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December 7 ~ 21, 2010

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The Hardest Job You Will Ever Have! by Rena Shumway, RAS Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have, yet one of the most difficult things to do. Although parenting is a rewarding experience, raising a child is a huge responsibility. Most parents learn as they go, watch or learn what others do, or are influenced by the way they were raised. As a parent you may feel a range of emotions which are normal and yet can feel like a roller coaster ride. You may feel love, joy, pride, anger, panic and despair. And often times, you may feel that you are not appreciated by your children or valued by others. Such emotions can leave you feeling guilty or thinking you are not a good parent. It is important to remember you are not expected to be perfect. Children take a lot of time and energy. All parents get frustrated and it is okay to feel angry, but it is not okay to take it out on your children. When you are really angry, take a break. You may want to take your children for a walk or call a friend to come help you. And learning to laugh and stay cool in situations is an essential and excellent quality to have. Also, spanking is not the best way to discipline a child. The goal of discipline is to teach children selfcontrol. One good way to teach infants and toddlers is called “redirecting.” When you redirect a child, you replace an unwanted behavior with an acceptable behavior. For example, if throwing a ball inside the house isn’t allowed, take your child outside to throw the ball. If you have older children, you may want to give your child acceptable choices. For example, instead of telling or demanding that your child wear a particular shirt, you may want to ask him/her what shirt he/she would like to wear instead. Giving your child choices

will empower and develop his/her ability to make decisions. For many parents the day-to-day demands of balancing the practical things and coping with often unexpected changes can be tiring. Things that might make parenting easier: * Find out what you don’t know. * Understand how children grow and develop. * Be aware that you can do things differently. * Be strong enough to say you don’t know how to do some things. * Be able to ask for information or advice. * Parenting is forever, so make the foundation solid. * Remember that as a parent you are the most influential person in your child’s life. * Plan, organize, communicate - balance work and family responsibilities, and meet your children’s needs. * Don’t waste time and energy feeling guilty - change what you are doing. * Take care of yourself. Finally, parenting is even harder when you have problems in your own life, such as worries about your job, your bills or your relationships, or problems with alcohol or drugs. To be a good parent, you have to first take care of yourself. That means getting help for your problems. Tehachapi Wellness Center can help. We offer a full continuum of services that include, individual and family counseling, free community support groups, anger and anxiety management classes, parent education classes, domestic violence counseling and substance abuse and addiction counseling. Call our office today and get the support you need to make your hardest job a little easier.

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The Loop newspaper ~ December 7-21, 2010  

Tehachapi, California's Source for Community News & Entertainment. Our publication contains articles on local businesses and members of our...

The Loop newspaper ~ December 7-21, 2010  

Tehachapi, California's Source for Community News & Entertainment. Our publication contains articles on local businesses and members of our...