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A Minister’s Musing

Two Thanksgiving Lessons by Rev. Diane Gallo Ryder A friend shared a holiday story with me which I pass along to readers, with the hope that it will add to the meaning of your holidays. It seems that as a young married man, my friend and his new wife were facing a rather bleak Christmas. Their funds were low and their spirits were lower because neither of them was employed. They were down to their last $20 when my friend, hoping to lift his wife’s spirits, spent 10 of those precious dollars on flowers which he brought to his wife as a gift. He was a bit

perplexed when his wife’s face remained impassive; the flowers did not make her smile. She received the flowers silently and put them in a vas, then she put the vase in the kitchen. The husband went outside to reflect upon the meaning of his wife’s silence when suddenly the window opened and his wife shouted out the kitchen window, “How do you want me to cook these flowers?” Years later my friend can laugh about his wife’s stony silence and her creative way of chastising him for “wasting” half of their limited funds on flowers which they could not eat. Somehow they both muddled through, subsequently raised a family, and no longer worry about putting food on their table at the holidays. And, as they pass the food, they thank God for their literal food that feeds their bodies as well as the spiritual food that feeds their souls. For, as they learned from the incident of the flowers, sometimes it is more important to feed one’s spirit than to feed one’s belly. Whatever food is on your table this holiday, whatever gifts you give or receive, may your spirit be fed with the Holy Spirit and may all your hungers be fulfilled.

Tehachapi Community Congregational Church United Church of Christ

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Susan J. P. Hall, M.D. with Terri Steinberg, FNP

A Whole Family Practice Caring for Children & Adults of all ages General & Family Medicine including: • Dermatology • Endocrinology • Gynecology • Mental Health • Referrals Monday 9am - 6pm, Wednesday & Friday 8am - 5pm Tuesday 10 am - 7pm Thursday 7am - 3pm Urgent Care available on Saturdays 9am - Noon

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December 7 ~ 21, 2010

Thank You by Dr. Susan Hall MD, Family Practice

Thank you to the voters of the district for your strong support. I feel humbled by the response to my request to be able to continue working on the Hospital Board. The current board and I are working not only to build a great new hospital facility, we are also working to continue to improve the quality and functionality of the staff at the hospital. The current staff care about the community, the patients, and each other. I hope you will not have a need for the hospital but if you do I’m sure you will notice the positive caring attitude of everyone you encounter. I would like to take this time to also give a heartfelt thank you to the nurses that do the hard work of healthcare. Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a group of public health nurses in Bakersfield. These nurses, women and men, are on the front lines of healthcare. They go out to the patient’s homes and help those that sometimes, for whatever reason, have the hardest time helping themselves. Another group of front line nurses are the home health providers. They go to patient’s homes and provide IV therapy, wound care, and just about anything else needed. Both of these caring groups do the house calls that doctors do not have

the time to do anymore. We all know the nurses in the hospital and medical assistants in doctors offices also do the work of directly caring for and providing therapies to patients. Nurses do the “Dirty Jobs” of healthcare, and there would not be healthcare without them. Thank you to my family and friends who support and care for me personally. Often I am working, like now, instead of spending time with them. More often than not they get the leftovers of me instead of the feast. Finally, thank you to the community of Tehachapi for welcoming my family and me. We have made wonderful friends and feel that we truly belong here. I have been able to participate more to this community than ever would have been possible in a larger town and that helps me fill my tank with enthusiasm and energy to give back. If you are not feeling filled up this season, I recommend finding a way to get involved in some community club, or volunteer organization. The benefits will come back to you multiplied. Enjoy the wonderful winter season and stay warm. Happy Holidays.

Readin’ & Writin’ by Lauraine Snelling, author of The Red River Series: including “Daughters of Blessing” and “One Perfect Day”.

Lauraine Reads: “Great Children Books” Since I always review kid’s books for December, I start looking for candidates early on so I can get them read, but sometimes books just show up. Or are recommended by someone else. Such is the case for my picture book choice. I LOVE picture books. I think I’ve probably mentioned that in years past. A friend recommended, reminded me rather, that Andy McGuire had a new picture book out titled Remy the Rhino Learns Patience. Andy does both the illustrations and the story for his books and they are keepers for sure. The cover says it all. I just had to read it again and again so I could chuckle and delight in his colored pencil drawings. Andy has one of those creative minds that never quits. We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue and often like this young rhino, we don’t do much about learning it until we are forced to. Not that patience is over abundant in this day and age, so maybe more than parents and children could benefit from reading this little book. I cheated I think. I might have written about The White Giraffe last year. But I enjoyed the first two books in this series so much I picked up The Last Leopard because I had to know what happens next to this young girl, who seems to have healing powers for animals. The fourth one is out in hardback but I resisted. Martine hears rumors that the leopards are fast disappearing thanks to poachers in Africa and there is only one left. But is he myth or reality? Will she find out when she goes with her grandmother to help a long time friend? Suspense and adventure, a great combination for middle readers that can be enjoyed by all ages. Hmmm. Is there a pattern here? All ages? My final recommendation was written by

a friend of mine of many years ago, the mother of the little five-year old whom I played with and who has now graduated with a Ph.D. It is so easy to lose track of time, but I don’t want to lose track of friends from earlier in my life. See how cleverly I finagled around not calling them old friends? Anyway, Susan Fletcher attended a marketing class for writers with me back in 1980 when we were both beginning our writing careers. She writes for middle reader kids like I used to and will be soon again, but instead of writing about horses, she wrote The Dragon Chronicles. I thought the series was finished after the first three books, but during my November visit to a bookstore in Truckee, CA, I found she had a fourth one out. Hardback but I bought it which just goes to show that if one wants something bad enough, one will pay the extra price. I was not disappointed. Ancient, Strange and Lovely is a contemporary tale about a young girl, who is out to save a newly hatched dragon or dracling, as Susan calls them. What happens when a leathery skinned egg the size of a basketball shows up with a bunch of fossils sent by her mother, a scientist who has disappeared? When her father leaves to search for his wife, what is Bryn, who has the gift of kenning with birds, going to do? And how do you find dragon’s milk for a baby dracling? By the way, Dragon’s Milk is the name of the first book in the series. Start there. I am not a sci-fi fan but I love Susan’s dragons and her adventure tales. I hope this whet’s you appetite for these great children’s books, to read to your kids or to be read by your kids. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a love of reading. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year—with lots of new books. Happy readin’ & writin’ from Lauraine

The Loop newspaper ~ December 7-21, 2010  

Tehachapi, California's Source for Community News & Entertainment. Our publication contains articles on local businesses and members of our...

The Loop newspaper ~ December 7-21, 2010  

Tehachapi, California's Source for Community News & Entertainment. Our publication contains articles on local businesses and members of our...