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Union Programming


Union Programming 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2 Our Mission: Union Programming develops and implements social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs to meet the needs of the University of WisconsinMilwaukee students, campus, and neighboring communities.

Values: 

Support the co-curricular learning of UWM students

Foster a community with an understanding of diversity and inclusion in a global society

Create a foundation to encourage lifelong learning

Develop student leaders

Create exciting and memorable experiences.

Year in Review During the 2011-2011 academic year Union Programming developed and implemented 754 programs to meet the social, cultural, recreational, and educational needs of the UWM campus community. We created vibrant and dynamic outside-of-the-classroom experiences and provided lasting memories for students at UWM. Highlights from 2011-2012 include our Distinguished Lecture Series speakers, Morgan Spurlock (October19, 2011) and Jerry Greenfield, (April 17, 2012). These events were driven by student input, had strong student attendance, and included small group discussions between the speakers and students. In addition, the Greenfield event was a co-sponsorship between the UWM Lubar School of Business and M & I Center for Business Ethics, which was a significant academic and co-curricular partnership.

partnership that featured over 35 events highlighted by a lecture by Andi Ziesler, the co-founder of Bitch magazine. Union Programming was also excited to welcome two new staff to our team during Fall 2011. Claudia Guzman became our new Sociocultural Programming manager and Eric Edwards assumed the program manager role for the adventure Center, Rec Center, and Gasthaus Entertainment Series.

Our Heroines and Hellions program series, in celebration of Women’s History Month, was also a successful curricular and co -curricular

Union Programming Dashboard

Union Programming 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride 

Developed and implemented 58,892 programs during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Morgan Spurlock Distinguished Lecture Series, 439 people attended 74% were students.

Jerry Greenfield Distinguished Lecture Series event was a major co-curricular partnership with the UWM Lubar School of Business and M & I Center for Business Ethics.

Implemented our first large-scale, interactive needs assessment during our ‘Take Your Pick’ survey event.

The first annual Alternative Spring Break trip, initiated by the Union Adventure Center, received a STAR Award for Outstanding Program, Service, or Initiative in the Division of Student Affairs, led by Union Programming staff Eric Edwards, Claudia Guzman, and Megan O’Brien.

There are many things that Women's Resource Center staff appreciate about the work Union Programming does. We have high regard for the caliber of student staff who are central to the department's efforts, we value the department's commitment to inclusivity and collaboration that truly reflects the needs of partners, and we commend your efforts to set high standards for yourselves in all that you do! --Cathy. WRC

Establish strategic partnerships and unit collaborations between Union Programming and the Center for Student Involvement.

Implement unit-level assessments to inform practice and connect to the Division of Student Affairs’ strategic plan 

Revise our student employee evaluation process to provide direct, meaningful feedback based on learning and professional development.

Establish budget structure for individual units that is accurately informed by revenue, expenses, and programmatic needs.

"We have collaborated, coordinated and planned innovative and engaging events with Union Programming. We have been effective in designing cocurricular programs that draw from the academic and engage in the social, most recently the highly successful Alternative Spring Break 2012." -- Jen, LGBT Resource Center

The Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership values Union Programming as a campus resource and partner. Whether booking the rec center for an event; utilizing a sociocultural program for volunteer reflection; or forging a new partnership and adventure like the Alternative Spring Break trip, the enthusiastic and student focused staff in Union Programming help our office to live out the mission of fostering service and leadership. -- Rachel, CVSL

Union Art Gallery 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2 Our Mission: The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery (UAG) is an art space dedicated to the exhibition of diverse, contemporary art. The UAG presents a broad range of visual art by exhibiting work in all mediums by local, regional and national emerging and established artists. In addition, the Union Art Gallery prides itself on being an accessible space for UWM student artists to exhibit and learn.

Our Goals: 

Bring outstanding contemporary art to the UWM campus community Reflect the diversity of UWM and greater Milwaukee communities Connect the University and the public through relevant art and cultural programs Support student, emerging, and established artists by providing opportunities for the creation and exhibition of cutting edge visual art.

Year in Review The Union Art Gallery presented a diverse and exciting program of eight exhibitions during the 2011-12 academic year. Three annual exhibitions – Crossing Over, Foundations, and the Annual Juried Show – showcase the work of student artists. In addition, the gallery hosted several small, unique exhibits which brought attention to the Union Art Gallery space and to student artists, cultural celebrations, and other creative endeavors in the atrium gallery on the Union’s first level and in the Union Concourse. The Union Art Gallery brought in six artists in conjunction with our exhibitions to speak about their work. The UAG also worked collaboratively with Union and University partners to present five musical events and two film programs in the gallery space.

Union Art Gallery Dashboard

Union Art Gallery Points of Pride 

The Union Art Gallery showed the work of 313 student artists in the 2011-12 school year. Sleeping Inside Our Bodies included the work of nationally-recognized artists Lesley Dill and Swoon.

More than 1250 people attended the exhibition Milwaukee: A City Intersected.

Shutter included photographs from Barbara Davidson’s Pulitzer Prize winning series “Victims of Gang Violence.

UAG’s annual Dia de los Muertos exhibit included six altars and performances by the Ballet Folklorico Nacional.

2012-2013 Goals 

Increase visibility of twiceyearly poster sales to create legacy event for students as well as increase income for gallery.

Work with Southern Graphics Conference International to bring annual conference participants to Union Art Gallery.

Develop annual signature chalk art event for Spaights Plaza.

Partner with SACC on field trips for students to MAM and other art venues.

Increase sales of artwork.

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

The Recreation Center mission is to provide leisure time activities to the University community through open play in bowling, table tennis, and video games. The Rec Center also offers tournament and league play.

Purpose: 

Provide a fun environment for students to enjoy.

Make all students and guests feel included and comfortable.

Provide friendly and approachable customer service to all guests.

Offer a fun and safe place for community parties.

Leave people with an exciting and memorable experience.

Year in Review Being a place built for fun and relaxation, the Recreation Center provided its fair share of laughs and excitement throughout the 20112012 year. The Rec Center offers recreational classes during the school year that can improve your knowledge and skill of some of the oldest pastimes that we cherish. From trick shots in billiards to strikes in bowling to smashes in table tennis, the Rec Center is fun for all ages.

performance venues, like Summerfest, in the past. As always, our hope is to draw in as many students and community members as possible to take full advantage of the great resources that the Rec Center provides. During exam week, we offer school supplies and a break from the books on Study Night.

In addition to our already amazing assortment of equipment, we look forward to adding HD screens to our gamer’s lounge to build on the video game tournaments we held this year. The Rec Olympics, new this year, will be a traditional program the Rec Center will do each semester. In addition, our Rec Tours, which feature student bands such as Ordinary Fiction, have played at famous

Recreation Center Dashboard

Points of Pride

2012-2013 Goals -Sign up 50 more people for Rec Rewards

Recurring monthly free bowling nights with LGBT resource center, First Year Center, and Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership.

ACUI Collegiate Billiards and Table Tennis tournaments held in Rec Center in February.

Had first Rec Center Olympics May 10th with 20 participants!

-Successfully create more Video Game tournaments -Have an intramural bowling team

-Increase participation in Rec Center Olympics by 10 people. -Have all post-reservation feedback forms marked as “More Satisfactory” by improving customer services. -Hire 2 new Rec Center Leads.

Sociocultural Programming 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Year in Review

Our Mission: Union Sociocultural Programming provides events and activities for the campus and community designed to increase awareness and understanding of diverse identities, cultures, lifestyles and worldviews. Our programming explores and celebrates differences and commonalities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, spirituality, cognitive and physical ability, socioeconomic status and more.

Values: 




Community engagement

Lifelong learning

Union Sociocultural Programming enjoyed a vibrant and dynamic year. We welcomed a new Program Manager, Claudia Guzmán, on Sept. 1, and a new Programming Assistant, Dominique Portis, on Jan. 31. Our favorite events this year included: 

World AIDS Day, a collaborative resource fair in the Union Concourse that included 6 campus partners providing activities and education around AIDS and safe sex

Pieces: In My Own Voice, a play created to fight the stigma of mental illness, which attracted nearly 750 attendees to two performances

Rebirth of a Nation: The Black Image in the American Mind, a panel discussion of national experts that culminated in actionoriented breakout discussions cofacilitated by local community activists; this event was particularly timely and impactful in the wake of the controversial Trayvon Martin case

Sociocultural Dashboard

In addition, Lyrical Sanctuary celebrated its th 10 anniversary and was featured in a story and video on the UWM home page. Sociocultural partnered with 23 campus departments, 9 community organizations and 5 student organizations over the course of the year. We wish to continue this collaborative spirit in the coming year and develop creative strategies for engaging more students in our programming efforts.

Sociocultural Programming 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride 

Partnered with NAMI-Greater Milwaukee, the College of Nursing, Norris Health Center and 9 other campus and community partners to bring the play, “Pieces: In My Own Voice,” to UWM, along with free, confidential depression screenings and a resource fair Partnered with Union Theatre to host the Milwaukee premiere of “The Black Power Mixtape,” followed by a faculty-led panel discussion, as part of the 7th annual African American Film Series

Partnered with Students for a Democratic Society for An Evening with Dr. Cornel West and Asian Student Union for Cultural Entertainment Night

Lyrical Sanctuary was a featured story and video on the UWM Home Page:

Programming Assistant Dominique Portis was recognized with a Rising Star Award by the Division of Student Affairs

Program Manager Claudia Guzman was recognized with a STAR Award by the Division of Student Affairs as part of the team behind UWM’s inaugural Alternative Spring Break

1) To increase student involvement and engagement in programming by hosting 1-2 focus groups per semester 2) To measure goals and learning outcomes through assessment surveys at 2-4 events per semester 3) To continue to grow our social media following as a tool for outreach and engagement; in Spring 2012, our number of Friends grew from 229 to 384 (a 68% increase); next year, we want to reach 700 Friends (an 82% increase)

“Thank you so much for all your generosity, time and patience in the planning and making of Cultural Entertainment Night! Your support (both financial and advice) helped us so much in creating such a successful CEN 2012.”

-- Rea Azcueta, Asian Student Union

Studio Arts and Craft Centre 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Year in Review

Our Mission: The Studio Arts and Craft Centre offers engaging classes, workshops, and events within a positive studio atmosphere and is dedicated to the education, enrichment, and creative fulfillment of all members of the UWM community. The SACC provides open studio space, as well as specialized studio equipment for ceramics, traditional black and white photography, sewing, metalsmithing, and print making.

In 2011-2012 Studio Arts and Craft Centre continued to offer excellent opportunities for UWM students and others to engage in creative activity and education. In addition to classes and workshops, the Craft Centre hosted and participated in many free events, such as Spring Revival, Campus KickOff, Family Weekend, as well as our own activities, such as Open Clay and Free Art Fridays. Great improvements were made in the photography area, with the addition of cameras for rent and of two computers with a negative scanner, so that members can digitize their film photographs.


Our Values:  Community  Creativity  Lifelong learning  Work/life balance  Access  Education


Over the course of the year, we have planned extensively to open a new print making area in the Craft Centre – the printing press will be installed in Fall 2012.

Studio Arts and Craft Centre Dashboard

Studio Arts and Craft Centre 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride  

SACC ran 20 5-week classes and 14 workshops this last year. New classes and workshops include Drawing with Pastels, Glazing Techniques, Figure Sculpting in Clay, Comics, Dyeing with Plant Dyes, Marbleized Paper, Glass Fusing and more. The majority of SACC classes and workshops are taught by UWM students. The Craft Centre sells handmade items by its members all year, and hosts large artist vendor sales four times each school year on the Union Concourse.

SACC blog SACC’s foray on to Pinterest tcentre/

Craft Centre on Facebook aftctr

http://uwmcraftcentre.blogspot.c om/

Open a new print making area and start offering classes and workshops in printmaking.

Raise the visibility of the Craft Centre to UWM students and campus community through social media and other means.

Partner with Union Art Gallery on field trips for students to MAM and other art venues.

Increase sales of student artwork.

Increase use of studio space by student organizations.

Union Theatre 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Year in Review

Our Mission:

Our Values:  Multicultural awareness  Creativity  Lifelong learning  Access  Education

The Union Theatre continues to be a dynamic and exciting film program that is celebrated by UWM, the city of Milwaukee, and the film community overall. Exciting programs of the year were WORLD ON A WIRE, FILM SOCIALISME, THE NINE MUSES, IF A TREE FALLS, THE TURIN HORSE, THE TASTE OF CHERRY, THE LAST MOUNTAIN, THIS IS NOT A FILM, CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH and THE CONFORMIST. One particular highlight of the year was the screening of STORY OF FLOATING WEEDS with a performance by guitar supreme Alex de Grassi.

Union Theatre Dashboard 7%

Attendance Spring 2012 $4 Student 23%



2011-2012 Series Totals 4000 3500

$5 Discount


$6 General


- Comp Pass


2000 1000 500 0


Attendance Fall 2011 $4 Student



$5 Discount $6 General



Both semesters ended with the Student Cinema Action Network’s STUDENT FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL. A film festival where all UWM and video submissions are open to all UWM students.

- Comp Pass

World Cinema Experimental Tuesday Cinema Classics Share the Earth Locally Grown LGBT Documentary Frontier French Film Festival Portraits Middle East and North African… African-American Film Series World Cinema Global Network Turkish Film Series Nordic Film Festival Morgan Spurlock Weekend

The Union Theatre exists to provide the University community with a diverse, entertaining and intellectually engaging film and video program. During the academic year, the Union Theatre offers firstrun foreign, domestic, documentary and experimental films, as well as “cinema classics” from all over the world. The films offered by the Union Theatre help to develop a broader understanding and appreciation of the universal language of film and are a vital and unique venue for film and video that would not otherwise be seen in Milwaukee.

Union Theatre 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride  

51 Milwaukee Premieres! 3 of top ten films of 2012 premiered at the Union Theatre (indiewire)

4 of the top 26 films of 2011 premiered at the Union Theatre (New Yorker) ulture/2011/12/richard-brody-the-best-infilm.html

The Union Theatre collaborated with the UWM Film Dept., Milwaukee LGBT, French, Italian & Comparative Literature Dept., Early Music Now, Translator Café, Inova and others.

Increase student attendance

Raise the visibility of the Union Theatre to UWM students and campus community through social media and other means.

Generate more partnerships with student organizations.

Transition from platter system to reel-toreel system to present archival prints which are currently unavailable to us.

Amazing Fall Lineup - JSOnline s/entertainment/127587333.h tml#!page=0&pageSize=10&so rt=newestfirst

Spring Lineup - JSOnline ertainment/movies/uwmunion-theatre-unveils-springfilm-lineup-mb3lrt7136747008.html

Third Coast Digest http://thirdcoastdiges tin/

Adventure Center 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2 Our Mission: “The mission of the Union Adventure Center is not only to enrich students’ university experience by offering the safest, most exciting and unique off campus activities, but also to offer rental equipment for the outdoor adventure needs of UWM’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.”

Values: 

Facilitate trips at a discounted price

Free bike rental to promote alternative transportation

Empower students to push their boundaries and try new things through our various trips

To rent outdoor equipment at reasonable prices to students, faculty/staff and community members.

Year in Review The 2011-2012 year at the Adventure Center was a memorable one. It saw high involvement in many programs, the creation of an Alternative Spring Break and huge strides in making the UWM campus more bike friendly. There were 20 trips that the Adventure Center offered this year. Some trips included horseback riding, whitewater rafting, spelunking, a haunted house and even a boat tour on the Milwaukee River that students and their families were able to attend during family weekend. These trips provided over 600 students, faculty, and community members with fun learning experiences and the opportunity to meet new people. Although there was a good turnout for Adventure Center trips this year, it is a goal for next year to increase involvement. One of the most exciting trips the Adventure Center went on this semester was the first UWM sponsored Alternative Spring Break trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout the week, students participated in a variety of community projects that included

planting trees in the wetlands, working at a horse ranch, and sorting Mardi Gras beads. Trip participants also had the opportunity to learn about the unique history of New Orleans through a city tour and by exploring the French Quarter during free time and were able to gain an understanding of the Civil Rights Movement by visiting the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. This year the U-Bike program made strides in making the campus more bike friendly. A bike pump was installed in front of the union and the U-Bike program is in the middle of constructing some new parking for bikes around campus. This year the U-Bike program lent out bikes to over 130 students. Additionally, the U-Bike mechanics fixed and tuned up over 300 additional bikes for campus community members.

Adventure Center Dashboard

Adventure Center 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride 

Planned and implemented an Alternative Spring Break Trip to New Orleans with 47 students and staff.

Smooth and successful transition from Union Programming to Recreational Sports and Facilities.

The U-Bike Program is in the process of making more bike friendly parking on campus by developing new bike parking in Union Parking garage and on Maryland Avenue.

Continue with the development of an Alternative Spring Break.

Continue the progress of a bike friendly campus by finishing the bike parking in the Union Parking garage

Rented over 100 items of outdoor equipment in Fall 2011.

U-Bike Program incorporated an easy to use bike tire air pump in front of the Student Union.

Entertained over 800 students, staff, alumni, and community members through all of the Adventure Center Events.

“I enjoyed meeting new people, while learning to do something I have never done before!”

“I remembered how much I love the outdoors, and now I’m planning on camping and hopefully rafting again soon.”

Alternative Spring Break, NOLA 2012

“Not only did I have fun Spelunking, I even brought some mud back with me!”

“I had never really participated in any activities at UWM, so I really enjoyed getting to know people who go to the same school as me in a situation different than normal.”

Gasthaus Entertainment Series 2011-2012 Purpose:

Year in Review The Gasthaus Entertainment Series (GES) is of Union Programming event series designed as an alternative to alcohol event to give students a safe and healthy social outlet. This academic year has provided students with some wonderful entertainment that has kept students coming back for more.

Showcase diverse and new entertainment to students, campus community, and the general public.

Provide an alternative for students to Thursday night alcohol consumption.

Create space where the UWM community and general public can engage with each other.

Deliver free and quality entertainment for the UWM campus community.

In partnership with Restaurant Operations, and Burger King, GES continues to work with campus partners in supporting this series. From Reggae to Hip-Hop, acoustic to openmic night, GES has something for everyone!

GES includes team trivia nights as well as live music on alternating Thursdays. Some of the more popular musical acts for 2011-2012 included De La Buena, Pat McCurdy, and King Solomon. GES utilizes local and national acts to showcase amazing talent and expose students and the campus community to up-and-coming and established artists. Being a progressive program, GES will continue to provide a variety of musical genres as well as collecting on-site feedback to bring new and different talent to campus.

Snapshot of Gasthaus Entertainment Series

Gasthaus Entertainment Series Live Music, Thursdays! Goals and Points of Pride Points of Pride 

Open Mic Night: This event filled the Gasthaus with students wanting to listen and perform.

Jean Grae event: This was a successful cosponsorship between Union Programming, Sociocultural Programming, and the Women's Resource Center. We had the opportunity to bring in a nationally known hip-hop artist and was covered by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


The Promotion

Implement a minimum of one event per semester that features student performers

Implement event evaluation for 5 shows per semester

Share the Earth 2012-2013 Goals

Points of Pride

2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Our Mission: Share the Earth is a series of earthfriendly events that take place in the UWM Union during the academic year. Share the Earth brings discussion of environmental issues into a variety of disciplines so that students across the academic spectrum feel they can take environmental action.

Our Values: 


Environmental stewardship

Wise use of resources




Year in Review The Share the Earth series of environmental events had a great year with a wide range of programs. Ten environmental films were screened, with topics ranging from youth activism, mountain top removal, development in Latin America, bee colony collapse and more. Spring’s Distinguished Lecturer, Ben and Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield, spoke about ethical business practices during Earth Week. Other Earth Week events included the ever-popular Earth Day Runway Fashion Show with Milwaukee’s recycled fashion maven, Madam Chino, and a bike-powered concert, co-organized with student org Emerging Green Builders.

Share the Earth Dashboard

Share the Earth was also intimately involved this year in the planning and installation of UWM’s Food and Garden Club gardens next to the Sandburg Residence Halls.

Share the Earth 

Close to 3000 students participated in Share the Earth events this last year.

Share the Earth partnered with many UWM departments, including Lubar School of Business, Restaurant Operations, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Conservation and Environmental Sciences, Office of Sustainability and more.

One new initiative included showing student environmental photos from Alternative Spring Break participants during Earth Week. Marketing initiatives included guerilla efforts using Moo cards, as well as giving out 150 organic cotton Share the Earth tshirts to volunteers. The Organic Pancake Breakfast served more than 300 students during fall midterms with a near-zero-waste event.

Provide more opportunities for students to work on their sustainability goals for UWM with the Environmental Sustainability Committee and Save the World Action Teams (SWAT).

Increase traffic to website and Share the Earth Facebook page.

Increase campus department engagement in Green Student Information Fair.

Work with students on field trips of interest to Milwaukee area environmental organizations.

Bike powered concert I just wanted to thank both of you again for the great volunteer opportunity last week. My students had such a wonderful experience! You don't know how grateful they are for the chance to do something that's both fun and meaningful. Val Chamberlain, UWM ESL instructor

Green Eggs and Ham http://www.radiomilwauk

Share the Earth website: http://www.sharetheearth.uwm .edu

Union Programming Year End Report 2011-2012  

This document is the 2011-2012 Year End Report for UWM Union Programming

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