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Quality THE WORD "QUALITY" REFERS TO ALL THE PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS that give products the capacity to satisfy implicit and explicit requirements. Ever since the time when bartering was common practice, an implicit qualitative (and quantitative) evaluation of goods has been necessary in order to achieve a fair exchange. Today, the quality of a product is as important as the design, even though the intrinsic features that will make it long-lasting are not always easy to identify at first glance: raw materials, innovation combined with tradition and rigorous inspection of the finished item are some of the elements required to create pieces of great value. These are supported by organization, service, credibility and reliability to achieve quality that involves an entire project. This approach produces notable benefits in relation to the longevity of the item, considering not only material aspects, but also a value that survives over time, because an object can last longer than our lives and can even elicit emotions when it is handed down from one generation to the next. Surrounding ourselves with quality also means adding beauty to our lives: well-designed, well-made objects are beautiful both inside and outside. They are the result of fine work done with care and passion.

GIORGETTI Salone Del Mobile

Giorgetti At Salone Del Mobile MILANO 2017 Giorgetti has been the protagonist at the Salone del Mobile 2017 with a complete interior design project. Using its collections of furniture and accessories, Giorgetti designs spaces and it does so with increasingly varied options. Conscious of its manufacturing heritage, Giorgetti interprets contemporary style consistently to create a comprehensive collection where new pieces blend naturally with earlier designs. The quality of our raw materials and our pursuit of style result in timeless pieces that easily fit into any environment. After the success of the kitchen, launched in 2016, Giorgetti's creative journey drove the company to explore other areas of design, creating the first outdoor collection by Chi Wing Lo and Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Salone del Mobile has also seen the launch of the second "Progetti 30" design, conceived to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collection: Progetti Sense. The new designs of Carlo Colombo, Roberto Lazzeroni, Umberto Asnago, Massimo Scolari, Chi Wing Lo, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Pamela Amine and Rossella Pugliatti dialog with the objects of the Atmosphere collection, that is enriched by new items, such as tapestries, rugs, vases, bowls, tea sets, lamps and ornaments, all meticulously made according to the artisanal Made in Italy ethos.


GIORGETTI Milan 2017 Events

Salone Del Mobile MILAN 2017 – EVENTS Far from the vibrant energy of the fair, Giorgetti invited its fans and other design enthusiasts to visit Giorgetti Atelier in Via Serbelloni and its Store in Via Durini, where the warm, relaxing rooms are meticulous in every detail. These spaces are the privileged stage on which the Giorgetti lifestyle is presented. The rooms, furnished with items from the collection, define a journey in which design, style and architecture come together to demonstrate the brand's potential. The new outdoor pieces coherently reflect the concept of style and design at the heart of the indoor collections; kitchen design, displayed for the first time at the Via Durini store, complements the company's furniture lines, offering a complete interior design experience.


Open-Air Giorgetti From DDC To New York THE OPEN-AIR COLLECTION ARRIVES IN THE BIG APPLE To mark New York’s annual design fair, ICFF, which takes place from May 21 – 24 2017, Giorgetti presents a few new items at the DDC Design Post shop-in-shop. Completely new to the American market is the company's first outdoor collection, which thanks to the Gea and Apsara lines, represents the Giorgetti way of life in closer contact with nature. It's an exclusive venue offering a complete lifestyle concept, thanks to furniture that is arranged to create a variety of living spaces, from the dining areas with Memos and Mizar tables, to the living rooms featuring the Aton, Drive and Urban sofas and the bedroom and conversation areas, not to mention the study featuring the iconic Erasmo desk, which is displayed in the store window. In the Open-air section, the square version of the Gea table is displayed with matching chairs in natural effect birch, while the modular Apsara seating system creates the ultimate relaxation corner. Completing the 360° interior design project are items from the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection, including, vases, lamps, ornaments and the brand new Moonshadow rug. DDC DESIGN POST 181 Madison Avenue @34th Street NY


Progetti Pure: The Video PROGETTI PURE is the new limited edition from the Progetti collection, on sale only for 2017 and designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic series. Having been restyled by the skill and creativity of Umberto Asnago, this armchair is characterized by solid wood, which is often the hidden soul of Giorgetti pieces and which here becomes the main feature, supported by another primitive material: leather, a pure component complementing the frame. The curved lines and simple elegance of Progetti Pure reflect a world of passion and refinement. “Progetti Pure represents an idea from over 30 years ago, which has been made current by simply undressing it,� explains Umberto Asnago, who, in this video, tells us how this new interpretation of the armchair came about.





INTERNI - ITALY April, 2017





NEWS from Milan MANET AND MODERN PARIS An exhibition focusing on Manet's artistic career is taking place on the piano nobile of Palazzo Reale: in little more than two decades of intense work, the great master revolutionized the concept of modern art. Approximately one hundred works including paintings by Manet and other great masters of the time, such as Cézanne, Degas, Gauguin, Signac and Renoir, celebrate modern painting through the various subjects Manet studied: portraits, still lifes, landscapes, women and of course, Paris, his beloved city.

LOVE. CONTEMPORARY ART MEETS LOVE At the Museum of Permanente in Milan, the universal theme of love is presented by renowned, international, contemporary artists in an exhibition entitled "LOVE": a collection of thirty-nine works, including installations, paintings and sculpture. Artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann deal with the subject of love, representing its various aspects and infinite forms. The iconic work by Robert Indiana, a square sculpture formed by letters, has resided in the collective memory of everyone since the 1960s.

Until July 2, 2017

Until July 23, 2017



Édouard Manet The Fifer, 1866, Oil on canvas, 161 x 97 cm, Paris, Musée d’Orsay © René-Gabriel Ojéda RMN-Réunion des Musées Nationaux/ distr. Alinari

Robert Indiana, Love 966, 1999 Sculpture, polychrome aluminum (red and gold), 91.5 x 91.5 x 45.75 cm. AP 3/4. Courtesy: Galleria d'Arte Maggiore, G.A.M., Bologna, Italy. © Robert Indiana by SIAE 2017

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Giorgetti Newsletter - May 2017  

Giorgetti Newsletter - May 2017  


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