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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Class Meets: Day and Evening/Part-

Learn basic air conditioning and refrigeration repair techniques. Students have hands-on opportunities to build units and work on various models. Some instruction is computer assisted. Classes in Spanish available. Length of Study: 250 Hours Class meets: Evening/Part-Time

Erwin, 231-1815

Location: Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 x 235

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Learn painting and detailing as well as auto body repair. Length of Study: 500 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 Ext 235 Insert picture Drafting.jpg with caption: Computer Aided Drafting

Air Conditioning (Heating, AC, and Refrigeration)


Erwin, 231-1815

Our classes are

AutoCAD Level I This course provides an opportunity to explore computer aided drafting and design software. Level I students establish a basic foundation in AutoCAD literacy and command practice for its proficient use. Students learn the draw, modify, display, utility, and dimension commands, as well as produce detailed 2-dimensional drawings. Upon completion of this course, students are issued a certificate from Autodesk. This class is also offered in Spanish. Obtener los conocimientos necesarios para el manejo y uso de los commandos y herramientas mas utilizadas en AutoCAD. Length of Study: 20 Hours (Day); 30 Hours (Afternoon and Evening); Class in Spanish – 36 Hours (Evening) Class Meets: Day and Evening/PartTime


AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Rendering AutoCAD Level II This class explores all the 3-D drawing Erwin, 231-1815

This course is a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on lab work, and independent study to give the basics in the installation and repair of equipment. The course emphasis includes hands-on troubleshooting and repair of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment. Refrigerant recovery and recycling instruction complies with the CFC requirements. Students should elect to take the CFC Certification test. Testing fees are the student’s responsibility. The EPA requires CFC certification for employees that work with refrigerants. This test is a requirement for graduation which gives students a competitive advantage when seeking employment. Length of Study: 15 Months (Day); 2 Years (Evening) Class meets: Day and Evening/ Full-Time




capabilities of AutoCAD. Topics include: dynamic viewing, the user coordinate system, and surface and solid commands. In addition, the basics of rendering are covered including creating materials, lights, scenes, and images. Completers receive an Autodesk Certificate. This class is also offered in Spanish. Length of Study: 10 Hours (Day); 30 Hours (Evening) Class Meets: Day, Afternoon, and Evening/Part-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

AutoCAD Architectural Desktop This workshop explores the basics of ADT. Topics include: Creating intelligent building objects such as walls, curtain walls, stairs, roof slabs, and structural members. Creating construction documents such as floor plans, elevations, sections and schedules; both 2D and 3D topics will be covered. This class is also offered in Spanish. Length of Study: 10 Hours


This course builds on the material covered in the Level I course and adds blocks, attributes, the Xref command, Design Center, layouts, plotting and printing, and internet utilities. Completers receive an Autodesk Certificate. This class is also offered in Spanish. Obtener los conocimientos necesarios para el uso y manejo de los comandos y herramientas mas utilizadas en AutoCAD. Length of Study: 15 Hours (Day); 30 Hours (Afternoon and Evening); Class in Spanish – 36 Hours (Evening) Class Meets: Day and Evening/PartTime

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

AutoCAD Update Learn the latest features of AutoCAD software. Length of Study: 6 Hours Class Meets: Day/Part-Time

Locations: Erwin, 231-1815

AND LOW IN COST, lower than any other local programs



Automotive Technology/ Ford ASSET

Building Maintenance Technology

Students study automotive technology at Brewster and take academic credits at HCC. On alternating nine-week periods, students work in local Ford/ Lincoln/Mercury dealerships as service technicians. The program leads to an Associate in Science degree in Industrial Management. Length of Study: 2 Years, plus HCC Credits Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Learn electricity, air conditioning, carpentry, and other skills to maintain commercial or apartment buildings. Length of Study: 12 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time


Carpentry, Residential & Commercial

Brewster, 276-5464

Barbering I

Automotive Technology

The Barbering program covers training in all aspects of hair, skin, and nails. Specialized hair training includes cutting, mustache/beard trimming and design, styling, permanent waving, relaxing, coloring, and reconditioning treatments. Students receive the education and experience necessary to pass the Florida State Board of Barbers Examination. Length of Study: 19 Months Class Meets: Evening/Full-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair This program prepares students to maintain, service, and repair Ford Motor Company products. Training is provided in electrical, steering and suspension, brakes, and air conditioning. Length of Study: Four 15-Hour Sessions Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Location: Brewster, 276-5448 X 358

Automotive Technology

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Barbering II Students enrolling in the Barbering II course must: A) Have graduated from Erwin’s Cosmetology Program within 2 years, B) Have completed a Hillsborough County Public School Cosmetology Program and hold a valid Cosmetology license, OR C) Have an active valid Cosmetology license and recent work experience. Length of Study: 6 Months Class Meets: Evening/Full-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

This program prepares students to become stateof-the-art automotive technicians who can analyze, repair, and maintain high-tech automobiles to manufacturer’s specifications. Students are prepared to take A.S.E. certification tests that can be a condition of employment, enabling the employer to offer better starting salaries. The program and the instructors are A.S.E. Master Certified. Length of Study: 19 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Learn the construction of a building from bottom to top, inside and out. Job opportunities are plentiful. Length of Study: 12 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

CFC Certification Class, Test and Re-test The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) sponsors this program to help A/C technicians prepare for and take the EPA Technician Certification Exam. Length of Study: 8 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Computer Aided Drafting This program prepares students for employment in any field requiring the ability to visualize concepts and designs and to document their implementation using Computer Assisted Drafting using AutoCAD. Students are required to purchase a computer and CAD software, estimated at $1,500. Length of Study: 19 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Computer Repair & Maintenance Students receive instruction in copier technology and computer repair/computer networking. Length of Study: 54 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Location: Brandon, 744-8131 Erwin, 231-1815



A I D available INDUSTRIAL

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INDUSTRIAL Cosmetology

Electric Code Journeyman, National Four years of field experience are necessary before qualifying for the Journeyman Electrical Exam. Length of Study: 93 Hours Class Meets: Evening


Cosmetology This program, approved by the State Board of Cosmetology, provides training in all aspects of skin, hair, and nails. Students receive the education and experience necessary to pass the Florida State Board of Cosmetology Examination. Length of Study: 1200 Hours Class Meets: Call for Schedule


Students progress through residential, commercial, and industrial code. Upon completion, a student can work as a first year apprentice. This class is available in Spanish. Length of Study: 300 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time


Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 x 235

Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 x 235

Electrical Wiring - Basic

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Operator

Class teaches basic electrical theory, wiring techniques, conduit bending, transformer connections, motor control connections & National Electrical codes. Length of Study: 64 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Erwin, 231-1815 Plant City, 707-7147 Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 x 235 (Spanish Available)


CMS Technology Program

This course provides students with a broad scope of skills found in the residential, commercial, and industrial areas of the electrical trade. The work in the shop closely simulates the job conditions of the electrician. The program is primarily hands-on and supplemented by daily lecture. Students utilize energized circuits while learning to install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical systems. Coursework includes cable and conduit installation, motors and motor controls, national electrical code, transformers, theory, and solid-state applications. Length of Study: 13 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

The Computer/Mobile/SmartHome Technology Program prepares students for three of the most popular and efficient digital literacy trainings: the Home Technology Integrator, the Mobile Electronics Installer, and the A+ Exam Prep. Bundling these individual trainings into one course will enable the student to earn separate industry-recognized certifications and expand their marketable skills for the workplace. Although certifications are paid for and taken separately from the course at a vendor-neutral test site, when a candidate has successfully passed the exam(s), he/she will find that they produce district financial advantages when seeking employment. Please refer to the Mobile Electronics Installer program, the Home Technology Integrator program, and the A+ Certification Prep course descriptions found elsewhere in this publication for more details. Length of Study: 450 Hours Class Meets: Day and Evening

Electricity-Basic AC/DC

Erwin, 231-1815


Students who successfully complete this training will be able to enter the workforce as a GIS Operator which is an entrylevel position in the field of geospatial technology. GIS Operators use geographic information systems as an analytic framework for managing and integrating data, solving problems or understanding complex situations. A GIS Operator will be able to interpret data, allowing him/her to see relationships, patterns or trends that are not possible to see with traditional charts, graphs and spreadsheets. GIS personnel are employed in many fields including environmental science, mining, urban planning, commercial business and defense, and may also work in the banking industry, federal government agencies, emergency medical services and the survey/ engineering field. Length of Study: 9 Months Class Meets: M-Th, 8:00 – 3:30

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

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Electicity Our classes are


AND LOW IN COST, lower than any other local programs



Home Technology Integration+ (HTI+) Certification Preparation This training will prepare students to take the CompTIA® HTI+ Certification exam, which is a valuable credential for technicians who work with home technologies. As the digital home market continues to boom, consumers desire everything from home theaters to wireless networks. Students will receive instruction in both a theoretical and hands-on format that will prepare them to install, integrate, and troubleshoot various home sub-systems. Topics will include home security, audio/video, computer networks, cable/satellite, HVAC, electrical and structured wiring, broadband, and telecommunications. Although the CompTIA® HTI+ is an entry level certification, it is recommended that candidates have at least one year of experience with either information technology, building or electrical trades, HVAC installation, audio/video integration or home security. Length of Study: 200 Hours Class Meets: Day and Evening

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

Industrial Cooperative Education This program provides on-the-job, paid training for currently enrolled, advanced industrial students. Length of Study: Varies Class Meets: Call for schedule

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) The Introduction to GIS course will allow interested individuals to become familiar with ArcExplorer, a free software application with limited capabilities similar to ArcView (the commercial GIS application). GIS Operators, an entry level position in the geospatial industry, use Geographic Information Systems to solve problems and make sense of complex situations. By creating

a color-coded map from data sources, a GIS Operator can interpret data which allows him/her to see relationships, patterns, or trends that are not possible to see with traditional charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. A profile of the Geospatial industry, GIS careers, GIS websites, Google Earth, Mapquest, and other web-enabled GIS applications will also be explored. Length of Study: 12 Hours Class Meets: Day and Evening

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

Installer. Topics covered will include the fundamentals of electrical and acoustical theory, and hands-on lab explorations will offer custom and advanced installation practice. The Mobile Electronics Installer Course provides the foundation knowledge to obtain the industry recognized Mobile Electronics Certification Professional (MECP) which is a certification program for installation technicians of mobile electronics and aftermarket automotive equipment. Length of Study: 200 Hours Class Meets: Day and Evening


Machine Repair Technician

Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

Students prepare for positions in various maintenance and repair careers; utilizing industrial related mathematics, computer skills, and the use of hand and power tools. Length of Study: 9 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Participants become acquainted with construction standards, general industry standards and federal guidelines for OSHA safety in two separate classes, one for the construction industry and one for general industry. Length of Study: 10 Hours, 2 Sessions Class Meets: Summer

Location: Brewster, 276-5464

Manufacturing Technology Manufacturers engage in the mechanical or chemical conversion of materials into new products. The Manufacturing Technology Program will give students the opportunity to explore the common processes of a wide-spectrum industry. Students will investigate a variety of equipment and technology used in the industry such as CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, and assembly-robotic systems. Course content will focus on trade-related, broad, transferable skills that are essential for success in the field of manufacturing technology. Length of Study: 450 Hours Class Meets: Day and Evening

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884

Mobile Electronics Installer (MECP) There is an increasing demand for installers with the skills required to install aftermarket products such as audio, video, and security systems. This course will provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced auto electronics industry as a professional Mobile Electronics

www.Tam pa B a yLe ar n s.c om INDUSTRIAL

OSHA (Safety)*

Location: Learey, 231-1907

Plumbing Technology

Plumbing Technology Learn to cut and join pipes, to apply the plumbing codes, and to read and interpret blueprints and specifications. Length of Study: Erwin – 960 Hours (10 months); Tampa Bay Tech – 360 Hours Class Meets: Erwin – Day/Full-Time; Tampa Bay Tech Evening – Part-Time

Locations: Erwin, 231-1815 Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 7448360 Ext 235 Class available in Spanish.

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Private Security Officer Class D Licensure

Survey Technician Certification Test Prep

Participants will receive 40 hours of mandatory instruction, which is required before they may apply for the State of Florida license as a level D security officer. Learey also provides a 16-hour renewal course. Length of Study: 40 Hours (Class) – 16 Hours (Renewal) Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

This class prepares those working in the survey and mapping field to take the certification exams to become Certified Survey Technicians. The course is sponsored by the Tampa Bay chapter of the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Certification identifies those who have achieved technical competency and offers credentials and a career ladder for Survey Technicians. Courses are taught by experienced surveyors. Length of Study: There are three levels of certification exams, each with a test prep course involving 13 weekly sessions. Class Meets: Evening and Saturday

Locations: Learey, 231-1907 Leto, 872-5300 x 216

Location: Learey, 231-1907.

Surveying and Mapping Technician Prepares students for employment as a surveying and mapping technician and includes training in chaining rod and level activities, angle measurement, land surveying and construction layout. Length of Study: 14 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time


Public Works Academy

Public Works Students receive training in the theory and practice of the operation of public works facilities in addition to practical field experience. Length of Study: 4½ Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Location: Brewster, 276-5464

Residential Wiring Students will learn wiring, blueprint interpretation, ROMEX color code and use, switch controls, rough-ins, and trim-outs. Length of Study: 200 Hours Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Location: Tampa Bay Tech Evening School, 744-8360 Ext 235

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Erwin, 231-1815 Learey, 231-1907 (Evening/Part-Time)

Technology Support Specialist This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for entry level employment in the technology support services industry. As a Technology Support Specialist, students will receive training in Microsoft Systems and be prepared to take the A+ Computer Repair Certification exam(s), the Certified Network Administrator exam, and the Wireless Network Administrator exam. In addition, this program will focus on broad, transferable skills that will enable students to find employment in a variety of areas, including those industries that rely on technical support staff to troubleshoot and maintain their hardware and software systems, their networks, PCs and servers, and to assist co-workers with individual technology-related issues. Length of Study: 9 Months Class Meets: M-Th, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Location: Aparicio-Levy, 740-4884


Welding The objectives of the Applied Welding Technology course are to develop the manipulative skills and technical knowledge required to pass entry-level employment qualifications for certifications or certification tests. The course includes instruction and practice in oxyacetylene welding and cutting, manual shielded arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux cored arc welding, plasma cutting, semi-automatic welding processes, and math and blueprint for welders. Length of Study: 12 Months Class Meets: Day/Full-Time

Location: Erwin, 231-1815

Welding Technology This course is a supplemental class designed for adult students who wish to learn basic through advanced welding methods. Welding – Gas, Arc, MIG, TIG. There will be minimal classroom work. Most of the time is utilized in hands-on training to develop the required manipulative skills. Welding certification is not available for this course. Students are required to furnish their own personal welding equipment (welding helmet, gloves, chipping hammer, hand wire brush and wire cutters). Length of Study: Varies Class Meets: Evening/Part-Time

Locations: Brandon (Artistic Welding), 744-8131 Erwin, 231-1815 – Erwin’s class is 48 Hours Tampa Bay Tech Evening 744-8360 x 235



Adult Education Center West County Region 813-233-2400

Brandon Adult & Community School 813-744-8131

Chamberlain Adult & Community School 813-631-4500

Aparicio-Levy Technical Center

East Bay Adult & Community School

Brewster Technical Center

Gaither Adult & Community School





Erwin Technical Center


Gary Adult High School

813-231-1815 Toll Free 1-877-231-1815

Jefferson Adult & Community School

Learey Technical Center

Leto Adult & Community School


Tampa Bay Tech Evening School 813-744-8360 x 235


813-872-5300 x 216

Middleton Adult & Community School 813-233-3360

Plant City Adult & Community School 813-707-7147

Adult Education Center Central County Region 813-276-5654

Adult Education Center East County Region 813-740-3944

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