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Science teacher Mr. Bryant engages his students through hands-on investigative learning and a good dash of humor. In Noah, he sees the same passion for science that divined his own future from a young age; in Mr. Bryant, Noah finds a mentor.

Jack and J.J. left large middle schools to emerge as leaders and scholar-athletes at Hillside. Both 3-season athletes, they have each played hockey “since they could walk.” It’s rare to find one without the other, either on or off the ice.

The friendship between Sam, a shy mid-year transfer from Massachusetts, and B.K., an outgoing kid from South Korea, is characteristic of Hillside precisely because it probably wouldn’t have happened anywhere else. Here, it happens all the time.

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Side By Side at Hillside When you’re at Hillside, whether you’re making an iPad movie, scoring on the ice, or exploring Boston on a field trip, there’s always someone by your side. That someone might be a talented teammate, a trusted friend, a faculty member — or a faculty member who’s also a trusted friend. At Hillside, our students benefit from a scenic New England setting and an intimate sense of community. Our 7:1 student-teacher ratio and our emphasis on project-based learning and character education all contribute to our students’ success in school and beyond. At lunch, in the classroom, or on the fields, we’re united by our shared values and our love of learning. Come join us. Friends and a family of faculty and staff are waiting for you.



The Headmaster at Hillside

Welcome to Hillside. When you explore junior boarding schools, we invite you to visit ours. This book offers a glimpse into what we’re about, but meeting the people here will show you why Hillside is a place and a feeling that our graduates carry with them long after they go. While Hillside’s student body, programmatic opportunities and facilities are growing, our commitment to a small school model allows us to provide a structured, supportive and challenging academic environment. Our diverse offerings and character education contribute to the development of a well-rounded young man, one whose enjoyment and mastery of multiple skills lead to fulfillment in his education and future. We are passionate about helping middle school boys to become the best version

of themselves, and we understand how. They are encouraged to take risks, with the knowledge that sometimes they will fail, but that we will always be by their side. Many of our students have attempted something for the first time, only to discover a talent they didn’t know they possessed. Or, they inevitably grow from the experience, finding another path even better suited. A successful Hillside graduate evolves from a student who strives for academic excellence and gives his all to his teammates, into a man who becomes a valuable member of his community, a worthy colleague and friend, and someday, perhaps a dedicated husband and father. Ultimately, we are defined by our relationships. A Hillside boy knows that achievement gained at the expense of another is empty, while one born from collaboration is a reason to celebrate.




If you seek solitude, Hillside is not the place for you. People infuse themselves into your life. You will have 150 brothers; as is always the case with family, some days you will love them and some days you won’t. But you’ll work it out, encourage each other, and grow together. And at the end of it all, you will be as proud of each other’s accomplishments as of your own.






Values at Hillside Character at Our Core Hillside School provides a structured, supportive, and challenging academic environment for boys in grades five through nine. Boarding and day students enjoy a rich curriculum that also includes a vibrant visual and performing arts program and competitive athletics. The School’s unique academic and leadership program, “Shades of Blue,” builds character, while holding students accountable to our core values. The cohesiveness of our community is our hallmark. Clear, consistent standards and expectations are key at Hillside. Our Shades of Blue program rewards students’ exemplary performance, while also identifying areas of concern before they escalate. The program fosters open communication with parents, so they remain aware of their son’s academic and social progress, as well as areas of challenge. Advisor groups serve as “families” within the Hillside community. Advisors work side by


A Hillside boy gains the skills and confidence to challenge himself in every aspect of his life, and pursues opportunities that enhance his character and personal growth. He strives for excellence, and encourages the best in others.

side with small clusters of boys throughout the year, as they share in achievements and challenges. These mentors discuss areas for improvement and praise accomplishments, sharing Shades of Blue evaluations with advisees every two weeks. Students who model core values, such as respect for others, receive our Bulldog of the Week and Bulldog of the Term awards. Community support propels all of our students to reach the highest levels of Shades of Blue and, in doing so, to realize their full potential as students and as individuals. Hillside’s nurturing environment provides the structure and security that middle school boys need to learn, mature, and to gain a lifelong foundation of compassion and self-esteem. Faculty experienced in meeting each boy at his own level of personal development offer guidance as he navigates the uncertain world of early adolescence.



Community at Hillside Campus of Connections Every weekday, the entire Hillside community comes together for lunch and a variety of programs. In this microcosm of life at Hillside, boys make friends from other grades, teams, and around the world. Regardless of the day, they gather side by side to share this one universal experience. Community Lunch gives everyone at Hillside a forum. The week begins with our Headmaster addressing events as somber as a world event or as light as Winter Carnival, or reminding boys to “finish strong” at the end of term. Our Dean of Students, Prefects, Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Residential Life round out the week featuring subjects from environmental stewardship to academic integrity. An emphasis on character education helps our boys develop into thoughtful and productive citizens. Like any family, we also know how to have fun together and share a laugh. Students might enjoy Mr. Meyer’s “30-Second Mysteries,” or face off with their favorite teachers for a highly charged ping-pong championship. An alumnus may share his story, or our a cappella group, The Boys in Blue, may cover a hit song. On Fridays, our Shades of Blue program recognizes boys who have modeled Hillside’s core values or achieved “homework perfection.” Focusing on both character education and academics allows the team at Hillside to support the whole child and to help him grow multi-dimensionally.

Monthly table rotations ensure students interact with others outside of their classes, sports, and houses. Fifth graders sit side by side with ninth graders, boys from Boston compare cultures with boys from Mexico, and day students swap stories with boarders. Community Lunch strengthens our bonds and provides shared learning opportunities, while reinforcing good manners and lifelong nutritional habits. Ultimately, celebrating one another and connecting with friends from different backgrounds are the enduring lessons.







Side by Side: Noah + Mr. Bryant Whether carving fresh powder on their snowboards, or building an egg-launching trebuchet in Science, Noah and Mr. Bryant share similar passions. Like many teachers and students at Hillside, the time they spend together across different settings enhances their mutual understanding. Mr. Bryant sees Noah as an inquisitive scientist who strives to balance his creativity and excitement with real-world demands, something Mr. Bryant struggled with when he was younger. Since Noah arrived from California, he has grown more motivated, responsible and independent. His bond with Mr. Bryant eased the transition from West Coast to East, and to boarding school life. Noah feels his teacher’s supportive presence on campus, and thinks of him as “a second dad.” Both seek opportunities to learn and travel, such as Mr. Bryant’s recent Master’s field study in Baja, Mexico, or Noah’s summer trip to China, when he’ll get the inside scoop from a Hillside friend.



Academics at Hillside

Learning Together: Strength in Numbers At Hillside, we know that 150 (commonly known as Dunbar’s Number) “appears to be the maximum number of individuals with whom we can have a genuine social relationship, the kind where we know who they are and how they relate to us.” Our School is built upon this principle; our student body always numbers within that range. Students and their teachers, house parents, and advisors all know each other and have a deep and abiding relationship. Knowing the intimacy of Hillside’s size, visitors to campus might be surprised to see the range of facilities, in academics, athletics, activities, and the arts. Our students are actively encouraged to pursue – or to develop – important skills in such wide-ranging offerings as Mandarin and lacrosse, hockey and rocketry, Computer Media and Peace Education, Leadership and golf, Farm Immersion and Economics. Some students come to Hillside already energized by a particular facet of their own imagination. For others, it is during these pivotal years that they are first exposed to new talents and opportunities. We believe in the compelling power of passion. A young man’s passions will undoubtedly evolve over time. But we are convinced of the lifelong value of developing a capacity for such passion. Classes rarely number more than 12 and the average student-teacher ratio is 7:1. We offer small-group tutorials in Organization and Language Arts, Social Skills and Mathematics. Students learn how to organize not only their belongings, but also their time

and thinking. They acquire note-taking and outlining techniques, and amass clues to effective text analysis. One unique aspect of Hillside’s tutorial program (located in the Wick Tutorial Center) is that boys attend during their “flex periods;” they don’t miss any academic subjects while they meet. Learning specialists work side by side with the boys, examining their learning styles and addressing weaker areas while building on their strengths. Through academic assignments, specialists tailor strategies that will help each boy learn best. They communicate openly with classroom teachers, so everyone is working together to best support the boys. We also provide Enrichment Programs for students with particular aptitude in specific academic areas. Technology is integrated into our curriculum in meaningful ways, through programs like our iPad initiative. Abundant playing fields and an active Farm Immersion program provide a diverse array of learning environments and experiences. Students learn by doing, with special emphasis on experiential, project-based learning. They might stage a trial related to a favorite novel, build a solar-powered car, try their hand at the stock market, or reenact a historical event. Hillside is a school of inspiring academic challenge and structured support. Our students experience rich emotional growth and an enduring sense of security and connectedness. Here, boys discover exciting things about the world – and about themselves.



TUTORIAL OFFERINGS Enrichment Tutorial ESL/Advanced Transition English Foundations of Language Language Arts Math Organizational Skills Social Skills

Through the tutorials we provide, learning specialists develop a deep understanding of our students. In this atmosphere of trust and mutual confidence, boys develop into more confident, strategic learners. Suzanne Dykhuizen, Director, Tutorial Program

Hillside in many ways resembles a village dedicated to learning – a village in which everyone knows each other, and everyone is devoted to the shared growth of the community. Our goal is to graduate students who have the skills to move confidently forward into a world in which the process of learning will never end.

Academics at Hillside Growing Together At Hillside, we believe that for students to succeed, they need solid learning skills they can apply in a variety of situations, and must know how to think critically. Teachers at Hillside possess a deep understanding of memory and attention, study and reading comprehension. We recognize the critical role that all teachers need to play in helping students read to learn, not only in the younger grades, but throughout disciplines and across the years. It is therefore commonplace to see a Hillside Spanish teacher guiding students through the art of note-taking, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation.  A Hillside student’s academic success is not dependent on which teachers he has had, nor is he dependent solely on his own resources for developing organizational

techniques or reading for meaning. We have worked with outside professionals and as a faculty to bring educational research and professional best practices actively into the lives of each student. With pride and determination as teachers, we hold before us the image of a Hillside graduate who is exceptionally prepared for the next years of his education and beyond.



Arts at Hillside Visual + Performing At Hillside, students are encouraged to take risks, support each other, and make their impression on the world around them. The Visual and Performing Arts curriculum at Hillside gives every boy an outlet for creative expression, teaching him to appreciate the value not only of diverse cultural influences, but also unique perspectives within his own peer group. The Visual Arts program at Hillside inspires students to explore new methods of communication through mediums as varied as cubist painting, throwing pottery, or engineering Pitsco cars. They learn about the contributions of historical and contemporary artists like Seurat, Picasso, and Goldsworthy by emulating their work and applying their techniques. Every boy who enters the Art Studio has a chance to learn, to practice, to excel and to witness his own growth in the arts, and in life skills. In this safe but outside-the-box environment, free thinkers may reveal thought-provoking alternatives to those who approach projects more methodically. Different personalities come together and find balance. Students develop their musical knowledge and appreciation through the study of composition and performance. The Performing

Arts curriculum ranges from research projects about the great composers, to students’ own compositions using multimedia software programs like GarageBand. Students also learn keyboarding through playing and reading music. During the Hillside School Spring Drama Production, students combine acting, singing and stage production in one performance. Students also have the opportunity to experiment with various instruments, and further pursue their musical interests through individual music/vocal lessons, the Hillside School Band, drama, and our Boys in Blue a cappella group.

VISUAL Animation Ceramics Film Glassblowing Illustration Painting Photography Woodshop Yearbook

PERFORMING Band Choir Composition Drama Glee Club Instrumental Orchestra

The arts are a wonderful space in which to discover otherwise hidden skills and talents, and to organically weave in life skills, such as organization and planning, patience, coordination, perseverance, confidence building and risk-taking.



Side by Side: Jack Cusack + J.J. Harding Leaving behind large middle schools for Hillside gave Jack and J.J. new opportunities to stand out and step up. Within a smaller community, the boys sought more active leadership roles. Now inseparable, both boys were selected as prefects, modeling the School’s core values as scholarathletes, and helping peers achieve their best. They feel a genuine responsibility to set an example for others: they conduct themselves with humility, and are always first to offer help to a friend or teacher. Jack and J.J. compare Hillside to a family, saying, “our friends are more like brothers, because we’re together 24/7. We can always be ourselves around each other, and feel accepted.” Their own self-awareness informs their sensitivity to others, and younger boys look up to them because they contribute in kind and positive ways.



WE ’R E #







Cross Country Eco Team Intramurals Golf Sailing Soccer

Band Basketball Eco Team Ice Hockey Skiing Snowboarding Wrestling

Adventure Baseball Drama Eco Team Lacrosse Tennis Track + Field

Athletics at Hillside Baseball to Wrestling At Hillside, athletics and sportsmanship are essential to the development of each student, and a vital part of his character education. Coaches stand steadfast by their players’ sides as they learn important life lessons through sports, from the satisfaction of scoring a goal to the disappointment of a missed play. The mark of a Hillside athlete is the grace with which he approaches either one. Hillside coaches not only help their players to improve and compete in their chosen sport; they also mentor students as they progress physically and mentally from individual and team competition. The same coaches are often their classroom teachers or house parents. Spending time with players across various settings gives coaches at Hillside deep insight into their strengths, as well as areas in which they need extra support. Knowing a student has struggled on or aced a Mandarin test might lead a hockey coach to say just the right thing when his forward hits the ice. The teacher-coach

Coaches realize that how students handle victory or loss can represent character-building moments which will shape their lives. Tim McCarthy, Dean of Athletics

model also adds dimension to a student’s view of his coach – he may consider his math teacher fairly serious in class, but be able to joke around with her on the sidelines of a game, or while playing with her dog on a weekend. As a result, student-teacher relationships are richer, and built on trust and mutual understanding. The focus of coaching at Hillside is not just to win, but to use athletics as another way to reinforce the School’s core values, as well as encourage structure, motivation and independence. Commitment to a team, giving one’s best effort, and sporting a good attitude when encountering new challenges are as integral to the experience as any literal goals. While boys are required to participate in at least one competitive sport each year, Hillside recognizes that not all boys favor team sports. We also offer non-competitive options each season such as intramurals, Eco Team, skiing, snowboarding, drama, and sailing.







Side by Side: Sam + B.K. B.K., an effusive seventh grader from Seoul, Korea, doesn’t let language barriers limit his friendships. When Sam, a reserved eighth grade hockey player from Massachusetts, arrived mid-year and joined his house, B.K.’s infectious sense of humor soon drew Sam out of his shell. Sam’s evolving participation, confidence and maturity gained the notice of all his teachers, across subjects from French to Algebra. The once-shy student proved himself a leader, and was named a ninth grade proctor. Befriending B.K. piqued Sam’s interest in how others live around the world. The boys have come to appreciate their commonalities, as well as their cultural differences. By overturning the usual dynamic between a domestic student and an international one, putting an American at ease in a new setting, B.K. embodied the adaptability and empathy we hope to see in all Hillside students.



Our graduates emerge as creative and collaborative thinkers, and as global citizens...the kind of leaders who will contribute to resolving 21st century challenges. Mike Brown, Director of International Student Programs

Around the World to Hillside International Programs Hillside students represent many states and countries. Graduates hail from Louisiana and California, as well as Scotland, Mexico and Zambia. As day students learn and play side by side with international boarders, they gain important lessons about valuing others’ perspectives and learning about the world we share. Our English as a Second Language program helps international students feel at home among their English-speaking schoolmates. Small, total-immersion classes focus on the major strands of language learning: reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and vocabulary. ESL students quickly gain fluency by living with American students and faculty. Practicing English takes place around the clock, and so does the invaluable cultural exchange. Beginning in seventh grade, all students are introduced to three foreign languages: Span-

ish, French and Mandarin. Consistent with Hillside’s cross-disciplinary philosophy, the introduction of foreign languages teaches our boys how to learn and make connections. Approaching a text in Spanish requires a student to use contextual clues and infer meaning, which makes him a stronger reader in his own language. Foreign Language is also a cornerstone of what brings the Hillside community together. A boy who grapples with a class discussion in Mandarin feels empathy for the Chinese student thousands of miles from home, immersed in an English-speaking environment. At Hillside, students from different backgrounds, religious convictions, interests, and aptitudes come together from all over the world. As educators, we help them to adapt, learn, develop, and ultimately to thrive in this unique multicultural environment.



Boarding at Hillside Side by Side at Home Hillside’s heart is its boarding program, which provides a warm “home away from home” for boys who live on campus either five or seven days a week. Living at Hillside offers students a wealth of opportunities for learning responsibility and cooperation. Many quickly learn that whether their housemates are from Boston or Beijing, they have much to offer each other. Having many faculty members and administrators live on campus forms a neighborhood in which adults, skilled in interacting with young boys, and in tune with their interests and concerns, are a consistently nurturing presence.

Living away from family, often for the first time, boys who board at Hillside learn invaluable lessons about respect for others and personal responsibility. They must balance their academic, athletic and social lives, and have more time to do so because they all take place in this new ‘home’ at Hillside. Side by side with their ‘brothers’ from around the country and the world, they inevitably come to understand new things about themselves and their friends. Monica Lucey, Dean of Residential Life

House parents awaken their young charges in the morning, making sure they are dressed properly and fulfill their house responsibilities. Student leaders who have been chosen as prefects and proctors also play a vital role in the houses, helping new boys acclimate to life at Hillside and serving as role models. Proper manners and hygiene receive particular attention, and boys keep their personal space and the common areas clean, out of a sense of shared responsibility and personal pride. Regular “house challenges” include friendly competitive activities, from Foursquare and tennis baseball games, to the “cleanest house” competition.



SAMPLE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Canoeing Old Sturbridge Village Hiking Walden Pond Museum of Science Boston Common Religious services Boston Red Sox baseball Boston Bruins hockey Boston Celtics basketball Local college athletics

Freedom Trail Lexington/Concord historical sites New England Aquarium Bunker Hill Memorial USS Constitution Andres Institute of Art Museum of Fine Arts Bowling Faneuil Hall Whitewater rafting Six Flags New England

Extracurriculars at Hillside Expanding Horizons Hillside’s weekend offerings for boarding students take full advantage of the many exciting activities afforded by our proximity to historic, cultural and sporting amenities in nearby Boston and surrounding towns. Students also enjoy having time to relax with friends or engage in on-campus activities at the Messman-Saran Library, Farm, pool, fields, or the gym. In addition to weekend adventures, all of our boys enjoy Friday afternoons as a time to explore new or continuing interests via on-campus clubs. Each term, faculty offer club options that often represent their own hobbies or areas of expertise, from cooking to photography or ultimate frisbee. Students have the chance to try their hand at something new, while bonding over shared interests with each other and their teachers in a fun, informal setting.



Leadership at Hillside Stepping Up + Giving Back Hillside’s close-knit, supportive environment presents countless opportunities to demonstrate leadership. A struggling reader helps his Latvian roommate to decipher a novel, and in so doing, gains new insight himself. A boy who has never wrestled discovers he’s a natural, and spurs his team on to a championship. An eighth grader accompanies a prospective student on an admission tour, renewing his own appreciation for his school. These are informal ways in which Hillside boys step up every day. Structured opportunities, such as our Leadership Program, are also an essential part of Hillside’s curriculum. Games and cooperative activities reinforce teamwork, communication, creativity, self-confidence, problem-solving and determination. A particularly meaningful component of the class is a community service initiative, during which the boys travel to Bolton Manor to spend time with senior citizens. A group also travels to the Dominican Republic for an eco-service trip in the spring.

Since enrolling at Hillside, our son has grown in the classroom, and in all social environments, developing leadership skills that have clearly prepared him to become more successful in reaching his goals. Eighth grade parent

Students who aspire to become leaders at Hillside may apply for a position as a prefect or a proctor for the following year. The selection process includes an application, interviews with program administrators, and, if a student is applying to be a prefect, an interview with the Headmaster. Decisions hinge on whether students exemplify the five core values of the School. These young leaders assist with campus events such as Registration Day and Spring Fling, oversee lunch programs, help in the library, contribute to the Chase Chapel program, and most importantly, serve as peer role models. Ninth graders, in particular, are held to the highest standard and spend their final year at Hillside exemplifying personal and social responsibility. Not only do they demonstrate expectations for their younger schoolmates, but also the maturity and sound decision-making that will ensure their own trajectory of success in secondary school and beyond.



Side by Side: On My Own Boys come to Hillside for academic excellence, support and strong community. They thrive here, learning side by side with friends and mentors who bring out their best. Intimate classes and experienced, dedicated faculty who know the boys in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in their houses, ensure that each one receives the blend of nurturing and structure he needs in order to grow.

A Hillside boy is encouraged to try his hand at new skills and sports, to discover unprecedented passions and talents. He takes initiative in the classroom and among his peers, welcoming new knowledge with curiosity, an open mind, and a global perspective. He is a kind friend, a thoughtful student, a responsible leader within his community, and a solid teammate. He knows

how to advocate for himself, and graduates from Hillside markedly more independent and mature than when he arrived. While many of our middle school boys arrive needing to be led, they leave as leaders, ably prepared for the next chapter of their educational journey.

Our son is learning how to be successful and independent, and the transition is remarkably painless for its magnitude. He has friends, and myriads of older and younger ‘brothers.’ He is greatly benefiting from being in an all boys’ school for these formative years. We’ve been amazed at the mature, responsible, kind, respectful and confident boys who are being sent out into the world. Seventh grade parent



After Hillside Support for Secondary School Hillside is committed to preparing each student for the next chapter in his educational journey, a climate in which he will continue to challenge himself and excel intellectually and athletically, while also growing socially. Our Director of Secondary School Placement works side by side with students, families and educational consultants, combining a deep understanding of each student and longstanding connections with selective secondary schools to demystify an otherwise stressful process. A collaborative Secondary School Placement program ensures a smooth and carefully planned process, from building a list of appropriate secondary schools, through enrollment. Hillside consistently graduates confident, independent learners who are equipped to nimbly navigate high school. Our alumni know how to self-advocate, having gained a keen awareness of what will help them thrive academically. Internalizing the learning skills and personal accomplishments they experience in middle school, they apply them in productive ways as they join a larger, less structured secondary school.



If it weren’t for Hillside, I wouldn’t be going to Phillips Academy Andover. Hillside laid the foundation for what my life will become, and for every step that comes after. Jack, ninth grader

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Algebra 1 Room 17

Algebra 1 Room 17

Algebra 1 Room 17

Algebra 1 Room 17

French Room 12


Econ Room 7

Biology Room 6

Biology Room 6

Org Tutorial Tutorial Center

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Biology Room 6

English Room 18

Music Room 15

English Room 18

English Room 18


Org Tutorial Tutorial Center

Econ Room 7

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Econ Room 7

Econ Room 7






French Room 12

French Room 12

Flex Room 6

Music Room 15

Rec Reading


English Room 18

Flex Room 17

French Room 12

Music Room 15







Applying to Hillside We’re By Your Side Having shown you a glimpse of what makes Hillside unique, we hope you will do what our students do side by side every day: investigate and explore. There is no better way to discover whether our School is the right place for you to learn and grow, than to come visit. You’ll have the chance to meet and speak with other students and teachers, tour the campus and classrooms, and take part in Community Lunch. Immerse yourself in life at Hillside, and ask the questions that matter to you, with our Admission Team by your side.

Hillside seeks boys who strive for academic excellence, and hope to strengthen their organizational and learning skills within a nurturing, structured environment. Students who succeed here thrive in small classes, and are supportive of their classmates. They are prepared for secondary school and beyond, because they understand how to make connections, both intellectually and socially.

From the moment you arrive on campus, Hillside welcomes you. Our community is one in which we find joy in the unique talents and perspectives each individual brings, and we work together to bring out the best in each other. Bill Newman, Assistant Head for Enrollment



John - Westminster School


When I arrived from Florida to study and play hockey at Hillside, I was welcomed and supported. The opportunity not only opened the door to attending a school like Westminster, but helped me feel prepared for it.

Tyler - Holderness School Hillside has helped me in so many ways. I would not have become the person I am today without all of their support. I’m ready for what’s next, because they showed me that


part of taking my learning to the next level is to try new things.

Jack - Phillips Academy Andover


Hillside has given me a second family – not only a place to sleep and learn, but friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. Living away from home in a new community taught me a lot about responsibility and compromise.

Isaiah G. - Brooks School

Isaiah G.

My time at Hillside gave me the support I needed to reach the goals I had set for myself. My teachers and coaches made sure that my performance as a student and a leader was balanced with my success on the basketball court.

Isaiah H. - Lowell Catholic High School I would not be the person I am today without the friendships I found in the Hillside community. Those friends and the faculty supported and challenged me to

Isaiah H.

think outside the box, and go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

J.J. - Lawrence Academy


Hillside has given me so many opportunities. It challenged me academically and athletically. It also helped me in the areas I needed help, and taught me how to ask the right questions so that I could get it.