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The Ultimate Colt As I lace up these cleats there are many thoughts running through my head Will we win today What do we have to do to “survive and advance” ‘Cause isn’t that what the playoffs are all about, advancing to the next round All that we have built this season could come crumbling down in a pile real quick I watch the videos from years past and always remember the “last game” Players strewn all over the ground, crying, with their head in their hands Seniors playing in their last game as a Hills West Colt Many of them just finished playing their last meaningful game ever I think some will move on to play in college and beyond on this team Should they not feel the same way as the seniors? There is something about lacing up the cleats and donning the red and vegas Coach talks about what it was like when he first started coaching Just hoping to make the playoffs Competing with a team that was much better Then something clicked They started believing Believing in a system of play that Coach believes in It really does work Some call it kick and run We call it OUR SYSTEM If I score how will I celebrate Will I run to coach Will there be a doggie pile? Will we “survive and advance” Ever since I was at Candlewood I have been dreaming of playing in a HS playoff game Those playoff games that I used to go with my father to watch Those playoff games where I saw the doggie pile Those playoff games where there was 500 people in the crowd One day I wanted to get there again One day I wanted to be the one on the bottom of the pile Time has come and gone and now it is MY time I am not in Candlewood anymore I am not a spectator

I am part of it Part of something special Part of something that coach tells us will last a lifetime He always puts his 2007 team on a pedestal I always wondered why Because they won? Because they were good? I am starting to realize it was because they were family They were one team with one goal That is what I want this team to be ONE TEAM, ONE BEAT, ONE GOAL Whatever happens out there on that field will happen All I know is that the guys on this team, my brothers Will do everything possible to “survive and advance” Lets do this for our seniors They play each game as it is there last The underclassmen must do the same This could be our “last” at this point of the season The history The vegas gold The painted field The radio blasting HHHW music The opponent wondering if they can contain us, hang with us, beat us Can we take this all the way Will we be playing in 2 weeks against other teams in NY State Lots of questions as I lace up these cleats Lets do this for ourselves If coach is right, and this is a game that we will take with us forever Then lets make it a victory and “advance” Lets finish lacing “them” up Lets finish the season for our opponent Lets survive and advance

The Ultimate Colt Playoff speech  

The Ultimate Colt As I lace up these cleats there are many thoughts running through my head Lets do this for ourselves If coach is right, an...

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