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I have been performing architectural design for the past 6 years, developing independent designs on my own since my first drafting class. Over the years I have developed design strategies and techniques to further my craft. I specialize in design utilizing AutoCAD, and have also become proficient in Revit and SketchUp, in order of proficiency. I am currently attending study at Appalachian State University in pursuit of my bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree in Building Sciences with a focus in Architectural Design, I intend to return to my hometown of Greensboro in order to pursue my professional career as a custom home designer under Erskine Smith, my current employer. All of this will be in pursuit of a license in Commercial Design. After three years of private work, I intend to attend graduate school at NC State University to get my masters in Architectural Design. Upon completion of my studies, I intend to open my own architecture firm in some other state or region.

About Me

Upper and Lower Level Floor Plans

Front and Rear Elevation Views

East and West Elevation Views

Foundation Plan

Carson House

The Carson House is a custom home designed in the summer of 2019 for one Travis Carson, his wife and their son. The primary challenge in this design was producing a very high roof that stretched over both the top and lower floors with very few supports. This challenge was met through the design of stronger support trusses and a large spanning LVL beam. This design was produced utilizing AutoCAD 2020 and is currently going through the phases of construction.

Primary Floor Plan

The SHATTER Center is a Kayak launching facility designed to be built and operated off Price Lake. This project was presented by my Architecture Design Studio II class and was my final project for the semester. The design is based upon the impact of two objects against a surface, with “shards� of the roof being blown out, producing the watchtower and open-air feeling of the launching area, which also operated as the inspiration for the name of the project. The entire project was produced in Revit, including site plan and renderings.

Primary Floor Plan

Primary Elevation


Isometric Deconstruction

Primary Rendering W/and W/out Roof

Transverse and Longitudinal Sections

Night Rendering

Exterior Rendering

Spinny Brick is a design for the exterior faรงade of a museum located in Raleigh, with the primary purpose of being composed completely of masonry units as part of a competition. In response to this prompt, myself and a partner established this design, built off of the idea of rotating masonry units in the place of doors and windows. This rotation of entryways produces a faรงade that, when closed, appears as a simple brick wall, but when opened displays a bright and vibrant museum with plenty of natural insulation.

Primary Elevation

Spinny Brick

Interior Rendering

Floor Plan

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Mason Hill's Portfolio  

My final portfolio for my Internship Studio.

Mason Hill's Portfolio  

My final portfolio for my Internship Studio.

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