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C.O.D. black Ops 2 class editor good or bad? The new Call of Duty Back Ops 2 game has been a hit. Lots of people like the new miltiplayer class editor but on the contrary people also hate it. Some reasons why people hate it is because you can only have ten items equiped, unlike in the origiona Black Ops game you can have a primary wepon with up to three attatchments, a secondary with upto two attatchments, three perks one from each ssection, one leathel gernade with up to two equipped, and same with the non leathal gernades. Whats nice about the new class editor is the addition of the wild cards wich can add an-

other perk slot, a third attachment to a primary, a second attatchmet to your secondary, extra leathal or non leathal. Also the layout to chose a primary or secondary it is set up in lines horisantaly and verticaly to scrool up and down to go to the type of wepon like assalt rifle, shotgun and so on. The attatchments, cammos,perks,leathal and non leathal gernades are seet up in a graph to chose from. So over all I give the class editor a 7-10 rating due to the limited options and the new additons of the wild cards.

Black Ops II: Modern Warfare 3: Survival Zombies V S. The Call of Duty gamemode Zombies began with the original Nazi Zombies that was released with Call of Duty: World at War. This created a popular fan base that carried Zombies to 2010 when it was released under its new series name, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Along with higher quality graphics this game has better effect quality, smarter A.I.s and many new additions to zombies gameplay. One of these additions includes Hellhounds. Hellhounds are visious zombie dogs that are fast once they lock on to you and also have a lower attack power than the average zombie. They come once every few rounds and after killing the last of them you get a max ammo. This along with all the other improvements and DLC’s caused Zombies to become more popular than ever. Years later Black Ops 2 comes out. The hipe has been building for its zombies mode for a while with so many speculations they truly delivered. As well as many graphic and A.I. upgrades they added a massive amount of new maps and one huge map that was as big as 5 of the original maps. On top of that they added 3 new perks that have extremely useful effects. What Its Lacking It doesn’t have the hit indicators that survival does . You also do not have the ability to call in support, and you dont have as many diverce enemies.

Modern Warfare 3 survival was released in 2011 along with its very own survival mode. Being so new it dosent have as much of a fan base as Black Ops 2 Zombies. none the less it’s advanced A.I. systems and graphics as well as the diversity of the enemies causes the game to have just as much of an addictive quality as zombies did when it first came out. Just as Black Ops 2 Zombies in both modes you must survive massive waves of incoming hostiles that wish to put an end to your pitiful existinse.

What It’s Lacking It dosen’t give you the feeling of danger that you could be put in as like other games when your pulse quickens and you feel like you are really set in a position of actual danger. The scenery in the game dose not give off the feeling of something lurking in the depths ready to attack but gives the feeling of being surrounded by enemys with the sole intent on accomplishing their goal to kill you to secure that their evil intents are uninterupted.

- The Xbox one was revealed on the 21st of May 2013 - When released it will come with the brand new kinnect which has an advanced 3d sensor - Microsoft studios has allied themselves with several large scale game companies and will produce Xbox exclusive Downloadable content and games for only this consol, many of which are already under developement. - Also all games will be availible for download.


The game Borderlands is a first person shooter, along with being an action roll playing game. It is about these, lets say, vault hunters come to the planet Pandora in search for the vault. They end up fighting a bunch of weird and scary looking monsters while doing missions for different people. In the end they find the vault but the vault is a big monster that actually has a bunch of money in it when you kill it. The characters all have different abilities. The first character I want to

talk about is Mordecai. He has amazing sniper and revolver skill. He also has a pet alien hawk named Bloodwing. Bloodwing assists him in long range attack and he also scavenges for loot and ammo. The next one is Lilith. She is a Siren, which means she has superpower which makes her walk through a different dimension. She prefers to use weapons with elemental effects. The third one I want to talk about is Roland. He was a former atlas corporation solider. His specialty is that he can throw out a turret and it can kill enemy, and it can heal you if need be. He is best with shotguns

and combat rifles. The last one I want to talk about is a “tank� like man named Brick. His melee damage is unmatched. He prefers weapons with explosions and rocket launchers. His special ability is that he goes berserk. He uses his fists to punch enemies and kill them. Those are the 4 main characters in the game. The Atlas Corporation runs everything on Pandora. They say they own everything on Pandora, even the vault key. The Alas Corporation wants to open the vault and take all of the riches and guns in it. Atlas is trying to control the planet. The leader of the Atlas Corporation is Commandment Steele. She hates all vault hunters, know matter what. The graphics are comic book like. They have better graphics then most Call of Duty games. The story line is great. The attention to detail is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

SKYRIM Review The game Skyrim is a large scale open world that can be spent doing nearly anything. From the completion of the first quest you can continue the main storyline or go off on an adventure. You may choose to seek your fortune in the expansive Draugr tombs, or try to seek the legendary Daedric artifacts to quickly overcome all but the largest opponents. Following the main story you learn that the long dead dragons are once again making an appearance in Tamriel and after killing one in the first few missions you find out your Dragonborn and the ability to absorb a dragons soul to learn a shout, the language of the dragons such as breathing fire, ice, or causing a lightning storm to strike down your foes, runs in your veins. The main storyline may be short lived but the hundreds of side quests and trying to find all locations on the map and beat them all will take many hours. From the start of the game you are thrust into a battle between

the empire and the native stormcloaks. You are a prisoner of war and are about to be executed when a dragon comes and destroys the fortress with you escaping with either the empire or the rebels. You can choose to be a hero and use the special require or you can choose to be allied with the Thieves guild, or the group of assassins the Dark Brotherhood. There are many chances to expand your strength and power by smithing so you can learn to forge and wield weapons and armor such as Daedric or Dragon bone. With the Hearth fire DLC added you can even build your own house from the ground up as well as raise a family. This game is more than a fun way to leisurely spend a few hours of your life it’s the gateway to another world and your game console is your portal. We will continue to explore new ways to get stronger in this game as we continue to unravel its mysteries. This is the kind of game a true gamer should play.

DARK SOULS REVIEW Dark Souls is an intense action game centered on the realm of Lordran. The detail and combat systems are so well in sync that they respond with your every command. The creatures are so terrifying you will crawl under your bed and cower for a month. This land is not only the birthplace of Gwyn Lord of Sunlight but a world of huge creature’s, fearsome beasts, and unique people. You can choose one of many powerful roles such as the well armored knight, the high dexterity of the warrior, or the powerful sorcerer. The game starts by telling a short story of how this land was created and the huge battles with the dragons that took place and of the fact that currently all humans are branded with the darksign a burn mark that will slowly turn you into a zombie. It also states that humanity crawled out of the darkness, and, along with several of the large creatures that will later be your foes, obtained power of lords with which they use to end the reign of the dragons. Along with how they gained the power it also demon-

strates the powers they obtained such as weaving firestorms, unleashing waves of death and disease, and being able to throw lightning bolts that can destroy dragon scales. You start in a cell as the prisoner of a giant demon when a knight drops a body in your cell that carries a key to your cell door. You escape and after exploring for a while you find the person who saved you. He tells you he is about to die and tells you to escape to Lordran and ring the two bells of awakening. You eventually escape and, after ringing both bells, you find that you must kill the lord of sunlight as is your destiny as one of the branded undead. The game is extremely challenging even on the easiest setting. The creatures become increasingly more difficult until the point where little matters other than trying to beat a single boss. The game gives the sense of being able to go many ways but players quickly find that all but one of the ways is to difficult to go down such as

the skeletons that reform as soon they die. The game offers one of the unique experiences that drive gamers to play frequently as it can be a new challenge every time you play and will never get any easier.


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