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Community Falls in Love with Artwork Hillsboro Welcomes New Cultural Arts Manager Local Author Explores Identity, Family, Love Walters Summer Arts Camps & Classes


Tell Us What You’d Like to See & Do in Hillsboro! Share your ideas for making Hillsboro a more creative and welcoming community Please take this short survey to add your voice to Hillsboro’s Cultural Arts Plan. The survey is open June 5 – 30, and is available in English and Spanish. Responses are anonymous and you can enter to win: • Walters’ Family Art Night Pass, Shute Park Aquatic Center Family Pass or Outdoors In Playground Passes • Hillsboro Hops Tickets for 4 • 1 of 2 specialty cakes from La Imperial Bakery • Oregon Symphony Ensemble Tickets at the Walters for 2 • 1 of 2 $50 gift certificates for Supermercados Mexico

It’s easy to participate! To take the survey, visit

¡Díganos lo que le gustaría ver y hacer en Hillsboro! Comparta sus ideas para que Hillsboro sea una comunidad más creativa y hospitalaria Por favor responda a esta encuesta para que incluyamos sus ideas en el Plan artístico y cultural de Hillsboro. Puede responder a esta encuesta en inglés o en español del 5 al 30 de junio. Sus respuestas son anónimas y puede participar en un sorteo para ganarse: • • • • •

Un pase para una noche de arte familiar en el Walters Cultural Arts Center, un pase familiar para el Shute Park Aquatic Center o pases para el Parque infantil cubierto Outdoors In. Cuatro entradas para los Hillsboro Hops. Uno de dos pasteles especiales de la pastelería La Imperial. Dos entradas para el ensamble de la Orquesta sinfónica de Oregon en el Centro Walters. Uno de dos certificados de regalo de $50 de Supermercados Mexico

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Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council Phone: 503-615-3497 Facebook: HillsboroArts Hillsboro Public Art Program Phone: 503-615-3489 Address: 527 East Main Street Hillsboro, Oregon 97123 Cultural Arts is a division of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation. Digital Version Find a digital version of this magazine at our website at: CulturalArts


On the Cover Falls in Love 10 Community with Artwork

Stickworks sculpture at Orenco Woods Nature Park captures attention with interactive visits.


Hillsboro Welcomes New Cultural Arts Manager Artist Michele McCall-Wallace steps easily into her new role.


Local Author Explores Identity, Family, Love through Poetry and Prose Q&A with Jessica Tyner Mehta


Walters Summer Arts Camps & Classes

Our expanded summer offerings are exciting and instructive. Get started right away!

Features Sandra Pearce 2 Artist Shares Her Secrets

to Finding the Perfect Composition

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Spoken Word Series


Nearly $50,000 in Grants Support Arts Community

Walters Gallery Exhibits Artist Spotlight: Meet Torri Kendrick


Building Community One Stick at a Time

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Walters Arts Education

Walters Cultural Arts Center Phone: 503-615-3485 Facebook: WCACHillsboro Twitter: WaltersCAC



Watercolor Artist Sandra Pearce Shares Her Secrets to Finding the Perfect Composition Artist Sandra Pearce, experienced watercolorist and winner of the 2017 Picture Hillsboro commission, is truly a master storyteller. Her reflections on her artistic approach are as poignant and magical as the brilliantly rendered watercolors she’s produced. When painting outdoors en plein air, she states, “Sometimes I know what I want to paint…sometimes I find exactly that. But more often, the world offers me something even better than I had planned.” Pearce has not always been an embodiment of the free-flowing strokes of her plein air technique. Painting as a skill had once taken precedence over spontaneity and sentiment. She shares “I drew since a child, detailed, realistic, and was usually called a perfectionist. I painted from still life, with near-photographic results.”

Photo by Rick Paulson Photography

Viewing her work, one would never know that Sandra has spent years “recovering” from perfectionism. Her painting is characterized by wonderfully impressionistic movement. “Now I think of perfectionism as obsessive, and work constantly to leave imperfections.” Pearce always finds something new around Oregon to capture. Specifying a favorite location, she exclaims, “You may as well ask me which is my favorite child! I often paint at the coast—the sprawling beach of Seaside at sunrise, the crashing waves on the rocks of Yachats, boat harbors, seagulls, families at play. I am entranced by beams of light through the woods at home, feathery ferns, rushing creek water. The rolling farmland surrounding Hillsboro is some of my favorite scenery, it is reminiscent of my childhood playground. I also enjoy painting industrial and urban scenes…” Like the everchanging Oregon weather, a composition can be found virtually anywhere, whilst in any mood. She delights in the portrayal of the senses to transport a viewer right into the frame. Asked which natural element might be her favorite, she replies, “the only fire I have painted so far is candle flame and campfire…land and cityscapes fall in this category (earth)...I am still challenged by certain water scenes. I adore still water and have yet to master it; on the other hand I’m quite comfortable with rushing water.” However, Pearce sees the most potential in painting air. “It includes light and atmospheric effects. Done well, these convey the experience of the artist in that moment—heat, silence, chill, smells, awe—to the viewer who feels the same and is drawn into the painting. That’s when I feel I have a successful piece of work.” More of Pearce’s exceptional storytelling masterpieces can be seen at


Eastbound Train (watercolor, 2010)

“Sometimes I know what I want to paint… sometimes I find exactly that. But more often, the world offers me something even better than I had planned.” ~Sandra Pearce

Hillsboro Welcomes New Cultural Arts Manager

“Art encourages us to connect with others, to celebrate and share our cultures, traditions and history, to envision our future and to broaden our understanding of ourselves and our world. I am pleased to find myself in a place that wants, truly wants, arts and culture to grow and that allows me to bring my past experiences together to work towards this end.” ~Michele McCall-Wallace New to Hillsboro, but not to the arts or municipal government, meet Michele McCall-Wallace, our Cultural Arts Manager. This past February, Michele made Hillsboro her home, began working for the City and moved into her office in the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Michele comes to us from a small northern California city where she previously served on the Blue Lake City Council and as Mayor, and taught for the Art Department at Humboldt State University in Arcata. As a practicing and exhibiting artist, arts educator and arts administrator, Michele is excited to bring her experience and skills to the work of the City in ensuring Hillsboro remains a welcoming hub of arts and cultural activities for all. “Art encourages us to connect with others, to celebrate and share our cultures, traditions and history, to envision our future and to broaden our understanding of ourselves and our world. I am pleased to find myself in a place that wants, truly wants, arts and culture to grow and that allows me to bring my past experiences together to work towards this end,” notes Michele. Michele’s current artwork is rooted in social practice and relational aesthetics and comes from a foundation of painting, drawing and sculpture. Michele is familiar with and a fan of all kinds of visual and performing arts. She says, “Upon arrival in Hillsboro, I discovered the Burger Family and Shute Seeds public art pieces in my new neighborhood, toured the First Tuesday Downtown Art Walk, visited venues offering a variety of local music and discovered the work of international artists and musicians on national tours at the Walters. I look forward to attending more arts and cultural events and activities as we enter into summer with theater

Photo by Rick Paulson Photography

and dance productions, festivals and outdoor concerts. Hillsboro is a great place for the arts and to call home!” Prior to joining the Cultural Arts team, Michele taught at Humboldt State University. Though she is not currently in the classroom, Michele is not far from art education. “It’s great to see the smiles on the students as they come into the Walters building for their classes. Throughout the work week I hear the musical reverberations of the beginning guitar class, see young students move across the stage, watch visitors stroll through the galleries, listen to a group discuss art while they are painting and see many leave with the treasures they have made. As an art teacher, it’s a potent reminder about the value of the arts and how we all benefit. Those smiles really make my day.” As the Cultural Arts Manager, to guide her direction for the development of arts and cultural programming, Michele is looking towards Hillsboro’s 2020 and 2035 plans, as well as the City’s Cultural Arts Plan, which is currently being developed by gathering input from the community. “I feel fortunate to have the previous Cultural Arts Manager, Cris Caravaca, as my mentor and a passionate and knowledgeable group of staff to work with to accomplish the goals laid out in these plans.” Additionally, Michele states, “by working with Hillsboro’s many artists, distinctive local arts and culture organizations, and a diverse and caring community, we can continue to grow Hillsboro into a place for all to celebrate arts and culture.” 3

Spoken Word Series Tuesday Happenings

Creative Crossroads: Living with Creativity, Adventure, and Purpose

Tuesdays are happening at the Walters—don’t miss these free events for the community!

with Jennelle Barajas

First Tuesday:

Life is a series of crossroads, big and small—and each decision shapes who we become. How can creativity help us navigate our paths? Join us for this part storytelling, part interactive workshop to discover inspiring ways to harness your creativity and sense of adventure to reinvent yourself at any age. Join creative entrepreneur Jennelle Barajas as she weaves together stories from her own life about how creativity and a sense of adventure have inspired her life and career. Barajas is an avid traveler and adventure-seeker, mixologist, and co-founder of the award-winning craft cocktail company, Mint & Mirth. Please arrive early for a seat.

Gallery Receptions with Live Music In the Walters lobby and galleries 5 – 6:30 pm

First Tuesday gallery receptions are held in honor of the current artist(s) exhibiting at the Walters. Guests are invited to mingle with the community, enjoy live music in the lobby, sample free treats from Decadent Creations and explore art on all three floors of the Walters.

Second Tuesday:

Open Poetry Night In the Walters Upstairs Gallery 7 – 8 pm Poets and lovers of poetry alike gather for a casual evening of shared inspiration and poetic camaraderie. All are invited to sign up for the open mic, though respectful listeners are equally welcome and appreciated.

Tuesday, June 20 | 7 – 8 pm | Walters Gallery

Third Tuesday:

Spoken Word Series

In the Walters Theatre | 7 – 8 pm Live storytelling, artist talks, lectures, readings, discussions and more. Selected guests deliver performances and talks on a wide variety of topics pertaining to art and culture.

Annual Storytelling Picnic: Tales from the Outside In

2017-18 WALTERS CONCERT SEASON Announcement Coming this Summer... For updated information & ticket sales, visit 4

with Anne Rutherford and Norme Brecke of Storytellers Northwest Tuesday, August 15 | 7 – 8 pm | Walters Front Lawn Bring your friends, family and a picnic from home to enjoy a beautiful summer’s eve with us on the Walters lawn. Storytellers Northwest entertains us this year with inspiring tales of outsiders, travelers, migrants and refugees, told in story and song. Refreshing beverages are provided. An outdoor blanket or lawn chair is recommended. All ages. Special Thanks to Our First Tuesday Sponsor:

Decadent Creations

Walters Gallery Exhibits Color & Shape Jeff Jurrens

June 6— July 24 Upstairs & Downstairs Gallery Following in the tradition of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, the pioneers of color field painting—an offshoot of abstract expressionism that is both modern and mythic—this powerful collection expresses a yearning for transcendence and experience outside of symbolism. Large, looming, and fantastically bright, Jeff Jurrens’ colorscapes encounter the viewer without the pretense of being anything other than what they are: color and shape—pure and impressive.

Walters First Tuesday Reception*: June 6 | 5 — 6:30 pm

Live music in the lobby by Catherine Bede *Due to the holiday, there is no First Tuesday reception on July 4.

Felipe García

Arturo Villaseñor

The Frida Project | Group Exhibition

August 1— September 25 | Upstairs & Downstairs Galleries In the spirit of cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between Latin American and Caucasian communities in Hillsboro, The Frida Project brought together a group of Hillsboro artists whose multiple perspectives explore themes of intersecting identities and cultures. Together, these artists have created a collection of panels that reflect the powerful legacy of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and explore possibilities for how her work and ideas might relate to our home here in the Willamette Valley.

Walters First Tuesday Receptions: August 1 | 5 — 6:30 pm Live music in the lobby by Austin Randle

September 5 | 5 — 6:30 pm Live music in the lobby by Bob Shoemaker

Artist Spotlight:

Torri Kendrick Torri Kendrick is a Portland-based artist whose work has been shown in exhibits around the metro area, including the NAACP Black Legacy Project. Between May and July, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Kendrick’s FAB portrait series: a bright and inspiring collection featuring African women. The collection will be on display outside the auditorium at the Hillsboro Civic Center at 150 E Main Street. The FAB collection came partly as a response to the lack of representation of black women in galleries and museums, places where Kendrick would find herself wondering where is my face, where am I represented here? “Because women of color do not have a large platform to be seen or heard,” says Kendrick, “I wanted to bring attention to that...and also to show another side of black women. We are so much more than angry, broken survivalists. We are fun and wild and brave.” While many of the portraits in this series are inspired from historical figures, Kendrick’s art is deeply personal and an indispensable part of who she is and how she functions in the world; she shares her art with the public as both an act of vulnerability and an act of self-care. “When you are passionate and dedicated to your craft you make time for it every day…because it is vital”, she says. “It's a part of lifts you up and calms you down. A day without painting is a tough day for me.” For those of us fortunate enough to experience Kendrick’s exuberant art, it lifts us up, too. 5

Nearly $50,000 in Grants Support Arts Co Since 2008, the City of Hillsboro has supported the local arts and cultural community through the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council’s (HACC) grant program. HACC grants provide much needed funds for arts programs, capacity-building and core operating support. According to Melissa Moore, the Community Arts Program Supervisor, “with these funds, groups pay local actors, buy costumes or instruments, and provide art education to youth in the community. These dollars make a difference.” This year the HACC awarded a total of $49,057 in grants to 12 different organizations. This year’s recipients include: Project Grants: Bag&Baggage Productions to support production-related expenses, including artists’ wages for Death and the Maiden in March 2018 at the new Vault Theater. Hillsboro Community Youth Choir to pay for three quality choral specialists to work with the youth singers ahead of each concert as well as rehearsal rental space. Hillsboro Farmers’ Market to provide free live music at their downtown Saturday markets throughout the season. Funds will be used to pay the musicians. Hillsboro Schools Foundation to sponsor the creation of a collaborative temporary art installations in conjunction with the Hillsboro School District and neighbors. The “Love Tapestries” will be installed on fences and around the school – celebrating love, inclusion, kindness and empathy. Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra to purchase timpani (or kettledrums) and other percussion equipment needed for the Orchestra’s upcoming performances. The Orchestra plans to offer the use of the equipment to the school where their rehearsals takes place in exchange for storage space. Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market to fund the Sandy Farmer Stage, which highlights local musical talent in the center of the Who's on 3rd art and music area of the Tuesday Night Market. Masque Alfresco to perform Tartuffe, Moliere’s famous commedia dell’arte satire featuring slapstick antics, colorful stock characters, and period costumes, updated with current social and political jokes. These August outdoor performances are family-friendly and free.

Counter-clockwise from top left: A Bag&Baggage Production (photo by Casey Campbell Photography); Hillsboro Schools Foundation temporary art installation; Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra (photo by Rick Paulson Photography); Sequoia Gallery + Studios (photo by Rick Paulson Photography); STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy production; Write Around Portland creative writing workshop (photo by Cole Merkel). 6

Oregon Chorale to fund two concerts in Hillsboro in June 2018, featuring Franz Schubert’s Mass No. 5 in A Flat Major with professional orchestral musicians and vocal soloists. Sequoia Gallery + Studios, in partnership with M&M Market, will begin a pilot program to instruct children and their parents in linoleum block printing.

ommunity Stages Performing Arts Youth Academy (STAGES) to hire a website designer to create a more user-friendly, comprehensive and maintainable website for STAGES. Washington County Arts Alliance to fund the printing of a catalog and lawn signs to promote the 8th Annual Washington County Artists Open Studio Tour. The tour will take place in October 2017, where artists in Hillsboro and through-out the County will open their studios to the public. Write Around Portland to hold two creative writing workshops, in partnership with social service agencies in Hillsboro. The workshops will culminate in the publication of participants’ writing in a professionally designed book and a community reading where participants will share their stories with audience members. Core Support Grants: The following organizations also received core operating support grants to further their organizational missions this year. Bag&Baggage Productions is the only theatre company in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on producing major literary adaptations of classic dramatic literature. They remove barriers from students to experience live theatre through their PASSPORT program, which offers free tickets to all high school students from a four county region. Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra provides an affordable and family-friendly cultural experience in Washington County with three concerts per year. Additionally, 70+ amateur musicians are given the chance to perform. An all-volunteer organization that began 2001, HSO’s plans include developing a long-range strategic plan to maintain the existence of HSO for many years to come. Oregon Chorale is a 65-voice symphonic chorus based in Hillsboro, Oregon dedicated to performing beautiful, provocative choral music at the highest level while keeping concerts affordable, accessible and fun for its audiences. Founded in 1985, the Chorale is open for audition to anyone ages 18 and up, but is also an active force of outreach to young musicians in the Hillsboro area through internships and music scholarships. For information on our grant program and grant writing workshops, please visit our website at


Local Author Explores Identity, Family, Love thro Born and raised in Oregon and a member of the Cherokee Nation, author Jessica Tyner Mehta has been writing all of her life. When she turned thirty, she decided to send her stockpile of poems off to the publishing world to see what would happen. Those poems came together as her first book of poetry, The Last Exotic Petting Zoo. She has since published a novel, The Wrong Kind of Indian, as well as two additional collections of poetry, Orygun and What Makes an Always. Jessica’s writing focuses primarily on “self-identity as a biracial woman, life with an eating disorder, and family, love and all its complications.” In her interview with Cultural Arts staff member Katrina Hill, Jessica shares some thoughts about how personal experiences inspire her writing. Q. What is it about Memoir and Poetry that called you or led you to devote yourself to these art forms? A. For me, it’s natural and cathartic/therapeutic to write from personal experience. I definitely fall into the camp of writing what you know. It’s also why a lot of my work is difficult for those who relate to read….That’s what I need to process—not the good stuff. Poetry often comes to me in spurts, often fully formed for the most part. Memoir is more challenging because I need to abide by some kind of loose definition of form (otherwise, the reader would get completely lost).

How to Talk to the Dying I looked up What to say to the dying because words get stuck in my hands. There’s no good answers. You died the same way our father did, yellow skin and lion eyes. What do you say to your sister out on the reservation? I love you, that’s it. Your husband told me you smiled and poured your own Love you back into me all the way down through the wires. The voice deep, dark and foreign like a strangers’ always is. - Jessica Tyner Mehta Causeway Lit, April 2017. 8

The idea of completely making up characters and worlds is way beyond my scope. Those writers are working with skills, talents and angles beyond me. Perhaps for writers our genre and approach actually finds us (not the other way around). Q. Joan Didion says: “I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” In what ways has writing served to engage you with yourself, your experiences, your place in the world? A. My mind and thoughts are all over the place which, I’m told, is the norm. There are just a few things that steady it, and they couple together well—writing and hiking. These two activities help trim the fat of my thoughts, quiet them, and dig into the meat of them. There are many times I need to write. Usually, this happens in the middle of the night. I have penned quite a few poems during the so-called writers’ hours of 4 am. However, writing is more than a release. It’s my own little way of making a stamp on the world, bits of proof that I was here.

ough Poetry & Prose



“Writing gives me permission to be honest, both with myself and readers. It presents itself as a space where it’s okay to just let everything hang out.” ~ Jessica Tyner Mehta Q. In what ways do you relate your writing to the larger communities you move through—Native, non-Native, etc.? Do you find that certain of your identities bring different pressures and responsibilities to your work? A. I don’t, and never have, written poetry, memoir or fiction for anyone but myself. I certainly don’t think I or anyone is qualified to be a voice of an entire community. My experience doesn’t reflect the “average” Native experience (if there is such a thing) and I don’t pretend that it does. However, I’ve definitely encountered some backlash within how I present my own experiences as a partially Native writer. I’ve been fortunate to work with publishers and others in the industry who don’t want to re-work who I am as a writer or my voice. Q. Family, love and relationships are also a common theme in your writing. How has your writing allowed you to explore these topics? A. Writing gives me permission to be honest, both with myself and readers. It presents itself as a space where it’s okay to just let everything hang out. During a talk for a group that read my memoir as their book of the month, I was asked how to write characters that were so flawed without asking for sympathy. It’s pretty simple: Just tell the

truth with no fluff or excuses. Even when it hurts. This summer, Jessica will travel to England, France and New Mexico to participate in three writing residency programs. During that time, she will give lectures and readings while finalizing her forthcoming book of poetry, Secret-Telling Bones. Learn more about Jessica and her work at

“The Green Fig Tree in the Story” You are my fig, how stupid that another poet couldn’t choose. You don’t sit, idle, so incredibly selfish that you refuse to hear your heart screaming. All those riches hanging pregnant, skins splitting at your flanks—they’re distractions. Some call them temptations, but not me. I see past them, straight to your center and the sweet explosions beneath. - Jessica Tyner Mehta

create. participate. celebrate.

October 2017 #HillsboroArtsMonth Sponsored by:

Photo by Rick Paulson Photography


Community Falls in Love with Artwork: Head Over Heels by Patrick Dougherty Visitors to Orenco Woods Nature Park do a double take. Yes, those are GIGANTIC heads nestled in the grove of tall fir trees! Dog walkers stop in their tracks; runners give a thumbs up; children squeal in delight, then run to enter the magical structures woven of sticks. Cell phones come out—everyone wants a picture framed in an open mouth or under a bulbous nose. Like its title, Head Over Heels, viewers are in love with this artwork.

Very much a fanciful photo op, the artwork has many moods. On quiet mornings, visitors can enjoy a deep calm as they enter the structures, breathe in the scent of the drying willows and the fir needles underfoot, and watch busy Oregon juncos picking over the branches. From a distance, the heads emerging from damp mist or catching rays of sunlight create a picturesque connection with the natural world.

This sculpture was commissioned as a part of the Hillsboro Public Art program’s effort to create memorable connections in the places we share. Art marks a place as being special and opens our eyes to a new way of looking at our world. With the creation of Head Over Heels in Hillsboro’s newest park, sculptor Patrick Dougherty fashioned a landmark—the perfect spot for an outing with friends or family, an unexpected discovery on a nature walk and even a destination for a school field trip.

Artist Patrick Dougherty travels the world building these monumental structures out of the humblest of materials— simple willow branches gathered from local woods. Using methods he has developed over 30 years as a sculptor, he starts with a frame of sturdy saplings, shapes it into a form by tying the limbs to nearby trees or scaffolding, then engages legions of volunteers to help shape the walls. Once the main structure is complete, smaller, finger sized whips create curving patterns on the surface that Dougherty compares to the texture of lines drawn with a pencil.

It is particularly fitting that this artwork is located in a nature park and is made completely of natural materials, using sticks that were gathered nearby. With this sculpture, we realize the strength and beauty of the natural world. We appreciate the patterns of branches, see the sky change as we look through the openings and experience the shelter of tall trees. 10

Dougherty’s structures often take the shape of eccentric castles, giant nests or monumental heads, but each project is different, inspired by the local setting. Immediately recognizable, his work has developed from his own personal love of being outdoors, building with materials at hand and connecting to the universal joy of playing with sticks.

“This work consists of seven large faces that peek out from both sides of a line of old growth Douglas fir trees. Initially inspired by masks and totems of Northwest indigenous peoples, they morphed during the building process into caricatures of human surprise.

The arrangement of elements corrals the trees and creates among them a room of ancient tree trunks, thick and luxurious. Perhaps this invitation to rub shoulders with the craggy bark of such oldsters is the best part of the work. At the last minute, a hint of the heads of Easter Island statuary emerged as we fitted each head with a suitable hat.” ~ Patrick Dougherty

Clockwise from top left: Final day of construction; Dedication with City Council and Parks & Recreation Commission (photo by Rick Paulson Photography); The Cochran family at Family Day; Sam Dougherty assists his father (photo by Rick Paulson Photography).

Family Day at Stickworks

For years his work was almost “outsider art,” the eccentric work created away from the formal art world. But now, Dougherty’s work is world-renowned. He was even honored as one of the small handful of artists whose work was commissioned for the reopening of the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC in 2015. Head Over Heels will have a lifespan of between two and four years at the nature park. It’s the perfect destination for a summer outing and an amazing discovery to share with kids and adults alike. See additional work by Patrick Dougherty at Orenco Woods Nature Park (7100 NE Birch St, Hillsboro)

Patrick Dougherty began his love of building as a kid making forts in the North Carolina woods. He wants others to share that experience, so he created a handbook for building a simple project with kids. Inspired by this, Hillsboro Parks staff and interns designed a family day where all ages could work together to create their own Stickwork structure. The result was a meandering tunnel, with an undulating top and fanciful windows and doors throughout. Fifty people bent sticks, wove branches and carried buckets of wood chips to create a soft carpet for the tunnel. The result is a kid magnet, an imaginative structure that welcomes everyone to enter and explore. Everyone completed the day inspired to build a Stickwork structure at home. They met new people, learned new skills and had fun together. Mission accomplished! 11

Building Community One Stick at a Time More than 150 volunteers contributed over 1,000 hours to build Patrick Dougherty’s Head Over Heels. The work was physical. Sometimes it was the decidedly unglamorous hauling of scaffolding frames and planks. Other times it was toting bundles of saplings or flexing a branch to decide if it could weave in and out to cinch up stick walls. When the call went out for volunteers to help build a stick sculpture in the new Orenco Woods Nature Park, response came from all quarters. Basket weavers, master gardeners, nearby neighbors, high school students and groups of friends signed up. During a record breaking cold and wet April, they worked hard, wrestling thicker branches into the framework, then bending and weaving green willow whips into graceful sweeping lines. As the seven sculptural heads neared completion, red twig dogwood branches were woven and twined into fanciful hats for each head. An upbeat presence every morning was volunteer Micki Taylor from Los Alamos, New Mexico. She heard about Dougherty’s project, drove to Hillsboro and stayed in an Airbnb for three weeks so she could volunteer each day. Joined by her husband for the last part of the project, her spirit of adventure is evident in her comment, “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?” Housing corporation Bienestar’s Education Navigation program teaches students about education opportunities, college funding and careers, and brought a group to volunteer. Program Director Maria Hidalgo commented, “Our students had no idea how this project was going to affect them, but by the end of the day, they were so proud to be part of a nature art exhibit and getting to work alongside the art sculptor was a bonus for them.” Fiber artist Faun Hosey states it eloquently, “I was hugely impressed with Patrick Dougherty's relaxed demeanor and ability to organize the work, quickly instruct volunteers, easily give appreciation/encouragement/ correction as needed, and embrace our community with such sincerity and humility. Patrick's art is so much more than line, color and form, it's more than a finished product, and more than a balance of whimsy and landscape; it's a great gift that he has shared with us—one that will outlast the physical realm of this sculpture! “As I was working—crossing sticks and twigs, pushing, pulling, bending, interlacing and making the structure stronger with each contribution—it occurred to me that the process (and the sculpture) was a metaphor for community: that it takes all of us, as we interact in loosely scripted/ unscripted ways, even with minimal framework, we each add to the essential strength of our whole community through all our interactions.”


From top left: Hillsboro Arts & Cultural Council member Alisa McDonald weaves sticks (photo by Rick Paulson Photography); Dougherty instructs volunteer; Bonnie Shoffner of Metro and Mindy Richards (photo by Rick Paulson Photography); Intern Alex Dominguez.

Walters Instructor Spotlight

Meet Sarah Dooley “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to change your mind. Explore new ideas, break out of comfort zones, keep doing your work…” ~Sarah Dooley For Sarah Dooley, artistic expression has been a lifelong companion. “It has been a therapeutic outlet for me since I was a girl,” she says. “And it has been an amazing tool for selfdiscovery, teaching me to be my truest self.” Dooley, who received a BA in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, has developed a multidisciplinary art practice that involves an evolving slate of mediums. “I doubt I will ever exclusively settle into one medium,” she says. “Right now I enjoy painting, making handmade journals and altered books, as well as mixed-media collage. Honestly, I love discovering new ideas, mediums and techniques. I am inspired by this beautiful roller-coaster ride of life, so the more creative outlets the better!”

Earthwork Studio is the name of Dooley’s home studio and workshop space where she dreams, creates and plays with new tools and mediums. She sees art as a natural process and nature as a source of art. “I find great inspiration in the natural world,” she explains, hence the name for her studio and the frequent themes of nature reflected in her personal artwork. For example, in Self-portrait with Owl, Dooley portrays herself looking pensively out from a mandala-like center, bordered by mysterious and symbolic natural forces against a cosmic backdrop. A golden thread makes the silhouette of her profile against the swirling blues and greens, suggesting the interconnectedness of herself and the world around her. Dooley’s deep, personal connection to artistic creation allows her to share the joy, self-discovery and freedom of creativity with her students. As an instructor at the Walters, she teaches youth and adult drawing and mixedmedia classes that empower

students with skills that they can use for a lifetime of play and discovery— no matter the age. When she’s not teaching at the Walters or working on projects at Earthwork Studio, Dooley also volunteer-teaches and helps coordinate for the Art Literacy program at her children’s elementary school in Beaverton. Dooley and her husband have two sons, Silas and Joshua, and two big dogs named Bo and Kola.

“I love being a teaching artist!” Dooley exclaims. “The sharing of ideas is never one-sided, and I always feel that I gain just as much as I give when I teach. It has been such a joy to be teaching at the Walters. It is wonderful to feel connected to community.” Dooley’s advice to her students and to aspiring artists is to stay true to yourself and “don’t be afraid to make mistakes Check out Sarah’s upcoming youth summer or to change your camps at the Walters Cultural Arts Center: mind. Explore new ideas, break out of Let’s Draw Camp, 5 – 8 years, pg. 17 comfort zones, keep Creative Kids Camp, 5 – 8 years, pg. 17 doing your work and take advantage of Beginning Drawing Camp, 9 – 12 years, opportunities when pg. 18 they arise.”

Drawing Adventures, 9 – 12 years, pg. 18 Self Portrait with Owl (Mixed media, 2015)


Youth Camps – Clay Clay Kids: Art and Food

Beginners welcome in all youth classes & camps at the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Returning students encouraged to build on skills learned in previous classes.

Get ready to make delicious art this summer! Explore foundational ceramic skills while making fun and functional sculptures inspired by favorite foods—like cocoa cups and cupcake pots! Create and glaze several projects to take home and keep. Have a blast exploring connections between art and food in this exciting camp.

Walters Arts Education

5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54578 Mon – Thu 6/19 – 6/22 54584 Mon – Thu 8/21 – 8/24 $58 Resident, $72 Non-Resident

Clay Kids: Amazing Animals

Do you love art, animals, and hands-on creativity? Using animals as inspiration, explore the building blocks of sculpture. Experiment with color, texture, shape, and more! Bring your creativity to the world of wildlife and take your imagination on an exciting adventure. Create and glaze multiple small sculptures to treasure.

3:45 – 5:15 pm 3:30 – 5 pm

5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54576 Mon – Thu 7/17 – 7/20 54577 Mon – Thu 8/14 – 8/17 $58 Resident, $72 Non-Resident

10 – 11:30 am 3 – 4:30 pm

Young Sculptors: Clay Creations Clay Kids Camp

Dive into the wonders of all things clay! Engage your creativity with a variety of hands-on activities: bowls, pinch-pots, small sculptures and more. Expand your imagination and have a blast “getting muddy” as you learn new skills and explore the building blocks of ceramics. A fantastic launching pad for young ceramic artists. 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54585 Mon – Thu 6/26 – 6/29 54586 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 54587 Mon – Thu 8/14 – 8/17 $58 Resident, $72 Non-Resident 14

Dive into the world of sculpture and unleash your creativity! In this dynamic, hands-on camp, gain new skills to express yourself and have a blast experimenting with the building blocks of sculpture: shape, color, texture, and more. Create and glaze multiple small-scale sculptures and usable art to take home and treasure. 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54590 Mon – Thu 7/24 – 7/27 $58 Resident, $72 Non-Resident

10 – 11:30 am 1 – 2:30 pm 1 – 2:30 pm

Register online anytime:

2 – 3:30 pm

Youth Camps – Clay Clay Camp

In this popular, hands-on camp, kids enjoy the excitement of the potter’s wheel and explore hand-building techniques to make cups, plates, small sculptures, and other creative clay pieces. Create exciting objects to glaze, fire, and enjoy. Great for hand-eye coordination, creativity, concentration–and fun! Note: Bring a water bottle daily. 9 – 13 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Jen Champlin 54581 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 54579 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 1 – 4 pm

Beginning Sculpture Camp

Express your creativity through clay! In this dynamic, hands-on camp, discover easy techniques to make fun and functional sculptures. Have a blast experimenting with exciting effects, colors, textures, and more, as you gain foundational ceramics skills. Create and glaze multiple small-scale sculptures to bring home and treasure. 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54595 Mon – Thu 7/31 – 8/3 $68 Resident, $82 Non-Resident

1 – 3 pm

Young Sculptors: Amazing Animals From exotic wildlife to favorite pets, let the excitement and diversity of the animal kingdom inspire you! Explore the key elements of sculpture: balance, proportion, texture, color, and more. Grow your skills and have a wildly good time designing and glazing your own collection of small animal sculptures—leashes optional.

9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54591 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 $68 Resident, $82 Non-Resident

6/26 – 6/29 1 – 4 pm 7/17 – 7/20 1 – 4 pm 7/24 – 7/27 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Randi Hering-Soot 54851 Mon – Thu 7/24 – 7/27 54852 Mon – Thu 8/7 – 8/10 54853 Mon – Thu 8/21 – 8/24 $94 Resident, $112 Non-Resident

1:30 – 4:30 pm 1 – 4 pm 1 – 4 pm

Clay Artistry Camp Take your creativity on a ceramic adventure this summer! Explore new, dynamic effects to make your clay creations unique and memorable. Discover exciting hand-building approaches and gain new skills. Express your individual style through color, texture, finishing, and more, as you make clay art creations that are uniquely yours. 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54592 Mon – Thu 8/14 – 8/17 9:15 am – 11:45 am $72 Resident, $84 Non-Resident

10 am – 12 pm

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


Walters Arts Education

All materials provided for youth camps at the Walters unless otherwise noted.

Shannon Johnson 54582 Mon – Thu 54580 Mon – Thu 54583 Mon – Thu

Youth Camps – Painting Let’s Paint Camp

Get ready for an explosion of color! Set your creativity loose and create colorful masterpieces of your own! Young artists have fun exploring the world of paint and color in this dynamic camp that unleashes the power of color. A joyful, empowering way to dive into painting and creative expression.

Beginning Painting

Discover the joy of painting this summer! Experiment with color, brushwork and more as you bring images to life. Try out techniques that famous artists have used and let them inspire you! Create bold colors like Matisse, paint to music like Kandinsky, and so much more! A fun, empowering way to dive into foundations of painting and creative expression.

Walters Arts Education

9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Elizabeth Higgins 54632 Mon – Thu 8/14 – 8/17 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Elizabeth Higgins 54630 Mon – Thu 7/24 – 7/27 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

10 – 11:30 am

10 – 11:30 am

Beginners welcome in all youth classes & camps at the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Returning students encouraged to build on skills learned in previous classes.

Let’s Paint: Explore Shapes & Textures

Supercharge your paintbrush and artists’ toolkit! Discover how experimenting with shape and texture launches your creativity and makes painting a blast. Play with brushwork and explore how color, shape, and texture all work together to bring paintings to life. A joyful, empowering way to dive into painting and creative expression. 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54634 Mon – Thu 7/31 – 8/3 11 am – 12:30 pm $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

Wonderful World of Watercolor

Dive into the colorful and surprising world of watercolor. In this fun and freeing introduction to painting, explore techniques and concepts related to color, sketching, shading and more. This summer, see your world with artist’s eyes as you experiment, play, and discover the magical world of watercolor! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54633 Mon – Thu 7/17 – 7/20 $58 Resident, $72 Non-Resident 16

1 – 3 pm

Register online anytime:

Youth Camps – Painting & Drawing Let’s Paint: Mini Masters Camp

Have you ever wanted to paint a rooster like Picasso? Or a lily pad like Monet? Experiment with techniques that famous artists have used and let them inspire you as you dive into your own paintings A joyful, empowering way for young artists to explore a world of creative expression! 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Elizabeth Higgins 54631 Mon – Thu 8/7 – 8/10 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

10 – 11:30 am

Art & Story: Summer Tales

Drawing, painting and storytelling come together in exciting ways. Let characters and worlds you love from books and legends ignite your imagination and take your creativity on colorful journeys. Each session provides a fun, engaging art adventure. There’s no limit to where your inspiration—and great stories—take you! 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54607 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

9 – 10:30 am

Let’s Draw Camp

Creative Kids Camp

Why pick just one art form when you can explore painting, drawing, and sculpture all in one camp? Dive into art in all its colorful forms as you create 2D and 3D masterpieces. There are absolutely no limits to where your creativity, curiosity, and artistic imagination can take you!

5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Sarah Dooley 54608 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

11 – 12:30 pm

5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Sarah Dooley 54635 Mon – Thu 7/17 – 7/20 11 am – 12:30 pm Alice Hill 54856 Mon – Thu 8/21 – 8/24 $55 Resident, $68 Non-Resident

1 – 2:30 pm

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


Walters Arts Education

Let the freedom and joy of drawing bring out the best of your creativity this summer! Have a blast exploring the elements of drawing that bring your imagination to life on the page. Experiment with line, shape, color, texture and more—a new drawing adventure every day.

Youth Camps – Drawing Beginning Drawing Camp

Whether you’re a beginning doodler or seasoned sketcher, explore the joy of drawing. Express your creativity and develop an artistic eye for line, shape, color, texture and shading by exploring the world around you. Discover fun and easy techniques to set your imagination loose and bring fantastic images to life! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Sarah Dooley 54610 Mon – Thu 7/10 – 7/13 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

9 – 10:30 am

Let’s Draw: Animals

Walters Arts Education

Do you love to draw and doodle? Take a walk on the wild side and have a blast while learning exciting drawing techniques. Drawing animals is one of the best ways to explore the key elements of drawing: line, texture, proportion, color, shading and more. Just don’t feed the artwork! 5 – 8 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54609 Mon – Thu 7/31 – 8/3 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

9 – 10:30 am

Drawing Adventures

Do you love to draw or doodle? Discover exciting approaches to drawing and take your creativity to new heights. Experiment with line, shape, and color to bring your ideas and imagination to life and build new skills. Find inspiration in nature, observation, and your unique perspective. A new drawing adventure every day!

Wild Drawing: Animals

Does the animal kingdom inspire you? Drawing inspiration from wild creatures to favorite household pets, experience the excitement of bringing wildlife to the page with simple techniques that last a lifetime. Develop new skills and experiment with line, shape, texture, color and more. Just don’t feed your creations! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Shannon Johnson 54612 Mon – Thu 7/31 – 8/3 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident 18

9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Sarah Dooley 54611 Mon – Thu 7/17 – 7/20 $50 Resident, $63 Non-Resident

2 – 3:30 pm

Register online anytime:

9 – 10:30 am

All materials provided for youth camps at the Walters unless otherwise noted.

Youth Camps – Fiber Arts & Music Fabric Design Camp

Set your creativity free with fabric design. Explore exciting possibilities of design and composition with engaging, hands-on activities. Experiment with painting, printing, stenciling and more to bring your ideas to life. Fun projects include making your own wearable creations, such as customized art aprons and bags, which you can take home and enjoy. 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54620 Mon – Thu 7/24 – 7/27 $62 Resident, $75 Non-Resident

Guitar Adventures Camp 1 – 3 pm

Grab your guitar for a musical adventure! Learn skills to get you playing right away, even if you’ve never played before. Explore rhythm, agility, chords, melody and more, as you develop musical skills to last a lifetime in a fun, supportive environment. Students must bring their own guitar (acoustic or electric with amplifier). 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Joe Aloia 54621 Mon – Fri 8/21 – 8/25 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

10 – 11:30 am

Walters Arts Education

Fiber Art Camp

Do you love creativity and hands-on art? Discover the fun of working with fabric and fibers as you experiment with color, texture, & pattern in this popular camp. Explore collage, weaving, stitching, felting and more. A rewarding, tactile approach to art that’s great for motor skills and concentration—and instantly gratifying! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Alice Hill 54619 Mon – Thu 8/14 – 8/17

Beginning Guitar: Favorite Songs 1 – 3 pm

$62 Resident, $75 Non-Resident

Beginners welcome in all youth classes & camps at the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Returning students encouraged to build on skills learned in previous classes.

Begin playing favorite songs right away as you explore the basics of guitar: rhythm, chords, melodies and more. Experience the excitement of playing songs you know and love. Learn by doing as you gain new skills and dive into creative expression. Students must bring their own guitar (acoustic or electric with amplifier). 10 – 13 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Joe Aloia 54622 Mon – Fri 8/21 – 8/25 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

1 – 2:30 pm

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


Youth Camps – Performing Arts NEW! Acting: Take the Stage

Take the stage this summer! Let your confidence and creativity shine as you explore the building blocks of acting and theatre. Bring out the best in yourself while having a blast collaborating with others. Explore foundational acting skills and set your imagination loose— onstage and off. 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Nicholas Kessler 54596 Mon – Fri 7/24 – 7/28 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

1 – 2:30 pm

Acting: Instant Comedy

Laugh yourself silly this summer while learning new skills that make performing fun and empowering. Discover the building blocks of comedy while creating characters and bringing your imagination to the stage. Grow your teamwork and communication skills, creativity, confidence and more. Leave with skills to take you far onstage and off.

Walters Arts Education

9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Nicholas Kessler 54598 Mon – Fri 8/14 – 8/18 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

1 – 2:30 pm

Acting: Improv Adventures

Discover skills to take you far and make acting a fun and exciting adventure. Improv helps young actors build communication and ensemble skills, as well as encouraging creativity, confidence and freedom onstage. Play games, work with others, explore new approaches to creating scenes and stories, and bring your ideas to life! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Nicholas Kessler 54597 Mon – Fri 7/24 – 7/28 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

3 – 4:30 pm

Please wear comfortable clothing & footwear for theatre classes.

Acting: Creating Characters

Play games, work with others and bring exciting characters to life. Use your voice and movement to set your creativity and imagination free. Explore communication, teamwork, confidence and more as you grow your acting skills. Have a blast and prepare to be amazed by the characters you can create! 9 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Nicholas Kessler 54599 Mon – Fri 8/14 – 8/18 $54 Resident, $66 Non-Resident

All materials provided for youth camps at the Walters unless otherwise noted. 20

Register online anytime:

3 – 4:30 pm

Youth Camps – Performing Arts Beginners welcome in all youth classes & camps at the Walters Cultural Arts Center. Returning students encouraged to advance and build on skills from previous classes.

NEW! Modern Circus Arts Camp

Have you ever dreamed of joining Cirque de Soleil? Whether you love theatre, gymnastics, sports—or simply want to try something new—this is for you! Have a blast exploring modern circus arts such as juggling, movement, games, and more. Discover skills to build individual confidence and teamwork. Get moving while having a creative adventure with renowned Portland based circus arts company, Pendulum Aerial Arts. Student must wear comfortable clothing they can move freely in and athletic shoes with rubber soles. Bring a water bottle. (Note: Imaginations soar, but students do not leave the ground.) 8 – 12 years Walters Cultural Arts Center Pendulum Aerial Arts Instructor 54857 Mon – Fri 8/7 – 8/11 $62 Resident, $76 Non-Resident

10 am – 12 pm

Family Art Night: Create something truly special with clay, paint, collage & more! Everybody is welcome at Family Art Night! Work on engaging, hands-on art projects individually or team up as a family. Each Thursday offers a different project and exciting materials to work with. All supplies included.

Walters Arts Education

Schedule: 1st Thu Painting 2nd Thu Clay 3rd Thu Creative Adventures 4th Thu Clay 5th Thu Mystery Project Note: Subject to cancellation. Limited number of spaces available. For groups registering together, the maximum number of spaces is six. This is a facilitated art activity. Youth under 18 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a participating adult. Parents are encouraged to assist young children. All Ages Walters Cultural Arts Center, Studio B30 Thu (except during closures) 6:30 – 8:30 pm $5/individual, Children under 3 free Maximum of 20 people, so come early! For more information, including the monthly project schedule, visit

Translation Services Available!

Telephone interpretation services are available to all! If you are interested in signing up for a class, buying tickets or just asking a question, call (503) 615-3485 and a staff member can connect you to a telephone interpreter. Our telephone interpreting service is available in up to 15 languages. ¡Servicio de interpretación telefónica disponible a todos! Si tiene interés en registrarte para una clase, comprar boletos, hacer una pregunta o pedir más información sobre nuestros ofrecimientos, simplemente llame al (503) 615-3485 y nuestros personales pueden conectarte con un intérprete telefónica. Nuestro servicio de interpretación telefónica está disponible en 15 idiomas. Favor de esperar unos minutos mientras te conectamos con un intérprete.

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


Adult Classes – Ceramics NEW! Ceramic Design: Beautiful Bowls

Whether it’s the fruit-filled centerpiece of a table or cradling warm rolls from the oven, who doesn’t need a beautiful bowl? In this rewarding class, gain foundational handbuilding skills as you explore exciting elements of ceramic design and empowering creative techniques. Leave with several eye-catching bowls to enjoy in your home or give as gifts.

Wheel Throwing

Walters Arts Education

Ever been curious about trying the potter’s wheel? Roll up your sleeves, get “muddy”, and set your creativity loose in a fun, supportive class! Explore fundamental techniques to create and glaze cups, bowls, and other useful everyday objects—both beautiful and functional. No experience necessary. Returning students work on more challenging projects tailored to experience level.

14 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Theresa Arrison 54604 Tue 6/13 – 7/11 6:30 – 8:30 pm No class 7/4 $70 Resident, $84 Non-Resident $50 Senior Resident, $63 Senior Non-Resident

14 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Theresa Arrison 54603 Mon 6/12 – 7/24 6:30 – 8:30 pm No class 7/3 $98 Resident, $114 Non-Resident $68 Senior Resident, $82 Senior Non-Resident

Beginning/Intermediate Ceramics

Dive into the wonders of all things ceramics in this class designed for maximum clay-mersion! Explore foundational wheel techniques to make unique and functional art. Grow your skills as you create cups, plates, bowls, and experiment with hand-building. Personalize your creations with color and texture. Beginners welcome. Amaze yourself with what you’ll create and how much your skills grow in one class. 14 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Victoria Shaw 54602 Tue 6/27 – 8/22 6:30 – 8:30 pm No class 7/4 $120 Resident, $138 Non-Resident $80 Senior Resident, $96 Senior Non-Resident

NEW! Ceramic Design: Decorative Hanging Planters

Unleash your creativity and create beautiful, eyecatching hanging planters to enjoy indoors and out. Learn foundational handbuilding techniques as you explore the connection between ceramics, nature, design, and your own personal style. Expand your skills and imagination and take home multiple small planters to bring new life to your space, inspire your garden, or give as gifts. 14 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Theresa Arrison 54606 Tue 7/18 – 8/8 6:30 – 8:30 pm $70 Resident, $84 Non-Resident $50 Senior Resident, $63 Senior Non-Resident

Beginners welcome in all adult creative arts classes at the Walters. Returning students are encouraged to build upon skills from previous classes. 22

Register online anytime:

Adult Classes – Ceramics and Photography Classes Visit to see supply lists for Adult Classes

Summer Wheel

Dive into the wheel in this condensed class perfect for busy schedules! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student wanting more time to work on projects, this class is for you. Roll up your sleeves and set your creativity loose as you explore the fundamental techniques to create and glaze everyday objects that are both beautiful and functional. 14 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Theresa Arrison 54605 Mon 7/31 – 8/28 6:30 – 8:30 pm No class 8/14 $76 Resident, $91 Non-Resident $54 Senior Resident, $68 Senior Non-Resident

Open Studio at the Walters Flex your creativity with independent studio time. A time to work independently on personal projects in the clay studio and wheel room—with a plethora of tools and glazes at your disposal. Meet new people, explore new skills and pursue your individual interests with this self-guided studio time.

Wed 5/31 – 8/30 5:30 – 8:30 pm $10 One-time, drop in pass, $36 Four Session Pass (only $9/session) $48 Six Session Pass (only $8/session) $56 Eight Session Pass (only $7/ session) With our flexible pass card, sessions do not need to be used concurrently. However, all passes expire at the end of each term: 8/31. Maximum of 15 people Bags of clay available for purchase at the Walters. For more information call: 503-615-3485.

Bryan Welsh

Beginning Digital Photography: Explore Downtown Hillsboro

Take your passion for photography to the next level! Gain a deeper understanding of the elements of craft that go into photography: composition, use of light, color, pattern and more. Free your creativity and gain practical skills to make your images grab the eye. Empower your creativity, while seeing your city with new eyes, using urban design to inspire you. See website for full supply list. 18 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Bryan Welsh 54643 Tue 7/18 – 8/15 6 – 7:30 pm $52 Resident, $65 Non-Resident $32 Senior Resident, $44 Senior Non-Resident

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


Walters Arts Education

Note: Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult. Open Studio is open to students who have previously taken, or are currently enrolled in a Walters’ ceramics class, or who have received advance approval from Open Studio facilitator, Jen Champlin. Clay and Open Studio Guidelines brochure available at the front desk. By signing up for Open Studio you are agreeing to the guidelines outlined in the brochure for studio use. Passes expire at the end of each term and are available for purchase at the Walters Cultural Arts Center.

Adult Classes – Painting Watercolor: Capturing Light

Discover the joy of watercolor in this all new class! Unleash your creativity through the power of light as you capture mood, color, texture, pattern, sunlight and more. Deepen your understanding of the fascinating interplay of light and shadow, and infuse new energy in your paintings. A rewarding, inspiring class for beginners and experienced watercolor painters alike. See website for full supply list. 16 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Bonnie Burbidge 54636 Wed 6/28– 7/26 4:15 – 5:45 pm $60 Resident, $74 Non-Resident $40 Senior Resident, $53 Senior Non-Resident

Experimental Acrylics

Get ready for a joyful, creative experience. Play with the possibilities of acrylics through exciting, freeing activities. Discover how collage, texturing, text and other experimental techniques can create all new possibilities— and ignite your creativity! Great for beginners looking to paint with freedom and confidence, or experienced painters for new inspiration and ideas. See website for full supply list. 16 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Edyta Salak 54637 Mon 7/3 – 7/31 6:30 – 8:30 pm $68 Resident, $82 Non-Resident $44 Senior Resident, $58 Senior Non-Resident

Walters Arts Education

Painting at the Hillsboro Community Senior Center

Beginning Acrylics

Curious about painting in acrylics? Play, experiment, and discover the rich colors and flexibility that make working in acrylics so rewarding and enjoyable. Explore fundamental painting techniques with a beginner-friendly approach. Let the natural world and your imagination inspire your painting and surprise yourself with how far you go in each class! See website for full supply list. 16 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Edyta Salak 54638 Mon 7/3 – 7/31 $68 Resident, $82 Non-Resident $44 Senior Resident, $58 Senior Non-Resident


4 – 6 pm

Summer Watercolor

Discover the brilliance of the season through watercolor! Create beautiful colors as your capture summer’s sunlight, moods, patterns, and more. Explore the interplay between light and shadow to bring images to life. Ignite your creativity and gain empowering skills in this supportive class environment, great for both beginning and experienced painters. Materials provided. Hillsboro Community Senior Center Bonnie Burbidge 54629 Thu 6/22 – 7/20 10 – 11:30 am $37 Senior Resident, $47 Senior Non-Resident $57 Resident, $69 Non-Resident

Register online anytime:

Adult Classes – Drawing & Music NEW! Drawing: Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books for adults are having a moment. Do you love the creativity, fun and relaxation they bring? Then make your own! A perfect way for beginning doodlers to have a great time and gain new drawing skills. Discover how to transform your favorite images into this rewarding medium. Explore line, color, shape and more—and leave with pages to share and enjoy. 18 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Rachel LaMarco 54884 Thu 8/10 – 8/31 6:30 – 8:30 pm $62 Resident, $75 Non-Resident $40 Senior Resident, $53 Senior Non-Resident

Beginning Guitar: Fundamentals

Grab your guitar and start making music! Begin playing right away—even if you’ve never played before— as you explore the foundations of guitar: rhythm, agility, chords, melody and more. Learn by doing as you play alongside others while developing your music skills and flexing your creativity. Students must bring their own guitar. 17 years – Adult Walters Cultural Arts Center Joe Aloia 54627 Mon 6/26 – 7/24 6 – 7:15 pm $44 Resident, $57 Non-Resident $28 Senior Resident, $39 Senior Non-Resident

Walters Arts Education

NEW! Beginning Drawing: Portraits

Unleash the artist within in this empowering class. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have previous experience, the human face is one of the most fascinating and rewarding subjects you can encounter. Discover how to break images down to their simplest parts. Expand your confidence through practical skill building and bring joy to your creative process! 18 years – Adult Rachel LaMarco Walters Cultural Arts Center Rachel LaMarco 54618 Thu 7/6 – 7/27 6:30 – 8:30 pm $62 Resident, $75 Non-Resident $40 Senior Resident, $53 Senior Non-Resident

Walters Cultural Arts Center Classic architecture, picturesque stained glass, red stone walls, custom woodwork ceiling arches, pristine landscaping and a concert-quality sound system is what you’ll find at this premier site for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. The theater, gallery, terrace and lawn provide a variety of options that are both beautiful and affordable. Event space capable of hosting 20-200 guests. Walters Cultural Arts Center 527 East Main Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123 503.615.3485

Phone registration: 503-615-3485


A Look Inside the Hillsboro Community Foundation “People shy away from fundraising because they think it’s all about asking for money. What it’s really about is providing people… with the right opportunities to make a difference….” ~ Janel McKenna Q. Why, in your view, do most people shy away from fundraising and why in the world do you enjoy it?

Cultural arts staff sat down with Janel McKenna of the Hillsboro Community Foundation (HCF) to learn what brought her to Hillsboro and how the HCF is impacting the community. Q. After your national non-profit work in Washington, D.C., then locally, with the Oregon Symphony, Lewis & Clark College and the Oregon Health Care Foundation, what brought you to Hillsboro? My 25 years of sector diverse non-profit experience gave me the broad range of skills and expertise that the Hillsboro Community Foundation (HCF) was seeking to create and launch their Legacy Endowment Program, an idea prompted by the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council’s commitment to building a long term stable source of funding for the arts. That is what the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment represents, and thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, it has grown to nearly $150,000 and now generates annual funds for the arts. Q. The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment was the first HCF Endowment Fund; how many funds does HCF currently manage? There has been a ripple effect ever since. HCF now manages nine fully endowed funds, three step-up funds that over five years will become fully endowed, and three wholly expendable funds established by organizations with more immediate objectives. Collectively, these funds represent $1.35 million in new charitable commitments for the community, all of which are or will over time generate grants for the benefit Hillsboro causes.


People shy away from fundraising because they think it’s all about asking for money. What it’s really about is providing people who are inclined and able to give with the right opportunities to make a difference in ways that are important to them. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone support a cause they care about and sharing in their joy when they realize the impact of their largesse. Q. The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment set out to raise money through planned giving. What are some common ways that people can make a planned gift? Those who support charitable causes in life usually also plan to support them in their will or trust. Typically this is a simple statement that gives away all or a percentage of an asset, such as a home, a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of the residual of their estate. Planned giving becomes art when it’s structured to benefit people during their lifetimes. A simple example is the donation of retirement account income. When people reach the magic age of 70 ½, required minimum distributions (RMDs) can start and those dollars are taxable income. For those who don’t need part or all of that income in a given year, the RMD can be transferred directly from the retirement account to a charity with a tax benefit. A full retirement account or an insurance policy can also be donated to charity with tax benefits. There are also trust arrangements that can help people give away substantial assets now while benefiting from tax deductions, tax savings, and lifetime streams of income, but most importantly these tools enable people to experience the impact of their donation while they are alive. Everyone’s situation is different and IRS rules can be complex, which is why people should talk with their legal and financial advisors when making planned gifts. HCF is also a valuable resource. For more details, visit

Hillsboro Sabado/Saturday | 8/5 | 12 – 4 pm | Walnut Street Park Recreación afuera puede ser divertido y delicioso al mismo tiempo con ¡Vive Hillsboro!, un evento nuevo para la comunidad que enfoque en la importancia de su salud y bienestar. ¡Vive Hillsboro! presentará oportunidades recreativas, cocinando saludable, y actividades divertidos para todos en su familia. La Cuidad de Hillsboro Parques y Recreación, juntos con Vive | NW y Adelante Mujeres traerá este evento al Parque Walnut Street el 5 de agosto, 2017 de 12 a 4 pm. Baile con los ritmos latinos en una Zumba experiencia para todas edades de 12 a 1pm. Viste la etapa de Adelante Mujeres para inspirarte con demostraciones de cocinar usando ingredientes frescos y locales. Muestras de comida será proporcionados. Actividades para la familia pasará de 12 a 4 pm. ¡Juegue en el agua, participar en un juego de cornhole o spike ball, visite a los puestos de organizaciones y vendedores de comida locales, todo mientras explorando la importancia de tomar parte de estar y recrear afuera con nuestra comunidad!


Outdoor Recreation is both fun and delicious at ¡Vive Hillsboro!, an all-new event which focuses on the importance of wellness and health. ¡Vive Hillsboro! will showcase recreational opportunities, nutrition and cooking, and fun activities for the whole family. Hillsboro Parks & Recreation partnered with Vive | NW and Adelante Mujeres to bring this new event to Walnut Street Park on Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 12 – 4 pm. Move to the hypnotic beats of Latin music in a Zumba experience for everyone from 12 – 1 pm. Cooking demonstrations using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients will be presented from 1:30 – 3:30 pm. Stop by the Adelante Mujeres cooking stage and get inspired with recipes using local ingredients. Samples will be provided! Activities for the whole family will take place from 12 – 4 pm. Play in the water, join a game of corn hole or spike ball, visit with local organization booths and local food vendors, all while exploring the importance of outdoor recreation in our community!

Concerts | Theater Dance | Family Activities Galleries | Festivals

Emailed monthly! Sign up at 27

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The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment builds, supports and sustains the future for arts and culture in Hillsboro. Consider making a planned gift to support and sustain our local arts and culture community.

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Interested in Volunteering with Cultural Arts? There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Cultural Arts Division of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation, including: • Volunteering for the Walters Cultural Arts Center events and programs.

Look Forward, Give Back to the Arts The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment is the result of a partnership between:


• Helping the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council at special events such as Celebrate Hillsboro and the Latino Cultural Festival. • Volunteering with the Hillsboro Public Art Program at special events and outreach opportunities. Want to Volunteer? Visit ParksVolunteer or contact Sarah Delepine, Volunteer Services Coordinator at 503-615-3479 or Sarah.Delepine@ Hillsboro-Oregon. gov.

What Does Art Mean to Hillsboro? The City of Hillsboro has an active history of supporting the arts as a way to enhance livability. In fact, the City’s guiding document, the Hillsboro 2020 Vision and Action Plan, calls for over a dozen initiatives in the cultural arts sector alone. Highest on that list are the creation of a cultural arts center, an arts council and a public art program. Within the pages of the HillsboroARTS Magazine, you will see the dreams of 2020 becoming reality through creative programs, events, classes, concerts, gallery exhibitions, community grants and public art works. Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center

The Walters opened on March 16, 2004. Located at the corner of SE 5th Avenue and Main Street, this site has a rich history of community involvement that began when the Trinity Lutheran Church started construction of the church building in 1947. The Walters is a ground-breaking facility that provides expanded opportunities for the entire Hillsboro community, including: youth and adult art education and training, increased access to local, regional and national artists and increased opportunity for individual artists to teach and demonstrate their craft. It is the first site constructed in Hillsboro with the intention of showcasing cultural events and providing community-centered arts education.

Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council

The HACC mission is to promote and support the growth of arts and culture as assets for a vital, prosperous and livable community. The Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council (HACC) first convened in the spring of 2007. This citizen advisory committee is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. Under the general direction of the City Council, the HACC oversees policies and programs pertaining to arts and culture for the City. It is housed in the Parks and Recreation Department and is administered by the Cultural Arts Program Manager. In 2012, the HACC established the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment in partnership with the Hillsboro Community Foundation to create long-term stable funding for our creative community.

Hillsboro Public Art Program

Public art is a part of our mental map of Hillsboro, creating the memorable public places that strengthen our community. Art can attract us to downtown, enliven our neighborhoods, enhance our experiences in parks, remind us of our history, and celebrate our ethnic and cultural diversity. Public art can take many forms - landscape treatments, building facades, freestanding sculptures, murals, lighting and more. It can be permanent or temporary. Often, art is an unexpected discovery that lifts us out of the ordinary and brings a moment of intrigue and delight to our day.



HillsboroARTS Mission HillsboroARTS is produced three times a year to inform our patrons and complement the Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Activities Guide. This publication will help you plan your schedule with our activities, events, and classes in mind. Let Us Know What You Think We value your thoughts and input and are interested in hearing your comments about what you see here or ideas for future topics. With your help, we can deliver a publication that meets your needs and those of our community. Please email your ideas, recommendations and remarks to We look forward to hearing from you. Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council Dawn Sellers, Chair Bryan Welsh, Vice Chair Ed Arrington Tara Burke Joan Callaway Ramon Cancel Martin Conley Jennifer Greenwood BJ Jeddeloh Jeff Jurrens Jean Lasswell Carol Loughner Tonya Macalino Christine Martell Barbara Mason Alisa McDonald Gayle Nachtigal Kelsey Ornelas, YAC Representative Cultural Arts Program Staff Michele McCall-Wallace, Cultural Arts Manager Katrina Hill, Administrative Specialist Walters Cultural Art Center Bridie Harrington, Program Supervisor Stephanie Adams-Santos, Facility Supervisor Gayle Ritt, Facility Supervisor Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council Melissa Moore, Program Supervisor Laura Murray, Facility Supervisor Hillsboro Public Art Program Valerie Otani, Program Supervisor ON THE COVER: Artist Patrick Dougherty with Head Over Heels. Photo by Rick Paulson Photography PHOTOS IN THIS ISSUE were taken by Cultural Arts staff unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT 2017, Hillsboro Parks & Recreation.


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