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Hoops History Magic, MJ, and the Doctor

Philadelp 1982-1983 76ers

The 1983 76ers were argueably the best team they have had in their franchise. They had one of the best players of all time, Julius Erving. Julius had some help with another outstanding player, Moses Malone. Moses was one of the very first players to be drafted into the NBA straight out of high school. He turned out to be one of the greatest centers to play the game. That season, Moses and Dr. J lead their team to a 65-17 record, finishing 1st in the Atlantic division. 76ers then cruised through the playoffs with no problem sweeping the knicks, then winning the series against the bucks (4-1). Then they swept the Lakers in the NBA finals. Although that was one of the best teams to play the game, the 76ers haven’t won a championship since. Julius became in my opinion the second best player to ever play the game, behind Michael Jordan. The Doctor became famous for many of his amazing dunks, as well as his no look passes. One of his most famous plays is when Julius went around the back of the whole hoop and layed it in. This great Duo of players is one of the best duos to play the game.

phia 76ers 2012-2013 76ers

Philedalphia didn’t do too good this year. They ended the season with a losing 34- 48 record. The good news is, besides about 3 players, they are a very young team. Drue Holliday, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner are 3 yound players that have a lot of potential. Andrew Bynum is also a guy that will help this team out a lot in the future. Bynum was out with a torn ACL in the 20122013 season which killed the sixers. Evan Turner, the 76ers 1st round pick, second overall in th 2010 draft is looking to be one of the all-stars for Philadelphia. Turner was one of the best players in the NCAA when he was playing for Ohio st. The 76ers are looking to have a bright future.

Evaluation Overall, the 1982 76ers were definatly better than the 2012 sixers. Having the doctor on your team is definatly gonna make your team elite. Although the current Sixers are young, they will never be the team they were in 82. The 1982-83 76ers definatly made Hoops History!

Los Angel 1979-1980 Lakers

The 1979 Lakers are by far the best team to play the game. The whole team was outstanding together but there were two players that stood out the most. First there was the rookie Magic Johson and he had help down in the post for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was unstopable with the sky hook, that he worked on and eventually mastered when he was 5 years old. The 19791980 Lakers went 60-22 in the regular season coming in first in there division. Magic johson came into the NBA his rookie year being number 1 in the first round drat pick and won a NBA title and became one of the best players to play in the game. He also got MVP for the nba finals, that they won in 19791980. They played the Philadelphia 76’ers , the series took five games (4-1). The starring line up for the lakers were Magic Johson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes, and Jim chones. Magic and Kareem on the court were unstoppable. Kareem with the sky hook and magic with his height and his shooting and driving ability. The Lakers were just one unstopabale team! \

les Lakers 2012-2013 Lakers

This years lakers were decent, but did not play to their full ability this year. They made it to the first round in the playoffs, but getting swept by the spurs knocked them out. With them getting Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, but losing their former center Andrew Bynum to the 76’ers, the lakers went 45-37. With two weeks left in the regular season their star player Kobe Bryant Tore his Achilles tendon. With averaging 27.3 points agame He was set to be out 6-9 months. The lakers losing Kobe Bryant for playoffs they did not make it past the first round, and also getting swept by the San Antonio Spurs. Also losing Steve Nash in the middle of the season They barely made the playoffs, beating the Houston Rockets.


So clearly, the 1979-1980 Lakers were better then the 2012-2012 team. With the dinamic duo, Magic Johson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, their team was unstopable. The 1979-1998 Lakers for sure made hoops history!


Chicago Bulls 1987-1988

They called theese years the “Jordan Era” everything was all about Jordan. Jordan dunked from the free throw line, Jordan scored 46 points in a game, jordan dunked on somone.Jordan being picked 3rd overall in the NBA 1984 draft. And you would think oh the bulls are going to be amazing they have Jordan but like they say theres no I in Team, sure the bulls would make it to the playoffs but come 1st round they couldnt get passed it because he was a one man show he needed other good people on the team .Thats when in 1987 the head manager Jerry krause aquired Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant two very strong forwards that would fit perfect with Jordan because they can rebound pass they had everything. This is when the bulls finally started to come along, That next year when Pippen and Jordan and Jordan stepped on the court together the quoted, “Pippen and Jordan are rulling the court.” And they were Jordan averaging 28.2 points a game Pippen getting more than 15 rebounds this is the best we have seen the bulls said the head coach. That next year in 1988 the bulls played in there first conference final since 1975 loosing to the Detroit Pistons.

go Bulls

Chicago Bulls 2012-2013 The Bulls made the playoffs again this year, but without Derrick Rose, they didn’t have very good chances of making it to the finals. D rose if you don’t know, tore his ACL last year in the playoffs after a dumb decision by Tom Thibodeau. What Tom did was leave Rose in the game when they were up by about 20 points in the 4th quarter. Rose had no reason to be in the game and he Tore the ACL when he landed awkwardly on it. With Derrick on the team the Bulls could have a decent chance at being a better team than the 1987-88 bulls. But with the best player to ever play the game on your team, you won’t be beat.

Evaluation So clearly the 1987-88 Bulls were better. they had the greatest basketball player to ever play in the nba and nothing can match that, not even derek rose and the bulss. The old school bulls definatly made hoops history!

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