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HIL – Hyderabad Industries Ltd

HIL Ltd is the best roofing solution, building material providers, AAC block manufacturer, green building material suppliers, Construction Blocks Manufacturer , Wall Panel Manufacturer etc in India.

About us : HIL Ltd is best roofing sheet manufacturer in India. It is the part of Prestigious C.K Birla Group of corporation. It has been serving the nation since 1946 with its magnificent building materials and construction products such as green building products, cladding materials, AAC blocks, Charminar sheets, wall partition etc.

Product and services 1. Fibre Cement Sheet 2. Charminar Newkor Fibre cement corrugated sheets 3. Charminar E-Kor Corrugated Fibre cement sheets 4. Malabar Roofing sheets 5. Metal Roofing Sheets 6. Charminar Skylight Roofing 7. Aerocon panels 8. Aerocon C-Boards 9. Flex-O-Board 10.Fibre Cement Boards 11.Aerocon Blocks For more details of Products and services kindly visit :

Contact us: HIL – Hyderabad Industries Ltd Sanatnagar, Hyderabad Andhra .Pradesh India-500018 Phone : +91 40 30999000 Fax : +91 40 23701227 / 23702400 Toll Free : 1800-425-425-99 Website :

Roofing sheets manufacturer  
Roofing sheets manufacturer