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Cover Illustration by Jody Pratt

Baby & Toddler Now I Am Big Stephen Krensky BB $9.95

Counting Ellen Giggenbach BB $12.95

Now I am Big is a delightfully gentle and retro styled board book that celebrates the growing independence of a toddler. Sara Gillingham’s vintage inspired art work is cheerful and happy, matching the text perfectly. This a great book to read aloud to encourage and inspire children. Also available: I Can Do It Myself, BB, $9.95

Ellen Giggenbach’s folk style of illustration is purely enticing to both children and adults. She creates her artwork by lovingly hand-cutting and assembling beautiful shapes from art papers painted in a large variety of colours using artists’ acrylics. Bright and happy this first concept book is just perfect.

The Swing Robert Louis Stevenson BB $12.99

Summer Days and Nights Wong Herbert Yee HB $19.95

Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic poem is brought to life by Julie Morstad’s amazing illustrations in this divine board book. Stevenson’s poem celebrates the simple delight that children experience, soaring through the air on the swing. The rhythm of the text and the richness of the illustrations make this the perfect read for snuggling with a toddler.

I Say, You Say Opposites! Tad Carpenter BB $9.99 November ‘I say small, you say BIG! I say night, you say DAY!’ This interactive and endlessly entertaining lift the flap board book is both educational and whole lot of fun. Tad Carpenter uses his trademark bright palette and cartoon style characters to make this book simply irresistible to children.

This sweet story is about appreciating the small things that define a season. On a hot summers day a little girl catches a butterfly, sips lemonade, jumps in a pool and goes on a picnic. At night, she sees an owl in a tree and a frog in a pond and hears leaves rustling. Before long, she’s fast asleep, dreaming about more summer days and summer nights.

Pomelo Explores Colour Ramona Badescu BB $19.99 November In this humorous and emotionally astute exploration of colour, Pomelo looks about and discovers twelve colours. He encounters the infinite white of falling snow, the hypnotizing red of love and the shadowy blue of the unknown. The colours describe our concrete world, but also reflect emotional states, as well as the curious, oddball sensibility of our dear Pomelo.

Fairytales Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm HB $39.99 November From the land of fantastical castles and deep forests, the Brothers Grimm collected a treasury of enchanting folk and fairy stories full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses. Classics such as The Frog Prince and Hansel and Grettel hold a timeless magic which has enthralled children for generations.

The Goldilocks Variations Allan Ahlberg & Jessica Ahlberg HB $27.95 October

The Fairytale Princess: Seven Classic Stories from the Enchanted Forest Su Blackwell, Wendy Jones & Tim Clinch HB $29.95 October This is a beautiful collection of seven fairy tales organized around the theme of the fairytale princess and retold in a fresh and lyrical voice by Wendy Jones. The characters and the kingdoms they inhabit emerge from the pages through a series of exquisite paper sculptures.

Sleeping Beauty Pop Up Louise Rowe HB $27.95 November

Everyone knows what happened when Goldilocks met the three bears. But when she encounters a whopping 33 bears, a strange-talking Bliim, or even three little pigs on her search for porridge, the stories end a bit differently. Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to join Goldilocks in a hilarious series of adventures.

Angelina’s Cinderella Katharine Holabird & Helen Craig HB $24.99 October Angelina is playing the lead in the Cinderella Dance Tour as it travels all over Mouseland. But as the final performance approaches, all the scenery is ruined! Will Angelina and her friends be able to save the show? This brand-new Angelina story features seven pull-out characters based on the Cinderella story and a 3D pop-up theatre stage.

Here is another beautiful fairytale pop-up book by Louise Rowe, the creator of Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood Pop Up books. Sleeping Beauty is just as fabulous! This time the pallet is shades of rose and brown, with a pop-up spinning wheel and palace. Collect all three and love them!

The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There Catherynne M. Valente HB $24.99 October September has longed to return to Fairyland after her first adventure there. And when she finally does, she learns that its inhabitants have been losing their shadows – and their magic – to the world of Fairyland Below. Also available: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making.

Activity Books Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones & Other Galactic Goodies Robin Davis HB $24.99 November May the Force be with all aspiring Jedi cooks as they use Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2-D2–shaped cookie cutters to create 30 sweet and savoury treats! From Chocolate Chewies to Obi-Wan Tons, this galactic cookbook features easy-to-make recipes for Star Wars–themed treats that will delight any Jedi appetite.

Build Your Own Glow-in-the-dark Robot Julius Perdana PB $13.95 October

Paper Flying Dragons Klutz PB $19.99 November Big dragons, baby dragons, a dragon you design yourself. Made of sturdy card stock, they swoop, glide, dive, crash… and are ready to fly again. The book also features fascinating true facts about dragons.

Blast Off With Doodle Tom Elise Gravel HB $24.95

This cool gift book contains all you need to make a glow-in-the-dark 3D robot model. The pieces are simply popped out by hand and there are easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The cover unfolds to reveal a glow-in-the-dark cityscape diorama to display your robot. This book is perfect for funky kids aged 12 and up – and adults will love it too!

Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art Marion Deuchars PB $19.95 October Discover different and surprising ways of creating pictures with finger and handprints. Create handprint birds, lions and reindeer; invent strange creatures by combining fingerprints and blowpainting; make fingerprint stencil art or create your own gallery of aliens and monsters.

Do nebulae look like glow-in-the-dark pizzas? What kind of aliens are sunbathing on Mercury? Come draw every comet and corner of a universe that’s simply out of this world with Doodle Tom! This innovative activity book provides prompts to children so that they can create their own masterpieces.

Magic and Fairytale Dice Hannah Waldron $15.95 October Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny and bizarre stories. This is the perfect family game that will stimulate the imaginations of children and adults alike. Ideal for the summer holidays.

Picture Books Peggy Anna Walker HB $24.99 Peggy, a lovely black chicken, adores playing in the backyard until one day a gust of wind sweeps her up and over the fence, blowing her into the middle of busy Melbourne. Peggy loves seeing the sites of the big city but when she decides she wants to return home she realises that being a little chicken finding her way out of the big city may be easier said than done. The development of this story began when Anna Walker was worried on a blustery Melbourne day that her own chooks would blow out of her garden. The story then took three years to be published. Anna’s mixture of collage and watercolour make the illustrations come alive on the pages as we follow her endearing chicken on her journey. Peggy is an adorable tale that will be cherished as an instant Australian classic.

This Is Not My Hat Jon Klassen HB $24.95 October Klassen’s debut picture book, I Want My Hat Back was our favourite of 2011. It was an award-winning number one New York Times bestseller and one of the cleverest picture books we have ever seen. This Is Not My Hat is the story of a little fish who boldly steals a blue bowler hat off a much bigger fish when he thinks it is sleeping. The little fish swims away with a confidence that he will not get caught with the stolen hat but with each page spread the reader can see amusingly that the fish has indeed a false sense of security about his crime. Like the surprise ending of I Want My Hat Back this tale also has a funny and satisfying twist. Klassen has once again produced a winner that will be read over and over again. His clever storylines and incredible illustration style combined make him a master of the genre.

Picture Books Gobbledygook Is Eating A Book Justine Clark and Arthur Baysting HB $19.99 November Gobbledygook is Eating a Book is a rollicking tale, full of irresistible rhyme and song-like rhythm, of a little girl who takes on the task of introducing a slightly out-of-control monster to the joys of reading.

Empty Fridge Gaetan Doremus HB $27.99

Today We Have No Plans Jane Godwin HB $24.99 November From the creators of the much-loved All Through the Year comes a journey through a week in the life of an Australian family, celebrating those precious days that have no plans. Beautifully illustrated and with delightful rhyming text, this book is sure to become an instant favourite.

Tree: A Little Story About Big Things Danny Parker HB $24.95 October

Empty Fridge is a picture book that taps into strong themes in children’s lives: the love of food and cooking, sharing and the importance of good friends and neighbours.

Henry is a small sapling who grows into a big strong tree under the protection of an even bigger and stronger tree. But then comes the longest night with drenching waters and howling winds and the biggest and strongest tree falls. Henry is alone and his heart is hollow until he hears the small voice of a new sapling growing amongst his strong roots.

This Moose Belongs To Me Oliver Jeffers HB $24.99 A boy called Wilfred owns a Moose and calls him Marcel. Most of the time Marcel is very obedient, abiding by the many rules on ‘How to Be a Good Pet’. But one dark day, while deep in the woods, someone else claims the moose as their own! This is an exquisitely-illustrated, witty and thought-provoking story, exploring the concept of ownership, from one of our favourite author/illustrators.

Sky High Germano Zullo HB $24.95 This lovely illustrated book tells the story of competing neighbours who build their houses so elaborate and tall they become skyscrapers in danger of toppling over. With its distinctive vertical trim, beautiful package and age old moral, this is a perfect whimsical gift book for architects, anyone who has ever built a house or is thinking of building one and sophisticated children young and old.

Picture Books Hit The Road Jack Robert Burleigh HB $21.95

Monsieur Albert Rides To Glory Peter Smith HB $24.99 October

In this delightful picture book inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, a scat singing, be bopping jack rabbit travels across the United States and marvels at all the wonders that the country reveals, from hopping on the subway in Brooklyn to playing the jukebox in Chicago to Mount Rushmore to Golden Gate in San Francisco. An exuberant story of experiencing all the world has to offer.

Monsieur Albert enters the Grand Cycle Race, but he’s up against Francois, the champion of France. Can he possibly win? Peter Smith’s gentle and humorous rhyming text, teamed with Bob Graham’s distinctive and endearing illustrations, make for a friendly and heart-warming picture book. How Monsieur Albert wins the world’s most exciting bike race will charm and thrill young and old.

Hickory Dickory Dog Alison Murray HB $26.99

Matilda’s Cat Emily Gravett HB $26.99 October

Zac and Rufus, like all best friends, are inseparable. So, when Zac goes to playschool, his pup goes too! Zac’s little dog wants to join in with EVERYTHING – painting time, lunchtime, even garden time. This engaging story, with its warm, retro art style, is an entertaining introduction to kindergarten.

Matilda’s Cat is an insightful, fond and funny look at the relationship between a little girl and her cat by twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, Emily Gravett. An author/illustrator of incredible talent, she creates extraordinary and innovative picture books which children adore.

The Christmas Quiet Book Deborah Underwood HB $19.99 November The holidays are filled with joyful noise. But Christmas is sometimes wrapped in quiet: “Searching for presents quiet,” “Getting caught quiet,” and “Hoping for a snow day quiet.” Irresistibly cute, soft coloured pencil illustrations of bunnies, bears and more paint a magical holiday picture indeed.

Olivia and The Fairy Princesses Ian Falconer HB $19.99 In her latest hilarious endeavour, Olivia embarks upon a quest for identity and individuality Olivia is having an identity crisis! There are too many ruffly, sparkly princesses around these days and Olivia has had quite enough. She needs to stand out! Join Olivia on her heroic quest to do more than just fit in!

Picture Books Paper Dolls Julia Donaldson HB $24.99 December

Ruby Red Shoes Kate Knapp HB $19.99 November

A string of paper dolls go on a fantastical adventure through the house and out into the garden. They soon escape the clutches of the toy dinosaur and the snapping jaws of the oven-glove crocodile, but then a very real pair of scissors threatens. This is a stunning, rhythmical story of childhood, memory and the power of imagination from the author of The Gruffalo and new illustrating talent Rebecca Cobb.

Ruby Red Shoes is a white hare who lives in a prettily painted gypsy caravan with her Russian grandmother. Ruby is gentle, compassionate and cares deeply for all living things. She loves plants and trees, animals and people. She is particularly fond of strawberry jam, peppermint tea and most of all cuddles.

Black Dog Levi Pinfold HB $22.95 October

Bear Has a Story to Tell Philip C. Stead HB $24.99

When a huge black dog appears outside the Hope family home, each member of the household sees it and hides. Only Small, the youngest Hope, has the courage to face the black dog, who might not be as frightening as everyone else thinks. Black Dog is an offbeat tale about confronting one’s fears told with originality alongside lush illustrations.

Bear wants to help all his forest friends get ready for Winter but he also really wants to share a story with them. Will anybody be awake to hear his story? This endearing tale of friendship and patience is a worthy companion to Philip and Erin Stead’s last collaboration, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, winner of the 2011 Caldecott Medal.

Kangaroo For Christmas James Flora HB $19.95 November The day before Christmas, Kathryn’s present from Uncle Dingo arrives in a big box. Naturally, it’s a lively kangaroo. Kathryn can’t wait to show grandma, so she hops onto Adelaide’s back and off they go! A rumpus of a read, Kangaroo for Christmas is a merry Christmas tall tale full of witty illustrations that are sure to draw laughs and hoots of pleasure.

Charley’s First Night Amy Hest HB $ 27.95 Anyone who has had a puppy will relate to this story of pure love and patience. When little Henry brings home his new puppy called Charley the first night does not go as planned. Amy Hest tells a deceptively simple story that contains so much warmth, humour and love while Helen Oxenbury’s delightful soft illustrations make this an exquisite book that will become an instant classic.

Margaret Mahy 1936 – 2012 Much loved New Zealand author Margaret Mahy died of cancer this year at the age of 76. She published over 120 titles and was known around the world as one of the most outstanding children’s writers of our time. She was twice winner of the Carnegie Medal and also won the Hans Christian Anderson Award in 2006, which is the greatest international recognition for a children’s author. Here are some of our favourites: The Changeover PB $14.99 Laura Chant can sense things that others can’t. One day she looks into the mirror and sees herself changed. She is aware that her world is going to change, but doesn’t know what to do about it. A gripping supernatural romance, since it was first published in 1984 The Changeover is still as powerful and unforgettable as ever.

Bubble Trouble PB $16.95 When Little Mabel blows a bubble that carries Baby away a hilarious chase ensues as all the towns folk try to catch up with Baby and burst the bubble. Mahy’s rhyming text is delightful and so much fun to read aloud. Mahy’s text teamed with Polly Dunbar’s beautiful illustrations is a match made in picture book heaven.

The Man From Fandango HB $27.95 October This is the latest release from the acclaimed team of Margaret Mahy and Polly Dunbar. A magical, fantastical poem about the man from the land of Fandango full of Mahy’s signature wordplay is delightfully matched by Polly Dunbar’s joyful illustrations.

A Lion in the Meadow PB $14.95 A Lion in the Meadow is one of Margaret Mahy’s best loved classic picture books. The story follows a little boy who sees creatures in the meadow however no one believes him. It is a simple tale that shows children the power of imagination. The beautiful illustrations by Jenny Williams make this an enduring classic.

Down The Back of The Chair PB $16.95 When Dad loses his car keys, toddler Mary suspects that they have ended up down the back of the chair so Dad begins to search. But what an odd assortment of objects are living down the back of the chair! Mahy’s wonderful poem comes to life in this gorgeous picture book illustrated by the fabulous Polly Dunbar.

Wonderful Me! PB $18.99 October This book of stories was written by Mahy with warmth and a gentle humour, they read aloud beautifully and are rich in surprises and imaginative twists. First published in l972 as ‘The First Margaret Mahy Storybook’, many of these stories have been loved so much that they have appeared in many anthologies – and in many countries – over the years. They are now freshly presented with charming line drawings by Peter Bailey.

Maurice Sendak 1928 – 2012 “Widely considered the most important children’s book artist of the 20th century, who wrenched the picture book out of the safe, sanitized world of the nursery and plunged it into the dark, terrifying and hauntingly beautiful recesses of the human psyche” – New York Times, May 9, 2012. To celebrate the life of this remarkable author we have selected six of our favourite Maurice Sendak titles for this year’s children’s catalogue: In The Night Kitchen Where The Wild HB $24.95, PB $19.95 Things Are In this little boy’s dreamHB $29.95, PB $14.95 fantasy, Mickey falls through This book has become a much-loved favourite children’s best-seller and an acknowledged classic of 20th century children’s picture books. In Sendak’s own words: “From their earliest years children live on familiar terms with disrupting emotions, fear and anxiety are an intrinsic part of their everyday lives, they continually cope with frustration as best they can. And it is through fantasy that children achieve catharsis.

the dark into the Night Kitchen where he helps three fat bakers get milk for their cake batter. Since its publication in 1970, this Caldecott Honour Book has enjoyed a double distinction as one of Sendak’s most popular and admired creations loved by children and praised by critics. But it has also proved controversial as Mickey loses his pajamas and appears naked in part of the story.

Higglety Pigglety Pop PB $12.95

A Hole Is To Dig PB $9.95

As a tribute to his dearly departed pooch, Maurice Sendak wrote this odd little tale about Jennie, a Sealyham terrier who is not content with having everything, but must go out in the world to find something she doesn’t have. She comes across a pig wearing sandwich boards advertising for a leading lady in the World Mother Goose Theatre. Unfortunately, the position requires someone with experience, so she sets off to find it.

Ruth Krauss was a member of the experimental Writer’s Laboratory in New York City in the 1940s. She imaginatively used humour and invented words to create some of the very first books for children that highlighted a child’s inner life. Here she collaborates with Sendak to create a hilarious book of first definitions.

The Sign On Rosie’s Door HB $24.95 There was a sign on Rosie’s door that said, “If you want to know a secret, knock three times.” Kathy knocked three times and learned the secret – that Rosie was no longer Rosie, but Alinda, the lovely lady singer. When Rosie wants something new to do, she lets her imagination run wild and becomes many different characters. Here Sendak writes a story of real children, playing as only children know how.

What Do You Say, Dear? PB $9.95 What do you say when: you bump into a crocodile on a crowded city street? A nice gentleman introduces you to a baby elephant? The Queen feeds you so much spaghetti that you don’t fit in your chair anymore? Maurice Sendak’s quirky, comical illustrations are perfect for this oldfashioned, whimsical guide to manners. First published in 1958, this Caldecott Honor Book is the funniest book of manners you’ll ever read!

Gifts & Keepsakes Cozy Classics: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick Jack & Holman Wang BB $12.99 October Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well-loved stories to children aged 0+. Every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 baby-friendly words and each word will appear alongside a photograph of needle felted objects. Moby Dick is a high seas adventure about one man’s quest to find the whale who took his leg and one of the world’s most beloved classics. Now this classic can be shared with your youngest children. Also available: Cozy Classics: Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Jack & Holman Wang, BB, $12.99

Alexander The Great Jamila Gavin HB $32.95 October

The Land Of Neverbelieve Norman Messenger HB $32.95 October

Who was Alexander? Myth or man? God or devil? He claimed to be Zeus’ son and even in his own lifetime wild legends sprang up about him. Above all, Alexander was a hero – brave, wily, handsome and inspiring. This richly illustrated biography skilfully interweaves accounts of Alexander’s battle campaigns with legends from each newly conquered country.

“On setting foot on the island I was immediately spellbound. There could be nowhere else on Earth quite like this. Such trees, plants, creatures and intriguing people you would never believe.” When Norman Messenger stumbled upon the Island of Neverbelieve, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes: here was a world where chocolate grew on trees, mountains told stories and fish flew in the sky at night.

A Mary Blair Treasury Of Golden Books Mary Blair HB $29.95 Mary Blair (1911-1978) is revered in both the children’s animation and illustration industries. For nearly four decades, she was involved with many important Disney projects. Mary Blair illustrated only a few picture books, but they include one of the best-loved classic Little Golden Books: I Can Fly which is included here.

Twig Elizabeth Orton Jones PB $16.95 Twig was just a plain, ordinary little girl who lived on the fourth floor of a “high sort of house” in the city. One day, out in the alley, Twig found an empty can, with pictures of bright red tomatoes all round it. When it was upside down, it looked like a pretty little house, just the right size for a fairy! Twig stood it upside down next to a dandelion, not far from the stream. And this is the story of what happened in and around that little house.

Gifts & Keepsakes The Nonsense Verse Of Edward Lear Edward Lear HB $39.95 October Wonderfully reissued this year to celebrate the bi-centenary of Edward Lear, this exquisitelyillustrated hardback is a classic in the making. John Vernon Lord’s stunning illustrations completely captures the spirit and satirical wit of Lear’s work, conveying a lifelong enthusiasm for Lear’s nonsense. ‘Nonsense is the breath of my nostrils’, wrote Edward Lear (1812-88), welcome to the world of Edward Lear!

Around the World In Eighty Days Jules Verne & Robert Ingpen HB $39.95 October Set out on a thrilling voyage with the quintessential English gentleman, Phileas Fogg. To fulfill a wager made in London, Fogg and his newly appointed manservant, Passepartout, embark on the race of a lifetime to circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days! Travelling by steamboat, train and even elephant and with adventure around every bend, the intrepid duo find themselves escaping kidnap and battling hurricane winds and all the while, tenacious Detective Fix of Scotland Yard is in hot pursuit.

Cinderella Jane Ray HB $29.95 October The classic tale of Cinderella is theatrically retold in six exquisite threedimensional scenes by Jane Ray. Each scene is three layers deep so you can peer through to wonderfully romantic backdrops: a lonely kitchen, a sparkling ball room, a city nightscape and a magical garden. With fold-out flaps covered in starred indigo curtains and a wooden stage, the magic of the theatre is beautifully recreated in this wonderful fairy-tale gift.

Favourite Little Golden Books For Christmas Boxed Set $29.95 This festively designed boxed set of five Little Golden Books includes a mix of classic and newer titles: The Animals’ Christmas Eve, The Christmas Story, The Little Christmas Elf, The Night Before Christmas and The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas.

Washington Irving Treasury Washington Irving HB $49.95 October This elegantly produced collection of three classic masterpieces captures the magic of folktales and makes the perfect gift. Each of the three hardcover cloth-bound books, adorned with ribbon markers and slipcased into a handsome set, are beautifully illustrated with original paintings and drawings by N.C. Wyeth, Arthur Rackham and Randolph Caldecott.

The Night Before Christmas Clement C. Moore (Illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat) HB $27.95 October This elegant cut-paper edition of the celebrated Christmas poem evokes the snowy magic of the season through moonlit silhouettes. With the turn of each page the scenes transform to reveal the fine details and surprises of a festive family home. Open up the house to see the characters within, peer through the doors and windows to catch a glimpse of St Nick’s arrival and witness the spectacular pop-up, laser-cut finale.



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Classics The Velveteen Rabbit (Original Edition) Margery Williams HB $19.95 First published in 1922,The Velveteen Rabbit is a story about a handmade toy rabbit that is given to a young boy as a Christmas gift. The toy is told that it isn’t real by some other toys in the nursery and this leaves it to ponder what this concept of ‘real’ really means. Then one day the wise old skin horse in the nursery lets the rabbit in on the secret that toys become real when their owners truly love them. The rabbit quickly becomes the boy’s favourite and they form a deep bond with each other. When the boy falls seriously ill with scarlet fever, the rabbit stays by his side, but when he recovers, all the toys in his nursery need to be burned to prevent the spread of infection. The rabbit cries a tear at this and a magic fairy comes and says that he has earned his stripes – turning him into a real rabbit with a kiss. With its themes of love and acceptance, appearance and personality and being true to who you are, this story has become a much loved classic and is often read at weddings and other special occasions.

Moonfleet John Meade Falkner PB $12.95 October Orphaned John Trenchard grows up in the village of Moonfleet with his aunt, entranced by the local legend of the ghostly Blackbeard, who rises each winter night to search for his lost diamond. While conducting his own hunt for the treasure, John is trapped in the church crypt and discovers the true secret of the village: smuggling. Taken under the wing of the gruff innkeeper and chief rum smuggler, Elzevir Block, John begins a dangerous adventure which will see him in a hair-raising chase along a precarious cliff path and deciphering a hidden code in an ancient castle. Moonfleet is thrilling story of revenge and betrayal, of loyalty and great sacrifice, but it is also a story about friendship. First published in 1898 this book is a classic tale of action and heroism and is recommended for lovers of adventure.

Classics The Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde (Illustrated by Ritva Voutila) HB $29.99 November

Gobbolino, The Witch’s Cat Ursula Moray Williams HB $18.99 November

The children always played in the Giant’s garden, but when he returned after years away, he said, “What are you doing here?” and the children fled. “My own garden is my own garden,” said the Giant; “anyone can understand that and I will allow nobody to play in it but myself”. Oscar Wilde’s classic tale of forgiveness is one of the most beautiful stories in the English language.

No one could mistake Gobbolino for a simple kitchen cat, with his sparky whiskers and magic tricks, but that’s just what the witch’s kitten wants to be. Instead of learning how to turn mice into toads for the witch’s brew, Gobbolino sets out on an adventure to find a family and a home of his own. Reissued for its 70th anniversary with illustrations by the award-winning Catherine Rayner.

The Adventures of Babar (Classic Edition) Jean de Brunhoff HB $24.95 December

The Little Prince Antoine de SaintExupery HB $24.95

This is a beautifully bound gift edition of these charming and delightful stories. “If you love elephants, you will love Babar and Celeste,” writes A. A. Milne in his preface to “The Story of Babar”. “And if you have never loved elephants, you will love them now.” This is the story of Babar the Elephant and his travels. When his mother dies, Babar decides to seek his fortune in the big city.

I Can Jump Puddles: Australian Children’s Classics Alan Marshall HB $19.99 December As a boy, Alan Marshall had big dreams – but he also had polio. This is the true story of his struggles and triumphs; of bushmen, horses and crutches and the places we can go if we have the courage. Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. Rediscover the magic of our country’s most memorable children’s books in the Penguin Australia Children’s Classics series.

Antoine de SaintExupéry first published The Little Prince in 1943, only a year before his plane vanished over the Mediterranean. More than a half century later, this fable of love and loneliness has lost none of its power. The narrator is a downed pilot in the Sahara Desert, frantically trying to repair his wrecked plane. His efforts are interrupted one day by the apparition of a little prince, who asks him to draw a sheep.

Picnic At Hanging Rock: Australian Children’s Classics Joan Lindsay HB $19.99 December “Don’t worry about us, Mam’selle dear,” smiled Miranda. “We shall only be gone a very little while.” But they weren’t. By turns eerie, haunting and thrilling, Joan Lindsay’s story of vanishing schoolgirls is one of Australia’s greatest mysteries.

Classics Playing Beatie Bow: Australian Children’s Classics Ruth Park HB $19.99 December “Now then,” thought Abigail, “something very weird has happened to me. I’m in the last century. I don’t know why and that doesn’t matter. I’ve got to get back.” But can Abigail Kirk ever return? And once she discovers the secrets of the past, will she want to? This story of a young girl’s tumble through time is Ruth Park at her thrilling and enchanting best.

Pinocchio Carlo Collodi HB $29.95 October

Seven Little Australians: Australian Children’s Classics Ethel Turner HB $19.99 December If you imagine you are going to read of model children you had better lay down this book immediately. Not one of the seven is really good, for the very excellent reason that Australian children never are. And thank goodness. Inventive, cheeky and mischievous, Ethel Turner’s seven little Australians are perfect just as we find them here.

Wizard of OZ L. Frank Baum HB $19.99

Though one of the bestknown books in the world, Pinocchio at the same time remains unknown – linked in many minds to the Walt Disney movie that bears little relation to Carlo Collodi’s splendid original. Yet it is hardly a sentimental tale. Pinocchio is a madcap genius hurtled along at the pleasure and mercy of his desires, a renegade who in many ways resembles his near contemporary Huck Finn.

Dorothy thinks she is lost forever when a terrifying tornado crashes through Kansas and whisks her and her dog, Toto, far away to the magical land of Oz. To get home Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and find the wonderfully mysterious Wizard of Oz. Here is a gorgeous clothbound hardcover edition of an all-time favourite.

The Silver Brumby Elyne Mitchell PB $32.99 October This special edition has been published to commemorate the centenary of Elyne Mitchell’′s birth and contains The Silver Brumby and three other favourite Brumby books. These much-loved classics tell the story of Thowra, the magnificent silver stallion, king of the brumbies. Whether you are enjoying The Silver Brumby series for the first time or rediscovering it after many years, this is a book to be treasured.

Folk of the Faraway Tree and Adventures of the Wishing Chair Enid Blyton HB $19.95, November By popular demand, these vintage editions of Enid Blyton’s most treasured stories are finally back in print. Children will love pouring over the illustrations and be entranced by the magical stories.

Intermediate Under Wildwood Colin Meloy HB $19.99 November

Wildwood became an instant favourite when it hit shelves in September last year and it hasn’t shown any sign of a decline in popularity. And for good reason – Wildwood is fun, inventive and beautifully presented. A great story for fans of classic fantasy like The Chronicles of Narnia, Wildwood makes a perfect gift, with gorgeous illustrations from Carson Ellis and charming writing by the Decemberists lead singer Colin Meloy. With the sequel Under Wildwood being released in November and the paperback edition of Wildwood arriving in September, now is the time to dive into this wonderful fantasy series that is bound to be a favourite for children and adults alike. Under Wildwood picks up after Prue’s return from her rescue mission in the Impassable Wilderness. But home is far less interesting than Prue remembers and when danger threatens Wildwood once more, she jumps at the chance to return alongside her fellow adventurer and now bandit-in-training, Curtis. Their friends need their help again – but this time, they’ll have to go under Wildwood.

Liar & Spy Rebecca Stead PB $16.99 Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me was an absolute favourite of staff here, so we were all very excited to get our hands on her latest novel for intermediate readers. Thankfully, Liar and Spy fully lives up to expectations. Beautifully written and filled with marvellously quirky characters, Liar and Spy tells the story of Georges (the ‘s’ is silent) and the strange friend he meets when his family moves into a Brooklyn apartment. Safer draws Georges into his spy club and together they keep a close eye on the possible serial killer, Mr X, who lives in an apartment upstairs, but being a spy involves a lot of secrets – including Safer’s – and Georges has to wonder if he’s really up for the challenge. Liar and Spy is funny, strikingly meaningful and inspiring. Stead’s writing is simply gorgeous and will be appreciated by kids and grown-ups alike. This is a downright charming story about growing up, facing the truth, and finding the courage to make a difference in your life.

Intermediate All the Wrong Questions: Who Could That Be At This Hour? Lemony Snicket HB $16.95, October

Constable & Toop Gareth P. Jones PB $19.95 October Sam Toop lives in a funeral parlour, blessed (or cursed) with an unusual gift. While his father buries the dead, Sam is haunted by their constant demands for attention. Trouble is afoot on the ‘other side’...

Author Lemony Snicket is a broken man as a result of writing A Series Of Unfortunate Events. But what was he like when he was 13-years-old? Far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn’t be read. This is the first one.

Figaro and Rumba and The Crocodile Café Anna Fienberg & Stephen Michael King HB $19.99 October Figaro and Rumba are best friends. Figaro is a dog who loves to run like the wind and Rumba is a cat who once sang and danced in Cuba. When they catch the Very Fast Train that goes all the way to the beach, they meet a cunning crocodile with conga drums and an elegant satin waistcoat. Surely such a musical creature couldn’t be a villain?

The Great Unexpected Sharon Creech HB $24.99 In the little town of Blackbird Tree live two orphan girls: Naomi Deane, brimming with curiosity and her best friend, Lizzie Scatterding. But then, one day, a boy drops out of a tree. The strangely charming Finn boy. Then the Dingle Dangle man appears, asking all kinds of questions. Curious surprises are revealed. Soon Naomi and Lizzie find themselves zooming toward a future neither could ever have imagined.

Guys Read The Sports Pages Jon Scieszka PB $12.99 This is the third volume in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading. From fiction to nonfiction, from baseball to mixed martial arts and everything in between, these are 10 stories about the rush of victory and the crush of defeat on and off the field. Compiled by kid-lit all-star Jon Scieszka, Guys Read: The Sports Pages is a thrilling collection of brand-new short stories from some of your favorite authors and athletes.

Abominables Eva Ibbotson HB $24.99 October High in the Himalayan Mountains the daughter of an English earl is kidnapped by a huge hairy monster. His motherless children need help. Many years later, Agatha Farlingham has raised a yeti family, but when their secret existence is discovered, the yetis must leave their idyllic valley. Two brave children hatch a daring plan to smuggle them across the globe to Agatha’s historic mansion. Hilarious disasters ensue as the yetis meet the outside world – but a terrible shock awaits them at Farley Towers...

Intermediate Summer of the Gypsy Moths Sara Pennypacker HB $22.99 Stella loves living with Great-aunt Louise in her big old house for many reasons, but mostly because she likes routine. The only obstacle is Angel, the prickly foster kid Louise has taken in. When tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Stella and Angel are forced to rely on each other to survive. And over the course of the summer they discover the one thing they do have in common: dreams of finally belonging to a real family.

Coraline: 10th Anniversary Edition Neil Gaiman PB $14.99 There is something strange about Coraline’s new home. It’s not the mist, or the cat that always seems to be watching her, nor the signs of danger that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, her new neighbours, read in the tea leaves. It’s the other house – the one behind the old door in the drawing room. Another mother and father with black-button eyes and papery skin are waiting for Coraline to join them there.

Freakling Lana Krumwiede HB $22.99 October In the city of Deliverance, having telekinetic abilities, or Psi, is not only normal – it is a necessity. When 12year-old Taemon loses his abilities after an altercation with his brother, he faces a huge challenge in order to hide his disability. But life in the Psi community isn’t always as it seems and it may just be that Taemon’s lack of power is exactly what his world needs. A thrilling, fastpaced dystopian novel about the dilemmas facing a boy torn between two ways of life.

Starry River Of The Sky Grace Lin HB $24.99 October The moon is missing from the remote Village of Clear Sky, but only a young boy named Rendi seems to notice! Working as a chore boy in the village inn, Rendi can’t help but notice the village’s peculiar inhabitants and their problems. One day a mysterious lady arrives at the Inn with the gift of storytelling and slowly transforms the villagers and Rendi himself.

Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary Nick Earls & Terry Whidborne PB $14.95 A mysterious, actionpacked series for the word nerd in us all. When twins Lexi and Al Hunter stumble upon an old dictionary their world as they know it changes. They are blasted into history to hunt down the words that threaten to vanish from our past and our present. Lexi and Al race to get back home – and try to save the English language while they are at it.

The Peculiar Stefan Bachmann PB $19.99 October Bartholomew Kettle won’′t live long. Changelings never do. The child of a human mother and a faery father, he is despised by both his races. But one day Bartholomew suddenly finds himself at the centre of a web of intrigue and danger that spans the entire country. A powerful figure sits in the shadows, pushing the pieces in place for some terrible victory. Something is coming for Bartholomew. But when you’′re a changeling, there′’s nowhere to run.

Intermediate Gods and Warriors Michelle Paver PB $16.99

Iron Hearted Violet Kelly Barnhill HB $24.99 October

In the turbulent world of the Mediterranean Bronze Age, long before the Greek myths, a boy and a girl battle for survival. With the help of three animal allies – a dolphin, a falcon and a lion cub – they defeat the forces of tyranny and withstand the elemental powers of the gods of land and sea.

In most fairy tales, princesses are beautiful. This isn’t most fairy tales. Princess Violet is plain, reckless and quite possibly too clever for her own good. One day she and her best friend, Demetrius, stumble upon a hidden room and find a peculiar book. It tells a story of an evil being – called the Nybbas – imprisoned in their world. Violet and Demetrius, along with an ancient, scarred dragon, may hold the key to the Nybbas’s triumph . . . or its demise.

Keeper of The Lost Cities Shannon Messenger HB $24.99 October

Vengekeep Prophecies Brian Farrey & Brett Helquist HB $24.99 October

Twelve-year-old mind-reader Sophie has never quite fit into her life, but the day Sophie meets the mysterious Fitz, she learns she’s not alone. He’s a Telepath too and it turns out the reason she has never felt at home is that, well…she isn’t. Almost instantly she is forced to leave behind her family for a new life in a place that is vastly different from everything she has ever known.

Fire Spell Laura Amy Schlitz PB $14.99 October When spoilt, lonely Clara comes across two children working with the incredible puppeteer Grisini in the park, she begs her parents to allow them to perform at her birthday party. The experience quickly turns for the worst when she is kidnapped by Grisini and transformed into a marionette. The three children find themselves caught up in a terrible struggle for supernatural eminence between Grisini and a dying witch of extraordinary power.

Jaxter Grimjinx is a born thief. For generations, the Grimjinx clan has produced the swiftest, cleverest thieves in Vengekeep. The problem is Jaxter is so clumsy that in his first solo heist, he sets the Castellan’s house on fire and lands his family in the gaol. The Gimjinx clan is released when a suspiciously convenient prophecy emerges naming them as the soon-to-be heroes of Vengekeep.

Ratburger David Walliams PB $19.99 October Hot on the heels of bestselling Gangsta Granny comes another hilarious, actionpacked and touching novel – the story of a little girl called Zoe. Things are not looking good for Zoe. Her stepmother Sheila is so lazy she gets Zoe to pick her nose for her. The school bully Tina Trotts makes her life a misery – mainly by flobbing on her head. And now the evil Burt from Burt′s Burgers is after her pet rat! And guess what he wants to do with it? The clue is in the title...

Young Adult The Curiosities Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff HB $25.95 Maggie Steivater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yosoff – otherwise known as the Merry Sisters of Fate, who have been blogging short stories on their website since 2008 – have brought together a whole bunch of wonderfully creepy tales that play with myths, fairytales and traditional YA themes to create something entirely unique. In an interesting twist, each story is introduced by the author and one of the other Sisters, exploring their relationship to both the stories and each other. Throughout the text, handwritten notes and sketches add to the experience, making this not only a brilliant collection of short stories, but a fascinating look at creativity and the writing process. Personal favourites of mine were Maggie’s snarky and sarcastic ‘Rain Maker’ and her shocking paranormal story ‘Another Sun’. From Tessa, you can’t go past the deliciously strange and suspenseful ‘The Vampire Box’. Brenna’s uncomfortable high-school story ‘Girls Raised by Wolves’ is a bizarre and yet strangely accurate look at the dynamic between teenage girls, and her ‘King Arthur’ twist, ‘The Madness of Lancelot’ is eerie and compelling. All up, this is one of my favourite books of recent times – wonderfully creepy, filled with powerful, complex characters and just weird enough to make it absolutely fantastic.

The Diviners Libba Bray PB $24.99 November Evie has always felt too big for her country town, so when her mother sends her to stay with her Uncle Will in New York, it feels more like a reward than a punishment. Between helping out at her uncle’s strange museum of ‘Creepy Crawlies’ and throwing herself into New York life during the Prohibition, Evie hardly has time to think about the strange abilities that had her sent there. Until a series of bizarre and gruesome murders shocks the city and Uncle Will is brought in to investigate. Suddenly Evie isn’t the only supernatural being in New York – and she’s certainly not the most dangerous. Evie wanted a whole new world and now she’s got one – she just has to make sure she survives long enough to enjoy it. Brimming with suspense and filled with a cast of characters who are just as strange and magnificent as Evie, The Diviners promises to be the next great young adult series for fans of urban fantasy such as The Mortal Instruments. Masterfully composed with some of the most terrifying scenes this side of Stephen King, skilful switches of perspective and a cast of vibrant, vivacious and endearingly real characters, Bray’s genre-bending hit is the latest must-have for bookshelves stocked with the likes of Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson.

Young Adult Days of Blood and Starlight Laini Taylor PB $19.99 November

Every Day David Levithan PB $19.99 October

With vengeful angels, horrifying demons, unique magic and a beautiful setting in the fairy-tale city of Prague, this is one of the most innovative and clever fantasy worlds to emerge from YA in years. A must-read for fans of Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. Also available: Daughter of Smoke and Bone $14.99

Every morning, A wakes in a different person’s body, a different person’s life. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere. And then A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Can you love someone who is destined to change each day?

A World Between Us Lydia Syson PB $19.95 October

The Convent Maureen McCarthy PB $22.99 October

Felix, a spirited young nurse, has travelled to Spain to help the cause of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. But she is also following Nat, a passionate young man who has joined the International Brigades fighting Franco. And George - familiar George from home - is not far behind, in pursuit of Felix. As Spain fights for its freedom against tyranny, Felix must make choices that will change her life forever.

Nineteen-year-old Peach has her university work, two wildly different best friends, her sister, Stella, to look after and a broken heart to mend. When she takes a summer job at a cafe in the old convent, her idea of who she is takes a sharp turn into the past. Peach discovers secrets from three generations of her family, but does she really want to know who she is?

Mystic City Theo Lawrence PB $21.95, November Aria Rose, daughter of one of Mystic City’s two ruling rival families, finds herself betrothed to Thomas Foster, the son of her parents’ sworn enemies. The union of the two will unite all those living in the privileged upper reaches of the city against the banished mystics who dwell below. But Aria doesn’t remember falling in love with Thomas; in fact, she wakes one day with huge gaps in her memory. Only when Aria meets Hunter, a rebel mystic, does she start to remember.

Friday Brown Vikki Wakefield PB $19.99 A staff favourite! Friday Brown is suspenseful, beautifully written and filled with remarkable characters. Within its pages you will find a family curse, a group of enterprising homeless teens, plenty of mystery and an absolutely heartbreaking conclusion. Vikki Wakefield’s novels are bound to be loved by fans of other Aussie authors like John Larkin and our YA queen, Melina Marchetta.

Young Adult Unspoken Sarah Rees Brennan HB $26.99 PB $16.99 October Kami Glass has been talking to the boy in her head all her life, so it is somewhat of a surprise when he shows up in her town, tangled up in all sorts of mystery. The Lynburn family, who ruled the town a generation ago and who all left without warning, have returned. As Kami starts to investigate for the school paper, she finds out that the town she has loved all her life is hiding a multitude of secrets.

Beautiful Redemption Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl PB $19.95 With the final book in The Caster Chronicles hitting shelves in October and the release of the first movie in January, now is the time to get into this wonderful gothic fantasy series. If you missed these books on first release, you should waste no time getting acquainted with Ethan, the mysterious Lena and the charming and slightly creepy southern USA town of Gatlin. Also available: Beautiful Creatures, PB, $19.95.

Dark Star Bethany Frenette HB $25.99 November With a superhero mother and the ability to Know other people’s pasts and see glimpses of their future, Audrey has never been ordinary. But it is only after she is attacked by a strange – and most certainly not human – being at a nightclub does she realise just how extraordinary her world is. Audrey’s going to have to learn fast, because that world is in danger – and she might be the only one who can save it.

The Outsiders S.E. Hinton PB $19.95 The Socs’s idea of having a good time is beating up greasers like Ponyboy. Ponyboy knows what to expect and knows he can count on his brothers and friends – until the night someone takes things too far. A ground-breaking, timeless story from a brilliant writer. Revisit the classic YA novel that was the first of its kind to take an honest look at the teenage experience – and was loved for it.

Blink Once Cylin Busby $15.99 November West is a high school senior who has everything going for him – until an accident leaves him paralysed. Strapped down in his hospital bed, West is isolated and alone. Until he meets Olivia. She is in the hospital room next to his and before long, she’s sneaking into his room to talk with him. But why is Olivia in the hospital and how is she connected to the terrible dreams he’s been having? West must face the possibility that the girl he’s fallen in love with may not even be alive.

The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind Meg Medina PB $16.95 October Sonia Ocampo was born on the night of the worst storm Tres Montes had ever seen and when the winds stopped, an unshakable belief in the girl’s protective powers began. Sonia knows she has no special powers, but how can she disappoint those who look to her for solace? When news arrives that her brother has disappeared, she learns to that she can never truly leave the past or her family behind.

Young Adult Eve and Adam Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate PB $22.95 October

Necromancing the Stone Lish McBride HB $24.99

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them. Now Eve is creating Adam. She chooses warm eyes so he would be kind. An athletic body so he would be healthy. She gives him a sense of humour and she makes him wise. She removes cynicism and prejudice, makes him trust and love easily. He is the perfect boy. But is he perfect for her?

Necromancing the Stone picks up weeks after Sam has mastered his new necromancy skills and dispatched of the evil Douglas. Just as Sam is getting used to his new life, he is faced with the alarming possibility that his nemesis may not actually be dead. Promising to be just as full of charming wisecracks and wonderfully weird characters, this is Skullduggery Pleasant for a 14-plus audience.

Battle Royale Koushun Takami PB $22.95

Ask the Passengers A.S. King HB $25.99 November

Koushun Takami’s notorious high-octane thriller envisions a nightmare scenario: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill until only one survivor is left standing. Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the 21st century.

Burning Blue Paul Griffin PB $19.99 November When Nicole Castro, the most popular girl at her high school, has her face splashed with acid, her classmate, loner and brilliant hacker, Jay Nazarro, does more than just gawk at her. He decides to find out who did it. The deeper he digs, though, the more he falls for Nicole…and the more danger he’s in. Everyone is a suspect—even Nicole herself—and whoever did it seems ready to strike again.

Astrid Jones desperately wants to confide in someone, but her mother’s pushiness and her father’s lack of interest tell her they’re the last people she can trust. Instead, Astrid spends hours lying on the backyard picnic table watching airplanes fly overhead. She doesn’t know the passengers inside, but they’re the only people who won’t judge her when she asks them her most personal questions . . .

Pirate Cinema Cory Doctorow HB $29.99 October Brilliant teenager Trent McCauley is obsessed with making movies on his computer by reassembling footage from films he downloads from the net. In the near-future Britain where Trent is growing up, this is more illegal than ever. When Trent is caught and his family’s internet supply cut off as punishment, he runs away to London where he falls in with activists fighting a new bill to make more internet creativity illegal.

Reference The Garden Cook Fiona Inglis PB $29.99, November As a primary school teacher working within the framework of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, former MasterChef contestant Fiona Inglis is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge and skills about growing food with her students and with children everywhere. This beautifully photographed and illustrated book contains more than 70 easy to follow recipes and tips for living sustainably.

Island: A Story of The Galápagos Jason Chin HB $34.95 November Thoroughly researched and filled with intricate and beautiful paintings, this extraordinary book by Award-winning author and artist Jason Chin is an epic saga of the life of an island – born of fire, rising to greatness, its decline and finally the emergence of life on new islands.

Human Body Factory Dan Green HB $19.99 October This is an entertaining and informative exploration of the busy human body factory, from the MD sending out orders in the brain to waste being sorted and delivered out of the body. Each ‘department’ is introduced by the busy workers who keep everything running smoothly. Kids will love the ingenious artwork packed with humorous detail and backed up with fascinating facts.

Who Lives Here? Nicola Davies HB $14.95 November Who Lives Here? looks at animal habitats in an enjoyable and friendly way with strong text from writer and biologist Nicola Davies accompanied by stunning artwork by Marc Boutavant and simple lift-the-flap spreads.

Topsy-turvy World: How Australian Animals Puzzled Early Explorers Kirsty Murray HB $29.95 October To the first Europeans who came to Australia, everything seemed topsy turvy. Christmas was in the summer and trees shed their bark but not their leaves. And the animals were bizarre. In this fascinating book Kirsty Murray takes a look at how the first Europeans to visit Australia described and painted our wildlife.

The Magic of Reality: Illustrated Children’s Edition Richard Dawkins PB $34.95 December Professor Richard Dawkins has teamed up with renowned illustrator Dave McKean to take you on an amazing journey from atoms to animals, pollination to paranoia, the big bang to the bigger picture. See the wonder of science come alive in this beautifully illustrated guide to the greatest questions on earth – and some of the answers to them.

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