously), who were overlooked during their career. While not well enough to attend the presentation festivities, Del was well aware of the honor bestowed upon him by his peers. He passed away just three weeks later. While his physical presence is no longer with us, his legacy will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him. Del may be “gone” but he certainly won’t be forgotten!

On July 22, 2011, Del received the Bill Finger Award at the Comic Industry Awards during the ComicCon convention in San Diego.

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Star Trek: The Dream Thrives at 45

Then “it” happened. In 1950 Del met and fell in love with Ruth Gipe.

When I was 14, I started saving money would be his last convention. Patrick Stewart from my paper route to attend my first Star (Captain Picard) looks quite chipper at 71. Trek convention. In the spring, I Jimmy Darren, who may have handed my mother a note to sign: saved “Star Trek: Deep Space “Dale will be absent from school Nine” with his portrayal of 1960s for the next two weeks.” There nightclub crooner Vic Fontaine, gave was no discussion. My sister us a great concert at age 75 – and helped me put the finishing was later taken to the hospital. touches on my Starfleet uniform. Nor did we try to skirt the Then, with $60 and a homemade issue – none of us is as young as we tribble, I left Iowa for San Diego – once were. The topics tended alone. With meticulous planning, I toward the big questions of “life, used my Greyhound AmeriPass to the universe, and everything.” cover 5000 miles and 14 Western William Shatner (Captain Kirk) by Dale “Hawk” states in two weeks. On that trip I discussed his increasing awareness Hawkins saw the beauty of forests, deserts of his mortality after turning 80 this and beaches; I met a lot of great year. Kate Mulgrew (Captain people; and I had several “coming of age” Janeway) was eloquent in describing the experiences. awesome responsibility of playing a Starfleet Most profoundly I discovered that it was captain because of the profound impact Star my destiny to live in California. Here I could Trek has on its fan and our entire global culture. be amongst my own kind – the people who Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) told us about Dr. were moving us toward the 23rd century. Martin Luther King’s order that she not leave Star Trek turned 45 this month. If you had Star Trek because of the enormous unseen told me in 1975 that we’d still be holding impact she was having on civil rights. George conventions in 2011, celebrating over 700 Takei (Captain Sulu) also told us of his episodes and 11 struggles feature films, I’d with civil have said you rights. were more nuts Of than me! course there In fact I just was a debate returned from the on the health biggest Star Trek and future of convention in Star Trek history. Twenty itself. As our thousand heroes Trekkers, from all continue to over the world, fade into descended on Las Yesteryear, I Vegas to see, hear am reminded and meet those of something who made Star Gene Trek. For the first Roddenberry time, three Captains Kirk, Janeway, and Picard enjoy telling us their stories. once told us: starship captains “Star Trek is appeared together not about Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock or even the – William Shatner (Kirk), Patrick Stewart Starship ‘Enterprise’. It’s about us and our (Picard) and Kate Mulgrew (Janeway). There dream of a better future for everyone as we was the usual plethora of Starfleet uniforms, reach out to the stars.” Star Trek has changed Klingons, Vulcans, our world in countless ways, Romulans, Andorians and, of but none as profoundly as the course, the Borg (complete global expansion of with flashing lights, laser compassion, understanding and beams, and remodulated the embracing of new ideas that voices). Most were armed continues today. with phasers, disruptors, When Star Trek debuted, swords, daggers and even a America and the entire world Thompson submachine gun. was tearing itself apart and Whatever you didn’t have reexamining all of the old you could find in the dealers assumptions. Star Trek room. Other strange critters provided a unique, optimistic running around included vision of what the future could tribbles, a remote-controlled be like– where color, gender, horta (a rock-eating silicon religion, and disability are creature), and several scantly Your starry-eyed author and irrelevant to human dignity; clad Orion slave girls (you photographer take their shot at where suffering and injustice gotta love Vegas!). have been eliminated; and immortality. This year was clearly where mankind shares a different. Beneath the usual common and glorious future. euphoria was a quiet dignity, a subdued sense We need that vision now more than ever. of occasion. While we look forward to the 50th Let’s not forget that Star Trek is some of anniversary in 2016, we were all well aware the best action-adventure-science fiction ever that some of our heroes would not be joining created! us. I have always been proud to be called a We’ve had to get used to some losses: Trekker – or “Trekkie” if you like. So has my creators Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon; daughter. One of the greatest satisfactions of Deforest Kelley (Dr. McCoy); and James my life is that I helped save Star Trek and that Doohan (Scotty). This year Leonard Nimoy it will continue to inspire future generations (Spock) turned 80 and announced that this long after we’re gone.

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Dr. Shah will be at Secrets in Tehachapi Sat. Sept. 10 call now to secure your appointment 822-5114

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Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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Horizon de Monde

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Mortgage Matters

If They Can Do It, Why Can’t YOU?

by Rebecca Steiber, coordinator

by Tammy Engel, Mortgage Advisor

I would like to thank Quezadas (Jamie and Rocio) and their three wonderful kids, who had the opportunity to host a student from France. Everyone had such a wonderful time during the month of July. Rocio said, “it was a beautiful The Quezadas family with their French exchange student experience for her and her family, that these three weeks went by so quickly, but she’s glad her family had the great experience to know a young man and got to share one another’s culture at the same time. I would also like to thank Kathleen and Fiona for hosting their student from France. Kathleen said, “It was a great rewarding experience for her and her daughter...not only [having] a student stay with them but also being part of their family for these four weeks. Coming [from] just outside of Paris, I was glad how she accepted our sweet humble country town...She Loved It. “Thank you Rebecca (coordinator) and Stephanie (tutor) for being a great support.” For more information about being a hosting, contact Rebecca at or 661-750-9246.

Fiona with her French exchange student

Last month brought some really exciting real estate purchase closings. And yet at a recent party, folks were lamenting that nothing is going on in the Tehachapi market. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! One family sold their home several months ago and had been interested in a local home involved in a short sale. Remember that means the owner still owns the house, but owes more than it’s currently worth. So in order to sell the house, their lender has to agree to take a loss. “Short” means not enough sales price to cover the current debt – It surely doesn’t speak to time. Short sales can take months, and it’s even more fun when there is more than one mortgage outstanding so you get to negotiate with two lenders. Anyway, the short bank took so long to approve the paperwork that the house went into foreclosure. Due to some quick diligence on the part of their Realtor, this family was the first and best offer on the same house when it was listed as bank-owned in our local multiple listing service.

The frosting on the cake is the use of VA financing to buy their new home. Not only did they get an amazing interest rate in the low 4s, they also were refunded their earnest money deposit and their up-front appraisal fee. It’s pretty exciting to deliver news like that at a closing! Another family had first been in touch about pre-qualifying over a year ago and had a few credit items to work out. This summer they were ready to go. In their case, we used the USDA program and once again: The buyer got a rate in the low 4s, and were refunded their earnest money deposit and their up-front appraisal fee. Last, a retiree found a place that would suit her well. Since her income was also below the USDA cap, she was able to use that loan program for a rate in the low 4s. Forgive me if I’m boring you, but she got her earnest money and up-front appraisal fee back at closing. Quit listening to the drama of the TV news: Real estate is selling, and lenders are lending. Every house in America is on sale! Check it out so you won’t have regrets later.

Tammy Engel is your local Mortgage Advisor and has been providing sound, strategic financing solutions statewide since 1990. For help with your home loan pre-approval, reach her at 661-822-REAL.

Hypnotherapy is a Natural Way of Healing by Alfred L. Gregg, LMFT Hypnotherapy is one way of engaging our natural ability to heal. Under the natural healing power of hypnotherapy, we can deal with many types of negative baggage which – often times – hold us back. A professional therapist, certified in hypnotherapy, can improve our emotional growth in areas that interfere with our aspired goals. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind, one which most people go in and out of every day. Under hypnosis you’re more open than usual to suggestion, and this can be used to modify your perceptions, behavior, sensations and emotions. Although you’re more open to suggestion during therapeutic hypnosis, your free will remains intact and you don’t lose control over your behavior. The purpose of most hypnotherapy is to alter some undesirable aspect of behavior. One of the most commonly known benefits of hypnotherapy is its ability to help people break free of their dependency on cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Additionally hypnosis can be used to help patients lose weight, overcome

phobias and to start living a healthier life. While these are some of the most difficult tasks to achieve through many conventional treatments, hypnosis has a long track record of success for helping patients change these aspects of their lives easily. Hypnotherapy is only used when indicated for and agreed upon by the client. An interview is necessary to determine if the person is a good candidate for this technique. The client’s parent or spouse (or referring therapist) may be present for the session if desired by the client. Alfred L. Gregg studied to become a Hypnotherapist at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified as a hypnotherapist through the California Board of Behavioral Science, with over twenty-five years of experience. His fee for hypnotherapy is $50. per the session. Call Tehachapi Wellness Center at 661822-8979 to see if hypnotherapy could improve the quality of your life.

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Windswept Ranch

Unique “Music“ at Windswept by Diana Frieling We have the most wonderful sounds at the ranch. Every animal has its own style of “music”. In fact we have a veritable “orchestra” here at Windswept. The alpacas make a humming sound and sometimes, when something really interests them, it sounds like a choir tuning up in their pasture. The camels have a similar sound, but on a much deeper level. They also argue a lot more, so their sounds are more dramatic. Marc Anthony, our male guanaco, also hums but his sound is shrill and sounds small for his size. Most people know the sound of a donkey: We have three so they can sometimes carry on a conversation and bray for hours. I don’t know if you have ever heard a zebra: They do something called “barking”. The only way I can explain it is if you took the sound of the donkey and cut it up into small pieces you could probably create the bark. I would like to hear more “barking” here at the ranch, but it only seems to happen when the zebra get upset. Down by the bovine exhibit, there is a lot of snorting and grunting from the buffalo and zebu, but no mooing. Even the yak don’t moo. Yak are called “bos grunniens”, or grunting ox, and if you show them a carrot, they will definitely live up to their name! Horses, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens round out the “orchestra”. However the sound that is my favorite is the percussion section. That one is handled by Emma, our very sweet emu. Everyone is blown away by the sound of her drumming. To make the sound, she rapidly expands and contracts an air pocket in her chest. Only female emu drum. The males grunt and hiss. (Just like men!) I guess the reason I am so into sounds right now is that we had a professional sound recording person here for a full day catching the animals on tape for an upcoming Matthew Broderick film where a couple buys a zoo and the animals try to run them out by

tormenting them. Sounds a little silly, but I am sure, when it all comes together, it will be a great film in large part because my amazing “Orchestra” provided the sound. Both Myrrh-y (the camel) and Tina (the llama) were “miced-up” with small battery pacs with microphones attached to their halters. They wore the microphones for hours doing what they do naturally. In the meantime, directional mics were placed by Emma and the yak. The sound people walked around with hand held mics to catch the animals roaming on the property. When it was all done, they had several hours of recordings to work with. It was a fun day and reminded me just how lucky I am to have this fine and talented group of “musicians”. The film should be released sometime next year, but you don’t have to wait til then to catch a concert. We are open every Saturday, March through October, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the critters are performing live. Come on out and enjoy the music!


Myrrh-y with sound man Rob Nokes.

All Day Saturday Saturday,, Sept. 10

at the V.F.W.

Brats, Chips and Soda $6.00 u Feat



“Movin on” Band

Ope Music Starts , d o Fo ic to t n at 7 to 11p.m. Pub he Mus n! VFW Post 5948 & Fu 221 W. Tehachapi Blvd - 822-7500 after 4pm lic!

Sept. 3 ~ 17, 2011

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